Love Spell
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Fiction, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Voyeurism, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story of a lonely beautiful woman living all alone, just she and her pets on a mysterious Halloween night.

She walked outside of her back door holding her little black cat, Midnight. The moon was full and the sky was quite clear except for a few passing clouds that would cross over the moon now and then. It was a chilly night. but nice weather for Halloween she thought.

She pulled her shawl closer around her shoulders and walked around the yard looking up at the trees. They were all bare now and blowing along the ground. Midnight followed her as she walked. It would be a quiet night she thought. She never got too many trick-or -treaters where she lived. Her little house was in the middle of nowhere really. There were woods all around. not much else. Once in awhile she'd get a few young children with their parents at the door, usually early in the evening. A typical New England Halloween.

Tonight she would just relax. Light her jack-o-lantern she had carved a couple days earlier. Light a fire. Maybe cast a few spells. It would be good on the full moon. She'd have some warm soup and home made bread, then take a warm hot bubble bath. Yes, that would be good, that's how she'd spend Halloween.

She lived all alone now with her little cat, Midnight and her little dog, Whiskey. Her husband had passed away 3 years now and her children were all out on their own, living their own lives now. She'd get lonely at times, mostly for affection, she missed that. Not having a man, but all in all, it was a pretty good life with her little pets. She really didn't mind living alone. She had always been surrounded by people before and could never imagine her life like this but it wasn't bad. It could be better with someone to love her, but she wasn't sure she would want him to live with her, she was getting used to being on her own.

She fixed herself a bowl of soup and took the bread out of the oven, it smelled delicious. She hadn't eaten all day and didn't realize how hungry she was. She lit a big amber colored candle on the table and sat down to her supper. She had a small vase of yellow mums from her little garden that she had picked earlier in the day. The animals were eating their supper, too. She would give Midnight some catnip later for a treat, he would love that, and a bone to Whiskey. They were her babies now and she liked to spoil them.

She ran her bath and poured some pachouli oil into the water and lit some some small white candles around the tub. She couldn't wait to sink into the warm fragrant water. It had been a cold day and she was chilled to the bone. She took her long black skirt off, it fell to the floor. She lifted off her little black sweater and unhooked her black bra and took it off. Her breasts popped out with abandon.

She glanced up at herself in the floor mirror near the tub. She was still attractive even though she was approaching the half century mark. She had always looked very young, when she was in her 30's, people thought she was 20 so she was lucky that way. People would confuse her with the kids. She kept a young frame of mind, too, she saw too many people grow old before their time. It wasn't going to happen to her.

Her hair was very dark and framed her face. Her eyes were hazel green with flecks of brown and gold, it sometimes looked like they changed color at different times. Her face was pretty with a slightly upturned nose and full mouth. Her body was petite and her hair flowed down to her breasts which were pale white and full but not too large with big nipples. Her legs were slender and her bottom was small.

She had a small black bat tattoo on one shoulder and a spider web with a tiny spider on one butt cheek. A small butterfly one on her right ankle and a gothic cross on her left upper arm. she never thought she'd end up with so many. And she was thinking of getting some more. Her husband never approved of them while he was alive, he thought they looked cheap and trashy. She only started getting them after he died. Her first one was the cross in memory of him. The kids disapproved, too but she decided it was her body and she could do as she pleased.

She sank down into the scented water and leaned back into the tub, it was dark in the room save for the lit candles flickering. She had put on some favorite music in the living room and kept the door slightly ajar so she could hear it. Bryan Ferry was singing 'I put a spell on you. 'It was pure bliss to lay in the warm water and just relax tonight.

She grabbed the lemon verbena soap and washed her face and neck. She moved down and lathered up her breasts and poured the warm water on them to rinse. It felt so good. She spread her legs apart and soaped up her pussy and bottom and worked the lather over, stopping momentarily to touch herself lightly with a finger on her slit, rubbing her little clit. She played with her breasts, too. It had been so long since she had a lover, this was her only release in recent years.

Her fingers playfully glided up and down her ass crack and she stuck one in a little. Then she quickly rinsed off and lay there quietly in the tub. she would hold off her climax for later. Maybe use it for the love spell she was planning. It's power would be greater with the build up if she waited. Yes, that's what she would do. She felt relaxed now, the hot water did the trick. She pulled the plug out from the old tub and let the water drain.

She toweled off now and put on her favorite lavender perfume, a little lipstick and eye make up. She always wore it even though she was alone. It made her feel good to look nice. She walked to the fireplace and put on some logs and lit a match to the crumpled papers. It took right away. She would dry her hair that way. She slipped into her long black satin robe with black lace trim.

She sat near the fire and brushed her hair till it was dry. She let her robe fall open to dry her pussy, her legs slightly apart in front of the hearth. The heat felt so good on her bare legs. The animals laid contentedly near the open flames. All was right with the world. It would be a good Halloween, she thought. The powers close to the witching hour of midnight would be extra strong tonight. On Samhain as the veil between the two worlds would be open.

He was standing outside her window watching her every move. A tall dark figure lurking in the shadows. He saw when she walked into the small room in her silky black lace gown with her hair damp and falling on her shoulders. He watched her as she bent down to put a log onto the fire and her beautiful pale tits slightly exposed as she leaned forward. His eyes grew bigger as he watched this. He stood silently in the dark night hiding behind the tall bush near her bay window and stared at her loveliness breathing deeper with each new sight.

He pressed his face closer to the window now as she sat there with her legs apart and rubbed at her small dark mound with the towel in front of the fire to dry herself. His breathing got heavier when he saw this and his hand moved down to the bulge that was getting bigger in his jeans. God, she was so beautiful. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and started stroking himself. He could watch her forever. But he wanted more. he wanted her.

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