Avatar: Establishment, Book 1
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Science Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Water Sports,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man is chosen to be the Avatar of a Goddess of sex. At least, he thinks she's a Goddess. But, of course, nothing is ever exactly as it seems and being an Avatar can be very interesting. This story has a LOT of sex. It does have a plot as well, which becomes more prevalent in the later chapters.

"Beautiful, isn't she?"

Ken almost jumped out of his skin, all thoughts of the teen he'd just been eyeing jolted from his head.

"Jesus!" he said as his head whipped around, "Where the hell..." That was as far as he got - he was simply too stunned to speak further. Too many things converged on his brain at once.

First and foremost was the woman herself. Visually, she was the most perfect woman that he'd ever laid eyes on. Her face was delicate, sensuous, her eyes the purest green and her hair the most beautiful shade of copper imaginable. Since she was sitting across from him, at his table, he could only see her upper body. It was absolutely perfect. Her breasts were not large, but looked quite full. Her nipples easily seen through the thin, elegant tank top she wore. Her skin was pale, but not a gross white. Also bombarding his sensations was her perfume. Ken's rapidly clouding brain was unable to describe it, other than to compare it to the most perfect sex he'd ever had. Slightly musky, slightly spicy, clean and completely natural. Her voice too, was almost heart stopping. A bit husky, promising any delight one could wish for, while at the same time seeming almost innocent of any sexual knowledge.

Far, far in the back of his brain was a small voice wondering where she had come from, what she was doing at his table, and just how the hell she'd gotten this close and been able to sit down with out him noticing her.

She smiled, and Ken felt his world starting to fade. "What you really mean," came that incredible voice again, " was how did I get to your table with out you seeing me, yes?"

Suddenly, everything snapped back to normal. Ken could breath again, and, aside from a very large, almost painfully erect penis, he felt just as he'd been before she sat down. She was still the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, but not nearly as overwhelming.

His heart beat returning to something resembling normal he said, "Uh, yeah. I guess I wasn't paying attention. Did you need to sit here?"

Ken looked around the food court. It was pretty full, but there were lot's of other places she could have sat.

"It isn't where I came from but why I'm here that you should wonder about." Her voice wasn't as overwhelming as before, but it was still warm, welcoming and incredibly sexy.

"I see," said Ken, trying to shift to ease position of his still hard cock. He was nervous now, aroused and somewhat annoyed. One of the reasons that he liked to come to the mall for lunch was to watch women. Ken absolutely loved to watch women. He didn't leer at them, or approach them and they rarely caught him staring at them. Lunch here was a break from his very unpleasant job. Since he was actually pretty much a loner, it was really one of the more bright spots in his life.

It wasn't that he had no friends. He had plenty of them to pal around with. He'd had several girlfriends in his past as he was neither socially inept nor unattractive. But he'd never found one that he'd wanted to stay with for a long time. He never cheated, but every woman he dated had noted, and mostly disapproved of, his very roving eye and he enjoyed looking at women too much to stop.

The age of said woman didn't matter - with in limits of course. If they were physically pleasing to look upon, Ken would find himself wondering what they were like in bed. What sexual acts they'd tried or would like to try. What things they would admit to a lover that they enjoyed - what secret fantasies they had. If they were very young - twelve or thirteen, he would wonder if they'd had their first orgasm yet, what sexual experiences they'd had or wanted to have. With older women he wondered what they'd done to please a lover, or what their lovers had done to please them. What fantasies they'd lived out and what ones they longed for but felt they could never have.

"So," he continued, "why did you sit here."

"Because I would like to offer you a deal. I believe that we can help each other."

Ken was now very suspicious. Strangers offering deals were usually con artists. A 'deal' was more often a euphemism for 'just give me your money'.

"What sort of 'deal'?"

"You are suspicious." A look of sadness shown for an instant in those startling eyes. It was gone almost before he registered it. "I know what you were doing when I arrived. The beautiful girl you were admiring, you were wondering if she'd ever had an orgasm."

That was, in fact exactly what he'd been wondering. The sexual attractiveness of the woman had returned and he was unable to look away from her as she continued.

"Yes, she has had many. She is thirteen and has been having them since she was ten. One night, after her parents thought she was asleep, she snuck out of her bedroom. Her parents were watching a pornographic movie and the woman on the TV screen was masturbating and obviously enjoying it. From her hidden position, she could see her mother with her legs spread wide being orally pleasured by her father. Her pussy began to swell and when she heard her mother groaning like the woman on the screen her small nipples began to ache. The woman on the screen orgasmed in a loud voice and her mother was not far behind. Melissa - that is the girl's name - snuck upstairs. She removed her pajama bottoms and tried to repeat what she'd seen the woman on the screen doing. She pulled her small nipples and rubbed her slick sex feeling the pleasure spread in her body. She achieved orgasm not long after.

"Melissa is a very sexual person. She is also very frustrated. Because she is so young she is sometimes scared of sex and the pleasure it brings. This does not stop her from masturbating daily."

During this recitation, Ken had been mesmerized by those deep green eyes. It was almost as if he could actually see the scene that she'd been describing, almost as if he'd been there himself, watching the preteen pleasure herself for the first time. His cock was throbbing with pleasure and unreleased sexual tension. He could feel the precum soaking into his underwear. When she stopped speaking, it took a moment for him to get himself back under control.

"You tell a good story. There's no way you could know that."

"Shall I call her over?" asked the woman with a wide smile. "I can have her describe it herself."

Ken had panicked visions of police arresting them both for child molestation, and the girl screaming for her mother.

Again, there was that flash of sadness in her eyes. She sighed. "Your people are so... strange. You deny your own sexuality, yet use it for currency. You deny sexuality to those who are below some artificially created age, yet exploit them in secret, subtle ways while longing for the youth that they have and you do not."

Ken looked at her. He had to admit that he'd often thought the same things himself - not that it would be anything but a jail term to outwardly express those feelings.

"I can see that a demonstration is the only thing I can give that will convince you that what I offer is real."

Offer? What the hell was she talking about? "Um... what offer? Your deal?"

"Yes," she replied. "Choose. Choose a female from this crowd and I will give you a demonstration of what I am offering."

Ken wanted to refuse. The last thing he needed was a scene in the mall. He had no desire to be arrested and if this woman accosted someone it would take a long time to convince the police that he wasn't involved in whatever she was about to do. Hell, he didn't even know her name! Ken started to get up.

"Choose one now."

Ken froze. For a second he was unable to take his eyes from the woman. She was achingly beautiful and overwhelmingly desirable. At that point, he would do anything for her. He scanned the crowd and the pressure to obey her eased. The girl they had spoken of earlier was just finishing her meal and getting up to go. He could have chosen her, but decided not to. If he did, how would he ever know if this had been a put up job?

He started looking for another woman. It was a hot day and this was a popular mall, so there were many women with very little clothing to hide their charms. He picked one at random, a hot blond with a cropped shirt and small breasts who was heading toward a table with her tray. She had long, tan legs with very short shorts on and tennis shoes with low sports socks on. Ken turned to tell the woman of his choice and when he did, she only smiled at him and nodded for him to look back over his shoulder.

He did and saw the blond stop for a moment, the continue, this time heading straight for their table. She had a relaxed, sexy smile on her face and said not a word to Ken as she sat down at their table. Her eyes were glued to the woman.

"Tell us your name, sweetheart," said the woman. The sound of her voice alone was almost enough to make him cum.

The girl shivered and goose bumps appeared on her arms. The points of her nipples were easily visible beneath her top.


"Hello Connie. You can call me Lea and this is Kenneth"

"Hi Lea." Connie's voice was soft, and somewhat tentative. Her skin was starting to get flushed and her breathing increased. Ken wasn't in much better shape. Idly he wondered how Lea had known his name.

Lea smiled, and if Ken could have cum right there, he would have. Connie gave a soft moan and closed her eyes for a second.

"There are so many things you'd like to do, wouldn't you Connie. But you are afraid - afraid that if you were found out, no one would like you. But you're wrong. You can tell us what you'd like."

Connie actually whimpered this time as Lea leaned close to her. "It's OK Connie. Tell us. Tell us a little about yourself, then tell us what you would like to do to me. Because I will let you do it, and I will not make fun of you. I will enjoy every second of what you wish to give me."

Connie was panting now and sweat had formed on her chest. "I'm nineteen and I like sports and all the normal stuff I guess. I know it's in style for girls to be bi-sexual and all, but while almost all the girls I know *say* they would sleep with another girl, I can tell that they're too afraid to actually do it. My problem is I really want to. But I want, need, to have the other woman control me, make me experience her and tell me to do whatever she wants me to do."

"But you want her to make you do certain things, don't you Connie?" asked Lea.

"Yes." Connie's reply was almost a whisper, but it was full of sexual need.

The noise of the food court had faded away. It seemed as if only the three of them were there. Lea's voice was a low purr of erotic sound. "Tell me Connie, what things do you want me to make you do?"

"You should make me strip in front of you. Make me masturbate while begging you to let me eat you. Make me show you how wet my panties are, tell me to smell and taste them. Don't let me cum though. I want to feel your orgasm, I want you to squirt cum in my mouth, when I give you an orgasm. Completely fill it with your cum - more than I could swallow. Finally, when I can take no more, I want you to make me push my tongue deep into your asshole while you whip my clit. Then you let me have my orgasm."

"You see Ken? Does that sound nice to you?"

Of course it did. Sex between two women was one of Ken's top interests. He nodded, almost as enthralled as Connie was.

"Good, I thought it might." Her voice now took on a more commanding air. Not overbearing, just calm, confident and very, very sexy. "Connie, stand up and remove everything but your panties, socks and shoes."

Connie stood and Ken's eyes bulged. On the one hand, he was more aroused then he'd ever been in his life. On the other hand, some small voice in the back of his mind was screaming that they were in the middle of a public place. He couldn't move though, couldn't utter a word. The panic was there, but over road by the deepest lust he'd ever felt in his life.

Connie smiled a sexy little smile. Her movements showed that she was somewhat shy about her body (Shy! his mind screamed, we're in the middle of a fucking mall!!), but that she was going to do as she had been told. She reached for the bottom of her crop top and pulled it over her head. Her bra was thin and white. She unsnapped it and slowly removed it, exposing white breasts with small but very erect, pink nipples. She put her clothes on the chair behind her and reached for her shorts. She unsnapped them and wiggled out of them. When she bent to pick them up, Ken almost groaned. Her ass was SO hot, and the tiny pair of black panties did nothing to hide it.

"Put your hands behind your head and let us look at your Connie."

The girl complied and the position lifted up her breasts and displayed them very well. Ken admired her flat stomach with the small ring in her belly button. Why hadn't he noticed that before?

Lea spoke to him. "You notice the belly button ring? It was not there before, but Connie has wanted one for years. Her mother has told her no, but for this fantasy, I thought it would be nice for her to have it.

"Now Connie, I know you want to eat my pussy, don't you?"

"Yes... please, I really do." Connie's voice was almost a whisper, but Ken had no trouble hearing her.

"You'll have to prove it to me though. You are so beautiful. Play with yourself. Play with your tits and cunt and show me what a little slut you are. If I believe you are enjoying it enough, I'll allow you to eat me."

The crude words coming from Lea's mouth sort of shocked Ken. But looking at Connie, he could somehow tell that they were a part of her fantasy.

"Yes ma'am." She said as she turned and moved her food tray out of the way. She lay back on the table with her pussy pointing toward Lea and her legs widely spread. With one hand she rubbed her cloth covered pussy and with the other she started pinching and pulling her nipples. Lea motioned for Ken to join her on her side of the table and pushed her chair back from it. For a moment, Ken was completely distracted by seeing the rest of Lea.

She was absolutely the most perfect woman he'd ever seen. Her legs, well displayed by an extremely short skirt, where long and lean. The high heeled sandals she wore graced a beautiful pair of feet. He was unable to tell more since she was sitting down, and his appreciation of her was interrupted by a groan from the teen now writhing on the table.

"Please mistress, please. Oh, let me eat you, please, god please sit on my face and use my mouth."

Lea smiled as she rose from her chair and Ken was completely captivated by her looks. A very slim waist and hips that flared just perfectly and made him want to put his hands around her and bend her over...

"Later Ken. Perhaps. This is Connie's fantasy and there are no men in it."

She turned to the girl on the table and Ken eyes were drawn to her sweating form.

"Pull off those panties. Show me how much you want me. And Connie, it's 'Goddess' not 'God'."

In a flash, Connie lifted her hips and slid off her panties. She sat up on the table, her legs spread with the panties in one hand offering them to Lea.

"Show me, turn them inside out. Show me your wetness."

Connie blushed, but complied and Ken's eye's drifted between her legs. Her pussy was quite beautiful and she obviously kept it neatly trimmed. There was a strip of dark blond hair on her mons and each outer lip also had neatly trimmed hair on it. Those swollen lips were open and the inner lips appeared to be stuck together from her wetness. The area was red from her rubbing.

"Show me your arousal. Put your panties to your nose and inhale your scent." Connie complied, lifting the cloth to her face and inhaling. "Does your scent arouse you?"

"Yes Lea. It is very sexy. Please, I'd like to smell your scent. Please, will you let me?"

"Soon," Lea smiled. "It's almost time for that. But first, it will turn me on if I see you taste yourself. If you do that, if you taste yourself from your panties, I will let you eat me."

Connie seemed to be loosing her shyness. With a coy look on her face, she lifted the wet pad of her panties to her face. Her pink tongue emerged from her lips and she slowly licked it, making a show of tasting her lubricant.

"Thank you Connie. Now lay down so that I may use you for my pleasure."

Ken didn't think he could get any more aroused, but he was wrong. Lea got on the table and squatted over Connie's face while pulling up her skirt. Ken was mesmerized by the most perfect pussy he'd ever seen. He could smell her aroused scent, and it started to make him crazy. He couldn't move, which was the only thing keeping him from taking out is cock and relieving himself with his hand or better yet, plunging it into Connie's soaked cunt.

Connie was going wild, licking and slurping Lea's wet sex and moaning. Her hips were gyrating in the air and her inner lips and opened. Ken could easily see her cream oozing from her small cunt hole. But he only glanced at that. He was really riveted to the junction of Lea's legs and the incredible view of Connie pushing her face as deep into that wonderful pussy as she could. Lea's hips were starting to rock and it appeared that her orgasm was near.

"This is Connie's fantasy, Ken," said Lea. "Remember that all fantasies are not realistic, or they wouldn't be fantasies. Connie wanted her mouth filled with my cum and women don't produce that much fluid. But I will. For her, I will fill her mouth to overflowing because that is what she wants."

With that comment, Lea began to shudder. She grabbed Connie's nipples in her fingers and pulled the small nubs far from her breasts. Connie squealed, but Ken could see thick fluid beginning to run down her cheeks. He could see her throat working as she swallowed Lea's cum. Still, he couldn't move and his desire rose almost to the point of madness.

Lea ceased her shuddering and spoke while lifting her sex slightly off Connie's mouth. "That was excellent Connie. You're a very good little cunt licker. But that's not all I want and you know it."

"Oh please mistress. Don't make me do that. Please, it's so degrading. Tell me you'll just let me cum."

Ken remembered, through his sexual haze, that Connie had asked to be made to tongue fuck Lea's ass. He wondered how Lea was going to make that come true. He didn't wonder long as he saw a pair of nipple camps and a crop in Lea's hands.

"Remember Ken - it's a fantasy. She wants this." Lea, still squatting over Connie's face as she attached the clamps to the girl's small nipples. Connie squeaked each time, panting through her nose. A large drop of Lea's cunt juice slid off one perfect lip to land on Connie's mouth. Lea then took the crop and slapped it on Connie's open sex. The girl groaned, but didn't even try to close her legs.

The crop fell again and Lea started pulling on the chain between the nipple clamps. "Beg me. You need it and you know it. Beg to eat my ass, to slide your tongue into it."

But Connie resisted, and her nipples were pulled even harder and the crop fell between her legs with a rather loud splat. Ken was beyond arousal now, he had never before experienced the feelings running through him. The mall was completely forgotten and he was as captivated as Connie was by what was happening. The crop fell again and he almost groaned out loud. BDSM was his top sexual interest and this was almost too much for him to take. Connie's hips were jerking with each fall of the crop and Lea was now cruelly pulling on the nipple chain.

"She loves this - it's been one of her darkest fantasies for years. To have someone 'make' her do these things," said Lea looking at Ken. She returned her attention to the girl beneath her. "Beg me slut. I won't stop until you do." The crop slapped down harder and Connie yelped. But her hips were rising to meet the crop.

"Please, PLEASE, let me do it. I'll tongue fuck your asshole, but don't stop!"

Lea pushed her asshole over Connie's mouth, and Ken saw the teen's tongue start to lick over the sensitive hole. Lea's cunt was really leaking and juice was dribbling down onto Connie's chin and throat. It didn't take long for Connie to spear Lea's asshole with her tongue and push deep. Lea didn't let up on the girl either. She ground her ass onto the teen's face and continued to pull her nipples and whip her cunt with the crop.

Soon, Ken could hear the muffled shrieks of the girl as she came. Her whole body stiffened and her chest flushed a deep red as the crop smacked her sex again and again. Finally, exhausted, the teen stopped moving and Lea got off the table. The crop and nipple clamps were nowhere to be seen. Nor was Connie's bellybutton ring. Ken's arousal, however, had diminished not at all.

Lea pulled down her skirt and sat in the chair next to Ken. She wasn't flushed at all, but looked very smug. The only real evidence of what she'd done was the strong scent of sex surrounding her and a sort of glowing deep in her eyes.

They watched as Connie got off the table and leaned over to kiss Lea. Lea returned the kiss while running her hands over the girl's body.

"Get dressed now lover," said Lea.

Ken watched the girl get dressed and sit down on the chair, her eyes never leaving Lea. She looked peaceful and very content, but there was no other evidence that anything had happened. Ken was anything but. His lust was not diminished at all.

"Would you like me to relieve you Ken? If you sit on the table, I will ease your lust."

Ken found he could move again. Somehow, the fact that they were in the crowded food court still didn't impinge directly on his consciousness. He quickly sat on the table, and Lea opened his pants and freed his cock.

She bent her lips to it, and breathed on it slightly. Ken's hips jerked in response. He could never remember a time when he'd been this sensitive. If she put her mouth on it, he was sure that he'd only last about a second.

Lea slid her lips over his cock and took him right down to the root. The feeling was incredible - no blowjob he'd ever had, had felt like her mouth closing on his flesh. Ken's penis wasn't overly long, but it was very thick. He'd never had a woman able to take that much of it, never mind take it with such ease. The resulting explosion of cum that he expected, however, did not occur. Pleasure like he'd never known flowed through his body as she expertly milked his organ with her tongue.

He was now getting a little wild. She was almost overloading him with pleasure with just her mouth. His frantic humping motions produced no gagging or recoil from Lea, she simply and easily accepted his cock, raising and lowering his pleasure, playing him in ways he'd never thought were possible. When he finally came, long after he'd thought he would, he almost passed out. He literally saw stars as he pumped load after load into Lea's eager mouth.

She knew just when to stop the friction, just how long to hold him in her mouth and just when to release him. He'd had good sex before, or at least he thought that he had. This was something beyond any experience he'd ever had.

When he finally regained enough strength, he put his cock back into his pants and looked at the woman who had just so thoroughly pleased two lovers. She was still the sexiest woman he'd ever seen and the glow had returned to her eyes. He wondered if he should offer to please her. He wondered if he even could. Ken felt contentment and peace suffuse his body and mind in a way that he'd never felt before.

When he got off the table, after zipping up his pants, the sounds and smells of the food court returned. He looked around somewhat confused, then realized that considerable time had passed. There was so much to ask and figure out and he had to be back at that fucking job!

"Sit Ken," said Lea. "Now that the edge is off, perhaps it is time to speak of our deal." She smiled and looked at Connie. "My dear, you have been wonderful. But perhaps you should finish your lunch at another table, hmm?"

"Oh, yes. Umm, I'm sorry, it just looked like there was nowhere else to sit. I'm sorry to have disturbed you."

"Oh it was no problem, dear," replied Lea. "Perhaps we'll see each other again."

"I'd like that, " said Connie with a small smile. She had a bit more sway to her hips as she walked to an empty table, and she glanced over to look back at Lea once.

Ken was quite alarmed, now that he could think clearly again. What the hell had just gone on? Surely, that had to have been a hallucination! People didn't just fuck unnoticed in the middle of a mall with no one commenting on it!

But the dampness of his cock in it's still slightly thickened state attested to the fact that something had happened.

"You are confused," said Lea. "There is no need to be confused or alarmed. No one noted what happened, any more than they would note the details of a persons daydream. Look at your watch."

Ken did and felt the blood drain from his face. There was no way, absolutely no WAY that only five minutes had passed since Lea had walked over here.

"What the fuck is going on? Who... what are you?" Ken would have started to rise, but those eyes held him to his chair.

"As I have said, there is nothing for you to be worried about. So, shall we speak of my deal?"

Ken found he was still quite afraid, but he couldn't leave. Licking dry lips he said, "OK, so what is this deal?"

"Would you like the power to do what I just did? To know the fantasies of a woman, to grant them, experience them for yourself?"

"You're kidding, right? I'm not even sure *I* believe what just happened. This is a lot to think through, to accept, " replied Ken.

"Yes, it is. But I will tell you that my offer is real. I can, and will if you so desire, give you that power."

"But why? I mean, let's just say that I can get my brain around all this and believe that it happened. Why would you give that power to me?"

Lea leaned back in her chair. "When you have come to believe that I can give you this power, I will tell you. It is important that you understand why I would grant it to you before you accept it." She slid something across the table to him. It was a ring sitting on a piece of paper.

"What's this?" he asked, not daring to touch it.

Lea smiled. "Once you leave here, you will begin to doubt that this ever happened. You will convince yourself that you were daydreaming. So. Take the ring and wear it - it goes on your right forefinger. You will know then that this did happen and what I offer you is real. When you finally decide, speak my name and we will talk again."

Ken looked at the ring. The metal was the same copper color as her hair, and the oval stone was the same green as her eyes. He looked up to ask another question but saw she was gone. Ken half stood and looked around, but there was no sign of her in the crowd.

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