Chapter 1: Revelation

Caution: This BDSM Spanking Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Slow,

Desc: BDSM Spanking Sex Story: Chapter 1: Revelation - What do you do when you find out the girl that you want to marry is a slave to another?

"I am a pleasure slave."

I sat with my mouth open and suddenly the world was slipping sideways and going grey.

"Sit forward and put your head between your knees." She knelt by my side and helped me into the suggested position. The rushing noise that had all but overwhelmed me receded and the colour returned to the richly patterned carpet that was all that I could see in my current position. I replayed the words that she had spoken and now I felt a rising nausea.

"Toilet, I think I'm going to..."

I staggered from the settee and made a dive for the toilet. Over the next few minutes I regurgitated my share of a very expensive Italian meal. At last, my stomach was empty and all I was doing was dry heaving. All the time, Serena was by my side helping me, wiping my face with a damp cloth and generally being a comforting presence. Assisting me to stand up from my supplicatory position in front of the toilet bowl, she guided me to lie down on the settee that I had vacated so precipitously. She looked at me, concern shading every feature of her beautiful face.

I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out, only a strangled croak. Even had my vocal chords not been affected by my recent vomiting, I doubt whether I would have spoken anything intelligible or coherent. I tried again anyway, with the same result. Serena stroked my face and placed a fingertip on my lips.

"Don't try and speak yet; I'll get you some water to ease your throat and to take the taste away."

I watched as she stood up; God, she was so graceful; everything she did, she did with such grace. She returned with a glass of water and knelt again by my side. She offered the glass to my lips and helped me to raise my head and take sips of water. She seemed to focus her whole being on me and the errant thought - that she had been trained to do this - passed through my mind. I pushed the glass aside and sat up.

"Do you want the rest of the water?"

I nodded and took the proffered glass from her and drank deeply. Serena remained kneeling. From the maelstrom of thoughts, that were currently paralysing any hope of coherent speech, came a single question that suddenly popped to the forefront of my mind: I realised that in all the times that I had been here, I had never seen her sit on the furniture.

"Why do you always sit on the floor?"

The sudden change of subject didn't seem to faze her and she smiled gently before she replied. "I'm not allowed to use the furniture unless my Master gives me permission."

I stared at her in shock; once more the world was a crazy place. Only an hour ago I had asked her to marry me and I was imagining cosy nights-in, planning a wedding and a honeymoon, discussing houses and children; now I found that I didn't know her at all. Now I found that the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with was beholden to another. Some unknown man was her 'Master' and even though he couldn't possibly know if she sat on the furniture or not, she didn't because he wasn't there to grant permission. Serena, speaking out of turn, halted further unwelcome speculation on my part; something else I realised she didn't do often, was that part of her training too?

"I love you."

The sudden declaration returned me to the question that had precipitated the revelation.

"Do you?"

"Oh yes! I love you, more, much more than I love my Master."

She was so matter of fact about it. Each mention of her 'Master' sent me spinning off into crazy speculation. Slavery had been abolished hadn't it? This was the twenty-first century wasn't it? Round and round until I felt dizzy. I looked up and met her gaze. There was no doubting the look of adoration that I saw there and part of me felt relief; she did love me it was obvious in the way that she looked at me.

"Who is he?"

"I'm not allowed to tell you." She held up her hand to forestall me. "He wants to meet you."

"When did he tell you this?"

Serena looked uncomfortable; for the first time this evening she seemed embarrassed and somewhat lost for words, eventually she shook herself and started to speak. "I have to meet my Master once or twice every month and I must tell Master of all the significant events that have occurred since the last time I was in Master's presence."

My eyes widened at the implications of that. Serena hurried on, not giving me time to react.

"I also must tell Master of the times when I have transgressed my-" she searched for a phrase, "standing orders. And then I am punished or rewarded as Master sees fit. I have told my Master that I'm in love with you, that I wish to marry you and that I thought that you would want to marry me. Master said that should you ask me to marry you, I must tell you of my status as a pleasure slave. If you were still willing to marry me then I should arrange for you to meet my Master."

She stopped and looked at me, adoration and questioning in her gaze in equal measure. I thought about what she had told me. I considered, briefly, saying no and then I realised that I couldn't conceive of not having Serena as part of my life. Did I love her enough to share her? I didn't know; but at the moment I loved her too much to give her up without a fight.

"I want to meet him. How soon can you arrange it?"

"I am to 'phone him tonight if you have asked me to marry you and if you have agreed to meet with him. He will make the arrangements with you directly."

I realised that she had stopped referring to him in the third person.

"Why have you stopped referring to him as 'Master'?"

She blushed, "I saw that you were getting hung up on the word in relation to me and so I tried to desensitise you."

"It seems to have worked. At least for now."

"Will you want to stay with me tonight?"

"I think I should go home, I really need to think about this."

"Please stay. I need to feel you near me tonight, please?"

I felt my resolve crumble; I never could resist her when she pleaded like this. I consciously veered my thoughts away from the speculation that this thought engendered and simply nodded.

"I'll 'phone him now and then we can go to bed."

I watched as she rose and walked to the 'phone, but before she dialled she pulled off her dress; as usual she was now naked except for her hold-up stockings. I'd found this aspect of her dress incredibly arousing when I was first allowed to know of it; now I realised that she dressed this way for other reasons. In my reverie I'd missed her rolling off her stockings and now she knelt again as she picked up the 'phone handset and dialled. The main room lighting was achieved by a series of low-voltage spotlights. I realised with a small shock that she was now kneeling in the centre of a pool of light; her 'Master' even controlled where she knelt to make or answer 'phone calls! The light from the spotlight glinted from the rings that pierced her nipples and the hood of her clitoris, yet another piece of the jigsaw puzzle of his domination of her life. I wondered what sort of man could command this kind of submission; grimly I hung onto the fact that she said she loved me more.


I noticed that she straightened up and thrust out her breasts as she spoke, also she widened the spread of her knees. I could just hear the sound of a voice from the handset, but couldn't make out any words. Serena blushed deeply and she looked at me pleadingly. She spoke again with a catch in her voice, "Please, Master?" again the sound of a voice. "Yes Master." There was resignation in her tone. Her free hand began to caress her nipples and tug on the rings that pierced them, gently at first but harder as each one became erect, until finally she was cruelly twisting them back and forth. Her breathing became erratic and I could see moisture gathering in the folds of her sex. I sat transfixed. Now her hand travelled slowly between her legs and she began to masturbate in earnest, running her fingers around her clitoris and penetrating herself; her hips undulated as she started to cum, which she did with a series of moans and grunts. As her breathing returned to normal, she once again straightened up. I noticed that she was still flushed and she looked at me with tears beginning to fall as she began to lick her juices from her hand. I heard again the sound of a voice, this time with a rising inflexion - obviously a question, which she answered. "Yes, Master." She held the 'phone out to me but refused to meet my gaze as she knelt there crying silently.

I stood and as I did so, I became aware of the hardest erection I had ever had in my entire life. Shame flooded me. Here I was turned on, while my girlfriend, my fiancée in all but name, masturbated in front of me at the whim of another. I stood irresolute, how could she love me? I should be outraged; instead I couldn't remember when I was so turned on. Serena met my eyes once more and then looked down as she blushed at the lust that she must have seen there, but still she held the 'phone out to me. Finally I took it. If I were to leave now - I knew I would not have the courage to face her again and I couldn't countenance the prospect of living without her. Once I had the handset in my hand, she placed both of hers on the back of her neck and laced her fingers together.

"Yes?" I cursed myself for sounding so feeble, but what else could I say? What was the etiquette associated with talking to the 'Master' of one's fiancée, whom one has just discovered is a slave? This and other suitably ridiculous thoughts crossed my mind while I waited interminable seconds to hear the voice of this mysterious 'Master'.

"Good evening, David. May I call you David? Given the, ah, intimacy of your recent experiences with my slave, I think first name terms are in order, don't you think?"

The clipped tones of a public-school-educated Oxford graduate rolled from the handset. Here was the voice of a man used to being obeyed without question. There was a familiar ring to it, though I couldn't think where I had heard the voice before. I gathered myself to answer in an equally urbane tone - this was just farcical; my happiness depended, in some measure, on this man's goodwill and here am I attempting to play mind games with him!

"Yes, I suppose so. What should I call you?"

He chuckled warmly, not fooled for an instant. "Jack, yes, call me Jack. Now to business; we need to meet, so to that end I will send a car for you. It will pick you both up tomorrow at 10 sharp; casual dress is acceptable. Please tell my slave that I expect her to adopt her standard dress code even when in your presence from now on. Goodbye."

Before I could reply the line went dead. I replaced the handset and looked with bemusement at Serena. She had stopped crying though her shoulders still heaved with silent sobs. I lifted her up and held her in my arms and tried to comfort her, but in trying not to let her feel my erection she must have felt rejected and she started to cry again.

"I'm so sorry that you had to see that. You must think I'm terrible, to be able to do that, to be so shameless-"

"No, it's not your fault; it's me. I'm awful. I should be outraged at his treatment of you, but instead all I can think of is how erotic you were and how turned on I am."

She stopped crying, "You don't hate me?"

"How could I hate you? I love you!" I hugged her to me hard and let her feel my erection. She kissed me then and the feral power of her kiss took my breath away and left me struggling to maintain my balance.

"I love you. I love you. I love you-" she murmured over and over, grinding herself into me and punctuating each declaration with little kisses. After a while she quieted and we moved toward the settee. I sat down and pulled her onto my lap. She started to protest, but I stopped her with a kiss.

"You're sitting on my lap not the furniture."

"That's sophistry and I'll probably be punished terribly." But she didn't attempt to leave my lap. Talk of her 'Master' reminded me of my conversation and his enigmatic message that I was to pass onto her.

"He said he was sending a car for us at 10 o'clock sharp, that casual dress was acceptable and he said something else." I struggled to remember his exact words; "He said 'Please tell my slave that I expect her to adopt her standard dress code even when in your presence from now on.'" Serena sighed in resignation. "What does that mean, darling?" Serena blushed and buried her face in my shoulder.

"Well you know about the no underwear rule, but it also means that when I am in his presence or, on or in his property I must be naked. While you were unaware of my status I sought a dispensation, which he granted, so that I did not have to strip before I entered this house, for example." She snuggled closer to me. "But now he has rescinded that and I must once again strip whenever I am expected to, whether you are with me or not." She took a deep breath. "I must also resume removing my pubic hair; all of his slaves must be hairless there." She wriggled her bottom in my lap. "I know you are ashamed of it my love, but you cannot deny that you find this arousing." I blushed my shame. "Do not be ashamed, darling, I am proud that you find me arousing, it is, after all, what I am trained to be."

Despite the twinge that this produced, I was glad that she felt that she could joke about it, somewhat, with me. She stood and pulled me up from the settee and towards the bedroom. "Go and get undressed while I get ready." I did as she asked and lounged naked on the bed while I listened to the sounds of Serena in the bathroom. Why is it, I wondered, that women take so long to do the simplest things? And yet stuff that we consider complicated they can do in milliseconds?

"What are you doing in there?"

The sound of the shower drowned out her answer.

"I didn't hear that."

The shower stopped and she spoke again from the doorway. "I said, 'you'll see!'" I certainly did; she had removed her pubic hair and now her sex with its prominent lips was completely exposed to me. I practically drooled; the erotic vision before me completely drowned the incipient realisation that she was doing this at another man's whim. As she came closer I realised that there was now a small chain attached to her clit-ring. As she walked the chain swayed back and forth gently teasing her clitoris. She moaned as she reached me. "God that makes me so horny. Now let me take care of this." So saying she knelt on the bed between my legs and engulfed me in a single smooth movement. The feelings she evoked in me were incredible. Conscious thought left me as I surrendered to her expertise and fountained my release down her throat as she hummed her approval.

It was several minutes before I felt able to speak again. "Where did you learn to..." But I already knew where, or rather who; the happiness that I had felt moments before fled and left me heaving great, tearing sobs as I finally gave in to the storm of emotions that I'd been holding at bay. Serena held me to her breast and crooned wordless sounds of comfort until the squall had passed. Finally I stopped and looked up to see fresh tears on her face too.

"I'm so sorry to have hurt you this way my love; it was so selfish of me to let you fall in love with me. I love you so much darling, don't forget that."

"But all this," I waved my arm in an all-encompassing gesture. "Master and slave business..." I was lost for words.

"Please let him explain tomorrow. It will be easier for me to talk to you after he has laid the groundwork."

She turned me on my front as she spoke and started to massage my neck and shoulders. I felt the tension ease and the next thing I knew it was morning and I was spooned around my love with my 'morning glory' pressed into the crease between her buttocks. She stirred as the alarm clock beeped again, more insistently this time. I checked the clock - 8:45 - time to get up.

I blew gently into her ear and whispered, "Wakey, wakey, sleepyhead."

Her usual grumpy grumbles were cut short. "What time is it?"

"Quarter to nine. The alarm has just gone off; I presume you set it."

She subsided as her minor panic left her, then she slipped out of bed and into the bathroom, I heard the shower start. "Come and join me." She shouted over the sound of running water. I followed her into the bathroom.

"Why the rush? Even you can't take more than half an hour to do your hair and make up?"

"I'm going to be naked, so I have my whole body to do."

Before I could say anything else she kissed me and dragged me into the shower. She began to wash me; using her breasts as a 'washcloth'. The feelings that this evoked drove rational thought from my mind. Once I was rinsed she checked that there was no soap residue left on my penis. Unfortunately the checking resulted in the need to wash me again. Once this was done she gently pushed me into the bathroom and, while I was drying myself, shaving, and brushing my teeth, she completed her shower. I started to watch her get ready for him, but she turned and spoke.

"Please don't watch me, it will only cause you pain." I realised that she was right and left her to it. As I got dressed I found myself thinking of our first meeting...

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