The Naked Crane
Chapter 1: Tease

Caution: This Exhibition/Voyeurism Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Exhibition/Voyeurism Sex Story: Chapter 1: Tease - A perfect day at the beach for Heidi.

I always have loved the beach. Especially on those few beautiful days in late summer when the air is warm and soft, and the crowds have long departed. Those days when I go to my favorite beach to be greeted by only a smattering of cars and plenty of open space. Those are the days when I don't mind walking a bit to find just the right spot. A spot that makes me feel like this beach is all mine, as if I were all alone on a desert island. Well almost. You see, these are the perfect conditions for me to put on a show for a very small audience. This was just what I did on my day off last week.

Waking up that morning I knew exactly what the day had in store. It was a perfect early September day in New England, warm, sunny and a light breeze blowing. I sipped my coffee on the patio, my mind already wandering on the beach. My knapsack packed and ready to go, I didn't want to waste any of this perfect day.

I pulled into the parking lot of Cranes beach at 10:00 AM. The sun was already high in the sky pulling the temperatures into the mid seventies. As I showed the parking lot attendant my season's pass, my thoughts were already on where I would setup shop for the day. Cranes is a big beach, several miles long. There are no houses as it is conservation land. I anticipated walking a couple of miles down the beach to find my spot. Just where the sand bars start to appear twenty yards or so offshore during low tide. Here the water is shallow and warm. Well warm for New England at least. The sand is soft and fine like confectionary sugar. I love how it soothes my feet and massages my toes as I walk along the deep blue surf.

I park near the beach walkway, taking note of the other cars there. Many are newer, more expensive cars. This usually means that there are lots of gay guys on the beach. They seem to use this as a congregating spot. Probably for many of the same reasons I like it as well. It's natural beauty. It's spaciousness. It's seclusion. This is also good for me, as gay men tend to take care of themselves a bit more. They look good on the beach. On Cranes they also tend to wear very skimpy bathing suits and sometimes, if your lucky, nothing at all!

Grabbing my knapsack and cooler, I ascended the small dune via the walkway. At the top I saw just exactly what I expected. A small group of people was congregated straight ahead about 20 yards from the end of the walkway. To my left, I could see a group of young men playing volleyball. They looked like they were probably college kids.

To my right I could see the beach stretch out in it's limitless fashion. There were a couple of towels here and there and a few walkers barely visible on the horizon. This was my objective. I started my walk with anticipation.

Reaching my spot, I observed things setting up perfectly. I had a good view in both directions. This was important for a couple of reasons. First, I could see if any rangers were coming. Second, I could also see any potential audience members before they were in range. I could see a lonely towel and bag about 15 yards farther down the beach. I was hoping it would belong to a cute guy.

Opening my knapsack, I removed the extra large towel inside, along with a small radio and my binoculars. I spread out the towel and sat down. Still dressed in my shorts and tee shirt, and pulling my now nearly empty bag up to me between my legs, I unzipped the large front pocket. Inside was a ball of bright orange fabric about the size of my two fists. Shaking it revealed a small orange bikini that would soon be the only prop for my show this day. Opening the second pocket I removed a small bottle of sunblock. SPF30 of course, as I am very light skinned. With very fine shoulder length blonde hair that I like to pull back in a barrette, and blue eyes flecked with brown, you might correctly guess that my skin was easily burned. As long as I was careful, I could achieve a very light tan, but mostly I was fair, and I stayed fair.

Looking around I wished someone would be close by. In the distance there was a single form but I wasn't sure if it was a man or woman. "Might as well get ready." I thought. Checking once again to make sure there would be no surprises close by, I stood up, kicking off my sandals as I did. Peering down, I unbuttoned my olive hiking shorts. They seemed a little man-ish as I gazed at them, especially on my thin hips, but I loved their comfort. Unzipping them, they fell swiftly to the ground. I could feel the light breeze playing between my legs and rear-end. Nude from my waste down, I started unbuttoning my white polo shirt. After the third button, I swiftly grabbed the bottom and lifted it over my head, letting it fall behind me. I was now completely nude. The breeze felt so nice, caressing these hidden parts of my body like no lover could. I wished I could just stay this way for the rest of the day. Looking to my right I could just make out that the walker in that direction was wearing clothes and not a bathing suit. They also had a hat on. But I still couldn't tell If they were male or female. I should be looking through my binoculars to see, but for the moment I didn't care, I just wanted to feel the breeze caress me.

I decided to get a quick dip in before dawning my sun protection and suit, so I trotted quickly toward the water. I didn't think the figure in the distance was close enough yet to see my current wardrobe, or lack of one. As I splashed into the water it felt cool, my pink nipples instantly registering their complaint. Walking up to my knees, I sat down, feeling the cool water between my legs. What a wonderful feeling. It was also a very vulnerable feeling. If anyone surprised me now, coming out of the dunes, I'd have nowhere to hide. I was nude and my clothes were at least twenty yards away. The thought both petrified and thrilled me. That feeling was the attraction.

I could see the form to the south getting closer, although they appeared to be moving rather slowly. I was sure they could see me now as well. I wasn't convinced, but my experience told me that this was a man. Something about the gate of his walk. I trotted back up the beach to my towel keeping an eye on the advancing traveler as I did. When I reached my towel I gauged that I had perhaps another couple of minutes before he or she would be directly in front me, some twenty yards away at the water line. I grabbed my binoculars trying to focus and find my intended target. Bingo! The approaching form was that of a man, albeit and older one. He had white hair sticking out from under a well worn RedSox cap, and he was wearing a blue sweatsuit top and white shorts. I believe I had aroused his suspicion, as he was looking my way. Putting down my spy gear, I waited a few seconds as my new friend approached. When he was close enough that I was sure he could see me clearly, I grabbed by bikini bottoms and while still seated I slid them over my ankles, trying to feign panicked movements. I stood up exposing myself completely, and quickly pulled up my bottoms. Bending back down I grabbed the ball of fabric that was my top and began to unravel it. I could see my target now was almost directly in front of me, I dropped my top in the panic that was my act. My body tingled and my heart pounded, I knew he was seeing my breasts at that very moment. Before bending back down to retrieve my top, I looked at the old man. He was staring directly back at me, walking at an even slower pace. I stood there for second and let a smile come to my face as he took in my breasts. Involuntarily I felt my left hand tweak it's corresponding nipple, sending a tingle throughout my body. He kept walking watching me with obvious interest.

I stood there in just my bikini bottoms until my new, old friend finally turned his head forward and continued his walk. Slowly I sat back down on my towel. It was going to be a great day. I just knew it!

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