Angie's Story
Part 1

Caution: This In-Laws Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, InLaws, Father-in-law fucks son's wife

Desc: In-Laws Erotica Sex Story: Part 1 - Angie has been teasing her father in law for months. When he decides to do something about he, she finds out that father knows best.

"Hi, Jim."

"Hi, Angie. Call me Dad."

"OK, Dad. Everyone is out back. We decided to make it a cookout today."

I have just arrived for dinner. You and my son invited us over. My wife came earlier to help, but I was at work and came a little later.

You are absolutely beautiful. You have a little red and white checked sundress. It is sleeveless, and a little stiff on the top. The skirt is short, but modest, coming an inch or two above the knee. Your hair is hanging down to the level of the dress.

Even though it is cooling down, the day has been hot, and I can see a sheen of perspiration on your forehead, and on your chest above the dress. I can smell you faintly. I love the smell of a woman.

"OK. I'll head on back."

I bend down to kiss you on the cheek, and put one hand on your waist. As I back away, my eyes lock down, trying to see into your dress. I barely catch the tops of your small chest. I was hoping for more, but at least you aren't wearing a bra today.

I watch you walk off to the kitchen. You aren't proud of your legs, but I love them, and I love the look of your tight ass swinging in the skirt as you walk away. I know you can feel me looking at you. I don't see any panty lines, and I'm looking hard.

You have been teasing me for months. You come over to use our pool, and wear a bikini so white I can imagine seeing your nipples through it. You get out of the water, and pull the back of your swimsuit, so I can almost see inside. Some days you wear halter tops; somedays, t-shirts. But I can expect that almost every time we get together, you will show me your tits and ignore it or pretend it was an accident.

I am tired of being teased.

I go outside to the picnic table, and make small talk. My son has had a hard day at work. My wife is talking about improvements we want to make to our home. She came earlier to help with the meal. While we talk, I keep stealing glances towards the kitchen. You have arranged the seats so I am next to you.

You come out holding a dish full of corn. Your eyes catch mine, and then quickly look downward. You come to the table. When you lift your leg to step over the picnic bench, your skirt lifts, and I see most of your thigh inches from my eyes.

"Thanks for coming, Mom and Dad. I love having company for dinner."

As you say this, your grab my arm and press your breast into it. This pushes the front of your stiff dress forward, so I am looking at both tits, completely exposed. Damn you. I can't just gawk, or the others will notice. I am glancing down, and see your brown nipples sticking straight out. I can see some of your stomach below your breasts.

I put my hand on your knee below the table where nobody can see, and you still smile up at me. I wonder if you are wearing panties. I move my hand upward, but you clamp your legs together so my hand is trapped between your bare thighs. You release a little and I move upward again. I notice your expression change. This isn't the time or the place, so I pull my hand away. We will finish this later.

Soon enough, you pull away, and we eat dinner. I constantly glance in your direction, but I never get a repeat view. It is alright. I can still see the tops of your breasts in the strapless dress, and your legs up to mid thigh. What a hot little girl you are.

"Does anybody want anything more? I'll start the dishes."

You stand, grab a few plates, and walk into the kitchen. My wife gets up as well.

"I'll help."

"You sit down. Dishes are a man's job, and you helped cook."

I grab the rest of the dishes, and head into the kitchen. You are standing with your back to me, loading the dishwasher. There is a window in front of the sink that looks out on the backyard. There are light curtains in front of it, but if you lean, you can see the people still eating.

When you hear me walking, you turn you head to see who it is.

"Thanks, Dad. I'll have this done in no time."

"I'm in no hurry, Angie. I'm enjoying the view."

I think I see you blush. I have never been this forward before. I reach out and stroke your hair, then brush my hand on your cheek. You turn your head away from me a bit.

"Angie, I know a woman never shows herself accidentally."

"I don't know what you mean."

"You've been showing off your body every time you see me. When a woman makes a promise, she needs to deliver."

"I never show off my body, Dad. You know I am a good wife."

"But you aren't being a very good daughter."

I move into you. You are still doing the dishes, and my hands reach around and grab your tits. You feel my hard-on pressing into your back. You push my hands down.

"What are you doing, Dad? I need to finish these dishes."

"Don't pretend with me. I know what you want."

I step back, and quickly reach under your skirt. Just like I guessed, you aren't wearing panties. You showed your thigh to me and sat next to me without even any panties on. I can't believe I was that close to heaven without knowing it. I know what you want, and I'm going to give it to you.

You pull away and clamp your legs.

"Stop that!"

"Angie, how can you tease me like that when you know my sex life isn't what it used to be? You are going to change that."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that from now on, you'll be making a second man very happy."

"I can't do that. I've always been faithful. You know that."

"You want me to leave you alone?"


"Show me your tits."

You stand and stare at me for a minute. Then I see you reach a decision. You put your arms together straight down. This pushes your dress out from your body, and you lean over, giving me a full view of your little tits. Now I'm not glancing; we aren't pretending. I am leering. You stand back up.

"Not good enough. I've seen that dozens of times."

I reach up and grab your dress in front with both hands. I can feel the smooth skin of your tits on the back of my fingers when I hook them over the dress. Then I pull down, leaving you exposed to the waist. Your breasts are so firm, and your nipples are sticking straight out. Your hands move up to cover yourself.

"There, isn't that better?"

"Are you finished? Can I pull my dress up now?"

Without answering, I reach my hand out and start rubbing your tit. I can feel the hard nipple in my finger. I can feel your warm body in my hand. I reach out to kiss you and you turn your head. I kiss anyway. You are so beautiful.

"You said you would leave me alone if I showed you my chest."

"I'm sorry, Angie. That isn't enough. I need to see more."

"Please stop. The others will notice."

"If you stop resisting, we'll finish before they get suspicious."

I reach out and start to lift your skirt. Right away, your hands shoot downward, exposing your tits to me, and you hit at my hands. I am stronger than you are, so I keep pulling upward.

"How would your husband like it if I described your tits in

detail because you have been showing them to me? 'Son, we

have to talk. I think your wife isn't being faithful.' How

would he react if he knew you had no panties today?"

You keep pushing down, but I pull up anyway. As your dress pulls above your waist, I see your pussy for the first time. My god. You are shaved. I see everything - your lips, your clitoris. I want you more than I have ever wanted anybody, baby.

"You are shaved? How many men are you sleeping with?"

"Just your son, I swear!"

"Are you telling me that nobody else has ever seen this sweet little pussy before?"

"Well, before we were married, but I've only slept with your son. Please can I cover up?"

"I don't think so."

"They are going to come in."

"Then I'll be quick."

As I unbuckle my pants, you try to jump away. I grab at you and get a handful of tit as I pull you back into me.

"Just hold still. I won't hurt you."

I turn you around and bend you over the sink. You look out the window, and can see my son and my wife talking at the table. They have no idea what is going on. Your tits are hanging down over the sink, but they aren't visible over the curtains. To anyone outside, it looks like you are washing dishes.

I have one hand in the small of your back, pinning you to the sink. My other hand is unfastening my pants. You feel the cold buckle touch your back as I undo it, then you hear the zipper coming down. I bend a little to pull my pants down and the buckle goes away. Then you feel my hard cock fall onto your ass as it pulls free of my underwear.

"I have been wanting this for a long time, sweetheart."

"Please don't do this. I only wanted you to like me."

"I love you, honey. And you know what a man and a woman do when they are in love."

The head of my dick pushes just into your pussy from behind. I can tell you are wet. I can smell your excitement. No matter what you say, I know you want this as much as I do. I push my dick all the way in and let out a sigh.

"You had better watch, in case they start coming in."

You don't speak. All I can hear is your heavy breathing. Your head is thrown back, and your face is flushed. You can see the picnic table outside. You can feel your breasts swaying back and forth as we fuck. You feel the hard edge of the sink in your belly. And you feel my cock pushing in and out of you.

"You make me so happy, baby. You wanted to make me happy, didn't you?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"You are a good girl. So good."

"Thank you, Daddy."

"You will keep being a good girl, right?"

"Yes, Daddy."

I am pushing a little faster now.

"I love you, baby."

"I love you, Daddy."

Then you feel my cock expand and pump inside of you. You hold still as you feel me shoot two, three, four loads of semen into your beautiful little pussy. I stop, and stay inside of you. After a minute or two, my softening dick pulls out of your pussy.

"I should get back out there."

"Yes, Daddy. I'll finish cleaning up."

"Come to my house tomorrow."

"Yes, Daddy."

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