Part I

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Part I - Age is relative. Contrary to the usual story of a young girl and an older man, this relates to the strange relationship between and older man and a much, much older woman. It also relates to what makes some people tick, and how denial may allow for things that could never be otherwise

My mother-in-law was 28 years older than I. She was petite, but, without doubt one of the most beautiful women I had ever known. When I was in my late forties and she in her early seventies, she was at our house for an extended stay. She visited at least once per year and had been with us for four or five months in Europe. She had definitely not lost her beauty and was always aware of her appearance. Maybe that is the way with people endowed with such physical perfections.

Anyway, we were all in the rec room dancing to 30s and 40s music, and were having drinks while my wife and mother-in-law took turns with me as their dance partner. My mother-in-law had been a dance instructor when much younger and could follow me doing any step. We were pretty inebriated when my wife, finally, said she was going to bed. My mother-in-law and I continued to put on different music and had more drinks. She was having a great time. After my wife went upstairs to bed, we put on slower music and continued to dance.

I was definitely tanked by this time, but was really enjoying what we were doing. I don't think I had ever seen my mother-in-law have as many drinks before, but when I would pour another for myself I would ask her if she wanted another which she always accepted. I knew she liked me a lot and never disagreed with anything I said, always going along, I thought, to avoid controversy. But, as we continued to dance to the slower tunes, I pulled her very close to me as we twirled around the room. She held me tightly as well, and occasionally we would just stay in the same spot and sort of undulate to the music.

It was summertime so we were all wearing very light clothing, she a summer loose fitting dress, and I a T-shirt and thin loose fitting slacks. In fact, we could feel our body parts through the clothing as we moved against each other. There was no doubt that I was drunk, and I figured she had to be. All of this had given me an erection. Because we were slow dancing with our bodies pressed together, I knew she could probably feel it, but she gave no indication that she did, nor did she pull away.

Once, we ended a dance where, reminiscent of the 40s and 50s, I bent her way back over at the end of the dance. She seemed to like that, and as I pulled her back up toward me, gave her a kiss. It was not a sexual kiss, just a full kiss on the lips. She did not object--just giggled. Then, I asked her if she wanted me to put on more music. She was enthusiastic to keep going; in fact, I had never seen her enjoy something so much.

The music got slower, and my hand was now down below her waist, practically on her ass, and I pulled her body into my hard on. Later when getting a drink, I dropped any pretense of hiding my erection which poked out in my loose fitting slacks. Actually, it had made its way out through the opening in my boxer shorts which allowed one to see the outline of the head.

Earlier, I had been putting my hand in a pocket to pull it to the side so it wasn't apparent. We weren't dancing the entire time, but sat on the couch to talk and continued downing our drinks. I could see her glance down at the tent my erection made in my loose, thin slacks, but she did not appear to be upset. I could even see the indentation of my urethra which had a wet spot around it, clearly illuminating the helmeted head.

When I put on another record, I could see her watch me walk over to the player with my hardon pushing the front of my pants out so far that there was no doubt about what she was looking at if there were any previous doubts about what she was looking at. I was doing it on purpose by now. When the music started, I walked back to the couch and stood in front of her with my 'pokéman' right in her face, and then reached down to help her up to dance. As she stood up, her gaze never wavered from that apparent assault on her sensibilities.

She was looking down at it as I pulled her in toward me and must certainly have felt it press against her body if she hadn't earlier. We danced as if it weren't there, but we both knew it was there. But, I also tried to dance rather than just stand still and move back and forth so she would not become alarmed about my physical state. My hormones were raging which is what drinking does to me. Obviously, it also made me very bold.

She was a lot shorter than I which meant I was rubbing it on her stomach. So, seeing an opportunity in our steps to a latin rhythm, I leaned back, lowered myself and let it rub across her crotch as I came back up, wriggling my shoulders as one does in that dance. This was the type of song where dancers are usually separated by some distance, but I did it while we remained as close as possible.

She knew the steps and had leaned back as well with her pelvis pushed out forward, and not only allowed me to do this, but let me run my tented cock up and down her crotch area several times. Our organs were the only body parts touching during this part of the dance. She appeared to think this funny and was grinning throughout as if my dick were not where it was (having it covered by my clothes must have given her a sense of security). This was very exciting making my erection even harder. I guess my mind was telling me to see how far I could go.

We were close to the couch, and when the music stopped, I had maneuvered her so that we simply collapsed on it while laughing. I had, in fact, kind of pulled her down on me as I fell on the couch. We ended up with my tented cock poking up between her legs through her dress. I guess she just thought we had accidently tumbled down from our gyrations a moment before. I also think she was intrigued that she could cause this to happen to a much younger man at her age.

This was serious business now, and I worried she would pull away from me and indicate that I had gone too far. Her warm, light body on top of me and between my legs felt fantastic. Whether because she had so much to drink or whatever, she did not try to get up, so I pulled her up toward me and kissed her again on the lips. She returned the kiss so I slipped my tongue in her mouth and we began to exchange some pretty lurid kisses. The booze had to have dulled her conscience because I know she would never have done such a thing otherwise.

My hands pulled her dress up in folds until I could put my hands on her ass which was covered with thin panties (of course, someone as vain as she would not be wearing a heavy garment). I slipped my hands under the waist band and down onto her bare ass cheeks. This was the first time she made any movement to object. The kissing continued, however, and must have given her the courage to not make further attempts to remove herself from my grasp. In her mind, we were just kissing.

It occurred to me that if I could pull the front part of her dress up as well, I would have access to her pussy. So as we continued to kiss, I worked her dress up until it was bunched up between us. The only thing left to do was get my zipper open and release my cock. It was easier than I thought, but wondered what she would do once she felt my bare cock between her legs.

She was hugging me as she kissed me back. I had shifted my body so that we were totally on the couch. The only thing left to do was get her panties off, but that presented a problem since stopping anything to do that at this moment would probably have alarmed her. They were flimsy panties, so I reached down between our bodies and pulled the crotch part covering her pussy to one side of her slit while we kissed. My fingers could detect only the barest amount of hair on her. I then slipped a finger into her cunt.

She nearly lept off of me, or at least, she raised her ass up like she had been given the 'hot foot'. For the first time, I had to speak which I did in a whisper. "It's OK, Mom," I said, "it'll be OK, just let yourself go." Then, I returned to the kissing which seemed to calm her down. I had withdrawn my finger, and was back to cupping her pussy while we kissed.

I had to get it in her or go insane. But, getting something sometimes takes risks, and I decided to ask her to somehow assist me since I could feel that she was getting wet. So I whispered, "Please help me!"

She could certainly feel all the activity with my hand and my penis, but instead of objecting, she raised her ass which allowed me to position my cock at the entrance to her cunt. Even though she was wet, my finger had determined her to be tighter than a teenager, so I filled my hand with saliva tried to get her wetter. I wasn't that long, but I was thick, so had to work myself in very gradually.

The next few minutes were crucial as I worked to get it deeper. I was working in a vein that had not been tapped for maybe 30 years, so it took a long time. She didn't really help me which may have been her conscience at work, but she didn't fight it either. Maybe her booze influenced mind was now just curious about whether I could even get in there, or maybe she would feel less guilty if she didn't help.

It also seemed that I had to keep my mouth on hers to keep her from saying anything. I knew if she couldn't say anything, then she couldn't really properly protest (in her mind). It's funny, but I knew the only thing she would have said was, "I don't like what you are doing," (to her, that would have been the most condemnation she could have mustered if said in the right tone of voice), but, she wouldn't have physically tried to stop it. Well, she couldn't, and she didn't.

I wasn't holding her down on me in any forceful kind of way. She could have simply gotten up off of me. Instead, she fully participated in the French kisses while I guided my cock up into her cunt in short, little thrusts, letting her body and gravity act as a counterweight. It seemed like forever, but I finally knew I was all the way in, so removed my one hand which had been spreading her lips to facilitate entry. With both hands on her ass at this point, we just lay there to rest after the effort. It was the hottest pussy I had ever been in. It was like a furnace.

Whispering in her ear, I said, "Mom, does it hurt? Are you all right? Let's just wait a while, you'll get used to it in a minute."

I guess she must have accepted a fait accompli since she whispered back, "It's so big. I feel so full." Then, she surprised me by adding, "Are you sure that's not a tree trunk in there?"

She obviously had a sense of humor. She was barely 5 feet tall, and probably didn't weigh more than 100 pounds wet. I wanted to get rid of her panties the gusset of which was riding up alongside my penis, and since she seemed to be accepting what we were doing now, I used all my strength to rip them off of her. This alarmed her, but I whispered, "I'll buy you another pair."

Now I could caress the bare skin of her buttocks while I pushed up and pulled my butt back down into the cushions of the couch. We returned to kissing since I was afraid if she talked too long, she would talk herself or me into stopping. Despite all the sloppy mess her own juices and my saliva had created, she was still the tightest thing I had ever been in. The heat of her cunt was fabulous. Eventually, we got a rhythm going, and I could detect some slight effort on her part to meet my thrusting.

As we fucked, I asked her if she ever wanted to do this again. She said she didn't know, but said I had awakened her sexuality. Knowing what kind of person she was, or I thought she was, made me certain that the drink had totally eliminated her inhibitions. I told her that I would be happy to help her out whenever she wanted. Such a conversation while fucking sounds very strange, but one has to understand the relationship. She was my mother-in-law and while I had thought sexually about her in the past, we had never done or said anything sexually suggestive. In fact, if I had been sober, I wouldn't have attempted anything at all.

My wife was good looking, but my mother-in-law was 10 times more beautiful even at this stage of her life. I finally told her that I was going to orgasm before long, and would she be able to do it too. She said that everything felt so good, but wasn't sure that she could do that, and I should just go for it.

As I pumped my ass up to meet her downthrusts, I knew I was close and after about 15 minutes of fucking, my balls called the game with me exploding into her cunt. She seemed to enjoy my orgasm and was not ready to get off my cock several minutes after I had emptied myself into her depths. She continued to kiss me and assured me nobody would ever know what we had done. I told her that I was in love with her, and to please give me any indication when she wanted to do this again. I left in her mind that I knew how to give her an orgasm if she would cooperate (I was thinking oral).

Whether the situation, the booze, or whatever, my cock did not become flaccid as I expected it would. She didn't move to get up or pull back to uncouple us. While we continued to talk and kiss, I realized that she was quite content to have my cock lodged in her cunt which was now loaded with my cum. I had just shot the best lubricant possible into her pussy, and after some time I started to move in her again. This time, my cock was sliding in and out with ease and she moved her ass to meet my upward thrusts. She became more active now than before, helping to ensure they were long deep penetrations. We stopped talking and concentrated on just fucking.

I could tell she was in earnest now and was searching for some kind of relief from the sexual excitement that had been generated. She would grunt when our pelvises met particularly hard. I continued playing with her ass cheeks as we moved against each other, and with some saliva rubbed her ass hole with it. This seemed to excite her further as she began to slam down on my cock with a vengeance.

Since I had already come, I didn't feel that I was going to do it again soon, so I concentrated on trying to bring her to climax. It took some time, but by teasing her ass with my fingers and making sure I got full contact on her clitoris with my pelvic bone as we came together with each thrust, I could see her face register the impending arrival of relief.

It hit her with such suddeness that I could see it in her expression followed with, "Oh my goodness! Oh help me! Oh my goodness, I can't stand it! Oohhh... !" If those words and her expression weren't indications she was having an orgasm, the way her cunt was grasping and squeezing my cock certainly did. She held on to me tightly and buried her head in the nook of my neck as her cunt continued its spasms. This got me to continue my thrusts and brought me over the edge as well, firing a second load into her grasping cunt.

We lay in that position for some time recovering from our very strenuous efforts. This time, my cock began to deflate and finally slipped out. I shifted my body out from under her leaving her lying on the couch saying I would get something to clean us up. I doused a towel with hot water in the adjacent bathroom and came back to sooth her pussy.

I studied what my cock had so recently been visiting. She was a natural blond and had very little hair so I could see everything. Her pussy was beautiful, I thought, as I kneeled down to wipe up my cum as it seeped out of her. I had emptied two loads into her cunt and wasn't surprised to see so much of me draining out of her. I got her to turn over so she was now on her back. But, what now?

She seemed to be in a state of euphoria. I figured that between the booze and probably the first orgasm she had had in 30 years, she was not only exhausted but in need of sleep. It was now past midnight. I continued to wipe up my cum as it oozed out of her cunt, and ran my other hand over her abdomen and legs. I told her I would help her up to bed and we could talk about everything in private at a later time.

She had become apologetic about her behavior as if she had been at fault for what had happened. I kept assuring her that everything was OK, and leaned down to kiss her again as I dropped the towel and began rubbing her pussy. Instead of this upsetting her, it seemed to make her feel better, so I figured she wasn't that concerned with what had happened. When I got her up to her bed, I repeated this act with a kiss and another rubdown on her pussy which soothed her into a deep sleep. I wasn't sure if this had all happened at all as I went to bed myself.

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