The Warder
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Coercion, Lesbian, Interracial, Black Female, White Female,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Beverley Rutledge is a Senior Correction Officer in a British Prison. She has an active sex life outside the prison and an even more active one inside. She has the power to attract women and uses it; she has the power to control women and abuses it.

She strolled along the walkway slowly swinging the bunch of keys attached to her belt. At each cell door she stopped and peered through the peephole, in each cell two women slept. Beverley Rutledge was a Senior Correction Officer at Holmesdale Prison For Women, and she ruled 'D' wing with an iron hand in a velvet glove. She was respected and liked by most of the women under her care and also by her colleagues. Bev was said to be tough but fair, but with one major failing. Beverley Rutledge had a weakness for young women. Bev had been openly bi sexual for many of her thirty-eight years and had exploited the sexual opportunities open to her ever since she joined the Prison Service fourteen years ago. She had excelled in her chosen profession and had risen through the ranks fairly rapidly; and she'd attained senior status two years previously.

Now, having completed her checks for the evening; she'd have to do it again in two hours time at midnight, she descended the metal stairs to the ground floor. She walked towards the Officer's desk at one end of the large open space. Sitting at the desk were two other women officers. One was an experienced officer named Carol Redman, she and Beverley had worked 'D' wing together for over a year now. They had formed a good working relationship and an understanding, and Carol was happy to let Beverley exercise her unique approach to order and control of the wing and didn't ask questions or interfere. While the wing ran smoothly under Bev's special style of command, Carol was reluctant to make waves.

The other officer was a recent recruit to the Service. At twenty-three, Linda O'Callaghan was eight years Carol's junior and fifteen years younger than Bev.

As the Senior Officer approached the desk, Carol looked up and smiled, "All shipshape Bev?" Beverley smiled back at Carol, she preferred and encouraged the more informal approach to leadership and insisted on first name terms rather than the stuffy 'ma'am'.

"Yes Carol, no knotted bed sheets tonight." Both women laughed at Bev's usual joke.

Linda looked down at the crossword both she and Carol had been struggling with and said,

"Ten across Bev, 'Understand the woolly crop', six and two, last letter 'N'." Bev thought for a few moments, " Er... Cotton On." Both women looked puzzled. "See, wool, cotton and, to understand, cotton on. Get it?" both women grinned, "Oh yeah" said Linda, scribbling the words in to the crossword. "I'd never have thought of that." Linda added.

"Not just a pretty face", said Bev smiling, as she walked off towards her office. When she thought that Bev was out of earshot, Linda whispered, "Do you think she's got a pretty face Carol?"

Carol shrugged her shoulders, " She's OK I suppose. She's got a big arse, I know that."

Linda giggled and said, "Yeah and big boobs. I wonder which one she's had tonight."

Carol didn't answer, she wasn't particularly interested in discussing Bev's sexuality or her conquests. It was old news to her, but it always seemed to fascinate the new ones. A real live dyke in their midst was a source of much gossip and joking amongst the younger officers. But Carol knew from experience that dykes in the prison service were not at all uncommon, or surprising, a bit like tennis.

Linda wasn't to be deterred. "Y'know that new girl in D12, the black girl, the one that's in for fraud, transferred from 'A' wing. I reckon Bev's had her. What's her name, Oh God, it's on the tip of my tongue... a.bit like Bev, eh?" Linda laughed out loud at her own witticism. "I know, Marcia Turner, that's it, Marcia Turner, her. I reckon Bev's shagged her. I saw 'em together the other day, they looked really pally together. Yeah, I'm sure Bev must have got in to her knickers by now." Although Carol only bothered to grunt a response, she knew that Linda was probably right. The new girl, Marcia, was just the kind of pretty young thing to get Bev's juices flowing.

In her office, Bev got down to some paperwork; there were time sheets, overtime payments to calculate, and rotas to sort out. She couldn't have known about the conversation between Linda and Carol, but if she had, she'd have had to agree, Marcia Turner was indeed just the kind of young woman to arouse her interest, in fact she already had. Linda was spot on, Bev had got in to her knickers. Bev's thoughts drifted away from the boring minutiae of the overtime payments and went back to the day, three weeks ago, that she'd managed to seduce the young Marcia. It was a day after Marcia's transfer to 'D' wing. Bev had taken the young black girl into her office on the pretext of giving her a reminder of what was allowed and what wasn't. It was ostensibly the standard pep talk Bev gave to all new arrivals on her wing.

"So Marcia, made yourself a little unpopular with the girls on 'A' wing have you?" Marcia sneered and said, "Weren't my fault, that bitch had it in for me all along." Bev consulted the buff folder on her desk containing a report from Janet Morgan, the Senior Officer and Bev's counterpart on 'A' wing. Bev looked across the desk at Marcia sitting opposite her. Bev thought to herself that this young black woman was very attractive in her T-shirt with her nipples showing through and the tight jeans hugging a good pair of legs and a nice arse.

"It says here that you were constantly fighting with another prisoner, a Karen Ibbotson."

"Yeah, well she asked for it, the cow. She kept making racist remarks an' that. Said she couldn't share a cell wiv no darkie: bitch." Bev stood up and walked around the desk,

"Well Marcia, I won't tolerate violence on my wing. You won't be transferred; you'll be put in solitary if you start fighting again. It is within my power to send you back to 'A' wing straightaway if I think that you will disrupt the peace and calm of my wing.

"Nah, don't do that Miss Rutledge, please, Ibbotson and her mates threatened to stick me if I came back. They'll kill me honest they will. Keep me here, I'll behave meself, just don't send me back to Ibbo and her bunch of crazies." Marcia looked genuinely frightened. Bev stood behind the frightened young black girl as she turned in her seat. Bev leaned down so that her face was level with Marcia's, she spoke softly "It's really up to you Marcia. Be a good girl and I'll let you stay. Be a very good girl and I'll make your time on my wing as much a pleasure as I can. Do you understand what I'm saying?" Marcia stared blankly back. Bev felt that she had to explain further. "What I mean is Marcia, is that I'll be really nice to you, if you're nice to me." Bev then put her hand gently on Marcia's thigh and moved up towards her crotch.

It suddenly dawned on the girl what the deal was, but she made it clear that she didn't like the idea. Pulling Bev's hand away she said "'ere, are you one of them dykes. I'm straight I am, I ain't in to no pussy. You got the wrong girl, lady." Bev sighed loudly and said, "OK Marcia, play it your way. I'll give Officer Morgan a call and tell her that you are not suited to this wing and that you are to go back." Now Marcia really looked scared, she got up from the chair and walked to the door and then back again. "OK, what do you want me to do?" Bev smiled broadly at the young woman, it had been easier to turn her than she'd expected. "Well, I just want to be a friend to you, an intimate friend." Bev approached the woman and Marcia instinctively backed against the wall. Standing just inches from the woman, Bev placed her hand on her breast and squeezed the soft yielding flesh through her T-shirt. Marcia closed her eyes and turned her head to one side.

Bev leaned in against her and kissed the dark skin of her neck, the young woman stiffened at the touch of Bev's mouth on her cheek. Marcia's top was pulled up to her neck as Bev lifted the bra and began playing with her full tits. Bev caressed both boobs and then took each breast in turn in to her mouth, sucking and licking the stiffening nipples. Moments later, Marcia's jeans were loosened and pushed down around her knees, Bev's hands instantly delving down the back of her panties and squeezing her firm buttocks. Bev brought her hand around to the front and found Marcia's thick black bush and her legs squeezed tightly together. Bev pressed her mouth to Marcia's ear," My fingers or Ibbo's knife, which do you want stuck in you?" Marcia slowly parted her legs and Bev inserted two fingers up the black woman's cunt. Bev shivered with the excitement of it as she began to finger-fuck the young prisoner. "Oh that's nice, isn't it Marcia, so much nicer than a shiv." Marcia remained silent, letting the officer get on with what she wanted to do to her. Bev slowly dropped to her knees and Marcia stiffened again as she felt her panties being pulled down and Bev's mouth trace a line down her belly to her pussy. "Mnn, your pussy smells wonderful Marcia, does it taste as nice?" Bev extended her tongue and licked the puffy pink slit from bottom to top, pulling the lips open with her fingers.

Examining the open pussy in front of her, Bev could see Marcia's clit, glistening pink and erect against the dark lips. Bev sucked on it and ran her tongue over it as she pulled the hard jutting bud between her lips. Marcia flinched again, but this time she moaned quietly too. Bev sucked and licked at the moistening slit, paying extra attention to Marcia's bulging clit. Bev inserted two fingers back inside the wet fanny and resumed finger-fucking the moaning woman. "Ahhh, it's nice... uhhhnnnice... uhhhh... go on... uhhh... make me cum." Bev moved her tongue round and round in a tight circle over Marcia's hard clit, making the woman groan more. "Ohhhh, go on, go on I can cum, make me cum, huuhhhh." Bev felt Marcia shudder as she orgasmed, "Ohhh, it's cum, it's cum." Bev stood and kissed Marcia hard on the mouth forcing her tongue inside, she had the black woman's tits in her hands again as she whispered, "It's my turn now Marcia, be nice to me, be very nice to me."

Marcia didn't respond, and being highly aroused and losing her patience, Bev roughly grabbed the woman's hand, drove it up her navy blue uniform skirt and up between her open thighs. The young woman was again slow to act, Bev breathed in to the woman's ear, "Come on you selfish bitch. I've just sucked you off, now it's your turn. Bring me off or I make that call to 'A' wing." Slowly, Marcia's fingers began to probe the damp area between Bev's legs. Bev felt long fingers ease the wet gusset of her knickers to one side and gradually slip inside the sopping wet opening of her cunt. Bev let out a low moan of pleasure as Marcia's fingers delved further up her snatch. "That's a good girl Marcia, a very good girl. Now frig me 'till I cum." Marcia's hand worked slowly and rhythmically at Bev's pussy, squeezing and rubbing the stiff clit in her palm, her fingers deeply penetrating the slippery hole. Bev undid the buttons on her blouse and pulled it open. With one hand she wrenched her bra down, releasing her 'D' cup boobs, with the other, she pulled Marcia's face down in to her heaving tits.

"Come on honey,, suck my tits, suck them hard." Marcia took a stiff nipple in to her mouth and began to suck it. Bev trembled with arousal as Marcia's hand stroked her snatch and her tongue licked her nipple. Bev reached down and grabbed Marcia's full round arse and squeezed it as she rode the woman up against the wall. Bev was now humping Marcia hard, fervently banging the woman and the room was filled with Bev's guttural moans and gasps as she climaxed. "Oh that's so good, uhhh, so good. Fuck me Marcia, fuck me. Uhhh, God, I'm cumming, uhhhhh I'm cumming." Bev stood and heaved her boobs back in to her bra as Marcia pulled her knickers back up.

The officer walked calmly back to her desk and sat down, suddenly conscious of the wet gusset in her knickers. Marcia stood slumped against the wall with a sullen look on her pretty face "Is that it then, can I go back to my cell now?" Bev looked up from her desk as if noticing the woman for the first time. "I suppose so, yes. But remember, I shall be watching you. One step out of line and you go back, understood?" Marcia moved to the door, and Bev pressed the button under her desk to release the electronic lock. As she left the room Marcia said, almost loud enough for Bev to hear, "Fucking dyke bitch."

Bev smiled to herself, she didn't quite hear the curse but guessed at its content.

Now as she sat at her desk, the paperwork in front of her, she brought herself back to reality and pressed on with the work in hand. Still, she thought, that was one hell of a fuck, and it was time she availed herself of the talent on her wing again.

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