Debby's Decision
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cuckold, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Female, Cream Pie,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After a husband's persistence in sharing his fantasy of her being with another man, a wife finally musters the courage to admit her own long time secret, darkest fantasy. His fantasy modified with her revelation forces him to question his own true desires.

Debby knew Todd would start it again. He ALMOST always did. When was the first time? Not their wedding night 4 years ago, but certainly before their honeymoon was over. She'd even complained once, asking, "Why do you always bring this up while we make love?" He seemed hurt that she'd asked the way she did; that's when she realized it really was his fantasy! The next several times he hadn't mentioned it and their love making was... different some how.

She remembered being relieved when he again whispered in her ear while slowly moving inside her, "I wish I had a really BIG cock for you."

Debby answered like she had many times before and since, "Yours is just right! I don't need a REALLY BIG one! Yours is big to me; I'm just a little girl remember!" At 100 pounds she knew she was stating the obvious, but he seemed to like that. He seemed to like the image of her as a little girl.

Todd really did; a couple of times she even put her blond hair in pig tails and used just the slightest blusher. The right outfit completed the look: like the white starched blouse, blue plaid skirt, lacy blue ankle socks, saddle shoes, and of course, the white cotton panties! --just like she wore back in Catholic grade school. Todd always recalled that night as the best sex they'd ever had.

He'd fantasized about it many times since. Of course in his fantasy he'd shaved off her light blond curls from that sweet little pussy. Then there were the other guys, the one's with big cocks. In his fantasy, he'd have them all seduce and 'play with' the little blond innocent until she was wracked with orgasms again and again while taking their throbbing organs into her stretched bald pussy and nursing mouth.

Todd knew that at 6" he had nothing to be ashamed of. Of course he didn't feel all that proud of it either,... especially since he was fairly sure he'd never made her cum 'that way.' If he could only last longer. Not that she complained... Ever! Not even before he'd finally gotten her to let him use his mouth and tongue on her; that was still the only way he could get her to cum. What did that take? Almost a year? That time on their honeymoon didn't count; he'd taken her by surprise and she wasn't ready to admit it felt good. How could she? All of her teachings --her up bringing-- had taught her such things were dirty. Then almost another year to get her to take him in her mouth. At times Todd felt he deserved a medal for his patience with her; never really forcing the issue. He just took it slow and easy; he knew sooner or later she'd come around. He could feel her inner passion, visualizing it as a smoldering volcano.

For her part Debby knew it was silly to think such things dirty, especially with her husband... and she really didn't. It was just that she had trouble admitting to Todd that she enjoyed it. He had her on such a pedestal,... so chased and pure. 'If he only knew my fantasies, ' she thought. Fantasies she'd had since seeing THEM in front of her folk's house, working on the street,... their muscles all glistening with sweat! She truly was a little girl then, barely beginning to blossom. She had just walked home from school and sat there on the stoop watching until her cotton panties were soaked. She often wondered if they could tell? If they could see up her short skirt? If they could, did they know why they were wet? She thought she knew why but would have loved asking them; thus her fantasies often started.

She decided those memories were the reason the little role play with her old school uniform was so much fun. That was the first time they'd 69'd to completion... with him in her mouth. She was still --even a year later-- having trouble admitting to Todd she liked that. The fact she'd done it several times since should be evidence enough. Each time she'd fantasized it was one of those workmen pumping his seed into her mouth. Each time she'd reached her own orgasm quickly after Todd, hunching her clit on his mouth or chin, feeling his nose tickle her wet pussy or tender anal bud.

Tonight Debby didn't think they'd 69, not at first, not unless she asked for it. And she wouldn't. Debby had made a decision. She wanted Todd to bring up his fantasy. She wanted Todd to talk about other men --men with big cocks-- fucking her little pussy! And she knew he would too, as soon as he finished eating her. Sometimes he'd make her cum first then screw her. Sometimes he'd stop eating her, screw her, whispering his fantasies about the things she'd do with a big cock, cum in her, then go down on her again. That took some getting used to: him eating her cummy pussy. But if he liked it... she wouldn't complain. She kind'a liked it too!... Wondering if he fantasized it was another man's cum, injected by a really big cock. And when she combined that thought with her own fantasy... Well, she came the quickest of all then!

No, it didn't really matter what order Todd did it tonight. Even if he didn't whisper those things tonight, she knew he would soon. If she could keep her courage up, she'd have a surprise for him!

Todd wasn't sure either, which order they'd do it tonight. He no longer worried that he couldn't get her off. He would. With his mouth and tongue. He read it was common for women to be able to achieve orgasm only that way. He was just glad Debby had finally begun to get comfortable with that. Todd still wondered though, if Debby wouldn't be able to cum with a truly big cock, one that was not only bigger, but lasted longer than he could.

As he eat her --paying most attention to her clit: gently nibbling, sucking-- he would read her body. Did she seem to be committed to cumming now? Or did she seem patient? Receptive to a screw first? He'd also gauge his own ability to avoid cumming in the sheets; he'd done that a couple of times and hated it. He'd felt ashamed, though Debby gave him no reason to be. Either way, he was glad she enjoyed his oral attention. He loved eating her! The taste of her! The arousal of her body that he was finally --after four years-- beginning to understand, to predict, to be able to read. He didn't know which he liked the best: the taste of her freshly bathed, freshly fucked, or even after a day's work or night's sleep. He just loved it. He just loved her!

Todd loved her enough that if he could ever convince her to do it, he'd like to watch Debby with a really hung lover. Todd knew that was a long way off. Probably in the never-never of fantasy land. Todd had decided that the next logical step was to get Debby to do a 69 after they'd screwed. To taste their combined juices on him as he loved to taste from her. Maybe he'd try that tonight.

Yes, maybe he would. That little rock of her hips and the additional spread of her legs, those were 'screw me' signs, different somehow from her 'Yes, eat me!' signs. That little motion of her fingers: gently stroking the side of his head, then sliding ever so slowly through her downy blond curls, across her flat abdomen, up the center line of her chest, detouring left and right to tickle, then pinch her erect crimson nipples --he'd never seen her do that before-- had to be 'Come fuck me!' signs.

He didn't even have to ask, Debby welcomed him into her. Her heart raced, more so than usual she was sure! This was going to be it! As soon as he said something... A quick kiss on her lips --Todd wondered if she liked the taste of herself? She did, finding it somehow more exciting-- then gentle kisses around her neck and ear. A gentle invitation with the angle of her head and hips simultaneously, taking him as deeply as he could. Yes, this was it... He whispered, "You're so tight, baby! Tight and wet! You feel so good!"

"You feel good in me!" He's gun'na do it, he's started that way before...

... "Just think about how good it would feel if it was a really BIG cock! I bet you'd love it!"

"I don't need a REALLY BIG one! Yours is big enough to me!" 'Damn it, Debby, ' she scolded herself, 'where's that resolve? That courage?'

"You always say that, baby. But I WANT you to have a really big one!"

"Why would you want that?" 'Careful, that sounds like a rejection of his fantasy, ' Debby told herself. "I mean, maybe I would enjoy it... Assume I would for a minute. What enjoyment would you get out'a that?... Out of another man having me?" Debby felt that was better!... Not all she wanted to say, but a start; an invitation for him to take it further. Todd slowed his strokes, thinking. Debby kissed his ear, signaling this wasn't a rejection, but an encouragement.

"I'd get to watch you! Watch all of your passion as he filled you! I bet if some hugely hung guy got you off that way you'd still be hot for me! I know that's a gamble, but I bet I'm right! I've seen your passion with just me... Like after I've eaten you to an orgasm; you're still hot for me! Sometimes I think I'm close to getting you over again... but then I..."

"Shhhh!" She nibbled his ear again, knowing what he was going to say. "You do fine! I love you!" Debby realized that sounded like closure. "You'd really... really like to watch me... with another man?" Debby knew the moment of truth was quickly approaching in more ways then one. Todd was picking up the pace slightly, apparently not turned off by her question. Was that the beginning of the countdown?: '3'... His silence was driving her wild! She kissed his ear again.

His answer would be '2:' "If he was well hung... and didn't mind me watching! You know... he had no expectations of you other than that one experience. I guess it's been a long time fantasy!" Her hunching up to him signaled anything but rejection! Could he actually have her interest?

"Todd,... what if he was..." --Debby reached inside trying for an extra measure of courage from her pounding heart-- "What if he was... black?" 'There!' she told herself. 'One and blastoff! Or would it be fizzle? Abort? Withdrawal? Shock? The end of her 4 year marriage?' No, he was still fucking her,... hard! Maybe harder!

Todd was so close! Did he hear her right? Black? "A... black man?" How would he feel he wondered. He had never seen THAT in his fantasy. Could he now? Was he even serious about anybody doing that to her? A black man? A black man with a huge cock?

Debby realized he hadn't slowed any... If anything he was fucking her harder, deeper, longer than he ever had! Was he mad? His question didn't sound mad. "Yes! A black man! I was just wondering if what they say about... you know,... how hung they are is true?"

Todd never answered her question. Not verbally. He actually still didn't know how he felt about her... revelation. If that's what it was. He suspected that his body did all the talking necessary for now, even if he didn't understand what it said as he pounded into her with all his might. He assumed --rightfully so-- she thought the idea must have turned him on based on how he'd gushed into her a moment later. That was okay with Todd for now. If he hadn't been so wrapped up in his own thoughts and approaching explosion he might have noticed that Debby was closer than she'd ever been to her own, first-ever, penile-vaginal orgasm.

Not another word was spoken as they each kissed around the other's mouth and face and neck and ears. Not while Todd withdrew --still somewhat hard-- and instead of sliding straight down to finish her orally, shifted himself around to a semi-69, dropping his mouth to her cummy pussy lips, dangling his own glistening organ near her face. Debby took the invitation, engulfing him as she rolled him to his back with her on top. As she slid her body on his in their mutual sweat and noisily slurped up their juices, she decided this was indeed the 'dirtiest' thing she'd ever done... and that she liked it! Little did she know that while she cleaned Todd's 'average' but quickly recovering cock, he was just about drowning in the cum that ran from her into his mouth... and that he loved it too!

As Debby quickly climbed to her own orgasmic release on Todd's mouth, they both wondered if the other had seen the new, muscular, and very black lighthouse caretaker that started to work there on the island last week. That discussion would wait until their next missionary love making. For now, Debby wanted to feel and taste Todd cumming in her mouth again. She wondered if a black man's cum would taste the same? Todd wanted and wondered the same things... Well, he knew taste wouldn't have anything to do with race. But if bigger balls produced more cum, he'd sure need to be careful: he COULD drown!

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