Brandi Learns a Lesson
Chapter 1: Brandi Gets Caught

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Brandi Gets Caught - When bank teller Brandi is caught shoplifting Michael takes her up on the offer to "do anything" rather than be arrested.

Michael looked up to the video screen when he heard the front door chime. A familiar looking dark haired young woman had just entered the shop. Carlie, his assistant was almost finished with a customer, so he decided to let the woman browse and Carlie could help her when she was finished. The young woman walked over to the display of crystal figurines the shop had. Michael watched her walk, trying to remember the face and where he knew her from. Mike had a thing for attractive young women and he was just about to go assist her himself when the woman, with a look toward the counter, slipped one of the figurines into her purse.

"Damn, another fucking shoplifter," Mike said. The woman had nonchalantly picked up a second figurine. "She wouldn't?"

Mike hit the real time switch on the time-lapse recorder, he wanted to get this. Into her purse the second piece went. Mike walked into the front of the store and stood by the counter as the girl headed out. Mike followed her out and gently took her arm.

"Excuse me miss, but I think you forgot to pay for some items. Would you come with me?" He said, leading the startled girl back into the store.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry. I couldn't help myself," she said. "I can pay for them, honest. It's just that the bank doesn't pay me until next Friday."

The Bank, that's where he knew her from. "She's one of the tellers, well she was anyway," Mike thought. Leading her into the office he said, "The bank, a trusted employee of the town bank shoplifting. What is this world coming too? You know they will probably fire you when they find out you were arrested for shoplifting. Let's have them."

Mike held out his had as the girl reached into her purse for the crystal figurines.

"Please, don't have me arrested. I can pay for them, really I can," she replied with a whine.

"Sit," he said pointing to a metal chair. "What's your name?"

"Brandi Webster, Sir."

"What's your height and weight, Brandi?" Mike asked writing down the information.

"Five foot four inches, um, one hundred and ten pounds. Are you sure we can't work this out?"

"What's your age?"

"Nineteen, I'll be twenty in September."

"Humph, not even twenty and your going to jail. What's your address?" Mike could see the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Um, 280 Brookside, sir." Getting onto her knees the girl begged, "Please, I'll do anything. My dad's on the City Council and he'll kill me if I get arrested." The tears started.

"Anything?" Mike asked, maybe he could have some fun.

"Yes, anything. Just name it," the girl was looking at the floor.

"I have a video tape of you stealing. The bank will fire you and daddy will kill you. Are you sure you mean anything?"

"Uh hun, I'll do anything, I'll let you do anything. Just don't have me arrested," She replied as tears poured down the girl's face.

"I can punish you?"

"Yes Sir, anything, just don't have me arrested," The kneeling girl plead.

"Are you finished with work today?" Mike asked.

"I'm on lunch. If I don't get back soon I'll be late."

"What time do you get off tonight?

"Six or Six-thirty, it depends on how busy we are and how quickly I can balance my drawer."

Mike thought for a few seconds then said, "Give me your wallet. Be here at seven, no later, or I'll call the police."

"Yes Sir, thank you," the girl said handing Mike her wallet.

The rest of the afternoon Brandi fidgeted and squirmed. What would the man at the clothing store demand of her. She wasn't naive, he would probably want sex. Brandi knew that would work, her last boyfriend had taught her how to deepthroat and said she was the best at cocksucking.

Mike had let Carlie go home at six, the shop closed at six- thirty and he didn't expect any customers. He put out the closed sign and went in the back to get things set up. Getting the digital recorder set up took no time at all, hiding the four color video cameras to get the shots he wanted took the better part of a half-hour. Brandi arrived just before seven, Mike liked what he saw. She had changed from the bank uniform of blue slacks and green sweater into a mid-length blue skirt, white blouse and 3 inch pumps.

"Are you wearing pantyhose or stockings?" He asked, admiring the view.

"Stockings, I hate pantyhose. Um, what did you have in mind?" she inquired.

"I think we can start with a spanking. I take it you don't have anywhere else to be tonight?" Pointing the girl to the back as he lowered the blinds and locked the door.

"A spanking? Shit! He was serious about punishing me," ran through her mind.

"Can't we work something else out?" she asked.

"Oh, I think we'll work plenty out."

Sitting down in a high backed wooden chair, Mike patted his knee. One camera hidden at seat height should get an excellent shot of her rear end.

"Come over here and lay across my lap, facing the wall," he instructed.

"Please don't do this," the girl plead. "I'll let you fuck me. Just don't spank me."

"I'll probably fuck you anyway. Now, would you like to see the video of your crime, before I call the police?"

Taking small steps Brandi walked to the man's side and slowly lowered herself over his knees. Mike pulled the girl up so her thighs were against his leg. Flipping the skirt up over her back, Mike whistled at her white panties with cute little pink hearts.

"Did you wear these for me?" he asked, plucking at the tight material.

"No. They were just what I wore to work today. I didn't expect anyone to see them," the embarrassed young woman replied.

Mike started to rub his hand on the girl's ass. "Very nice," he thought, noticing the firmness of flesh and that the straps for the garter were on the inside of the panties. Obviously the girl had expected to remove the panties. Mike gave the girl a tentative swat on her butt. When he got no reaction he started the spanking in earnest. After five swats Brandi started to whimper and on the seventh let out a quiet "Oww." Mike had just reached ten when the girl started to squirm.

Swat eleven brought a vocal, "Ouch, damn that hurts." Brandi could feel Mike's cock, still restrained in his slacks, growing larger against her belly.

"Hold still or I'll start over," Mike responded with a quick double swat. "Just seven more to go for the first round." Swats fourteen, fifteen and sixteen were each accompanied with an "Oww, OWW and OWW." Mike paused for a few seconds, rubbing the girl's ass gently. Brandi was just starting to think it was over when Mike gave the last three swats hard and fast. Brandi tumbled to the floor as with the last stinging blow Mike pushed her off his lap.

Brandi stood up rubbing her sore butt. "Can I go now?" she asked.

"Go? Goodness no, we're just getting started." With that Mike turned on a CD, soft waltz music started to play, "Dance for me," he ordered.

Brandi started to sway her hip and move her feet slightly. She knew he wanted sexy, but right now she didn't feel sexy.

"You can do better than that," Mike said.

"Uh, yeah if I had some decent music to dance to," Brandi shot back.

"Well let's see. My assistant likes to listen to this while she cleans back here." Mike put a second CD on, this one was definitely danceable. Britney Spears started to sing and Brandi at least could dance to the music. Brandi swayed her hips and wiggled her butt to the music. As she danced she closed her eyes and instead of a dirty old man she pretended that she was dancing for, Dino, the cute loan officer at the bank. Dino had been the subject of Brandi's fantasies since he started two weeks ago. Mike didn't care who she imagined, he had to see more of that sexy young body. As the next song started he instructed her to undress as she danced. A sexy little striptease just for me.

"I don't think so," said the still wiggling girl.

"I could still call the cops and besides you offered to let me fuck you. Remember?"

"Oh, alright."

It couldn't be too horrible to do a strip for this guy. Besides she did offer to fuck him. Brandi thought about what the strippers on TV shows did, bump and grind, as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She started with the top two buttons then the bottom two, leaving just the center buttoned, she turned her back on Mike. Unbuttoning the last button, Brandi held the sides together as she swayed back around. Hips flowing she flashed her bra for the watching man before turning away once more.

Looking over her shoulder she asked demurely, "Am I doing ok?"

"Your doing fine. Turn around and let me see you."

Instead Brandi slipped her blouse off her shoulders and swayed her body back and forth. Still holding the blouse together Brandi bump and grinded her way around to face Mike. Getting into it more than she would like to admit, Brandi opened the blouse and let it fall to he waist, held on by her wrists. She wiggled her tasty looking tits at Mike and once more turning her back, let the blouse fall. Reaching behind her Brandi unhooked her bra, holding it up with arms crossed she turned to the front. Completely unaware that three cameras were recording her every move, Brandi peeled down the left side exposing the nipple. She did a pirouette, so fast Mike caught just the briefest glimpse of her nipple. All the time continuing to sway back and forth, Brandi peeled down the right side and with both nipples exposed turned. Mike was loving the show and watched enthralled as Brandi dropped the bra, letting it join the blouse. With a look that would do a professional proud Brandi reached up to cup her breasts and tease her hardening nipples. Horny now, Brandi slid the zipper of her skirt down and with little hesitation let it fall to the floor.

"Did you know this would get me so hot?" Brandi asked as she slid her hand down the outside of her panties and cupped her pussy.

"It'll make the rest of you punishment easier. Take off the panties and let me see your cunt," Mike said in the way of reply.

Brandi, needed no more encouragement. She once more turned away and with legs at shoulder width slid the pretty panties to her ankles. The lighting was perfect for the camera behind Mike to get a good shot of her cunt, hopefully the quality would allow for a digital zoom. Brandi stepped out of the panties with her left foot and turning around kicked them at Mike. The shot landed the panties in Mike's face, he reached up and holding them to his nose to in his first scent of this darling Womanchild.

"Good shot. I bet you couldn't do that again if you tried," he said. Lowering his hand and admiring her trimmed pussy.

"What's the bet?"

"If you make it, I fuck you and let you go home. If you don't make it you have to be my slave the whole weekend," Mike replied, tossing the panties at her feet.

"What do you mean by slave? I don't think I like that."

"I'll still finish your punishment for stealing the crystals, as well, you will do whatever I want until seven pm Sunday," Mike answered. "Is it a bet?"

"Your on." Four years of highschool soccer came down to this one shot. If she made it she would feel vindicated for the scholarship she didn't get. Brandi spun, the panties flew in a perfect arc, missing Mike's smiling face by a scant quarter- inch. He couldn't tell if the panties had touched his ear or if it was the air disturbed by it's passing.


"Maybe later. Right now come over here and let me get a good look at you," Mike said gently.

Brandi walked over to the seated man. Mike took Brandi's hip and moved her to the side. Running both hands up and down her hips, up to her stomach and finally to cup her breasts. The girl was shaking again in fear and anger, fear of what this man would now demand of her and anger for missing a chip shot. Mike gave her tits a squeeze then moved down her body, reaching around to cup her ass and pull her toward him.

"You missed on purpose, didn't you?" He asked. The girl's lust was obvious from the scent.

"No, I've played soccer for years. That should have been a easy goal."

"A pair of panties has different dynamics and flight characteristics than a soccer ball," Mike consoled the girl. "Now, lets see how wet you are."

With that Mike slid his hands to the front side of the quivering girl and rubbed his thumbs in her moist cunt. As Mike continued to fondle the girl, a gurgle sounded from her stomach, causing her to giggle and pull away.

"I didn't get lunch today. I was kinda indisposed," she said by way of explanation.

"Well, since your going to spend the weekend as my slave the least I could do is feed you. Lets see if we can find you some suitable clothes."

Mike got up and taking the girl by the hand started leading her to the front of the store.

"What's wrong with what I was wearing?" The girl asked.

"They're nice, but not appropriate for a slave."

The girl stopped suddenly at the door to the front.

"It's okay, the blinds are down. No one can see you."

Leading the girl to the school uniform section, Mike started looking at the plaid skirts. He figured that a sixth-grade skirt would fit this slim girl's waist and still be short enough for his plans. Picking out three different sizes he handed them to her and instructed her to try them on. Brandi could see that there was no way the first one would fit, even sucking in her stomach it was way to tight. Like the three bears, the second one she tried was too loose. The third one fit just right, at least for Mike, Brandi thought it was still a bit to tight. Now for a blouse.

"You're a B-cup right?" Mike asked.

"Yes, but the bras are over there," she said, pointing to the underwear section. "Along with underwear, if your not going to let me wear mine."

"No, no. No bra and no panties for my slave tonight. Try this one," he said, handing Brandi a obviously too small blouse.

Brandi slipped the blouse on and pulled it together to try and button it. "It's too small," she said with a smirk.

"Tie it. Let see how it fits that way," Mike replied, taking the bottom of the blouse he pulled the ends together and tied them below Brandi's tits. Rubbing the sides of her breasts Mike said, "Yes I think that fits just fine. Your shoes even match your skirt, besides I know we don't carry any that would look better. Lets go."

"I can't be seen wearing this. I'll die of embarrassment."

"It's dark outside, the shopping center is closed and no one you know will be where we're going," Mike assured her, once more leading her by the hand. He set the alarm and pushed the girl out the door.

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