Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Magic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story was inspired by Noe's excellent 'Convent of the Damned'. Audrey and Susan are lost. They seek refuge in a nunnery - then they really are lost.

Somewhere, somehow, they must have taken a wrong turning. Now they were lost. Not just a-bit-off-the-route lost but completely, utterly and irrevocably lost. The map, although detailed, was next to useless for they could find no reference point in these dry, anonymous hills and valleys with which to pinpoint their position. Audrey insisted that they head north for the map showed a major highway cutting east-west through a broad valley and, she reasoned, sooner or later they must hit it.

But it was difficult to drive directly north. The roads twisted and turned, sometimes following the contours of the hills, sometimes abruptly plunging down across a small valley and sometimes cutting up and over a gap between the hills. The roads were ancient and generations of feet, hooves and wheels had worn them below the level of the surrounding land. The modern road-builders had simply levelled the surface and applied tarmac. Even where the ground was harder, or perhaps the road newer, there were, inevitably, tumbledown stone walls, stunted trees or impenetrable prickly bushes to block the view. So they drove on, trying to maintain some vague northward direction by reference to the sun, and hoping more than expecting that around the next corner or over the next ridge, they would find the broad, fertile valley and the highway.

The sun beat aggressively down on the parched ground of this inhospitable land of barren, rocky hills and scorched, boulder-strewn valleys. There were few trees, stunted oaks and scrub pine, and no greenery to break up the monotonous grey and ochre vista. After several hours of this fruitless, directionless driving, they were beginning to panic. The sun was beginning to cast longer shadows across the dusty landscape and the fuel indicator was getting depressingly low. Tempers were fraying, each blaming the other for either getting them into their current predicament or being unable to get them put of it. They were hot, tired, thirsty and worried.

"Look," said Audrey at last. "We need to stop and ask somebody."

"But we don't speak the language," wailed Susan. "And nobody in this god-forsaken land's going to speak English."

"Well, we have to try," said Audrey firmly. "We have to do something or we'll still be here at night."

Her friend gave a shudder. The thought of night amongst these hills did not appeal at all. "Anyway," she retorted. "There's no-one to ask even if we did speak the language."

Unfortunately, she seemed to be right. The countryside seemed to be completely devoid of human presence. They had not seen a village, hamlet, farmhouse or even a lonely shepherd's cottage for over half an hour. In fact, if it wasn't for the tarmaced road and ruined walls, they might have been the first people here since the land was formed. They drove on for a number of miles, the loneliness of the landscape seeping deeper into their souls.

Susan suddenly sat upright and pointed. "Look," she cried. "Over there."

Audrey braked sharply. "What? Where?"

"Over there. On the other side of the valley. I'm sure I saw a building."

"Are you sure? It wasn't just a rock formation?"

"Of course I'm not sure." Susan was aggrieved. "But it looked like a building to me. Back up a bit where we can see."

Audrey carefully backed the car up the road to where a gap in the verge allowed a good view over the valley. She stopped and got out. The heat hit her like a fist.

"So where's this building?"

Susan pointed. "Over there. Where the trees are. Near where the hill sticks out a bit."

Audrey stared in the indicated direction then rummaged round in the car for her binoculars. "My God," she exclaimed. "You're right. It is a building. It looks like a church."

"Maybe we can claim sanctuary," giggled Susan.

"That was well spotted, Sue. You've got sharp eyes. Now, how do we get to it?" She scanned the valley through the binoculars. "Yes. That looks like a road. And I seem to remember we passed a turn-off a few miles back."

She turned the car carefully in the narrow road grateful for once that it was free of traffic and they retraced their steps. Several miles back up the road they found a small turning which seemed to lead off in the right direction. If the other road had been narrow, this one was a nightmare. Little more than a track, it was barely wide enough for the car and was rutted and pitted with potholes. It was obvious that no-one had used it for a long time.

"Are you sure this is the right road?" Susan asked, nervously.

"Of course I'm not sure," snapped Audrey. "Do you have a better idea?"

"No. Sorry." Sue subsided, chewing her lower lip nervously.

The track at least seemed to be heading in the right direction for it led down into the valley and climbed back up the other side. All at once they became aware that the track was flanked on one side by a high wall. It was as derelict as the road, lichen covered with stones missing or badly eroded and small, gnarled bushes growing in the gaps — but it was a wall.

"That's a good sign," said Audrey with some relief. "Now all we have to do is find the gate."

The gate, when they found it, wasn't. It was simply a gap in the wall flanked by tall pillars on top of which were perched gargoyles made more hideous and grotesque by being severely eroded. Their blank and shrunken eyes seemed to follow the car as it passed between them.

"Uggghh," Susan shivered. "This place is spooky."

Audrey shrugged. She, too, had an uneasy feeling. "We don't have much choice."

The track swung round an outcrop of rock and they were suddenly at the church. Close up it didn't look much like a church except for the square tower with a pointed roof that rose above the middle. It was much bigger than they had imagined, rearing ominously high above their heads. It was also ancient, the stone walls as rough and pitted as the hills around it. With its plain façade broken irregularly by small, dark windows — and none of them at ground level — it looked more like a mediaeval fortress than anything else.

In the middle, a broad flight of shallow steps led up to a huge heavy wooden door set far back into the thick walls. They parked the car and got out, craning their necks as they looked up at the grim heights.

"Come on. Let's see if we can find a bell or knocker," said Audrey with a forced determination.

Grit and sand crunched under their feet as they climbed the steps. No-one had used this entrance for quite some time. To one side of the doorway an iron rod with a handle hung down the wall. Gritting her teeth, Audrey gave it a tug. It did not move. She pulled again, harder and, finally hanging all her weight on it, the rod reluctantly moved. A cloud of grit and rust rained down on her. She stepped back, brushing the dust from her face and hair. There was no sound from within.

They waited in the eerie silence for a long time. The sun, sinking behind the building, cast long shadows which seemed darker and deeper than they ought to be. They were just debating whether they should try the bell-pull again when they heard faint noises from behind the door. A wicket gate opened and, in it, was a black-robed figure holding a small oil lantern. Audrey turned to her — for she was certain that, although the cowl completely hid her face, the figure was female without knowing why.

"I'm terribly sorry," she said with a rush. "But we're completely lost and wondered if you could help us."

The hooded figure was silent for a while. Then she held up a surprisingly elegant and delicate hand as if to say, "Wait," and turned abruptly away closing the door behind her.

The girls looked at each other in astonishment and shrugged. There was nothing they could do but wait. After an interminable interval, the door opened again and another nun appeared. She seemed to be taller than the previous one so they assumed she was different.

"We're really sorry for disturbing you," Audrey began again. "But we're completely lost and short of petrol. Could you tell us if there's a village nearby?"

The nun was silent for a long time. Finally she said in strangely accented English, "There is village near here. But you not get there today. No-one to help." The girls visibly sagged. "But you stay night here you wish."

"Could we? That'd be marvellous. We're most grateful."

The nun appeared to nod. "Bring things. I show you room."

They grabbed suitcases from the car and followed the nun into the building.

The stone corridor was dark. The only light came from the nun's lantern which bobbed and weaved as she walked, casting eerie shadows and making her black-robed figure even more sinister. She led them up stairs and along corridors seemingly at random. The girls followed close behind, afraid to be left behind in the dark. Eventually, she entered a passageway with a wooden floor and doors down one side. She opened one of these and stood aside to let the girls enter.

"Not Ritz," she said. "But at least bed."

The cell was sparsely furnished. Two wooden beds with thin blankets, a nightstand and a large chest of drawers were all it contained. But the plain walls were whitewashed and the wooden floor was clean, and there was a small window set high in one wall.

"This is fine, really," said Audrey. "It's most kind of you."

"I expect you hunger and thirst," said the nun.

"We do, indeed."

"Someone will come. I must ask that you not leave room tonight. You must not disturb rituals. In morning, we show you the way. This I must insist. Do not leave room. You understand?" They nodded. "Good. I bid goodnight."

Abruptly she left, closing the door behind her. The girls sat on the beds and looked at each other.

"God, what a weird place," said Susan.

"Isn't it. But it's better than a night in the car."

"I suppose so."

"Trust me. I've slept in a car."

They were silent for a moment.

"I wonder what she meant by 'rituals'," Audrey said thoughtfully.

"I dunno. Probably they get up in the middle of the night and sing hymns."

"She wouldn't have called them rituals," Audrey objected. She looked around her. "And there's another odd thing."


"There's no crucifix or bible or anything religious in here."

"What's odd about that? Nobody's probably used this room for absolutely ages. I'd say they don't get many visitors."

"Yes, but there still should be a crucifix or something."

"So since when were you an expert on nuns? Give it a rest, Aud. This place gives me the spooks. I just want to get tonight over with and get back to civilisation tomorrow."

Audrey was saved from having to reply to this outburst by the door opening and two nuns entering. One bore a tray of food and the other a large pitcher and a bowl. As they set their burdens down on the nightstand, the cowl of one of them slipped and the girls caught a brief glimpse of her face. The sight was almost a physical shock — the face behind the cowl was truly beautiful. Without a trace of make-up, the oval face was perfect; at once alluring, innocent and sexy. Hastily, the nun adjusted her hood and the pair retreated as silently as they had arrived.

"Did you see that?" gasped Susan. "What is someone who looks like that doing in a place like this?"

"She was certainly astonishing," agreed Audrey thoughtfully.

"Astonishing's not the word. Any fashion model would give her eye teeth to look like that. I'd give my eye teeth — and a lot more besides."

Audrey shrugged. "It'll just have to remain another of the unsolved mysteries of this place. Anyway, let's eat. I'm starving."

The food was plain, simple and plentiful — fresh bread, cheese, ham and tomatoes, with fresh, clear water to drink. The girls set to and cleared the tray. Hunger banished, the tensions of the day caught up with them. They made their preparations for bed and climbed into the simple beds as the last light of the day faded from the room. They were asleep instantly.

Audrey awoke with a start. It was pitch black. For some reason she was wide awake. She was aware of the smells of the bare wooden cell with its whitewashed walls, of the firm mattress underneath her, of Susan's slightly nasal breathing in the other bed. She lay quietly, wondering what had woken her from a deep and dreamless sleep.

Then she heard it. It wasn't loud but it seemed to invade every corner of the room. It made the hairs on the back of her neck and arms stand on end and she was suddenly sweating in the cool night. She sat bolt upright, breathing heavily.

"Sue," she hissed savagely. "Sue. Wake up."

"Huh? Wassamatter?" mumbled Sue rolling over.

"Wake up. Wake up and listen."

Something in Audrey's tone made Sue open her eyes and sit up.

"I don't hear anything. Why did you wake me up?"

"Ssh. Shut up and listen."

As she spoke the sound came again — an inhuman cry of torment and triumph.

"My God," exclaimed Sue, clutching the blankets to her chin. "What in hell was that?"

"I've no idea," her friend replied grimly as she slid her feet to the floor. "But I intend to find out."

"You can't go out," Sue wailed. "It sounded pretty awful."

Audrey was groping around for her shoes. "I know. That's why I'm going to find out what it is."

"But we're supposed to stay here."

"You can stay if you wish but I'm going."

"Oh, no. I'm not staying here all alone. Something might come in and get me."

Hand in hand, the girls groped their way out of the cell and down the passageway. It was dark — not the sort of dark they were used to in the city but totally, utterly and completely dark — so they felt their way carefully along the walls, stumbling and fumbling their way. Their breathing sounded very loud in their ears and every sound seemed magnified.

"Aud," whispered Sue tremulously, "what's that noise?"

"What noise?"

"A sort of muffled thumping — like drums."

"I can't hear anything."

"But it's so loud. You must hear it."

Audrey shook her head forgetting that Sue couldn't see her. She was aware of her heart beating loudly and stopped suddenly.

"Sue, put your hand on your heart."


"Just do it. Can you feel it beating? Does it match your drumming?"

"Oh! But it's so loud."

"Of course it is. Now shut up."

At the end of the corridor they found a stout wooden door. After much fumbling around, Audrey found the handle. Cautiously she tried it and, to her relief, the door was unlocked and opened silently. Beyond the door was a spiral stone staircase. Audrey found this out by stepping through the door and finding nothing under her feet. She gave an involuntary gasp as she felt herself falling. Almost instinctively, Sue gripped her hand tightly and hauled her back.

"Whew," she whispered, her blood pounding in her ears. "Thanks, Sue."

Sue just gripped her hand in reply. She was terrified and it was only the thought of trying to find the way back to their room by herself in the dark that kept her going.

They waited in silence for what seemed an eternity. The abbey was as silent as it was dark. Tentatively Audrey felt around with her foot until she found the stairs. Very carefully she edged forward.

"Stairs," she whispered to Sue. "Spiral ones, I think."

Their progress down the stairs was slow. The steps were uneven and badly worn. Each step had to be carefully tested before they could trust it. As they made their way, step by cautious step, round the spiral, they became aware of a faint glow ahead. By the time they reached the foot, the glow was bright enough for their dark-sensitive eyes to see that they were on a landing which led to a narrow stone passage that curved away to the right. With more confidence but still moving as quietly as they could, they crept along.

The unnatural sound that had awoken them had not been repeated but now they became aware of other sounds, muffled and indistinct at first but getting louder as they rounded the curve in the passageway. They could make out female voices chanting — a wailing, tuneless sound punctuated by muffled cries and shouts.

"The rituals," breathed Susan in Audrey's ear.

"Probably," Audrey grunted.

Sue chewed her knuckle. "I'm scared, Aud. We're not supposed to interfere."

"I just want to look."

Creeping silently, the girls reached the end of the passage. An arched doorway led to what seemed to be a gallery. The wailing chant went on and on. There was the sound of feet shuffling on the floor — as if the celebrants were moving around or dancing. There were sudden cries and shrieks, as if of pain, low groans and moans punctuated by the occasional high pitched giggle and sharp crack. The light was now an eerie orangey-red glow that seemed to have no particular source. It was also very warm. The girls crept along the gallery to see what was happening, ducking low below that stone balustrade.

They were met with a vision from hell.

They were looking down the length of a huge hall lined with pillars. On the floor were tiles or paintings depicting nightmare scenes of sexual depravity. In the centre was an altar of jet black. The top was arched and, across the arch, a woman was tied spreadeagled and stark naked. Her long blonde hair, pale skin and rounded form provided a sharp contrast with the black angularity of the altar. Her breasts, stood out from her chest like miniature mountains.

Around her danced a group of naked nuns with movements as lewd and suggestive as any lap-dancer, chanting as they went. Their resemblance to lap-dancers was not confined to their movements. They were, to a woman, high breasted, narrow waisted and broad hipped. To have called them shapely would have been an understatement — they were voluptuous — almost caricatures of the female form. Their breasts bobbed and bounced without a hint of sag as they danced. In their hands they held strips of stiff, coloured material with which they stroked and beat the captive blonde. She was writhing and panting in apparent bliss, her huge pink areolae swaying and bouncing as she squirmed.

In a circle around them a group of grotesque dwarfs danced, or capered to be more precise, in the opposite direction. Despite their small stature, they all sported enormous erections which bobbed and weaved grotesquely. They held switches with which they beat the dancing nuns, giggling inanely all the while.

At the back stood another group of naked nuns, swaying and chanting.

At the far end of the hall, two thrones were arranged upon a raised dais. In one slouched the largest and extraordinary naked man they had ever seen. That he was male there was no doubt: that he was a man was most unlikely. His skin was dark olive colour and had an iridescent sheen like oil on a puddle of water. Beneath the skin muscles rippled and bulged almost as if they were alive. His head was huge. The face was craggy with a broad forehead overshadowing deep-set eyes, angular cheekbones and a sharp, protruding jaw. His lips were thin and drawn into what might pass as a smile except for the twist of cruelty at the edges. His cranium was hairless. It sloped back and away from his forehead giving him a slightly reptilian look. By contrast, his ears pointed and lobeless, looked positively tiny. Power emanated from him like a miasma, a physical force.

He was sitting with his knees spread wide. In between his mighty thighs crouched two extremely beautiful and very naked young girls, who were licking and sucking his enormous erection. It was the largest cock Audrey and Susan had ever seen. The shaft, with its slight upward curve, was several shades darker than the rest of his skin and ridged and ribbed and veined like an ancient yew. Indeed, so stiff and proud did it stand that it could have been made of wood. It was topped with a glans like a huge dark purple mushroom which the girls licked and sucked with loving reverence. The cock was so large that the worshippers could only just get the very tip of it into their mouths and could barely encompass its girth with both hands. This did not deter them for they ministered to it with obvious enthusiasm and eagerness.

Two more equally beautiful and naked young girls perched on the arms of the chair cuddling into him, pressing their breasts against his massive chest and nibbling at his ears and neck. He had an enormous arm around each waist and a huge horny finger deeply embedded in each anus. The girls wriggled and squirmed in apparent ecstasy.

If the girls were beautiful, the woman who occupied the other throne was stunning beyond compare. She reclined in elegant insouciance and surveyed the hall arrogantly. Her hair, the colour of beech leaves in autumn, tumbled in thick waves over her shoulders. Her skin was pale and flawless. Broad shouldered and narrow waisted, her breasts jutted from her chest like pale volcanoes without the slightest hint of sag. The volcano image was enhanced by the large, fiery red areolae which capped them. In short she was the epitome of sexual womanhood. She sat with one long leg draped casually over the arm of her chair while a naked nun crouched between them with her face buried in lush copper-coloured thatch. Two other nuns caressed and sucked the luscious breasts.

Suddenly the demon stood, sending the adoring girls scattering. He raised his face heavenward and gave out a long, eerie, howl which made the watchers' hair stand on end and, at the same time set their pussies tingling. He stepped down from the dais, his giant cock with its glistening purple tip dripping pre-cum and sticking out in front of him and strode towards the altar in huge ponderous strides. A keening wail went up from the assembled nuns. Four of the dancers stepped forwards and released the captive's bonds and then all fell to their knees in a ring around the altar, faces pressed to the floor and arms stretched out before them, round bottoms raised high.

The blonde made no move to escape: indeed she writhed sinuously and lasciviously as the giant strode up to the altar, gripped her ankles and pulled her towards him. With a slight flex of his knees, he pulled her onto his huge, hard cock and rammed it straight up her cunt in one, fluid movement. The blonde screamed in pain and ecstasy as the vast prick bludgeoned its way into her. The giant did not stop pulling until the complete length of his mighty cock was buried inside her cunt. He uttered a cry of triumph and lust and a wave of pheromones filled the hall. It swept across all present — overwhelming and overpowering. The dwarfs immediately gripped the hips of the kneeling nuns and began to fuck them vigorously. The redhead on the throne, threw back her head and screamed, lifting her hips off the seat and thrusting her cunt into the face of the nun at her feet. All the other nuns began to masturbate themselves and each other, falling to the floor in writhing piles of bodies. Even up in the gallery, the watching Audrey and Susan were unable to resist. They thrust their hands between their thighs and frantically began to work their fingers in and out of their cunts. It became the sole and only goal of every woman present to make themselves cum as quickly and as hard as they could.

Suddenly the giant stopped, raised his head and sniffed. He let out a roar and, instantly, all activity stopped as if the congregation were frozen in time. The single exception was the blonde on the altar who, still impaled on the massive cock, continued to writhe and whimper in unsated lust. With closed eyes the giant raised his head and turned this way and that as if seeking by smell the source of an alien and unwanted presence. Audrey and Susan crouched, trembling, behind the balcony in the gallery. The giant stopped, facing them directly. He opened his eyes and looked straight at them. His inhuman, baleful gaze held them, bound them. The redhead on the throne pointed where his gaze was focussed and barked out some commands.

With a supreme effort of will, Audrey fought to break the spell of those compelling eyes. Desperately, she tugged at Susan's arm, urging her to run — but Susan was completely mesmerised. She placed a hand in front of Susan's eyes, breaking the giant's gaze. Groggily Susan blinked and shook her head to clear it. Audrey grabbed her hand, and began pulling her down the gallery to safety. But it was too late. A group of nuns rushed in to the gallery, grabbed them and hustled them roughly down to the hall.

As they passed the nun who had admitted them earlier, she hissed. "I told you stay in room. Now you pay price."

They were dragged before the throne where the giant had resumed his seat, his semi-erect cock still massive and dripping with the juices of the blonde he had been fucking. Seen close-up the couple on the thrones were even more imposing. The giant was over seven feet tall and built to scale. The aura of immense and inhuman masculinity that they had been aware of on the gallery was overwhelming here, making their senses reel. He sat quietly and regarded the pair from his deep-set hypnotic eyes: eyes of a deep crimson and slitted like a cat's that glowed like two small lamps against his swarthy skin.

Several pairs of hands held them securely while several more ripped away their clothes. Audrey began to protest and Sue to blubber. The giant fixed his baleful gaze on them and barked out a command. The power of the voice was like physical blow. The girls reeled back as if they had been slapped and were silent, totally unable to utter a sound. The giant and the redhead inspected them coldly. A command from the woman and they were turned round and examined from all angles. They felt like cattle at a market and, among this surfeit of female flesh, completely inadequate.

The woman turned to the giant and raised her eyebrows enquiringly. The giant nodded curtly. She issued a string of commands and nuns hurried off to obey. They returned wheeling two huge wooden hoops into which the girls were tied at ankle and wrist in an 'x' shape. The wheels were put in motion. The girls revolved inside the wheels as they were rolled round the hall. All the congregation had somehow obtained sticks or whips or birches or switches and they laid into the girls as they rolled slowly past. They began chanting again — quietly at first but rapidly increasing in volume. The girls had their voices back and screamed and screamed and screamed as the blows landed on all the exposed and tender parts of their bodies — breasts, buttocks, cunts, thighs, bellies and backs.

After several peregrinations around the room, they were wheeled back before the dais — sick and dizzy with the spinning and the pain of the beating. The giant was now fully erect again, the young girls having resumed their ministrations. The hoops were carefully positioned so the girls' heads were next to each other and exactly at the height of the giant's cock. The English-speaking nun bent towards them. "You suck now. Or else."

The giant approached and thrust his cock callously into Audrey's mouth. It was slimy with sexual juice and the odour was overpowering — a combination of male sex, female sex, sweat and something deeper she could not identify. She was forced to open her mouth so wide she felt her jaw would break even to get the tip in. Without thinking she began to lick and suck the glistening purple glans, desperately trying not to gag at the overwhelming taste and smell, at once repulsive and arousing. After an interminable time, the giant pulled out and moved to Susan. Almost eagerly, the other girl accepted the outsized organ, wrapping her mouth around as much of it as she could and hollowing her cheeks as she sucked.

A low rumbling moan came from deep within the giant's chest. Immediately the young acolytes sprang forward. Two of them began to masturbate him into Susan's mouth, their hands unable to circle his girth, while the other two cupped and cradled his massive balls. With an almighty roar, the giant thrust forwards, almost ramming his cock down Susan's throat. The muscles in his abdomen spasmed and his cock jerked as he jetted a long stream of cum into Susan's mouth. Immediately he pulled out, spraying cum over both the girls, and jammed his spewing cock into Audrey's mouth. A thick wad of hot, acrid, slimy cum spurted into her mouth. Compulsively, she swallowed. The cum oozed down her throat like liquid fire. Hot tendrils spread through her body lighting a fire that made every nerve ending, both inside and out, itch and burn. The pain was excruciating. Every muscle in her body locked in a paroxysm of pain. She was burning; being eaten alive by fire. She screamed, long and loud, dimly aware that, beside her, Sue was doing the same. But the fire did not consume her. After an eternity, it burnt itself out and she hung from the wheel, limp and spent. "Now you one of us. You not leave here, ever," whispered the nun as she helped release Audrey and lead her away.

The girls were dragged to a cell and locked in. The sound of the key in the lock seemed very final. Numbly, they sat side by side on the cell's only bed, unable to fully comprehend what had just happened to them. Then Sue began to cry, great heaving sobs that racked her body. Without thinking, Audrey put a comforting arm around her friend. For a long time she sat, staring vacantly and mindlessly, rocking back and forth as Sue's sobbing gradually subsided.

Inside her she could feel the sperm she had been forced to swallow settle in her stomach. It seemed to have an almost physical presence. Instead of digesting it, her body seemed to be absorbing it. She imagined she could feel small filaments spreading outwards from her stomach. Without knowing why, she was convinced that it would change her, though in what way she did not know. Of one thing she was certain — she would not enjoy the results.

Finally Sue raised her face. "Oh, Audrey, what will happen to us?" she sniffed.

"I don't know, Sue. I don't know," she said with despair in her voice. "But whatever it is, it will be forever."

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