Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story about finding love. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy's partner, etc. It's good fiction.

Kelly flopped down on the couch in Todd's studio. It had been a long ride home from the Regan shoot and even though Todd had driven all the way, she was bone tired. Of course, part of that could have been from the fantastic sex she had enjoyed in the past two days.

Todd came in the back door after having unhitched and secured the trailer behind the studio and putting his Hummer to bed. The Hummer was his pride and joy, the first real purchase he had made for himself when the agency he and Kelly had opened started earning some real profits.

"Wanna beer Kell?" he asked, passing her as he headed to the fridge in the studio.

"Sounds good to me," she hollered at his back.

Todd put the unused film left from the two-day shoot in the fridge. He had a small icebox in the trailer where he stored it when they were on a location shoot.

"You got any of the good Canadian beer left?" Kelly asked.

"Only about half a case," replied Todd. "You'll have to get your friend in Niagara Falls to bring some more down."

"I'll give her a call. I was thinking of calling her anyways cause I'm running out of smokes."

"I thought you were quitting," said Todd.

"I am," said Kelly, as she took a cold bottle of Molson Extra Dry from his outstretched hand, "Just not today."

"Speaking of smoke..." said Todd, twisting the top off his bottle.

"Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing," said Kelly.

Todd reached for his display of antique cameras and lifted a Kodak Brownie. Popping the back off he pulled out a small plastic bag and some rolling papers. While Kelly sipped on her beer, he quickly rolled two fat joints. He put the makings back in the camera and replaced the camera on the shelf.

"You want me to grab a couple more cold ones before I sit down?" he asked.

"Might as well," Kelly said.

A few minutes later they were both slouched back on the couch and Todd lit the first of the two spliffs. Inhaling deeply he passed the joint to Kelly.

Coughing from the pot, Todd said, "That was some intense shoot. I thought old man Regan was going to have a heart attack when the group from the Marina started messing with his boats. I was pushed to the limit with the delays, and I didn't want him coming down on me."

Kelly held the smoke in her lungs as long as she could and handed the joint back to Todd. "I know what you mean," she said, "but they were right and in the end he seemed pretty pleased. I heard he hired them on as consultants."

Todd took another hit and passed the joint back. "They're a strange group. I mean, I like them and all, but they're so... different."

Kelly grabbed the remote off the coffee table and flipped through Todd's current selection of mood music for his studio models.

"Jesus, Todd, when did you get this Gregorian chant crap?" she asked. Finally settling on Enya's latest release, she opened her second beer and they finished the joint in silence. Kelly was starting to feel a slight buzz, nudged Todd, and pointed to the other joint. Laughing, Todd lit it up, took a deep hit and passed it to her.

After a minute, Kelly said, "I'm not so sure that they're so much different as they are highly motivated."

Todd nodded in agreement.

"But they still take time to enjoy everything around them," Kelly added. "And Jesus, do they like their sex."

Todd looked at her with a quizzical look in his eyes and Kelly started to blush.

"Did you fuck him?" he asked.

Her blush increased. "Hell no," she finally responded. "He's got all that young stuff around him and they're pretty possessive."

"But you got laid didn't you?" he persisted.

Kelly took a deep hit and her eyes drifted off in memories of two incredible days.

"It's not that way Todd," she finally said. "It was something different. Something all together different." She sighed, "It was almost spiritual."

"That stands to reason," Todd said. "Something different from a very different bunch of people."

An hour later, another beer and Kelly was snooping through the fridge for something to eat. It's hard to eat sensibly when you're stoned, which is why they kept the fridge loaded only with high protein snacks. Munching down on some cold smoked trout, a bit of cheese, some spicy beef jerky and a bottle of mineral water Kelly was finally, officially unwound.

"When are you going to work on the prints?" Kelly asked him.

Todd was equally relaxed. "Hell if I know," he said. "It's already Friday," he said looking at his watch. "I've got a portrait coming in at two, and I thought I would hang loose for the weekend. It can wait until next week. Besides, we need a model release from Sherri."

"So, how old is the 'portrait' coming in?" Kelly asked with a smirk on her face.

Todd attempted to put a hurt expression on but was too buzzed to make it. Laughing he said, "She's 18."

"Todd," Kelly said. "We've known each other what, 7 years now?"

"Yeah, about that." He said.

"How come you never tried to score with me?"

"Shit Kell, you know how I feel about professional models."

"Yeah, but I'm not a model anymore," she retorted.

"No," he agreed, "but now we're business partners."

"Fuck!" she said. "A girl can't win for losing around here."

"So," said Todd finally. "You want to come upstairs and crash or do you want to crash down here?"

"Thanks sweetie, but I've got things to do in the morning and I wouldn't want to wake you up. I'll just grab a few hours down here and let myself out in the morning and head home."

Todd gave her a kiss on the forehead and said goodnight and headed up the stairs to his apartment.

Kelly pulled off her clothes, grabbed a blanket and sprawled out on the couch and fell into a deep sleep filled with dreams of wild sexual experiences.

Sunlight streamed through the blinds of Todd's bedroom window. Glancing at the clock beside his bed he saw it was nearly noon. "Damn," he thought, "I must have been really tired."

Stumbling down the stairs in just his boxers, he unlocked the studio door and checked around for traces of Kelly. She was gone, but the sweetheart had picked up the empties, straightened the couch, wiped down the coffee table and had washed the ashtray as well.

Back upstairs he took time for a shower. Alternating between hot and cold, he washed himself down completely. Standing for a few minutes under an icy blast of cold water ensured him that everything was intact and that he was fully awake.

He stepped out of the shower and dried himself off. He carefully shaved with a new razor and splashed on some aftershave that stung like hell on his sensitive skin. Todd hated shaving, and only did it when he wanted to impress a girl or when dealing with a client. His fair complexion and blond hair allowed him to get away with skipping a few days. While brushing his teeth he took time to review his reflection in the mirror. At 29 he was in great physical shape. At 5'10", Todd weighed around 140 pounds. Not an ounce of fat on him. Regular workouts at the gym made sure he was in peak condition and his extra curricular activities kept his stamina up.

As he walked nude into his kitchen, Todd thought back to a time just a few years ago when his weight and his complexion were starting to show signs of wear and tear. He and Kelly had just started their agency and she had insisted he stop eating fast food and had put him on a regimen of herbal supplements. He had complained and argued but Kelly was headstrong and now he was eternally grateful. He had no idea what he was taking, but Kelly had assured him it was all-natural. Every week Kelly would lay out a supply of what he should take and he popped about 12 pills into his mouth and swallowed them down with mineral water. Out of the fridge he took one of the premixed containers of prune juice, shook it rapidly to dissolve whatever it was she mixed in there and drank down the concoction. She had told him, but he had forgotten. Finally two chewable tablets and his health was taken care of for the day.

Todd still had to laugh at his initial reluctance to try Kelly's recommendations, but in a period of less than six months his face had totally cleared up, his hair had a natural shine and looking down at his best friend, realized his orgasms had never been better. He owed her big time he thought to himself.

The phone rang. It was Kelly according to the call display.

"Hi gorgeous," he said.

"Hi yourself," was her reply. "I just wanted to make sure you were awake and ready for your 'portrait, '" she laughed.

Stroking his cock to a full erection, Todd laughed and said, "I think I'm ready to skip the preliminaries!"

"Okay," said Kelly. "That's all I was calling for. You have a good time and I'll talk to you on Monday."

"Hey Kell," said Todd, "did I ever thank you for starting me on these vitamins?"

"Yes Todd," said Kelly, "lots of times, now quit playing with your dick and get dressed."

Todd blushed and looked around guiltily, his cock deflating.

"What makes you think I'm doing anything like that?" he asked defiantly.

"Cause you always thank me for the vitamins when you have a boner," she laughed. "Think of me when you put it to use." She laughed one more time and hung up.

Todd finally laughed as well and went to get dressed. Think of Kelly when having sex? No way. She was too good a friend to screw with. They had a good thing going both as friends and as business partners and he wasn't going to take a chance on blowing that. Besides, as he had told her last night, he had stopped screwing professional models years ago. They were so full of themselves they thought they were doing you a favor and were constantly bitching for him to be careful not to bruise them and they nagged and complained never putting forth any effort to make the experience mutually satisfactory.

He loved Kelly, but he was determined to keep it a non-physical love.

Todd looked at the clock and realized he was cutting it a bit close. Pulling on a set of light cotton scrub pants, opting to go without underwear, he scrounged for the right T-shirt.

Todd didn't have much time for watching television, but there was one show he never missed, even if he had to tape it. Todd was a real "Trekkie." He hated the PC term "Trekker" believing it took something away from the real fans of the series. "Trekkie" was as sacred a term as "Hippy" or "Yuppie" was to those people.

He had just managed to pull on a "Klingon" T when he heard the bell announcing his two o'clock appointment.

Barefoot, he bounded down the stairs.

Laura stood at the door nervously clutching her bag. A cute brunette, she stood about 5'8", weighing perhaps 120 pounds. The portrait was a gift from her friends and parents in an attempt to help her overcome her despondency since her break up with her high school sweetheart and fiancé of three years. She had spent nearly six months in a state of depression and her friends decided she needed an ego boost and Todd, the famous model/magazine photographer, had been convinced to show her how beautiful she was.

Todd had a bit of a reputation amongst his clients, which Laura's parents weren't aware of. But then again, they weren't aware of a lot of things regarding Laura's personal life either. They were just as pleased that maybe she would revert back to her vibrant self as they were about Todd's unusually low fee.

Laura had been introduced to Todd only two weeks earlier when one of her friends, who had been photographed by Todd, introduced them. As a favor to the friend, who knew that Todd could put the sparkle back in Laura's eyes, Todd had waived any sitting fee on the basis that if she looked as good in print, he would have the right to sign her on as a model for his agency. It was the first time Laura had smiled in months, and had been rewarded with a sugar-melting smile from the handsome photographer.

She was ill prepared though when Todd opened the door. He was such a hunk! She felt an old familiar feeling in her groin. With a big smile he invited her in and closed the door behind her.

"How are you doing today Laura?" Todd asked.

She was surprised he remembered her name and was secretly pleased. She smiled and responded that she was fine.

"Well, come on in and make yourself comfortable," he said. "Care for a drink?"

Nodding instead of speaking, Todd was forced to make all the small talk. "Soft drink? Beer? Wine? Or mineral water?" he asked.

"Maybe a glass of wine if you don't mind?" she asked timidly.

Todd gave her one of his piercing glances. "Red or white?" he asked.

"White please," she replied, hoping it would calm the nerves in her stomach.

Todd went off to fetch her drink and brought back a bottle of mineral water for himself. Motioning her to the couch, she sat down and he sat across from her in a leather swivel rocker. He made small talk as she sipped on her drink. "Just give her time," Todd thought to himself. She was actually quite a looker and sexy in a 'girl next door' kind of way.

They managed to get through some typical small talk about the weather and current events in Charlotte as she sipped her wine. She was growing a bit calmer with every passing minute. She told him she worked at the Arby's right next to the big Arco Truck Stop on the state line. Todd said he knew it well and was surprised he hadn't noticed her before. He was rewarded with a smile and a blush.

"So, you've never posed for a real photographer before?" he finally asked.

She said no and said she really had no idea of what to expect. She had brought some outfits to wear so he could decide what looked best on her, but after looking at her selection he waived them off and explained that his partner kept an entire suite of top designer outfits at the studio from the various shoots they went on. He looked at her with an appraising eye and finally said, "I figure you to be about a 34 B. Is that close?"

Laura blushed furiously with embarrassment. He had hit it right on the mark and she nodded.

"Let's take a look and see what will fit you then," Todd said, and led her to the large wardrobe area off to the side.

Laura gasped when she saw all the clothes, categorized by size, in every type of fashion she had ever seen in all of the magazines she had ever looked at. She recognized the names of many designers.

"I hope you're not uncomfortable going braless," Todd said. "Most of these outfits are made to enhance the figure, not to confine it."

Another furious blush while she pretended to be nonchalant about leaving her bra off. Todd pulled a number of items from the racks holding them next to her cheek.

"I think that with your complexion these colors will work out the best," he said. "Why don't you try a few of them on and see what you like. I'll wait in the other room and give you some privacy."

Laura took the first outfit, a dark cream silk number. Holding it up to herself she looked at the wall-sized mirror. It was sheer, but she loved it. Of all the things he had selected this was exactly what she envisioned herself wearing. A combination of dress pants with a halter type top that left her shoulders bare. She started to remove the blouse she had put on this morning and realized that the K-Mart fashion styles she had brought with her would never begin to compare with what was in this room. It was then that she realized Todd had left the door open. Trying to be 'professional' about it, she made no move to close it.

A little bit of her nervousness returned as she continued to undo her blouse and finally chastised herself for being so foolish. Todd was a well-known runway photographer according to what she had read in the magazines. She certainly had nothing that he had not seen at least a thousand times, but also realized that aside from her closest friend and her former fiancé, no one had seen her nude since her days in junior high.

Throwing caution to the wind she pulled off the blouse and her slacks but still a bit of modesty forced her to turn her back to the doorway when she removed her bra. She was surprised to find her nipples erect. She slipped on the outfit and realized she could just make out her nipples through the material. The thought strangely excited her.

She left her clothes on the floor and walked back into the main studio.

Todd looked her up and down, tilting his head before finally smiling his approval of her choice. He finished mounting the lens he had chosen for the camera that was already mounted on a tripod and led her to a makeup counter. There was a hydraulic stylist's chair in front of a large mirror holding a large array of assorted creams, lotions and all sorts of things she didn't recognize.

Grabbing a can of mousse he filled first one hand to overflowing wiping it in her hair and then filled the other hand. Then, Todd ran his hands through her hair time after time until Laura herself was amazed at the growing transformation. Ringlets had formed in her long hair and instead of laying flat her hair now had body. She realized he had used a mousse with color in it as highlights appeared in her hair. She loved the feel of his fingers as he ran them through her hair and over her scalp. A light moan escaped her lips.

Cleaning his hands with some waterless lotion he wiped them on a towel as he gave her an approving smile.

"Okay," Todd said. "Now for something to enhance your natural beauty since I can't keep you blushing all afternoon."

Laura laughed nervously as she realized that during his manipulation of her hair and scalp her nipples had hardened and were quite extended, making very definite dents in the silk. Her nipples were just dark enough to be visible through the cream color and she was sure that Todd could see them, but he appeared to be more concerned with highlighting her cheekbones and adding liner and shadow to her eyes. As a final touch he dipped his finger into what appeared to be a small container of tinted Vaseline and with just the tip of his finger slowly drew it over her lips. Laura went limp and nearly sucked his finger into her mouth. His touch was so soft and gentle.

Todd drew her attention once more to the mirror. She was amazed by the transformation and it didn't help that she felt herself growing moist below.

Todd led her to a tall stool in front of a bone colored backdrop. Adjusting the key lights and the fill lights, Todd hovered around her for several minutes.

Finally he got behind the camera and started to give her verbal cues on how to turn to emphasize her build and face. Todd told her to relax since he had a lot more to do yet and the first shot would basically just be a test run to see how things would work out.

Turning his attention to the remote lighting panel beside him, he pre-warmed the fill lights and turned on the synchronized flashes. He had several A-12 magazines loaded with 120 high-grade film next to his Hasselblad 503CW. He plugged the flash cords in, checked the focus then attached a Polaplus Polaroid magazine to the back of the camera.

Turning off the auto winder, Todd cranked up the lights to full and with his infrared remote shutter release in hand, took a final walk around her adjusting her pose.

Todd took a test shot and told her to relax for a minute. It only took a few minutes before the print developed and he handed it to her for her reaction. Laura was both shocked and amazed at the picture.

"Is that really me?" she asked, carefully avoiding looking at the pronounced nipples in the picture.

"You saw me take the picture," Todd said with satisfaction. "You have good features and a great body. However, we'll have to trim the shots a bit to hide your little missiles unless you want to advertise to your friends and family," he added jokingly.

Laura thought about it for a few minutes and said, "Screw it. I look good. I feel good." Secretly she was pleased he had noticed them.

For the next half hour Todd took a number of pictures of Laura in various poses and then suggested she try another outfit.

"Can we take a short break?" Laura asked. "I need to use the bathroom and if you don't mind, I'd sure like a bottle of that water you're drinking."

Todd laughed and said that working under the lights did dehydrate a person pretty quickly. He pointed out where the bathroom was and told her to take her time. Laura stopped first to take off the outfit and just pulled her blouse on for modesty's sake but left it unbuttoned out of a new found pride.

It wasn't so much that she needed to pee, as it was to dry the copious juices that had been building up inside her. God, she was so turned on!

Minutes later she was sitting on the couch again sucking back on the mineral water. Looking quizzically at Todd she asked what she was drinking as it had a slightly strange taste.

Todd explained the mineral water came from a natural spring and contained some natural salts that helped prevent dehydration and counter any effects from heat exposure.

As she sat back her blouse fell partially open but Laura no longer cared. She was alone with a real hunk and she was horny.

Todd nodded towards one of her exposed nipples and said, "I'd love to get a shot of you relaxed like that."

Laura laughed feeling totally at ease. "Can I ask you something personal Todd?"

"Fire away" he replied.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Doing what?" he asked.

"Wasting time and obviously money on this," she said bluntly.

"Truth?" he asked.

"Truth," she replied.

"I love women," he said, leaning back. "But I see them differently than other people because I look for their potential. It's a challenge to me to take a natural beauty and bring out the best in her. What I charge for this is just to cover the cost of the film and a few prints. I don't do portraits as a rule anymore. I can make more in an afternoon of model shoots than I can in a month of working my ass off doing portrait work. That's why it was important that I met you first. I saw your potential right off the bat. I won't lie to you; you won't get rich modeling, though you can make a decent dollar at it if you decide to go that route. My partner will be happy to sign you up with our agency and you can pick and choose from any number of catalog shoots, and I'm quite sure you will be able to earn a very nice living. But when you hear about the super models that make thousands of dollars per hour, remember that they represent only one in every ten million girls."

"Besides that," he continued, "I saw sadness in your eyes. I don't like to see a beautiful girl sad."

"Thanks Todd," Laura said. "You make me feel very special." With that she got up and went back to the wardrobe to pick something else out.

Laura went through a number of delicious outfits before deciding to be a bit braver. Todd saw her as a beauty and she wanted to show him one. She held up a near sheer mini dress that was more gauze than material, nearly white in color. It made her skin look tanned. It was lacy, frilly and very risqué, reaching just below her butt. Having already decided to go for broke, she pulled off her panties and slipped the outfit on.

When she came out, Todd whistled appreciatively. Laura noticed the front of his pants start to rise and got a warm feeling inside.

"That looks fantastic on you," Todd said. He took her back to the makeup table and made a few adjustments to her make up and suggested she might want to put a bit of dark eye shadow on her nipples to accent them more.

"Obviously these aren't going to be pictures to be shared with family," he said. "So why not go for the real sexy look?"

Without hesitation, Laura opened up the front of the daring dress and with a small sponge applied a dark color to her very erect and puckered nipples.

Todd watched, nodding with satisfaction. Turning her chair to face him he said, "now for a real trade secret..."

Taking a wide makeup brush he dusted it in a charcoal powder and brushed back and forth underneath her breasts creating an illusion of very pronounced breasts that seemed to cast a shadow by their size.

The feel of the soft brush grazing underneath her breasts just made her nipples protrude even more, much to Todd's delight. She was sighing with this attention.

With an eyeliner pencil he slowly drew soft delicate lines between her breasts to emphasize cleavage. As he drew, she closed her eyes in pleasure, trying her best to keep her legs clamped closed so as not to leave a wet spot on the chair.

"Take a look," he said as he spun her chair back.

"Wow!" said Laura. "It looks like I'm a natural D cup now!"

Todd went and changed the background to an earth tone colored pattern that would make her stand out and added an extra back light to light up her hair from underneath at the back and separate her further from the background. A few more adjustments to the floodlights and he was ready to take some serious pictures.

He replaced the tall stool with a specially built "pew" as he liked to call it. It had no back but a slanted seat and a combination foot or knee rest depending on how he wanted someone to pose. He covered the "pew" with rich brown cloth to help create a contrast. Taking Laura's hand he helped her to get adjusted to the stand placing her knees on the slanted and padded bottom platform and showed her how to rest her butt against the padded seat. This placed about 60 percent of her weight on her very shapely ass. Todd had placed the "pew" at an angle of about 45 degrees off center and then helped her to adjust her legs so they showed as if she were kneeling. To start with he placed her hands beside her palm down on the bench seat and grasping her shoulders twisted her upper torso so as to straighten her back and accent her chest and chin.

As Todd took his position behind the camera he gave her instructions on how to breathe and to keep her eyes closed between exposures. "This will add more moisture to your eyes," he explained, and looking down he realized for the first time she was without panties. Her curly brown pubic hairs quite visible from his vantage point.

"Laura" Todd said as he focused the camera, "I think right now you look beautiful, but did you know that when you changed you forgot something?"

Laura giggled. "I didn't forget," she said. "I wanted to look like I felt."

"And do you know how delicious you look right now?" Todd asked.

Laura giggled again. It came so easy now and after six months of abstinence she felt not only like her old self again but damn horny as well!

Todd attached the Polaroid magazine he had used earlier so she could see for herself, right now, just how good she looked. Just before he took the picture she closed her eyes tightly and realized she was also clamping her pussy muscles together. The realization made her giggle even harder but she kept her eyes closed until Todd told her to open them. The synchronized flashes went off at the same time and two minutes later she was looking at a picture of herself as a beautiful, sensual, sexual being with laughter on her lips and a sparkle in her eyes.

"Do you like?" Todd asked her.

"Mmm... Very much!" she said. "What do you think?" she asked him.

"I think it's a wonderful and beautiful person in a picture," he replied.

Laura was beginning to notice her own feminine musk in the air and blushed slightly. She was visibly aroused and sneaking a glance at Todd's pants was relieved to see that he was as well.

As Todd headed back to his camera he tried to adjust his growing hard-on in his pants. Damn but she had transformed quickly. From the sad, morose girl he had met just two weeks ago to the nervous one who had arrived at his doorstep just a few hours ago, she had changed like the proverbial ugly duckling. She was now a radiant beautiful swan, and though he knew Kelly could really do wonders with the make-up, Laura was a natural beauty.

As per Kelly's suggestion of the night before, Todd had selected a CD more appropriate for his young model. As he exchanged the magazine on the "Blad," Todd pressed play and Cyndi Lauper's voice blasted out of the speakers with the Reggae influenced version of her hit tune "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." He was glad to see Laura start to move to the rhythm. Todd started to snap away glad that he had loaded the magazines with ultra fine grain film. The auto winder was on and the IR shutter release was in his hand. "Damn," thought Todd. "These are going to be great photos!"

Closing her eyes between shots and opening them on some basic instinctual level Todd found her to be a natural poser. She moved with the music, slightly changing positions every time right to the point to where she moved her torso away from him and looked back over her shoulder at him. Todd could see the moments when she would open her eyes in her body language.

Todd could switch an A-12 magazine in mere seconds and was glad he still had four loaded magazines ready. He had used two magazines on her in the first outfit and he knew he could crop head and shoulder shots from this sexual animal now posing for him.

The girl posing for him now was the natural Laura. The eyes, the teeth, and the smile... it all served to enhance her beauty and her raw, nearly primal sensuality.

Laura had her feet on the floor by the time the fourth song had started and rested her weight solely on her butt. Bending forward for some shots and spreading her legs wider for others, she moved to the music and her increasing arousal. Using her hands, she lifted her hair and let it drop. She dropped her head to her chest and snapped it back sending her hair flying, exposing her throat, yet with a smile that looked more like she was looking at her next meal.

Laura continued to twist her body in countless ways before slowly and deliberately undoing the front closures on the sheer mini dress one at a time until it was completely open exposing her breasts and finally ending up with her feet on the bottom rung with her knees spread wide, her elbows on her knees and her hands cupping her chin, a giant smile on her face.

Todd the professional had changed film magazines three times already and had quite a few really excellent pictures already. Todd the man though was actually glad the music was coming to an end as his own level of desire was becoming critical.

Ironically the final cut on the programmed CD was "I'm Gonna Be Strong." It was hard to believe they had shot over 70 pictures in just over 50 minutes. From his remote lighting control, Todd slowly turned off the major lamps letting them cool slowly.

Laura, her libido long past the point of no return, just shrugged off the loosely fitting garment and without hesitation moved towards Todd. Stealthy, like a large cat she approached her prey. Todd looked up just in time to see her arms reaching out for him and her mouth reach for his.

Everything was forgotten with that first kiss.

Electricity flew between them as she pulled on his shirt while his hands roamed over her body cupping not only those beautiful tits but taking extra time to caress and massage those lovely globes she had been sitting on. She moaned into his mouth and started clawing at his T-shirt determined to rip it off his body.

Todd broke the kiss for a moment to assist her and peeled off the T-shirt before latching his mouth back on to hers.

Laura was on fire. She ran her hands all over his chest and back finally slipping her hands into the back of his scrub pants to grab his ass, pulling his groin to hers.

Feeling his stiff cock pressing against her stomach only made her wilder and she started to bite on his neck and managed to whisper, "Fuck me Todd. Fuck me here and now and fuck me hard." Her hands were already pushing his pants down.

Locked in a lover's embrace he let his pants fall down past his knees and stepping on the hem of one leg managed to extradite it. As he was working on the other, Laura's hand had found her prize and her fingers wrapped around his swollen cock in a tight grip.

Nibbling on her throat, Todd let one of his hands rest on her back while with the other he began exploring the curly soft down between her legs. In an instant his fingers were coated with her juices.

Now free of his own clothes he picked her up and carried her to the couch. He began kissing his way down to her breasts stopping to suckle on each nipple while her hands pulled at his hair, her pelvis rising and falling with a desperate need. Todd continued his trail of kisses across her washboard stomach moving closer and closer to the prize that lay below. Laura's arousal however was too high to wait any longer and seeing his intent, pressed his head downward and thrust her pubic bone against his face.

Realizing any more preliminaries would not enhance the inevitable, Todd dove into her dripping cunt mouth first. Using his tongue in long sweeping strokes he pulled the delicious sweet nectar from inside her and with the flat coarse surface of his tongue he smeared them over her swollen clit. It took less than a minute before she clamped her well-muscled thighs around his head as she came in a screaming orgasm, her legs clenching and squeezing around his head until she eased out of her first peak.

Todd quickly lifted her legs just underneath her knees and aimed his throbbing cock at her drenched cunt. With her hands she guided him inside her and then transferred her hands to his ass setting the pace and depth of penetration she wanted. Her second orgasm came nearly immediately and Todd was nearing his critical point and started thrusting in a sporadic way. Both of them could feel his cock swelling inside her, the head swelling with desire and the veins down the length of his shaft started to pulse as he reached his critical point. Thrusting back with all her might, Laura clamped her cunt muscles on him, squeezing and coaxing his hot cum out of his rock hard cock. She managed to peak with him and with a whimper, Laura passed out from the sheer intensity of the most orgasms she had ever had in five minutes and the most intense orgasms of her life so far.

Todd's breathing slowly returned to normal and he slowly withdrew from her allowing her to rest uninterrupted.

Padding around the studio while Laura slept, Todd removed the last magazine from the camera and placed all the exposed films with the ones from the first outfit in his tray for developing. He picked up the clothes they had dropped and put them aside. Still nude, he cleared up the portrait area of the studio and put the backdrops and props away.

Satisfied everything was in order, he grabbed a couple of bottles of water and put together a plate of snack foods from the fridge. Figuring he still had a few minutes he restocked the fridge with more bottles of the mineral water and then carrying everything over to the coffee table he started to softly stroke Laura's belly, watching it twitch in automatic response. Slowly her eyes opened.

Todd smiled at her softly and her initial blush soon disappeared. Seeing he was in the nude made her feel more comfortable and relaxed with her own nudity. Handing her a bottle of the mineral water, Todd offered her the plate of cold snacks. She passed on the food but greedily gulped at the water.

"That's never happened to me before," she said.

Todd smiled and said, "See what happens when we act on instinct rather than reacting to thought?"

"Hmmm..." she responded. "I never thought of that before. Is it always like this for you?"

Todd just smiled. He was not one to kiss and tell.

Laura laughed and said, "And a gentleman too."

Todd looked at her seriously for a minute. "Are you okay with what happened Laura?" he asked.

Laura looked at him for a minute as if trying to read his face. Finally smiling she said, "Does this mean it was a one time thing and this is your polite way of saying the day is over?"

Todd laughed and gave her one of his biggest smiles yet. She wasn't going to be one of those who fell in love with the first kiss. "No Laura," he said, "we'll see each other when and as often as we want, and the day is only over if you want it to be."

The smile on her lips said the day was far from over.

Seeing he was in for a great evening Todd asked, "Are you hungry for some real food? I can order in anything you like and then we can spend as much time together doing whatever you want to do."

Her eyes lit up along with the great big smile. "Really? You don't mind?"

Todd smiled back at her and said, "Honest."

"Well," she said, "I am really in the mood for a pizza and beer, and if you're up for it, I could sure go for a rematch!"

Todd laughed and said, "You got it! I've got some ice cold Coors upstairs and if I order the pizza now, we should have time for a quick shower before it arrives."

An hour later, freshly scrubbed, and sitting upstairs in large white terrycloth robes in Todd's kitchen, they were chowing down on a large pizza.

Laura was a down to earth girl. She turned down Todd's offer of china and silverware, eating the pizza with her fingers, folded Italian style. She also drank her beer right from the can.

The shower together had been fun though she said she hated to see the make-up and mousse go. Todd reassured her that her beauty was right there in her, and she could easily duplicate the look herself, but that if she was really interested in learning how to put it on quickly and efficiently she should speak to Kelly.

"Kelly... Is she like your regular girlfriend?" Laura asked.

Todd had laughed.

"Nah," he said as he lathered her boobs for the third time, "I love her, but she's my best friend and my partner in the business."

Laura leaned against the shower wall enjoying the sensation of his soapy hands running over her body. "But, you two never, you know, get together?" she asked.

Todd had problems shaking his head no as she now had the soap and was lathering his dick to hardness while her other hand was busy soaping his butt and all too easily her finger slipped into his ass. Todd jumped. The sensation had nearly caused him to climax in her hand.

They listened to some sound tracks from recent popular movies while they ate and after giving the food a chance to settle a bit they headed off for Todd's bedroom.

Dropping the robes they laid beside each other nude just talking for a while. Todd had offered to bring more beer in but Laura said she had to drive home later and would prefer another bottle of water. Todd asked her if she had to go home, and with a sigh of regret Laura said that her mother would worry.

Soon the small talk got smaller and they began kissing. Todd enjoyed feeling the firm flesh of her body under his hands while her hand wandered down to start twirling his pubic hair. As Todd started to cup her mound and his lips sought out one of her nipples, Laura wrapped her hand around his shaft. It quickly started to swell. She pushed him on his back and told him to lie still.

"It's my turn," she said with a grin. "Keep your hands by your sides or behind your head, but I don't want you to move."

She straddled him and started kissing her way down from his neck taking extra time to lightly bite at his nipples. He reached out once to stroke her but she grabbed the stray hand and pushed it back down. "Don't move," she said with authority. Todd sighed and settled back to enjoy the attention.

Her tongue danced around and in his navel before heading further down. She kissed the skin around his groin but avoided making contact with his cock which was bobbing with anticipation. She moved even further down and kissed and nibbled on his thighs before making a slow ascent to his balls. His sac had tightened into something the size of a golf ball with two distinct dents. Slowly her tongue traced the line in the middle and then she opened her mouth and began sucking on one of his hardened nuts. Todd just moaned. Her mouth moved and engulfed the other ball.

Her hands had worked their way between his legs and spread them and she was now kneeling between his spread legs. Using her hands she lifted his knees so that she would have better access to his ass with her hands.

Now Laura started to get serious. She began with gentle nibbles at the base of his shaft slowly working her way to the top but not quite reaching it. Instead she dragged a wet tongue back down again against the prominent vein that was pulsing. Squeezing and massaging his ass cheeks with her hands, she started her nibbling her way back up his cock on the side this time again stopping before she reached the head which had turned a dark shade of red, and again used her wet tongue to slide back down on the vein. By the time she had nibbled her way up the other side of his cock the head was nearly purple and the skin so tight it looked like a balloon that had been over inflated. Todd's hands were now clenching the blankets at his sides and his knuckles were white.

Using one hand, she grasped the base of his cock and squeezed tightly, keeping all the blood in the already engorged head. This time she slipped a hot and wet mouth over the top engulfing his cock head. His body was thrashing now and his head was rocking from side to side as he moaned. But still she was not ready to let him cum.

Keeping a tight grip on the base of his shaft, he was at her mercy. Slipping her mouth off his cock, and knowing he couldn't see what she was up to, she put a finger of her other hand into her mouth coating it thoroughly with her saliva.

As her mouth descended once more on his cock, Laura took her lubricated finger and inserted it in one smooth motion up his butt reaching his prostrate. She felt the explosion coming and released the pressure from the base of his cock and instantly her mouth was flooded with his cum. She sucked and swallowed as fast as she could but Todd just kept on pumping and pumping and she could not get it down fast enough to keep up. She kept up her sucking now using the hand that had squeezed his shaft to pump more out of him. His groans were loud and gasps were coming out of him. The sensations were just too strong. Too soon he slowed and his glans became too sensitive. He had to reach down to lift her head off.

Laura rolled to his side but kept her head in his lap, now blowing cool air on his cock. She took time to lick up every drop of cum that had escaped her lips and just as Todd was getting soft she covered the head once again with her mouth. His body jerked and he nearly sat upright. Releasing him once more from her mouth, she slowly withdrew the finger from his butt. His cock, though not hard anymore was still semi stiff and it continued to pulse and more cock juice oozed out. Two more times she sucked him back into her hot mouth alternating with cool breezes from her pursed lips.

Satisfied that his climax had been good, she reached for the bottle of water.

"I hate to do this," Laura said licking her lips. "Your cum tastes yummy, but..." With that said, she took a mouthful of water and immediately bent down and managed to get his nearly deflated cock entirely into her mouth where it was gently rinsed with the cool water. Todd jerked once more and then just collapsed panting.

She moved up beside him and lay in the crook of his arm that he lovingly draped over her.

He tried to speak, but all that came out was, "Oh God... that was fantastic."

Laura just smiled at him and kissed him on the nose.

It took Todd nearly twenty minutes to recover, during which time they made small nonsense talk that lovers often do.

Finally recuperated, Todd began kissing Laura all over, taking time to nibble her underarms and kissing his way down to suck on each of her fingers, then moved down to her legs where he licked the soles of her feet and spent a long time sucking on each of her toes before he moved slowly up her legs with tender kisses switching between legs every few inches. He stopped at her thighs and returned to her breasts, pleased to see her nipples standing at full attention. He gently nibbled and bit at them and then kissed them some more before moving his way down her belly.

Her face was flushed, as was her chest with anticipation.

Todd moved to the very end of the bed and pulled her closer to him. He was kneeling on the floor with his chest on the mattress and he pushed her legs apart. This time there wasn't the urgency that had transpired downstairs in the studio and he took his time examining her cunt close up and very personal, then with tender fingers he parted the hair and her outer lips blowing puffs of air on her swollen clit. Laura was moaning again.

Gently and very softly he latched his lips on to her clit and sucked for a moment bringing her little button out further from its hood, spearing at her clit with a stiff tongue, he managed to elicit more moans of pleasure, but Todd was in no rush this time and stopped periodically to nibble on her labia and thighs. Her juices were starting to seep out now so Todd took time to lick up the delicious nectar as it became available causing even more to flow.

Laura was panting now and reached down to guide his head, but Todd had other plans. Standing up, he rolled Laura over on her stomach and lifted her farther up the bed. Using his arm for leverage he lifted her to a kneeling position and resumed his place behind her. Using a finger to keep her pussy occupied he took his tongue and speared it into her butt hole. This elicited a dramatic response from Laura who drove her beautiful ass back against his intruding tongue moaning into the pillow that she was now gripping for dear life with both arms.

Todd started to piston his finger in and out of her cunt feeling her vaginal muscles contracting and trying to clamp on to his probing finger. Her juice was dripping out of her now as he found her G spot. Lubricating his middle finger from his free hand in her juices, he quickly turned on his back and was now face up looking at her swollen cunt lips. Inserting a finger into her anus and keeping the other driving at her G spot he managed to pull her down so he could lock his lips around her clit.

Lightly holding her love button between his teeth he applied suction around it with his lips while spearing and stabbing at it with his tongue. With his finger bent to coax the swollen G spot and the other slowly moving in and out of her ass Laura could take no more and ground her cunt on his head and came in a thundering climax spraying his face with her own ejaculate screaming out in pleasure and joy. He held on, bringing her to another even stronger climax until she abruptly pulled away from him rolling into a fetal position crying in sheer ecstasy.

Laura was afraid to move. She was so sensitive now. "God," she thought. "This is what it should be like all the time!"

Her climax and obvious enjoyment had returned Todd to a state of full arousal and his stiff cock was standing up pointing at the ceiling. Sensitive as she was, Laura straddled him once more lowering her sopping cunt on his massive cock. The pleasure and the sensitive sensation was almost too much for her to bear, but she managed to contract and relax her cunt muscles until she milked him to another orgasm, then collapsed on top of him where they laid, joined together for a long time.

As his cock deflated, Todd finally popped out of Laura and they cuddled for a while longer, kissing and holding each other.

With a deep sigh of regret Laura said she had to shower again because she reeked of sex, and though she hated to lose his scent, it might be better if she went home not smelling like she had spent the day fucking her brains out.

Todd just smiled and said he understood. Stating that temptation might defeat her purpose if they showered together, Todd provided her with a clean fluffy towel and while she showered took care of some business. He brought her clothes upstairs from the wardrobe room, and a somber Laura regretfully dressed. Todd was wearing his scrub pants again.

Todd walked her to the door and gave her a last kiss goodnight, carrying her bag clothes, and then pushed a wrapped package into her hands.

"You might want to keep these out of sight from your family," he said, "In case they get the wrong idea."

She looked at him quizzically.

"They're the clothes you modeled in today. They're yours now. I could never picture them on anyone else," he said in the way of an explanation.

Her eyes misted in gratitude and she seemed prepared to say something but Todd pressed his finger against her lips. "No, say nothing. They're just pieces of cloth. You made them come alive."

Laura just kissed him and turned to go out the door when a sudden thought hit her. She turned to him, "I don't want to rush or seem pushy, but when do you think I'll be able to see the finished pictures?" she asked shyly.

With a mischievous glint in his eyes, Todd smiled at her and said, "How would you like to come back tomorrow and we'll print them together?"

With a squeal of delight she gave him another kiss and asked, "Same time?"

Todd smiled at her and said, "I'll be looking for you."

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