The Sale
Part 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Interracial,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - A sweet Asian girl goes off with an American man to be his wife. It turns out he wasn't as nice as he seemed.

"Tell them that I am looking for a wife with traditional values."

I am talking to your father and mother. You are a beautiful young girl. I have no idea how old you are. You look very young, but your parents consider you marriageable.

"They don't trust Americans. They were hoping for a husband who wasn't a foreigner."

"I have a very good job. I will return to the States in a few months, but I will let her come to visit."

Your parents speak no English. I have brought a translator. He keeps looking at you. It isn't proper, and it makes you anxious. I think you understand some English, but I'm not sure.

"They are a respectable family. They want their daughter in a good home."

"I will give her a good home. I respect their culture, and I come from a good family. I am sincere, and looking for a wife. I will give them many grandsons."

Now I look at you. I am older. I am strong, and the translator defers to me. You think you see something in my eyes, but don't know what it is. My face is almost like a mask. I smile at you, and you move behind your mother.

"Can I demonstrate my good faith? I would like to make a gift to the family."

"They say that is most generous, but there daughter is not for sale."

"I understand that. I want them to see I am sincere."

I pull out my wallet and start counting out money. It is more than your family will see in five years. To me, it is just worthless foreign money.

I take the pile of money, and take a few bills off the top. It is enough to feed your family for a few weeks, but not nearly the whole pile.

"I will give you some now. The rest we can use to pay for the wedding when I have shown you that I am honorable."

"Would you mind letting us talk for a bit?"

"Of course not."

The translator and I step out of your home. Your parents are whispering to each other. You can't hear. You are watching intently. At one point your father looks up at you and drops his eyes in shame. They are going to sell you.

They invite us back in.

"We see that you are a good man. We will let you marry our daughter."

"Thank you so much. You have made me very happy. You know I am several hours away. Is it alright if your daughter comes to my town so I can court her before the wedding, as is the American custom? I promise she will always have a chaperon."

"That will be acceptable."

I hand over the rest of the money. Your parents tell you to gather your things. It doesn't take long. You can fit everything you own into one bag.

"Rick, help my bride carry her belongings."

He takes the package from you, and walks out to put it in the car. You don't want to leave. Your parents tell you that you must and you are shaming them. They turn their backs on you.

You follow me out to the car. You still aren't talking, and your eyes show some tearing.

Rick is the driver. I sit in the front seat. You are in the back.

As we drive away, you look back through the window at your house, dropping away. You have never been away from home before, and now you are going off to marry an American. I don't look right to you, but you will be a good wife anyway.

"Another one bought and paid for, right Rick?"

"A good day's work. I'll never get used to how uptight they are."

Rick and I talk a little as we drive. We leave the village and start driving through deep country. There isn't much here. Not many people live in this area. I had to search really hard to find you.

"Rick, this looks like a good place. Pull of the road and behind those trees."

You look confused at the surroundings. There is nothing here. Why are we stopping?

"It's time for the wedding, sweetheart."

I climb into the back seat. You are uncomfortable being this close to me. You are wearing a simple shift, a rough one piece dress. I put my hand on your knee, and you pull it away. I put my hand on the knee again and start to move it upward. You grab at the door to get away. You are sure you can find your way back home.

I smack your face and leave a red mark across your cheek. I grab your hair and pull my face up close to yours. You can smell my breath, and see the anger in my face.

"You can either do what I want, or I can make you hurt. Stop fighting unless you want to make me angry."

I still don't know if you can understand me.

"Tell her, Rick."

He translates.

"Are you going to behave?"


I still don't know if you understand me, but at least you know a few words. I yank my hand back a few inches, pulling your head with it, and then release your hair. I put my hand back on your knee, and move it up under your shift. Rick is watching.

"What do you think? Want to take a look?"

"Hell yeah. Let's see what she looks like."

I grab at one of the shoulder straps on your shift. You turn your head away from me. You aren't saying anything, but your tears are coming down now. I pull the strap over your shoulder.

My other hand grabs the other strap and pulls it down the other arm.

"Can you understand me, honey? Today you'll become a woman."

I pull down hard on the straps, and the shift drops to your waste, exposing your little tits. No man has seen them since they started to bud. Your arms are pinned to your sides.

Rick lets out a whistle. "There isn't much, but it's damn pretty."

I start groping your breasts and fondling the nipples. I kiss you and get the side of your face because your head is turned. I take my other hand and yank your head around without taking the first hand off your tits.

"When I want to kiss you, you are going to kiss me."

I kiss on your lips, but get no response back from you. It doesn't seem to bother me. I pull your arms free of the shoulder straps and start pulling the shift down. You see what I want, and that you can't fight the two of us, so you raise your hips to let me pull the dress off.

Now you are standing in front of us in just your panties. The panties here aren't like they are at home. I can't see a thing. They are completely opaque. I hand the shift to Rick and he tosses it out the window.

"Have you ever seen a dick before?"

You stay quiet. I don't even take my shirt or my pants off. I just unzip, and pull my dick out. You don't see because you are trying not to look. I grab your head and pull it down to my waist. I don't pull hard because you are letting me pull you. You smell my sweat and you smell my manhood. It fills your nose. Your eyes are shut.

I put your head down on to my dick, and you feel it sticky on your cheek. You turn your head, still with eyes closed, and kiss it. Good, you are starting to know what I want. I sit and let you kiss for a bit. It isn't much of a head job, but I enjoy taking my time.

"Lick it, honey."

You keep kissing. I pull your head up to mine. You open your eyes. I stick my tongue out and make licking motions, then push your head back down.

Now you can't keep your eyes closed. You have to see to lick. Your tongue touches the tip first. You can taste the pre-cum, and you don't like it, so you move down to the base, and start licking around the bottom.

But now your nose is pressed up against my crotch, and the smell is strong. So you start licking upward. You lick around the head, without getting near the hole. That way you don't get the taste, and the smell isn't so bad.

Then you feel my hand on your face. My fingers reach around and find your mouth. They push in, so you open your mouth. With your lips open, I move my dick to your mouth and start to put it in. It doesn't fit very well. Your mouth is wide open just to get the head.

But now you are frightened. You don't know what I want. You stay motionless, in your panties, bent over, with the head of my dick pressed into your mouth. So I put my hand on the back of you head and push down hard.

Now you can't breathe, and you are gagging. Reflexively, you pull your head back hard, and you manage to back away even with my hand pushing down. My dick is still in your mouth, but not nearly so far.

"Bet she's never had a dick like that," Rick says.

"Bet she's never had a dick any way, genius."

I push down again, hard, and you start gagging again. You try to hold it in place, but your instincts pull you back. You notice I seem to like this. I let it keep happening for a few minutes. I push you down, and you hold it as long as you can and pull back up.

Then I let go of your head. You don't know what to do, so you stay down. I lift your head gently, and my dick pops out of your mouth and falls.

"Let's see what her pussy looks like."

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