Perfect Birthday Present
Part 1: Friday Evening

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1: Friday Evening - Bill's wife Beth wants him to be her sex slave for her birthday weekend. He agrees and gets more than he bargained for. He gets spanked, exhibited to her friends and even gets butt-fucked.

I arrived home, flowers in hand, ready to celebrate my wife's 25th birthday. When I entered our town house I was surprised to find her absent. She had been explicit. She had told me that she had definite plans for the weekend and that it was important that I be home by 6. I had not inquired further, assuring her that whatever she wanted to do for her birthday was just fine with me. I never dreamed that she would take my agreement so literally, but I was to learn quickly.

I walked into the kitchen to put the flowers in a vase. I spotted an envelope addressed to me in her handwriting on the kitchen table. I found a vase, put the flowers in with some water and centered it on the table expecting that she would be pleased with my thoughtfulness. I then opened the envelope.

In it were two sheets of paper. The first read:

"My Dearest Husband Bill,

You have been very sweet to agree to do what I want for the weekend. I have made extensive plans for us and if you agree to follow my wishes I am sure your weekend will be as wonderful as my own.

I want a weekend of sex, sex and more sex! Specifically I want you to agree to be my naked sex slave for the next 48 hours-until Sunday evening at 6. During that time I will expect you to obey my every command.

If you do this, not only will I receive pleasures beyond pleasure, but also you will have the most erotic experience of your life. I know you will enjoy it. If that is not enough incentive, if you will be my sex slave for the weekend I will be your absolute slave when your birthday weekend comes next month.

If you are willing to serve me as my slave, follow the instructions on the attached sheet. Otherwise, just meet me in the living room for a drink at 6:30.

Your loving wife,


I was flabbergasted but aroused. Beth and I had been married for five years and had dated for a year before that. Sex was good, but not adventuresome. We made love once or twice a week and when it wasn't in the missionary position it was because she was on top, and that wasn't often. I knew from reading that oral sex was very popular with couples these days, but we didn't do it, just getting right to the main event. It wasn't that Beth was frigid, she had intense multiple orgasms, it's just that we were both inexperienced.

I had been with only two other women before we met and had been faithful to her since then. I think she'd had sex with one boyfriend before me, but she had certainly not "done it" with him more than a few times. I was sure she had been faithful to me since we met.

The idea that my wife would want me to be her sex slave as a birthday present just wasn't something I would have dreamed of. But judging from the state of my cock, it was an idea I liked. The thought of being naked and serving her fantastic body was thrilling. Beth is a 5'8" redhead with a slim figure carrying good sized, well-shaped breasts. Her nipples are fantastic, very prominent and prone to erection during sex. Just the thought of her naked body stiffened my cock.

I wouldn't be meeting her for a drink in the living room. I hadn't read the attachment, but I already intended to follow instructions and to give her what she wanted. I would be her naked sex-slave for the weekend. I knew she loved me and I trusted her completely. The thought of being the slave of a gorgeous redhead with great tits and long legs was fantastic. I couldn't wait to worship her body with my cock.

The attachment to the letter asking me to be a sex slave provided explicit instructions for my preparation.

"Slave-obey the following commands or expect punishment for disobedience.

Go to the guest bathroom where you will find all your toiletries. Remove all your clothes and put them in the hamper. Remove your wedding ring and watch. (Slaves are not married and do not wear jewelry. They rarely wear clothes.)

Shave closely and shower thoroughly. Use the toiletries I have provided.

Next go to the kitchen completely naked and fill the champagne bucket with ice. Take the champagne bottle from the refrigerator and take it and the ice bucket to the mistress bathroom.

At 6:25 light the candles I have placed in the bathroom and bedroom. Turn off all other lights. When you hear me enter the front door at 6:30 get on your knees at the foot of the bed, make sure your cock is hard and await your mistress' arrival.

Remember that for the next 48 hours you are not my husband but my sex slave. Your body belongs to me.

You will speak only when spoken to and you will limit your responses to either 'Yes, Mistress' or 'No, Mistress' unless specifically instructed otherwise."

It was already 10 past 6 and I didn't have much time before 6:30. My cock told me this was something I really wanted to do. I bolted up the stairs unbuttoning as I went. I skidded into the guest bathroom. I nearly ripped my clothes off and threw them into the hamper. I put my ring and watch on the vanity top.

I lathered my chin and shaved hurriedly but thoroughly. My hand was shaking with excitement and it's amazing that I didn't cut myself. My erect cock kept bumping into the cold countertop. I turned on the shower and climbed in. I lathered thoroughly, my head spinning with the concept of being a sex object for my wife's pleasure. Visions of her naked body demanding pleasure from my throbbing cock were overwhelming. I don't know how I avoided shooting a load right then and there, although I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to do so.

I dried off, put on the aftershave and antiperspirant that Beth had provided and raced down to the kitchen, my cock jutting before me like the prow of a boat, my balls bouncing beneath. I felt absolutely wonderful.

I got the champagne and ice bucket and raced back upstairs. The curtains were drawn and the room was dark. I noticed four candles spread around the room and when I entered the bathroom I found three more along with a champagne glass on the edge of the bathtub.

The bedside clock said 6:25. I grabbed some matches lying near one of the candles and started lighting them. I had just finished when I heard the front door open. Beth (my Mistress) was home. I dumped the matches, and moved to the foot of the bed and knelt. While concentrating on my chores, my cock had wilted a little, but a few strokes restored it to splendor.

I realized that Beth had now seen that I was not in the living room and that her sex slave must therefore be waiting naked on his knees. I heard her start up the stairs and my cock got harder.

My mistress (as I was beginning to think of her) entered the bedroom. She looked haughtily down at me. "I see my slave has followed instructions." "Yes, Mistress," I said. She walked imperiously around me examining me from every angle.

She was wearing shoes with very high heels and a dress of a blue satin that hugged every curve of her luscious body. Her nipples poked through the fabric. My cock became even stiffer.

"Stand up, slave." "Yes, Mistress," I said as I got to my feet. "Spread your legs and put your hands behind your head!" "Yes, Mistress," as I complied. She continued to move around me, but now she rubbed her hands over my body as she did so. She rubbed my chest and tweaked my nipples causing my cock to twitch. She ran her hands possessively over my ass and then finally she stopped in front of me and cupped my balls with one hand and grasped my cock with her other.

She looked me in the eye and said "Slave, are you prepared to obey my every command? Are you prepared to provide me with every sexual pleasure that I demand? If so, you will have orgasm after orgasm. You will drain your balls over and over again to please me. Are you prepared?" "Yes, Mistress," I said most sincerely.

"Then draw me a bubble bath and you may begin serving my body." "Yes, Mistress," I said as I moved into the bathroom to start her bath. She followed me and as I bent over to start the water she stepped close behind me and thrust her pelvis against my ass while reaching around my waist and caressing my cock and balls.

I was in no hurry to finish regulating the water, but she finally let go of me and demanded "Prepare me for my bath. First remove my earrings!" She stepped close to me and thrust her tits into my chest. My jutting cock was in contact with the slippery smoothness of her dress. It was difficult to concentrate on removing her dangling earrings. Fortunately, they were hung on simple open loops and even a fumble-fingered sex-slave with a throbbing cock could do it.

"Remove my dress very slowly!" she commanded. She raised her arms straight up. I grasped the bottom of her dress and lifted it inch by inch sliding my hands over her hips, past her waist up her sides and then along her arms. She was as tall as I am in those heels and I had to get right up against the whole length of her body to get the dress to clear. As I slowly inched the dress up she ground her body against me. I could feel her naked tits against my chest and my cock lodged between her legs. I finally slid the dress over her head and stepped back.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Mistress was wearing a shelf bra that pushed up her tits while leaving her nipples completely exposed. Below the waist she was wearing only a garter belt and stockings-no panties. She must have bought the belt and bra for this occasion, because I am sure she had not had them before. The sight of her wearing those items and also high heels was incredible. It felt as though my cock got even harder, something I wouldn't have believed was possible. It was throbbing.

I carefully hung up her dress. Again she thrust her chest into mine and commanded, "Remove my bra!" I reached around her and fumbled with the clasp. She grabbed my ass and ground her body into mine. When I got the clasp loose she let go and stepped back and the bra fell to the floor. I retrieved it and placed it carefully on the vanity.

Her body was magnificent in the flickering light of the candles. Her erect nipples jutted straight out from firm and rounded handfuls of titflesh. Her narrow waist dipped down to a neat bush above her cunt. I wanted nothing more than to take her in my arms, carry her to the bed and fuck us both silly. But I knew my place. It was not my initiative. I must do what my mistress commanded.

"Get on your knees and remove my stockings and make sure you please me as you do so!" "Yes, Mistress," I said as I knelt before her. I had never seen a garter belt in real life, but the principle seemed obvious. I unclasped the stocking on her left leg and then began to roll the stockings down her leg using the palms of my hand. I started with the upper edge of my palm against her cunt so that I rubbed against it as I moved my hands into position. From the way she trembled, I gathered that I had done this job right. I repeated the process with the second stocking and as my hands reached her knee she grabbed me by the hair and pulled my mouth towards her cunt. "Kiss my cunt, slave!"

I was startled but not reluctant. As I said, we did not practice oral sex, but I had read about it and was game to try. I planted my lips on her cunt and stuck out my tongue and wiggled it. She ground her twat against my face. "You obviously need training, but we have a whole weekend for that." She pulled away. "Turn off the water, Slave, the bath is full enough." I complied and she stepped regally into the tub holding my outstretched arm for support. Haughtily she reclined into the bubbles.

She leaned back and thrust out her legs. Her tits bobbed near the surface, the nipples occasionally poking through the foam. "Pour me champagne!" she commanded. I removed the wire cage from the bottle and carefully popped the cork. I poured her a glass and handed it to her. She disdainfully took it and sipping said. "Assume the position-legs apart hands behind your head. I want to enjoy the view of my property!" "Yes, Mistress," I said as I complied. My throbbing cock jutted upwards at 45 degrees. The glans had turned purple with excitement. I was positioned so that my cock was no more than three feet from her and she ogled it possessively.

After five minutes or so of examining me while disdainfully sipping her wine, she commanded "Pump your cock until you cum, slave!" I couldn't believe my ears! She wanted me to masturbate in front of her. This was the same woman that only last week averted her eyes when I peed in her presence. Now she wanted me to whack off for her so she could see my jizz fly. She didn't have to command me twice.

I grabbed my cock and started pumping. My cock had been rock hard for almost an hour. It had been physically and visually teased to the limit. The jizz had been boiling in my balls. With what seemed like only four strokes my balls erupted and my cock sent ropes of jizz flying from the end of my steel-hard member. I hadn't watched myself whack-off for years, but I'm sure I squirted more jizz farther that time than I had when I beat my meat as a red-hot sixteen year old.

I could tell that Mistress was momentarily startled. I am sure she had never seen a cock erupt, although she had felt mine cum in her cunt many times. She managed, however, to maintain an imperious mien and simply commanded, "Now clean up the mess you've made and get back in position." I took a wet washcloth and cleaned up the mess and then again "assumed the position." My cock had flagged, but while softer had not much diminished in size. I still felt studly and a suitable sex-slave.

Once Mistress had finished her champagne she commanded me "Slave, wash my body!" I reached for a washcloth, but she interrupted "Use your bare hands." My cock began a rapid comeback. I knelt by the tub and lathered my hands and began to wash her body. I started with her left foot. I washed it carefully and then began to move up her leg. Mistress lay back sipping champagne trying to appear as though she wasn't experiencing the feelings I was arousing. But her body was beginning to tremble again.

As my hand reached her crotch after a five-minute long journey, I made a point of caressing her cunt and in particular her clitoris. She convulsed for the first of many times that weekend in an intense and prolonged orgasm. I kept on "washing" her cunt until she came down and then started in or her right leg. I moved very slowly and lasciviously and when I reached her cunt several minutes later she was again ready to cum-and did.

I started on her left hand and spent five minutes moving from there, up her arm onto her chest. I washed her beautiful left tit paying special attention to the nipple and then moved slowly down her belly to again reach her cunt just as she was ready for a third orgasm. I had to reach across her to work on her right arm and side and I used this opportunity to rub my recovering cock against her left tit. Again I moved luxuriantly and ever so slowly into her tit and then down to her cunt giving her time to recover for a fourth orgasm, perhaps the most intense of all.

Experience told me that she was done for a while, so I moved back to the "position", proud of the recovery my cock had made. Mistress continued to sip champagne and after I replenished her glass for the second time, she commanded, "Wash my hair." As she said this she scooted forward in the tub raising her magnificent tits from the water into clear view. The sight of them adorned with flecks of foam hardened my cock some more. I was nearly ready to cum again.

I stepped into the tub behind her and settled down with her between my legs with my cock shoved against her ass cheeks. It felt incredible. She leaned her head back on my chest and I poured some water carefully over her hair being careful to avoid getting it in her face. I slowly worked shampoo into it her long auburn mane and worked up a good lather. After washing her hair for about ten minutes and massaging her scalp I slid my hands down over her tits and washed them thoroughly with the shampoo suds. I then moved my hands below the waterline, found her clitoris and tweaked her to a fifth orgasm.

She lay against me spent for almost ten minutes. Then with an obvious effort of will she got hold of herself and commanded. "Turn on the shower and rinse us clean!" I turned on the water and used the flexible showerhead to rinse her hair. Then she rose out of the water like Aphrodite from the ocean-and more beautiful-as I rinsed her entire body of suds. I also rinsed myself as the water drained from the tub.

I used a huge fluffy towel to dry her body. I was particularly gentle when I dried her gorgeous tits and I knelt before her when I toweled her legs and cunt. When she was dry, she commanded me to apply moisturizing cream to her body. I was already on my knees, so I worked upward, slathering her gorgeous legs and ass, tweaking her clitoris before moving up. I made sure that her tits were well treated and then worked on her shoulders and arms. My cock was at full, throbbing extension by now.

She commanded me to the bedroom where she sat at her makeup table while I dried and combed her beautiful hair. She had me apply conditioner. I brushed it one hundred strokes until it was gleaming in the candlelight. Finally she was satisfied with my job as bath slave.

"All right, slave boy, on your back on the bed! It's time you learn your real purpose in life." I lay down on the bed with a "Yes, Mistress." To my astonishment she picked up a pair of silk scarves and used them to bind my hands to the headboard. The astonishment did not extend to my cock, which hardened another notch. It felt huge. She also bound my legs to the foot of the bed. I was spread-eagled and helpless before her. My eager cock thrust upward, rigid with excitement.

"You belong to me, slave. Your only job is to concentrate on giving me pleasure. If you get pleasure from doing your job that is secondary. Your body is mine to use as I wish for my own pleasure. I will do anything with it I want. You have no recourse but to accept what I want to do. I had not realized how much this feeling of power over you would affect my cunt, but it loves it."

She moved over me. "Your nipples are mine." She began to kiss, tongue and nip at my nipples, first one and then the other. The effect on me was electric. I began to squirm with ecstasy and my cock throbbed with the feeling. The pleasure was almost unbearable, but she didn't relent. She kept laving until I thought my cock would erupt.

"Are you beginning to understand what is going to happen to you?" "Yes, Mistress," I responded. "Your cock and balls are mine too!" With that she grabbed my balls firmly in one hand and my cock firmly in the other and began to rub them. If her nipple sucking had been wonderful, this new sensation was fantastic. "I can use these toys as I want," she said. At that she bent her head down and licked my balls and then my cock. Then, to my surprise and infinite pleasure she opened her mouth and sucked my cock into her throat. I had dreamed of her doing this, but it had never happened before. It was all I could do to resist exploding a torrent of cum into her mouth, but I knew that I shouldn't and somehow resisted the need.

After she finished convincing me that she owned my body, she announced, "All right, slave. It's now time for you to learn to please me with your cock and tongue."

She spread her legs over me and brought her cunt over my face. "Stick out your tongue, slave boy. We'll start your training as a cunt-lapper." I didn't have time to respond. I just stuck out my tongue and suddenly her cunt was against my lips. "Wiggle that tongue and don't stop!" she commanded. I wiggled my tongue furiously and she moved her cunt around until suddenly I sensed my tongue in contact with a hard nubbin of rubbery flesh. She immediately began to moan. I have already noted that I was not an experienced cunt-licker, but I knew enough of anatomy to be sure that I was tonguing her clit.

I flicked and licked with my tongue for all I was worth and was even able to take it between my closed lips and suck on it. Suddenly Mistress spasmed and arched, almost pulling away from my ravening tongue. I moved my head up following her cunt, sucking and tonguing furiously as she came in a shuddering orgasm. I kept up my attentions driving her higher and higher into bliss.

She didn't let up. She continued to grind her cunt against my mouth and had orgasm after orgasm, each one louder and more intense than the one before. Finally she moved off my mouth and slid back onto my belly.

"Now it's cock training time, slave boy. I'm going to ride your cock until I've had all the pleasure I want. When I'm satisfied, I will command you to cum. Cum before I tell you to and you will be punished. Do you understand, slave-boy? Your cock is mine and you will use it for my pleasure not yours!" "Yes, Mistress," I said. My cock was as hard as I had ever known it. It felt as though it were two feet long. All my consciousness was focused on my cock. I had never felt so horny.

She reached back and grasped my cock and then in a smooth motion slid backwards impaling herself to the hilt on my shaft. She began to ride it, moving up and down. Within a few strokes she had gauged its length perfectly. She would pull almost all the way off and then slam down burying the whole length in her hot, wet pussy. Within six strokes she came again. Then she leaned forward so that her tits hung near my mouth. "Suck on my tits, slave boy!" I began to suck on then, using my tongue to tweak her nipples. I sucked on one and then on the other. She had another furious orgasm as I desperately tried to concentrate on pleasing her without being distracted by the overwhelming urge to cum.

Suddenly it was all too much. I groaned, and then screamed. My body arched upward driving my cock even deeper into her cunt. My balls erupted and a geyser of cum raced through my cock flooding her twat. I came in wave after wave of pleasure and she reached a final orgasm of unbelievable intensity. She too screamed and gasped. I could see in the flickering light that her face was suffused with blood.

She collapsed against me, her soft tits rubbing against my chest. I could feel cum and cunt juice beginning to drip around my softening cock onto my belly. I was spent. I had never experienced such an intense orgasm. I don't think she ever had either-certainly not with me.

She recovered quickly, pushed herself up and glared into my eyes. "You were told not to come until ordered. You will pay for that." She climbed off of me and began to untie the scarves and ropes. "I will punish you, but we haven't time now. It's time to go out to dinner. I will deal with your misbehavior later."

She grabbed my cock and dragged me into the bathroom. She sat on the toilet, legs spread far apart and handed me a bottle labeled "Strawberry Douche," another purchase for this occasion. She handed it to me with the command, "Flush your jizz from my cunt!" I was unsure what to do but carefully placed the tip into her gaping twat and squeezed the bottle. Water cascaded out of her cunt flushing gobs of my jizz along with it. It was an amazingly intimate moment. I wouldn't have thought that the women who closed the door when she peed would allow such lascivious familiarity. I squeezed several more times flushing her clean.

She commanded me to clean myself and she watched haughtily as I soaped and rinsed my cock and balls in front of her. When she was satisfied with my obedience and cleanliness she sent me to the kitchen to microwave a plate of food and to return with it and a bowl. She commanded me to fill the bowl with water and to place them on the floor near her dressing table where she sat fixing her hair and makeup. "Get on your hands and knees slave boy and keep your ass high in the air so I can see your cock and balls while you eat. Don't use your hands, just eat like the animal you are." It was wonderfully humiliating and stimulating to pose like that before her. I was very conscious of my cock and balls hanging in plain view beneath my vulnerably exposed ass.

When I had finished eating she had me clean up, giving me 3 minutes to do so. By then she had fixed her hair and makeup to her satisfaction. I thought she looked fantastic. She then had me dress her. I put on her garter belt and stockings again paying careful attention to caress her legs and cunt while performing these ministrations on my knees before her. She ordered me to lick her clitoris while I worked. I then rose and helped her on with her dress, the reverse of the earlier disrobing. She raised her hands very high and I had to rub my naked body against her to reach high enough to slip the dress over her upraised hands. I settled the dress into place. It was emerald green.

The dress was of a clinging material and cut deeply along each leg up to the middle of the hip. It was slit down the middle almost to her navel. She was wearing no bra and the fabric clung to and revealed her hard, jutting nipples. When she moved, the front would gape open revealing the slopes of her magnificent breasts. With her hair piled up to emphasize her long neck she was queenly. My cock began to recover. I knelt again and slipped on her pumps with three-inch heels.

"You will attend me as I dine out. I would prefer that you remain naked, but the restaurant requires that those in attendance wear clothes. Put on those in this box." I moved to my dresser to get underpants and she halted me. "You will wear nothing but the clothes in the box. I put on the clinging shirt that caressed my nipples and made my cock a little harder. The pants were not too tight and of a silky material. My balls and cock had room to swing freely and rub against the provocative material. I slipped barefoot into loafers. She put what appeared to be a gold, dog's choke-chain around my neck. "I have the leash in my purse if I should need it," she warned.

She led me down the stairs and out the front door. I admired her jiggling ass molded by the green dress. There was a stretch limousine waiting at the curb. She had me open the door for her and she slid in. I followed and sat next to her as I closed the door behind me. There was an opaque partition between the driver and passenger compartments and a soft light suffused our area. The car moved off without hesitation.

"Don't sit there. Kneel before me, slave." I got down before her knees in the ample space the stretch provided. "Drop your pants to the floor and unbutton your shirt!" I complied. I had felt vulnerable in the bedroom while she was clothed, but the feeling of being exposed in a moving vehicle was much more intense. "You need to practice your cunt sucking skills, slave. Go to work!" She leaned back in the seat and I lifted the front panel of her dress exposing her twat framed by the garter belt. I now understood one reason why the dress was designed as it was.

I fastened my lips on her cunt and began licking her clitoris as she had taught me. I sucked, nipped, lapped and tweaked it with my tongue. "Stroke your cock for me, but don't cum!" I grabbed my recovering cock and began to stroke it as I continued my ministrations to her clit. I didn't have to worry yet about an unauthorized cum. I had already shot my wad twice in less than two hours and I would need a little longer before I could cum again. But the sensation of being exposed with my pants around my knees while I stroked my cock and lapped my mistress' cunt was encouraging a quick recovery.

Mistress began to writhe as the pleasure of my tongue drove her toward another orgasm. "Use your free hand to pleasure my nipples!" she commanded. I kept lapping and stroking and used my free hand to reach inside the top of her dress to tease her nipples. She exploded in an orgasm. As the evening had continued she had been achieving ever more powerful orgasms. And this one was intense and loud. There was no doubt that the driver could hear, but the car maintained a steady and even course. The driver had obviously been well briefed.

She had at least four more orgasms, I was losing track, before the car started to slow. "Button up," she commanded. I complied just as the car stopped. I got up, opened the door and handed her out. She moved toward the restaurant saying, "You will say nothing to anyone even in response to a direct question. I will answer for you."

She swept into the restaurant and haughtily announced herself to the Maitre D'. "Yes, Madame, your table is ready and as you instructed." As we moved across the room, every male eye turned toward the sexy vision whose tits were on display and whose legs were exposed to each thigh. I could almost sense the stretching of cloth as cocks responded to the provocation.

The Maitre D' led us to a corner of the room with a banquette table. It was covered with white linen that fell around it almost to the floor. He pulled it back to allow her to slide in and after I followed he pushed it back. "Jack will be your server, Madame, please enjoy yourselves." She nodded haughtily without speaking.

The waiter came over. "Good evening, Sir, Madame. May I get you drinks?" Mistress said, "I will have a martini with a twist." "And for you, Sir," speaking to me. Mistress responded, "He will have nothing." The waiter gave a slight start of confusion, but being well trained recovered quickly and moved off.

While he was gone to get the drink, Mistress turned to me and commanded, "Unbutton your pants and slip them to your knees!" I was astonished, and hesitated. But then I understood the choice of table and the advantage of the linen. I would be exposed and vulnerable, but beneath the table. Only Mistress and I would be sure of my humiliating condition. If others began to suspect, they could only suspect.

I complied and felt incredibly sexy with my bare ass in contact with the cool leather of the banquette and my hardening cock exposed to the coolness of the restaurant. Mistress reached under the table and began to fondle my cock and balls. "Tweak my clit!" she commanded. I reached under the table and began to caress her cunt. The whole experience was wild!

The waiter came back with her drink and she ordered dinner while brazenly continuing to rub my cock while I fingered her twat. "I'll have the tournedos, medium rare," she ordered. "Excellent choice, Madame. And for you, Sir." Again Mistress responded before I could even think about speaking. "He will have nothing. You may go." The waiter again covered his confusion well and moved off. She continued to stroke my cock and began to wriggle as she built to another orgasm. She had a cum, but controlled it well. Only customers examining her closely would have seen what was happening. She kept stroking me and I her for the time it took for her food to be prepared. My cock was beginning to stiffen and the jizz was beginning to stir in my balls.

The waiter returned with her food and placed it before her as we wantonly kept stroking each other. He could undoubtedly sense that our hands were doing something interesting underneath the table, but he maintained his sangfroid. When he moved off, she commanded. "Keep rubbing my clit and start pumping your cock while I eat." I complied. I must have looked very suspicious with both hands moving underneath the table, but no one seemed to notice.

"Don't cum until I tell you too," she said. She ate daintily, but efficiently and soon was finished. Putting down her utensils, she reached underneath the table, grasped my cock and began to pump with a vengeance. My fingering of her twat increased in intensity and as she reached another orgasm she whispered through clenched teeth, "Cum now, Slave boy!" I erupted as she came and she kept pumping until every drop of my jizz had been sprayed from my cock. With nonchalance, she picked up a napkin and handed it to me with "Keep stroking me and clean up the mess you have made."

I dabbed and wiped as much as I could and finished just as she came again. "Button up, we're leaving." She put a $50 bill on the table. She removed the leash from her purse and, to my horror, attached it to the chain around my neck. As she started to rise, the waiter rushed over and pulled the table out for us. She swept out of the restaurant with me in tow. I glanced down and realized that my trousers were cum-stained. As we exited, every eye in the room was initially drawn to Mistress but then gaped at me when they realized Mistress was leading me on a leash. My face flamed with acute, gut-wrenching humiliation. My only consolation was that this was not an area of town we frequented. I loved it.

When we emerged from the restaurant, the limo was at the curb. Again I held the door as she stepped in. This time before sitting she flipped the panels of her skirt up so that she sat with her naked ass voluptuously on the leather seat. This time she commanded: "Strip completely naked and kneel before me." I hurried to obey and was soon engaged in my new favorite pastime-sucking her juicy cunt as she wiggled and squirmed and came in wave after wave of orgasms. She was clearly affected not only by the direct stimulus of her clitoris but also by the knowledge that she held absolute power over me to do what she commanded. I was her slave, her fuck toy. I was just a tongue for licking and a cock for riding.

It was well after dark when we arrived home and the street was empty. She gathered up my clothes and commanded that I open the door and hand her out. I stepped stark naked from the car. The evening breezes cooled my inflamed cock as she took my hand and pulled herself out of the car. She strode deliberately to our front door as I walked along behind her on my leash with my cock jutting forward. Behind us the limo pulled away.

Once inside the house she threw my clothes in a corner, unhooked the leash and commanded, "Fetch me a glass of red wine." I hurried to the kitchen and returned to find her sitting in a chair. I handed her the wine. "Assume the position, slave!" I spread my legs, thrust my pelvis slightly forward and put my hands behind my head with elbows back. She slowly and deliberately moved her eyes possessively over my body, enjoying the sight of the cock that she now owned and the body she could use as she wished.

"I believe it is time you paid the price for cumming without permission. " "Yes Mistress." "Remember, you exist for my pleasure, not your own. You only cum when I allow it and when I tell you to cum, you'd better do so. Do you understand slave." "Yes, Mistress." She put the wine glass down next to her chair. "Over my knees to receive punishment!" I bent over and lay across her lap. The slippery fabric of her dress thrilled and hardened my cock. She put one hand possessively on my back and with the other fondled my ass. When this no longer amused her she reached down and cupped my balls and then stroked my cock.

She began to spank me. She didn't try to hurt me, just to humiliate me by reducing me to a naughty boy being spanked by his baby-sitter. She alternated blows with caresses and slowly began to strike harder, her hand making a loud slapping noise when it hit my ass-flesh. My balls bobbled with each blow and my cock moved against the satin getting ever harder. The spanking was hard enough to be demeaning but gentle enough to be infinitely arousing. After a few minutes she stopped and commanded me to kneel before her again. Up came the skirt panel and I went back to work nibbling her clit. "Now remember to obey in the future or it will be a harder and longer punishment." "Yes, Mistress," I humbly responded.

After she had a few more orgasms, she commanded me to the bedroom again. She had me put a waterproof sheet on top of the satin spread and again tied me spread-eagled. She eyed me evilly as she removed her clothes, posing with the dress over her head and her tits pulled high. She slowly removed her stockings, looking me in the eye as she caressed her cunt before rolling down each stocking slowly and erotically.

When she was stripped, she said. "I haven't had my dessert." She removed a bottle of "Hershey's Syrup" from the bedside table. She squirted some on each of my nipples and coated my cock and balls. Then she began to lick the syrup from my body little by little as I squirmed with pleasure and helplessness as she took the chocolate and her pleasure from my body. She lapped the chocolate from my balls, then started on my cock. In spite of the fact that I had already cum three times in three hours my cock was responding. After she had gotten most of the chocolate from my cock, she took the whole thing into her mouth and worked her lips up and down on the full length while sucking and tonguing to get every particle of flavor.

Just as I thought I might explode, she stopped, retrieved the chocolate bottle and squirted syrup on her tits and cunt. "Just this once, you can eat too." She pushed her cunt onto my mouth and I began to lap and suck the sweet syrup from her even sweeter twat. She came and came again. She seemed an animal capable of infinite orgasms. If I hadn't experienced it I wouldn't have believed it could happen. After several orgasms she tired of this sport and impaled her twat on my now throbbing cock.

As she did she leaned over and shoved one tit toward my mouth and I began to lick and swallow as fast as I could while she stroked my cock with the walls of her cunt. I have never known chocolate to taste as good as this. The flavor was infinitely enhanced by the fact that I was lapping it from gorgeous tit flesh and sucking it off of erect nipples. The stimulus to my cock also enhanced the flavor. The chocolate on both tits was soon removed and she was again coming in loud crescendos of pleasure.

I was ready when she finally commanded, "Fill my cunt with your jizz, slave boy! Flood me with your cum!" I didn't need a second command. For the fourth time that evening my balls erupted forcing jizz through my balls into her sopping and eager cunt. I screamed and bucked as she rode me hard in a final scream of pleasure.

She untied me and had me remove the chocolate smeared rubber sheet. My cock was done for the day-or at least so I thought. She commanded me to fetch a glass of water and when I returned she handed me a blue pill. It was, I knew, Viagra. I took it as commanded.

"Slave, you are now going to give me a massage. You are to spend an hour doing so, so pace yourself accordingly. Rub every part of me with the reverence my body expects from a miserable, cunt-lapping slave boy." "Yes, Mistress," I said. She lay face down on the bed her head cradled in her arms.

I crawled next to her and on my knees opened the jar of massage cream. I took a good dollop and started to work it into her shoulders and neck kneading firmly, but gently and ever so luxuriously. I used the bedside clock as a guide and spent 15 minutes massaging her from her neck to her waist. Then I moved down to her left leg and spent another ten minutes working slowly from her toes to her cunt. Whenever my hand would reach the top of her leg I would rub against her clit. I spent a similar period on her right leg and then moved to her firm, rounded ass. I massaged it for a full ten minutes before Mistress rolled over and presented her front for treatment.

I spent 5 minutes on each leg working from her toes to her clit. I rubbed in long, slow strokes and made sure to give regular attention to her clit. I moved up toward her head and tenderly massaged her nose, forehead, chin, cheeks and every part of her dear and beautiful face. I then took one hand and placed it on my chest and slowly and lingeringly massaged one arm. As I started on the second arm I began to notice that my forehead felt tight and I sensed a shift in the color of the candles. The Viagra was taking effect.

I finished her second arm and began to gently rub her belly with frequent wayward trips to rub her cunt. As the hour ended I liberally coated her tits with cream and began to massage them. My cock had begun to stiffen. When I bent down to suck her nipples, Mistress grasped my cock and began to pump it. The Viagra took effect and my cock was soon stiff and hard. It felt huge.

Mistress was beginning to squirm from my ministrations and when I thought my cock could get no harder nor any bigger she commanded. "Fuck my cunt with your huge cock!" I climbed on top of her and she slipped my cock into her cunt. I slipped it deep into her juicy, grasping cunt and slid in and out. In and out, over and over. Never had my cock felt so hard and so huge. I pumped and pumped and she screamed with pleasure time after time. Finally she commanded me "Fill my cunt with your jizz!" I exploded in wave after wave of exhilarating pleasure.

I lifted off of her and she rolled over, pointed to a note by the side of the bed and settled down to sleep. The note said

"You have made a good start slave. Tuck me in, and then sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed in case I need your body during the night. You are to awake at 6 to shower and shave. Then you are to prepare my breakfast and have it on the bedside table at precisely 7. At that time you are to remove the covers from my body and awaken me by licking my cunt. When I am awake, we will proceed with your second day of training as a cunt-slave."

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