Going For His First Virgin
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ron sets out to seduce an attractive co-worker, Sam, after hours at work. He isn't sure if Sam is interested or open to his approach, but Ron is determined to find out -- and does.

I had been active in gay sexual activities for a few years and I'd had my sexual virginity taken by one of my boyfriends but I'd never been the one to bring another sexy man into the wonders of gay sex play. I was hot to actually be able to give another guy his first blowjob, his first male hand job and his first feel of either his cock in my ass or just the opposite -- me in the saddle riding him to orgasm.

I had been eyeing one guy at work, Sam, that I thought might be interested in a gay sexual relationship and I started chatting him up and showing him a lot of attention whenever we'd be around each other. I got bolder and bolder with him and began checking him out visually and not trying to be subtle about it at all. I figured if he was interested, my demonstrated interest in him would help things along.

Finally I had my prime opportunity with Sam one Tuesday evening when both he and I had a big project at work and we had to stay after everybody else was gone to get it all finished and in the right organization to make a good impression the next day. I took every opportunity as we were working on PowerPoint presentations and flowcharts to touch Sam and put my body close next to his whenever I could. I wanted him to become comfortable with the feeling of my physical body close to his and then I'd make my move whenever I felt like the time was right.

Sam and I had taken everything down to the large corporate conference room and we knew that we were literally the only people in the building. We didn't have any security staff or anyone like that around to disturb us. Sam and I sat there talking over everything we'd put down on paper and I was taking in his looks, his physical build and how sexy I thought he was. I'd noticed Sam a lot around the office and I thought I'd even seen a bulge of an erection in his crotch on an occasion or two. After we'd pretty much gotten everything done, I asked him if he wanted to go out and get a bite to eat. He said he was starving, and I fought for a minute on whether to seduce him and "do him" then or wait until after we'd eaten. I was so horny that I finally decided I couldn't wait until later. I also could feel that my own cock was fully hard in my pants just from the sexy thoughts I'd been enjoying about Sam and having his dick out in my hands and my mouth while we'd been working there together.

I stood up and moved over close to where Sam had been sitting. Then, as though I was scratching an inch in my crotch, I made very sure that Sam could see the large obvious bulge of my hard erection in my pants. I quickly noticed that he was picking up on my body language, and then I stood up and of course, that hid nothing from his view -- my hardon was pressing hard against my pants and "out there" for him to see. Sam picked up on the arousal I'd already experienced and I began to notice that his cock was growing hard in his pants as well.

I got up and went over to the conference room door and pushed it shut, locking it securely to make sure that if anyone came back to the office late, they wouldn't happen upon Sam and me. I first thought I'd just walk over and touch Sam, making overt moves with him that would either take him madly along in seduction with me or not. But, I stood there and said to him, "Sam, I find you extremely attractive sexually and I would really love to have sex with you. Are you interested in me at all?" With that, I'd boldly thrown the ball over into Sam's court, so to speak.

"Yes, Ron, I find you sexually attractive too," Sam said, "but I've never had sex with another guy. Can you show me what to do?" and with the response I felt my hardon throbbing with sexual arousal and excitement in my pants. I quickly walked over to where Sam was just standing and I reached down, cupping the growing erection in his pants and I took his left hand and placed it over the hardon in my own groin. The feeling of having Sam's growing cock in my hand and feeling his hand on my body too was overwhelming. He'd just told me he was a sexual virgin with another man, and he was all mine.

I quickly began massaging and feeling Sam up, wanting to bring him full force into the desire to be with me sexually as much as I wanted him. His cock was very hard in his pants already and he responded to my touch by feeling my hardon as well. I bent down in front of Sam, deftly unfastened his belt, then unzipped his pants and I quickly had his pants down around his ankles. I wanted to take my time with Sam, turning him on even more but, honestly, I was burning up with desire for this hot horny man. I pulled his sexy navy blue briefs down too and the instant I got them below mid-cock, his hardon bobbed out in the open and I wrapped my hand around his hardening dick while I continued to tug his briefs down to his ankles as well. He didn't need to have too much mobility; I was going to give this sexy guy a blowjob and he could just sit and let me do him.

I stroked Sam's hardon up and down, and I loved it as he seemed to warm quickly to the touch of a man's hand on his bare cock. Then, I bent up on my knees, pulled his cockhead slightly towards me and I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, licking across the crown and then locking my lips around the swelling head of his dick. Sam's moans were like an aphrodisiac to me. I kept sucking on the head of his dick and then I stood up, bent over Sam's groin and I was stroking and sucking on his cock to hopefully bring him to a very powerful and strong first blowjob orgasm with me. I reached down, cupping Sam's sexy large round balls and at the same time I was stroking his meat, and sucking my head up and down over the head and shaft of his hard cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah, Ronnnnnnnnnnn, mmmmmmmmm," Sam moaned and I knew that I had a ready convert. I'd taken Sam's "blowjob virginity" and I hoped it wasn't the last "cherry" of his that I'd pluck. I loved the thought of fucking him and I couldn't wait to taste what his cumload was like.

Sam could hardly keep still in his chair and I didn't care. I knew how it felt having your cock sucked off and I didn't blame him for being unable to stay still. I had him firmly under control and then I could tell that Sam was going to shoot off. He moaned and he was breathing very hard, and then I knew it was going to happen. Sam was cumming for me. He moaned that he was going to cum, and I had been tasting the pre-cum indications that he was about to bust a nut for me. He was. Sam's balls released, his first geyser of cum shot up the entire length of his long hard dick and he began pumping his jism into my mouth. I loved it. In no time at all, Sam had filled my mouth with his cum and I was busily and hungrily swallowing it all down. It was delicious. When he finished shooting off, I licked Sam clean and said, "OK, buddy, that was hot. Let's go get a bite of supper and we'll take up where we've left off afterward, OK?"

And Sam reached down, cupping my huge raging hardon and nodded in agreement.

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