Sylvia Submits
Part 1

Caution: This Lesbian BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Lesbian, FemaleDom, Light Bond,

Desc: Lesbian BDSM Sex Story: Part 1 - A young woman visits a bondage shop for the first time. While there she allows herself to be bound and used.

It was a combination of the two signs that had intrigued Sylvia since moving to Northgate. The large sign in red letters 'Restraints' was enough to give the young teen pause, she had been fingering herself to orgasm reading bondage stories on the internet since she was fourteen. Now, two days past her eighteenth birthday, she was finally able to enter the shop, passing by the small sign on the whitewashed door that read 'No one under 18 allowed'. Her long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail the green eyed girl stood at the door. As she pushed it open she was surprised to find a narrow dark staircase leading to the second floor. Tentatively she climbed the stairs her anticipation of what lay at the top overcoming her fear of the dark stairs.

Sylvia's jaw dropped as she reached the top and turned to enter the shop proper. A large array of bondage gear lay before her, leather, latex and metal all arranged in neat rows. Seemingly of it's own accord her hand moved to touch a leather strap, feeling the soft material and wondering at it's use.

"Excuse me Miss."

The voice startled Sylvia, she gasped and spun around. A lovely, black haired woman of about twenty-five stood smiling at her from only a couple of feet.

"Oh my God," Sylvia exclaimed. "You scared the shit out of me."

"I'm sorry Miss," the woman replied. "I didn't mean to frighten you. However little girls are not allowed in here. Didn't you see the sign out front?"

Sylvia licked her lips before replying. "I am eighteen!" she huffed, "Not some little girl as you said."

She reached into the back pocket of her tight denim shorts to pull out her Driver's License. Handing it to the woman, Sylvia stood fidgeting as the woman compared the photo with the vision before her. Satisfied the she handed the license back to Sylvia, her hand brushing against the young teens hand as she did so.

"Well Sylvia Clark, I'm Kim," she introduced herself. "Is there something in particular I can help you find?"

"Um, no. I was just curious, that's all," Sylvia replied. "Is it okay for me to look around?"

"Sure. Let me know if you need any help or have any questions," Kim replied, returning to her place at the small counter.

Sylvia was certain the woman, Kim, was watching her as she looked at the various items. The shop had a large variety of gear, most of which she had no idea what it was used for. As she turned the corner to the next isle she looked back and confirmed that Kim was indeed watching her. The smile on Kim's face spread when Sylvia looked, the wink she gave causing butterflies in the girl's stomach. In the back corner she found a heavy looking wooden stock, it's cross member notched to accept neck and wrists. Unable to help herself, she placed her arms and neck on the fur lined notches. A shiver ran through her, she giggled and stood up. Turning she once more let out a startled squeak when she saw that Kim could see her from the counter and had watched her.

"Would you like to try it for real?" the woman asked with a smile.

Sylvia could feel the blush on her face, yet the thrill of actually being secured in the stock was tempting.

"I don't know," she replied, biting her lower lip.

"Come on, Sweetheart. It's perfectly safe and I'll let you go as soon as you ask," Kim answered, making her way over to the girl. Sylvia had not seen her flip the switch that locked the front door preventing unwanted interruptions.

As Kim took her wrists Sylvia felt the same tingle in her loins as she did when reading about naughty girls being disciplined. Obediently she placed her neck in the middle notch as Kim settled her wrists in their place. She almost pulled out at the last second as Kim lowered the top half into place.

Kneeling in front of her captive, Kim kissed the girl on the forehead. "See it's not so bad. Would you like me to let you go now?"

"No, not yet," she whispered. She could feel her pussy getting wetter at the thought of being unable to resist whatever this beautiful woman wanted. "It feels so strange. Knowing that you could leave me like this for hours and abuse me is making me hot," she confessed.

Kim reached up to trace her finger along Sylvia's lips. "Would you like me to leave you like this for hours and do nasty things to your sweet body?"

"I," Sylvia paused. "I'm not sure. I've never done anything like this, but the thought is so kinky."

"Well I can't leave you tied up too long anyway." Kim leaned forward to kiss Sylvia on her lips.

A thrill went through her body and she opened her mouth to Kim's probing tongue. A moan escaped her lips when Kim broke the kiss and pulled away. Kim stood up, running her hand through Sylvia's hair as she stepped around to the other side of the stocks. Sylvia could feel the woman's hand as it moved slowly over her tee-shirt, the fingers just brushing the side of her breast. She was sure her wetness had soaked through her panties and shorts before Kim's hand reached the waistband. She didn't even realize that she raised her ass to press harder against Kim's hand as she rubbed it across her denim shorts.

"Are you wearing a bra Sylvia?" Kim asked as her hand touched the side of the girl's other breast.

"No. I didn't think I would need one today and it was so warm outside," she replied.

"Shall I release you now or shall I rub your titties? Kim asked.

The thought of letting a woman touch her thrilled Sylvia. It was one of her secret fantasies, yet the thought came to her that she could be caught at any moment. Confused she said nothing while trying to sort out her thoughts.

"Well? Shall I release you?" Kim asked, letting her hand slide lower down the girl's tit.

"I don't know. What if someone comes in?"

"Oh, don't worry about that. I locked the door," Kim answered. "We're safe from prying eyes, but I can't leave it locked too long."

Although the door being locked calmed some of her fears, still she wasn't sure if she should allow Kim to play with her tits. Kim solved the dilemma for her by tugging on the hem of her tee-shirt.

"Just tell me to stop anytime you want," Kim told her as the material bunched up around her shoulders, exposing her sweet young tits to Kim's gaze. "They're lovely. I can see why you don't like wearing a bra."

Sylvia felt her nipples hardening as Kim ran the tip of her fingernail in small circles, getting closer to the tight pink nipple with every circle. Sylvia almost cried out in joy when the finger finally touched the aroused tip.

"Oh God," she cried when Kim closed finger and thumb over the nipple and pulled down. She almost cried out again in frustration when Kim let the nipple go. She wasn't frustrated for long, feeling Kim's hot breath on her skin seconds before her tongue licked it's way around her nipple.

Sylvia was starting to wonder if she was going to have an orgasm just from the touch of Kim's mouth on her breast when a chime sounded and Kim pulled her mouth reluctantly from the girl's tit.

"Shit!" Kim exclaimed, standing up and lifting the top of the stock up off the frustrated girl. "Sorry," she said as Sylvia turned to face her. "There's a customer who wants in and knows we should be open."

"Okay," Sylvia replied. "You have no idea how close I was to cumming though."

"You had best straighten out your top before the customer comes up," Kim said with a flick of her fingers across Sylvia's tits. "Maybe we could play some more after the shop closes at Seven. Can you hang around for a couple hours?"

"I might be able to," Sylvia replied as she pulled down her top and Kim headed over to unlock the door.

A older man walked in looking from Kim to Sylvia with a knowing smile. Sylvia felt his eyes burning into her as they settled on her chest with the nipples poking out the front of her tee-shirt.

"I'm here for some custom leather items," he said addressing Kim. "The name is MacGruder."

"Ah yes, Mr. MacGruder," Kim replied. "Sylvia will you help me in the back with this fine gentleman's package?"

Kim didn't wait for Sylvia to answer, grabbing her wrist and leading her into the back room. Kim's mouth found Sylvia's as soon as she turned to protest the rough treatment. Kim broke the kiss and motioned her deeper into the storeroom.

"MacGruder's a pig. I couldn't leave you out there with him," she explained. "Here help me with this stuff."

She started loading a variety of leather articles into a box. Sylvia picked up a hood that had a zipper across the mouth and a cover secured by snap fittings over the eye holes. Holding the hood by the ring in the top she began coiling the laces up, placing them inside the hood.

"This looks scary," she said. "Do women really submit to this stuff being used on them?"

Taking the hood from Sylvia, Kim placed it in the box before replying. "You let me lock you in the stocks," she said. "You admitted that it turned you on. Hell your nipples are still rock hard." Kim's hand moved from the box to Sylvia's chest, rubbing the girl's hard nipple through the material. "You stay here. I'll be back in a few minutes."

She watched Kim carry the box out of the storeroom before moving. Looking around she could see that this was as much a work room as storage. In one area wood was stacked up near a menacing looking saw. As she wandered around her left hand found it's way to her pussy. She was standing in front of a leather covered bench when she heard a doorbell and turned back to the front moments before Kim reentered the room.

"Hey, how does this one work?" she asked sitting on the bench and placing her feet on one of the four brackets that extended from the legs.

"Oh you like that one?" Kim asked walking over to join her. "Move to the other end and straddle it," she instructed. Sylvia moved to the other end, finding that her knees fit onto the extensions as Kim stood with legs spread over the other end facing her. "Two rules for me to let you try this one. One, I'll probably be quite busy until closing and won't have much opportunity to release you. Is that okay?" Sylvia nodded her head in consent, the thought of actually being trapped exciting her even more. "Rule two, you have to be naked. So prove that you really want it by stripping off those clothes."

Sylvia stripped off her tee-shirt then stood. She slipped off her shoes then unsnapped her shorts, pulling them to the floor. Standing in her white lace panties she hesitated, her fingers gripping the waistband the fear of the unknown asserting itself.

"You have a lovely body," Kim said. "Do it or put your clothes on and go home."

"Please Kim can't I leave my panties on?" she asked.

"No. I want you naked or I'm not going to let you play with my toys," she replied, giving the girl a pout. "Come on it's only the two of us and you know how excited it's going to make you."

Sylvia let her desire win out and slowly lowered her panties. She noticed Kim licking her lips as she stood back up. Kim motioned her back onto the bench with a crooked finger. Sylvia felt the cool leather touching her skin as she straddled the device. Kim leaned forward to kiss the hesitant teen, her tongue tracing the girl's lips. She broke the kiss and stepped over the bench.

"Come on lay flat on your belly," she instructed, patting the bench.

Sylvia leaned forward, setting her knees on one set of brackets and her arms on the other. Kim whispered that it was perfect and kneeled down to secure her wrists. She kissed back when Kim kissed her again raising herself up to follow the woman's mouth as she stood. Kim just giggled and moved behind the girl. She twisted to watch as Kim secured first one ankle and thigh then the other to opposite sides of the bench. It wasn't until Kim blew a light breath along her inner thigh and the air cooled her wet pussy that she realized just how exposed this position made her.

"Having fun so far?" Kim asked.

"Yes," she replied, wiggling her body on the bench and feeling the leather rub against her clit.

"One more thing, I think. Lift up," Kim instructed.

Sylvia lifted her belly and felt Kim place a soft leather covered pillow between her belly and the bench. When she let herself back down she found her clit no longer contacted the bench.

"Oh that's mean," she cried softly as Kim placed a final strap around her waist, pulling her body securely down onto the bench.

"Shall I let you go now?" Kim asked, "This may be your only opportunity for a couple of hours."

"I'm fine," she answered. "Just pull out that pillow so I can get off. Please."

"Ugh-uh. I want you hot and frustrated for me," Kim replied.

"Oh you're mean," Sylvia cried softly as she watched Kim walk to the door.

"Have fun," Kim said as the door closed behind her.

Sylvia looked at the closed door for a few seconds before testing her bonds. She found that the straps on her wrists would allow her to raise her shoulders up slightly, the strap around her waist holding her from reaching full height. Testing the straps around her ankles and thighs she found that at the extreme edge she could just barely touch her clit to the pillow. She struggled against the bonds, trying desperately to get them to stretch just a bit so she could make full contact. The strain of effort dulling the excitement as she rubbed her clit. Exhausted after only a few minutes struggle she collapsed onto the bench, relaxing her muscles and feeling the touch of the leather on her skin.

She was beginning to wonder if Kim had forgotten her when the woman returned. Kim held something in her hand that Sylvia couldn't quite make out. Kim kneeled down in front of her lovely captive, kissing the girl's lips before speaking.

"How are you doing Precious?" she asked.

"Terrible," Sylvia replied. "I need to cum so badly and I can't."

"Awe, poor baby. Are you so frustrated that you would do anything if I let you cum?"

"Yes. Please I need it so bad," Sylvia replied, straining at the bonds to reach Kim's lips.

Kim stood up and walked around to Sylvia's rear. The girl twisting to watch as the woman's hand played along her naked body. She sucked in a breath when Kim reached between her legs to run her fingers through the warm wet folds of Sylvia's pussy.

"Oh, you are hot and wet," Kim said, letting her finger flick across Sylvia's clit. "You also look like you've been struggling. That's very naughty. I should just untie you and send you home."

"No, please I need to cum," Sylvia begged, straining to press her pussy back into Kim's probing finger.

"Well naughty girl. Can I punish you for struggling in your bonds?" she asked.

"Punish me?" Sylvia asked.

"Yes. Just a few swats on the ass with my hand. Then we can see if you were serious about doing anything if I let you cum."

With that Kim pressed the small butterfly vibrator she had been concealing to Sylvia's pussy. Sylvia went wild with the touch, twisting and moaning as Kim played the vibe across her pussy. Sylvia cried with despair, her pussy aching when Kim removed the vibe.

"Please Kim, don't stop," she cried.

"So can I give you ten nice hard swats for being naughty?"

"Yes! Please anything just let me cum," Sylvia answered, her whole mind focusing on nothing more than the need to cum.

Sylvia felt the fire burn as Kim brought her hand down hard on her ass, causing her to cry out and leaving a pink handprint against the white skin. The second swat landed on her other ass cheek leaving a similar mark and eliciting a louder cry from the girl. Before landing the third swat, Kim reached under the girl and placed the vibrator to her clit. She felt Kim hold it there, moaning in pain and pleasure as the woman continued to spank her. Finished with the spanking she squirmed as Kim fastened the vibrator to her clit, running one strap along her pussy and up her ass crack. She could only struggle slightly at feeling the inert vibrator touching her. Kim returned to kneel in front, holding the remote control up for Sylvia to see.

"You'll do anything to cum?" she asked, turning the vibrator on for a second.

"Yes," Sylvia whispered.

"Will you lick my pussy if I let you cum?"

Another of Sylvia's secret fantasies, she quickly replied, "Yes, anything."

"Hmmmm, let's see." Kim stood and lifted her skirt, revealing to Sylvia a smooth shaved pussy with very prominent lips and a large puffy clit. She pushed her pussy forward to Sylvia's waiting tongue. Sylvia stuck her tongue out and licked the offered pussy, savoring the taste of her first pussy. She felt the vibrator come on, buzzing against her clit as her tongue continued to delve into Kim's honeypot. She whimpered in frustration as Kim shut off the vibe and pulled away.

"I need to get more comfortable," Kim said moving to the side and releasing Sylvia's wristcuff from the bench.

Sylvia watched as Kim pulled her arm back, fastening it to a ring on the waist strap. Kim ran her fingernails across Sylvia's shoulders as she stepped to the other side. With her wrists secured together behind her back, Kim released the waist strap and helped her to sit up. Kim turned the vibrator on again as she straddled the bench, Sylvia arched her back presenting her small tits to Kim's hands as she reached for them. Moaning as Kim took her nipples in hand and began twisting them, Sylvia felt the orgasm building. Kim's mouth covered her own as she screamed out with joy, her body shaking with overwhelming ecstacy.

She collapsed against Kim's shoulder, "Oh God, oh God," repeated as she came down from her orgasm. When she finally lifted her head from Kim, the woman kissed her gently on the lips.

"Ready for a little more?" she asked.

"Yeah," Sylvia replied. "That was so incredible. I don't think I've ever cum so hard."

"Well you still owe me a cum," Kim responded.

"Sure. You're not going to make me use my mouth?"

"Oh, yes little girl."

Kim stood and released the straps holding her thighs and ankles to the bench. She helped Sylvia to stand and led her over to a large chair. She stood still in front of Kim as the woman seated herself, then kneeled when Kim indicated that she should do so.

"Spread your legs," Kim instructed, once more lifting her skirt. "Kiss me. Right here," indicating her inner thigh just to the right of her pussy.

Sylvia stared at the offered pussy, slowly leaning forward. The scent of excited woman filled her nostrils and she felt Kim turn the vibrator on as her lips touched the indicated spot. Kim's hands entwined in her hair and pulled her mouth to the other side for a kiss.

Sylvia knew she was lost when Kim pulled her head back and smiled down at her. At this moment she wanted nothing more that to please this woman, the vibrator buzzing on her clit and the knowledge that she was still helpless sending shivers through her body. As Kim lowered her face, she willingly stuck out her tongue and licked the woman's pussy. Kim gripping her hair guided where she should lick and kiss, grinding her face to pussy. Kim arched her back, pulling Sylvia's mouth tight against her clit. She could feel the woman spasming as she sucked and flicked Kim's clit with her tongue. Kim relaxed in the chair as her orgasm subsided. Sylvia felt the hands removed from her hair as she began sucking and licking Kim's juices from her body. She increased her effort as Kim turned up the speed on the vibrator, feeling a second orgasm ready to course through her body. With her mouth pressed to Kim's pussy, her tongue buried deep she looked up to see Kim once more smiling down at her.

"Did you enjoy that little girl?"

"Yes, very much. Thank you," she answered. "You fulfilled a fantasy."

"Should I release you now? It's getting late."

"How late?"

"A little after Eight and my boyfriend will be home soon," she replied. "Or would you like to stay tied up and let him play with you too."

"No. Please don't let him see me like this," Sylvia replied. "Besides my folks will be worried about me. I told them I would be home before dark and my dad still sees me as his little girl."

Kim laughed softly. "Stand up and turn around little girl," she instructed.

Sylvia did as instructed, feeling Kim's hands as they gripped her ass before she released the cuffs. The vibrator buzzed again as Kim turned it on before removing the strap from her waist and ass. A swat on the ass reminded her she was free and she turned to face Kim once more.

"Thank you," she said. "I mean that, this was incredible."

"You're welcome. Come back anytime," Kim replied. "I loved playing with your body and I can think of lots of other things to do to it. Now I do think you should be going before I decide to keep you."

"Oh, okay."

Sylvia walked over and picked up her clothes, setting them on the bench. Kim followed her and picked up her panties from the pile as she reached for them.

"I'll keep these. If you want them back you have to return tomorrow afternoon for them."

"Really? I can come back?" she asked.

"I would love for you to come back. Maybe we can fulfill another of your fantasies." Kim replied.

Sylvia finished dressing, the material of the shorts feeling strange on her ass without panties. Kim led her to a back staircase and kissed her mouth before opening the door and letting the girl out onto the street.

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