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Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - Henry Buchanan is a professional engineer. He takes on some of the more difficult problems, for many large companies. An earthquake alters his life, when he finds he has long hidden neighbours. He must now use all his knowledge to save not only them, but all of humanity.

Sullgr'h sat his 230 centimetre frame, uncomfortably, in the captain's chair. He wished again, that his people could gain the technical skill, even to make a device like this. A simple chair; some could, but most were as dumb as a Soanta. Only the captured races seemed to be able to do what he wanted. Sometimes the thoughts of how his people had to depend on others caused him to lash out, and kill a few of both groups.

The large screen before him, showed a pitch-black background. Multitudes of glowing crystals of different hues and intensities, gave the only light. The side screens showed much the same. While the one to the far right, pictured the stern view, and the fiery wrath of Tau Ceti.

Here, too, he was restless. The natives he just left, were almost as tall as he, but they only weighed a little over a hundred and fifty kilos. They were so meek and mild, now. It almost made a warrior gag, to see the way they acted. They were, at one time, very warlike. Within the last few centuries, as their numbers had diminished, they had gotten a form of humility. This was no way for a race to act! On occasion, he had had a chance to hunt a few. Some would fight back with a shadow of their old vigour. But, those times were few and far between. The natives of Tau Ceti were not good at fixing the systems on the ship, and were inedible too. Their worthless lives were only prolonged, so as to afford a little hunting. The desultory chance to see them grovel, or scream in pain when captured, afforded only minor amusements.

Sullgr'h stopped his train of thought, for he had punctured the heavy covering on his chair arm, again. It always brought his blunt fingers back to worry at the hole, until it got much larger. It was not good for a Captain to show that he could not control himself, or others under his command. Especially with so trivial a thing.

The orders in the computer were not so trivial, though. Many of the stellar systems within fifty or so light-years were now controlled; but quite a few still had good mine fields. These kept raiders, and the King's ships alike, completely shut out. The damnable mines were sentient, and would take on a flotilla of ships. A few systems were still arrogantly thumbing their noses at the King's ships, as well as at the raider's. It wasn't thirty years ago, that a flotilla had almost been destroyed, taking Barnard's Star. Now, they were trying a similar system, with lots of inhabitants that looked edible. One of the drones was fortunate enough to slip close, and was able to dispatch a report, before being destroyed.

The system had ten planets, but only one had life. The satellite of the third planet, had an active defensive system. It took out any and all intruders.

Now the ship and crew had to see if the new shields could withstand the mines and missiles that were sure to strike, as the distance lessened.

After two weeks of travel, the destroyer captained by Sullgr'h, met up with two similarly armoured frigates. They would test the new system's defences. The three ships did not fly the typical course, closing perpendicularly to the elliptic. Their orders specifically stated that they were to break through the debris field that circled the system. In doing so, they were to find a hidden path, into the heart of the system. Once there, the moon of the third planet, and all the weapons could safely be destroyed, and the planet itself, harvested.

The three ships paused at the edge of the Oort cloud, and contemplated the one light-year passage through the field. Most of the smaller rocks could be ignored, the shields would destroy them. The larger rocks would fall to the ship's small weapons, mounted for just this purpose. The energy discharges, though, would attract the missiles to their location. A confrontation that would happen much too soon. The local star was only another light-year past the cloud. Here the ships could travel quickly, and manoeuvre to their advantage. But they did not have the debris to hide behind, when the ever-present defences quested for prey.

Sullgr'h was not the leader here. He had to take orders from someone much older than he, and much more cautious. It was amazing, in Sullgr'h's mind, that one so old, had been allowed to live. To lead a mission such as this, was preposterous.

They stayed almost fourteen days, plotting courses through the field. The wait was so nerve wracking, that three of the techs had died. They were only Softays, so the loss was very minor to the ship's efficiency.

The time finally came, and the orders were given to proceed. Happily, Sullgr'h was given the honour of leading. He had the stronger, and more powerful ship. A dog-legged course, took them through the more barren sections. The path was taking so long, that the crew were clamouring for the food held in stasis. Sullgr'h reluctantly allowed a few to run free, to be tracked down by the crew and eaten. There was little use for the energy weapons, because frequent stops were made for reconnaissance. It took almost two weeks, to travel only one light-year.

They had allowed their speed to build up to 550 times the speed of light, when the first missile exploded off the trailing ship's stern. This happened to be the leaders ship, and Sullgr'h silently grinned. It didn't seem to matter where they entered the system, for the defenses seemed to be everywhere. The old fool's strategy was as useless as he was.

The ships gathered more speed, and the barrage of missiles and explosions from the mines increased. The shields were holding much better than expected, and the old one took the lead this time, saying he would be the first to take meat from the far planet.

With only a half of a light-year to go, the leaders ship burst into a ball of energy. A few thousand of his people were killed, and an insignificant number of lesser races. All the ships were firing at incoming missiles, but the loss of the one ship, drastically reduced their coverage. Both ships pressed on. If the King found they hadn't, then the death they would suffer would be even more excruciating.

With barely a twelfth of the distance to go, the frigate blew up, like it's brother. Sullgr'h was now alone, and finally in charge.

Fighting his way through the portions of the wrecked ship, he found that his own weapons now remained quiescent. The lack of firing was nerve wracking now. Was it possible that there were no inner defences? Could he conquer the planet by himself, with no opposition from his own people? He relaxed, and ordered more power to the engines. He flew as fast as he could, relying on his sensors to find all the visible weapons.

The sensors came upon a small planet of almost 2400 kilometres in diameter, and he knew he was getting close. With a distance of only one light hour from the target planet, a massive barrage of missiles came at him. The only thing that saved his ship, was the fact that most of the missiles did not function, or were on a very reduced power setting. All the technology was old, but was it possible that it was now too old to work correctly?

Sullgr'h pushed on. Just as he passed the outermost planet, a new swarm of missiles came from the frozen surface, and raced at his ship. The fusillade, if old, were negligible. If not, then the mission would be over. In the first few seconds, only one in three of the weapons functioned, and he felt safe. His sensors saw twelve times the number of missiles raising, and he decided to try to get away from the worst of the fire. But the weapons followed, and hit on his flank and stern.

A concerted effort destroyed one of his engines, and then another. Sullgr'h's speed dropped by a third, and the number of missiles only increased. He looked at his crew, and knew the end was near, now. He looked for a few techs to kill, but they were wisely hidden, even if the end would entail them, too.

The swarm was so thick now, that it was almost impossible to see the stars. Sullgr'h defiantly stood in front of his too small chair. He cast his eyes at the view from the furthest sensor, of a blue-green orb, as everything blazed white.

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