Teacher's Conference
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A teacher's conference heats up.

"Cole is doing an excellent job so far, Mr. Vaughn," said the pretty young teacher. She smiled, with such directness, such sincerity, that Casey couldn't help but believe her.

He smiled back. "Thank you, Miss Perkins, and please... just call me Casey," he said. It was a relief to know that Cole was doing so well in the structure of a classroom.

"He's doing very well with his letters, have you been working with him?" she asked, crossing her shapely, long legs as she did so.

"Yes, I've been trying to. To be honest though, I'm not sure how much he's absorbing," gulped Casey, eyes traveling up those beautiful legs. Eye contact, he reminded himself, make eye contact. It was an effort to remove his attention from the hemline of the short, gray wool skirt, where he wanted to linger, and imagine the sweetness just a few inches farther up.

Their eyes met and she winked, as if reading his thoughts, before seductively re-crossing her legs.

"Well... Casey..." she said in a conspiratorial tone. "I'm going to let you in on a secret." She leaned closer, and he caught a whiff of her musky perfume, which made his head spin. "He's four," she whispered.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that her blouse had come unbuttoned when she leaned forward, and he wanted to push the silky fabric off her shoulder and see what lay beneath. But through sheer will, he returned her gaze, and laughed, a smoky, sexy chuckle that seemed so out of place here - a preschool classroom, seated at a child-sized table, discussing his four-year-old's adjustment to preschool.

She straightened up, still unaware of the gaping button, and said lightly, "Four-year-olds have notoriously short attention spans. But you'd be amazed at how much they catch when you think they're not listening."

He knew she was right, and nodded his agreement. It didn't seem to be a problem, but Casey had to ask, "He's not having trouble getting along with the other kids, is he?"

Concern lit up her green eyes, and Miss Perkins straightened up further in her tiny chair. "Oh, no," she said, shaking her head vehemently, causing the soft brown curls to bounce happily, practically begging Casey to run his fingers through them.

He was visibly relieved, and sighed. "Great, I mean he's having such a hard time with his mom leaving, I just..." his words trailed off when Miss Perkins picked up his hand and stroked his thumb. An erection immediately began stirring in his pants, and he squirmed.

"Casey," she began quietly. "I know it's been a tough situation for both of you..." she stopped and looked at their hands: hers with their short, painted nails, stroking his rough, work-worn ones. His palms were sweating, she realized, and he was shaking.

"I'm sorry," she said. "That was terribly unprofessional." She released her grasp and folded her hands primly in her lap.

There was a moment of awkward silence before Casey spoke. "Miss Perkins, I..."

"Susan... please call me Susan," she interrupted with a shy smile.

"Sorry... Susan... I... I was just going to ask if maybe we could continue our discussion over dinner tonight," he said hesitantly. It was dangerous ground, bordering on unethical, and he knew it all too well. But he'd been fighting his attraction to her since the day he first brought Cole into this classroom, and the moment she put her hand on his, he knew she felt it too, and was not about to let the moment pass.

Her green eyes flickered with uncertainty and she raised an eyebrow. "I'm not sure... I mean, we probably shouldn't." She was obviously torn, the polished reserve about to crumble.

"I shouldn't have asked. I'm sorry," he said.

"Don't be sorry, I just don't think it would be proper," she explained with a disappointed frown.

"See, Susan, I thought there was something between us just a second ago, and I know it's probably not right and all, but I am really attracted to you, so I had to ask." He stood up to leave, thankful that his boxers and the relaxed-fit work pants he wore would at least partially conceal the erection still growing inside.

In a heartbeat, she was in front of him, blocking the door. She locked it before turning around, holding a hand up in a signal for him to stop.

He did, and watched in wonder as she realized for the first time that her blouse had come unbuttoned. She looked down with an embarrassed smile, then up at him with a raised eyebrow.

"I felt it too," she whispered. "And I'm disappointed that you'd give up so easily."

He closed the space between them and brought her to him in a fierce collision of mouths and bodies. He cautiously parted her lips and was welcomed by her warm, sweet mouth. He delved deeper, their tongues dancing a seductive, passionate dance.

He caressed her ass with both hands, but the combined restriction of pantyhose and her tight skirt served only to make his cock jump in frustration.

Had Susan not made the first move, Casey might've been content to let the dinner invitation and her subsequent rejection slide, chalk it up to an oh-well-I-tried, and get on with it. But here she was, this amazing, beautiful woman, unbuttoning his shirt and sliding her hands inside, sending shivers through every part of his body. Proper, indeed.

He took her brazen exploration as an invitation to go further himself, and hiked the short skirt up on her thighs, pinning her against the wall with his hips so his hands could roam higher still.

She moaned, feeling his heat through the layers of clothing, and just as his fingers found her swollen bud, sheathed in its nylon captivity, she grabbed hold of his shirt and dragged him to her desk, clearing away the clutter with one smooth swipe.

Perched on the edge of the desk, Susan resumed her focus on undressing Casey, while he, with one hand, unzipped her skirt and buried the other in the soft tangle of silky curls at the base of her neck.

Once he had freed her from her skirt, Susan broke their contact just long enough to slip off her nylons and panties, which were unceremoniously tossed aside.

As she straightened up, she trailed her hands up Casey's legs, ultimately grabbing the hot missile through his pants before unzipping them to extract it for closer inspection.

"A+!" growled the teacher as his thick johnson swung into view.

Casey was taken by surprise when she immediately devoured his entire 7" and began sucking like a newborn calf at its mother's teat for the first time.

He moaned in total ecstasy and gripped a fistful of those gorgeous curls while she bobbed up and down, making sweet sounds of enjoyment.

She was relentless, masterfully stroking with her tongue as she deep-throated his cock. She fingered his balls, obviously having a great time, and seemingly intent on making him cum.

Casey was loath to shoot off so soon, before getting his fill of her... or giving her her fill of him, however you wanted to put it, he thought with a grin.

He gently and reluctantly pulled her off his shaft, and she gave his balls a farewell squeeze, which was nearly enough to earn her a load of hot cum all over her desire-stricken face.

He finished undressing her, letting the creamy silk blouse fall to the floor and freeing her heaving chest of the sexy bra.

While caressing one petite nipple, his tongue and teeth nipped and played with the other until they both stood rock-hard from his attentions. He nuzzled at them a moment longer, then slowly, deliberately, kissed a trail up her neck, her jaw line. His name caught in her throat as he finally took control of her mouth again.

Fingers moved downward, finding the sweet, wet mat of hair at her center, and navigated toward what was beyond.

Susan took hold of his cock and began pumping with her hand, pausing only when Casey inserted first one, then two fingers, into her waiting pussy.

He could feel a load of cum building again, so he removed her hand and placed it over one perky round tit, encouraging her to play with it while he continued to finger fuck her.

He pushed her down on the desk to get a better view of her tiny hole. Her eyes were glazed and she stared hungrily at his cock.

But for Casey, one look at her beautiful pussy, and he knew he had to have a taste. It was tight, and shining with juice, and had been neatly trimmed.

He scooted her to the very edge of the desk, where she propped herself up on her elbows to watch him go down on his knees and bury his face in her moist red slit. She gasped when his teeth grazed her clit and gently bit down on the swollen nub, tugged and released. His tongue flicked in and out as he licked and tasted everything Susan had to offer. She writhed on the desk, loving the sight of his eyebrows furrowed in concentration, his tousled hair bathed in the hazy light coming through the drawn shades of the classroom.

All at once she felt an increasing heat. Casey recognized her oncoming orgasm, and eagerly lapped as quickly as he could.

Susan gripped the edges of the desk, holding on as if she would drown if she let go. She screamed and shuddered when the first round hit, bucking her hips against Casey's mouth, begging him not to stop.

He was happy to oblige, but as soon as the trembling subsided, he stood and guided her so that she was face down on the desk, and prepared to stuff that tight little hole.

He guided his stiff prick to her entrance and eased the tip inside, moaning when she shifted to allow easier access. With one quick thrust, he was all the way inside her, and, gripping her tight round ass, he started to pump in a measured rhythm, wanting to savor the heat of this intense coupling as long as he could.

Susan, for her part, was moaning for him to go deeper, so without missing a beat, he helped her swivel on the desk, lifting one leg up and maneuvering her around so they were facing each other again.

She's got to be a dancer, he marveled when she pulled the leg up to her chest. She had such amazing flexibility. He ground his hips to hers more and more rapidly.

She used the fingers of her free hand to stroke her clit, then how she did it, he had no idea - he would've sworn there wasn't a hair's breadth between his shaft and her lips - she stuck a finger inside and began moving it in a rhythm counter to his own.

This was too much, and almost without warning, he shot a great jet of frothy cum into her. A loud groan escaped his lips, and he froze, unable to move with the paralyzing sensations.

Susan let go of her leg and draped it over his shoulder, using it as leverage to pick up where he had left off, and within seconds, she too was immobilized by an orgasm of such force that she was certain she felt the desk shaking under her.

Coming down from their respective highs, Susan and Casey helped each other into their clothes, and parted with a tender kiss at the door.

"Dinner tonight?" he asked.

"Pick me up at six," she whispered huskily. "Later we'll have dessert at my place."

Casey couldn't help the stupid grin on his face as he got into his truck. "I'll bring the whipped cream," he told her before closing his door and driving off.

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