Sister: Time Travel
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2004 by Angel

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A chance to change the past and save your loved ones. Can incest save three women, a sister, your first cousin and a lost love from a grim future?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Time Travel   DoOver   Incest   Brother   Sister   Cousins   First  

All I saw was death and it was my death in a terrorist attack, they hit New York with a nuke and the shock wave picked me up and threw me into the air as the blast wave hit. I awoke with a fright, sweating; I had gone to sleep 16 and now I was a boy with the mind of a former Wall Street analyst and Senior Vice President of Private Banking and also Research at Amon Brothers. I knew the future! All of what was to come, the stockmarket of the 1990's, the recession and a \millennium computer scare that never materialized following the tech boom. What was real, I must be dreaming, how could I be 16 and back at home in the 1960's. I went back to sleep and awoke to the smell of bacon, eggs, toast and real coffee.

I decided to keep my mouth shut and let this dream continue, showering, shaving and dressing for a summer day back at home. I sat at the table and had forgotten how small our ranch house was, a black and white TV was on, color was not yet being broadcast. My sister Kirsten appeared, how sexy she was, slim, trim, and rounded like only a 18-year-old woman can look. Kirsten wore white short shorts and a tube top, her slender build and fresh good looks put her in the Miss America category, I had forgotten how pretty sis was. I ate in silence and dad was talking about investing in some company. I thought and told dad go for Xerox right now it is a growing concern and as long as the growth rate is stable, stay with it. Dad looked surprised and smiled. "Ok son" and winked at me.

I kept a low profile and rode my bicycle to the town library and read all day. This was an episode on the Twilight Zone, I knew economics and investment theory and had well rounded University education; everything checked out. I had earned an MBA from the Harvard B School after my service in the Marines. Wishing I had my laptop to keep records, but the computer did not exist yet. I knew I could become wealthy and ride the markets to wealth. I got a legal tablet and made notes, a human mind can forgot and set my records up

This was an opportunity to change my life and those around me. My sister Kirsten had married the jerk she was now dating, later we learned that he was an insane, abusive man that beat, raped and tortured her until she had a major breakdown leading to a horrible life, I had always had a crush on my sister since I was 10. Our cousin Kari, was a year older than Kirsten, Kari married a black guy she meet through black female friends after College and he liked to hurt her, murdering her in a drunken rampage. Kirsten and Kari had occupied much of my juvenile fantasy life. Both all-American slender, blondes, long hair, large breasts for their builds and 5'7" height. Kari had a crush on me since I was a kid and I had never acted on it, as it was incest.

I started my old routine that had begun in the Marines, I did pushups, crunches, jumping jacks, pull ups, other press up exercises, skipped rope, coupled with boxing and bike riding. I was one of the wall street boxers they wrote up in the old New Yorker. Making plans and thinking was my forte and this new chance made me aware that I could change the future. Kirsten liked to walked around the house in her bra and panties when our parents weren't around, it had drove me mad as teen, but now I knew it was cock teasing me. While at my uncle's home, cousin Kari gave a similar but better show and I took it all in.

Getting rid of Kirsten lame boyfriend was simple, simpler than I thought. He was down at the local drive-in restaurant and making an ass of himself. For some reason he saw me and figured he could frighten a 16-year-old boy, I was only 170 and six feet and he was a tall slob. Seeing what was coming I used an old Marine trick on him, I had a roll on nickels with some tape on them in my pocket for just such a job. Slob throw a punch, I ducked and gave him an upper cut with the nickel roll and heard his ribs break, following that punch with a flurry of hooks, upper cuts, a palm heel to the face and a right cross finish. Flabby boy was beat-up like a bitch and out cold. The cops came and I had pocketed my roll, the cops knew slob very well and all the witnesses stood up for me. The 25-year-old Slob had lost credibility, was under arrest and facing assault charges, was beat like a punk and crying when he awoke. The restaurant manager had seen it all and told the cops "the kid is a natural boxer" he said and later asked me if a Marine had trained me to box, I said "yes sir, old Mr James taught me, a lie that could not be checked as the nice old man had recently suffered a stroke that summer."

I started my project with my sister, surprisingly she did not appear broken up about the loss of her boyfriend, in fact she was laughing that a kid had thrashed him. I was not sure what to do, incest is a serious and it had never occurred to me in my old life it was an viable option. Kirsten was very warm with me as soon as I awoke and I felt she had a crush on me especially after I beat slab boy up. Kirsten liked to walk around the house in a MuMu dress with no bra on. I would watch her walk around the house and her breasts jiggled so pretty as she walked, bending over and giving me tit shots as had made me dream of her and now I saw those actions as an invitation. I had not remembered Kirsten rubbing against me as much as she did now and I liked it. I now started putting my hand on Kirsten in a non-offensive manner, she never objected, touching her back, arm and face with affection.

Kirsten daily watched American Band Stand with Dick Clark each night and our cousin Kari was always there. I had never seen a reason to participate as a kid but now I was there every night. The girls were shocked I could dance so well and loved having me as a dance partner for both. Sometimes Kirsten's friend Fanny was there and I did not recall her being so attractive in the past. Fanny hated her name and asked to be called Fran, and she was my sister's age. Fran had short red frizzy 1960's hair, she would later become the classic 5'2" red headed beauty with long flowing hair, when she finally stopped permed short hair, morphing into real sex pot. In College I dated Fran and had always regretted I never married her, I had taken her virginity in my old life and intended to take it again. Fran had been killed on an air plane crash and part of me died then. I knew she was a shy girl and intended to go slow.

Seeing two or three teenaged girls dancing around in short shorts' and tee shirts always made a grown man's cock hard, I would not have missed this for the world. All three girls were not 60's good looking, but rather had classic features, slim bodies with full breasts that would become the hallmark of the sports illustrated bikini girls in the annual swimsuit issue that started in 1964. Sometimes Kirsten and Kari each wore one of Kirsten's silk MuMu dresses and seeing their breasts and young bodies jiggle and shimmy as they danced made it a good thing boys wore jeans to hide my hardon. It had been around this time that a tension had developed between Kirsten and me, that never ended and made for a bad relationship. Now with adult knowledge and insight I saw that tension as sexual and a display of Kirsten's real feelings for me.

Kari put record on our Motorola, a slow dance and Kirsten looked so bashful as I asked her to dance, "can I have this dance please" I asked and she said "ok." As we slow danced, I was aware of the pressure of Kirsten's breasts, mid-section and hips pressed against me. I moved my right hand to the small of her back and pressed her forward into me and she did pull back. "I like this so much David" she said with her eyes pleading yes. Kari left the room as we danced and went for a coke she "want a coke as she left". Kirsten said "you have changed so much in the last few days, but your still the same nice boy." Kirsten exhaled and snuggled close to me as we danced, pressing herself into my erection. Kirsten lightly ground her groin into my hard cock as we moved almost on a cloud, dancing. As the song ended, Kari called out my turn and Kirsten gave me a sly, shy smile with her eyes on mine and a slight blush. "Thank you Kirsten" and I kissed her cheek lightly with my hands on her waist.

Kari moved in and did not hide her feelings at all. She immediately pressed into me and slow danced with her arms around my neck and pressed forward into me. As a kid I would have not understood that her body was signaling me "I want you sexually" but now I did. I looked into Kari's eyes as she pressed her vagina into my hard cock and lightly rubbed her belly against mine while looking at me with lust. I pressed my cock into my cousin's belly and she sighed. I looked in her eyes as we danced and knew that this was already my pussy and I just needed to claim it. Kirsten left the room for a coke and I cupped Kari's ass and whispered into her ear "you want me as your boyfriend and I want that too." Kari smiled, looked me in the eye "yes I do, I have always wanted that" and I pressed her tighter. As children Kirsten, Kari and I had played together. My favorite game was striptease; the girls were the dancers and I was the stage manager, I sat on a hamper in the hallway, they would dance and do a striptease while I tuned on the hall light. This game had stopped when Kirsten was 12 and Kari 13, but they both had developed early and I had seen real women dancing topless and Kari once was nude. In our play the girls had always been my wives and me the father. Kari stared at me "you are more aware somehow, different but nice" and pressed her belly to mine as she spoke. Kari's message was clear she would fuck me anytime I wanted!

I had never accepted what Kirsten and Kari had been offering in my old life. I had been aware they wanted me as a man but guilt and fear stopped me from committing incest with the girls. That thought had changed, by not having sex with my sister and cousin, I had hurt their lives, maybe sometimes incest can be positive. Kari's mom pulled into the driveway, beeped her horn as our mom exited the car and entered the house. Kari ran to change and I waited in the hallway. As she came out of Kirsten's room, I stopped her. "Cousin I will see you later" I smiled and I leaned into for a kiss and Kari threw her arms around my neck and kissed me back with a passionate wet kiss and I held her waist and pressed her into me. Kari whispered in my ear "anytime and anything" and kissed my ear then gave me a second wet open mouth kiss and ran down the hall.

I knocked on Kirsten's door and she called "come in" and I entered. After the door closed "Kari is way hot for you brother" she laughed and I blushed. Kirsten walked up to me and asked "can I kiss you now", sliding into my arms and gave me a soft wet kiss, I returned Kirsten's kiss with all my heart and soul, a soft kiss and we held that for 30 seconds. "Wow, you kiss like a dream" she smiled and I gave Kirsten a second kiss, this one wet, soft and open mouthed, nearly sucking the breath from her but her tongue did not return my probe, with one hand on the small of her back and the other tenderly touching her face. I held that kiss as long as she kissed back and lowered my hand to cup her butt. Kirsten looked a little shocked but did not move my hand, looking at me with a tender loving look mixed with animal lust. She held my face and kissed me with all the passion she could muster. Her mouth open and your tongues touched. Through the kisses her belly had been touching mine and my hard cock had nested against her crack. A soft slk MuMu and my T-shirt were all that was between our torsos. Kissing your sister is underrated, in the least these had been among the sexist kisses of my life.

I did not push her into anything but held Sis tight and she looked in my eyes. "David you're so different now, you know I have always had this thing for you, but felt rejected by you, but I knew you were hot for me. I should be jealous you kissed Kari but I am not; the way you kissed me makes me know you could do anything you want to me." I stared at her eyes and told her "don't worry Kirsten I will take this slow because I love you." Kirsten's smile alone made waiting ok. "We can always kiss now, damn, you're now like the make out king, my hot brother, I trust you David" and Kirsten kissed me again as I wrapped her tighter in my arms. Kirsten broke our kiss with a smile. "Mom asked before I started dating Jeff (the slob), if you and I were having an affair! I told her no, she said that she has seen my feelings for you and she had wondered since Aunt Martha had a thing for her brother, Uncle Tom. After I started to date Jeff, mom told me you'd have been better off with your brother, it shocked me! We are going to be kissing a lot I suspect" the last said with a happy smile. "David your kind to me, I need a man that is kind, your going to take us all aren't you, each of us in your way. I am not jealous, surprisingly since your going to take Kari and me and I think you have Fran in your sights." We kissed softly again and my lips were my my sister's silky mouth " Mom started me on the pill when I started dating Jeff, Kari is on the pill and Fran needs to start. Please go slow with me David. Please don't hurt me. I know it is going to happen with you, your going to be my first lover, I am still a virgin" she said shyly. I held my virgin sister tight and we kissed over and over with my hands covering her butt, I kneaded her bottom and pressed her pussy into my cock. I did not take this further tonight but would developing a sexual relationship with my pretty sister.

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