The Mind Drug
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Heterosexual,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman research scientist discovers a psychotropic drug that massively increases libido, while removing all inhibition. This is her story and how she came to live her life going from one drug induced sex spree to another.

I'm Jennifer Browne, actually it's, Doctor Jennifer Browne. I obtained my PhD. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at King's College, London.

I prefer to be called Jenny or just Jen. My personal details are that, I'm twenty-six years old, five feet six tall, and I have longish dark hair, not quite black, which is an influence from my Italian mother. I have quite a good figure; well I think so, nice legs, slightly big bum and good boobs. They're not bra busters by any means, but a respectable 36-C. I've certainly had no complaints from boyfriends, or girlfriends in the past. I am bi sexual, but lean towards men most strongly. I have been told that I am quite pretty, in a Christina Ricci sort of way.

I work as a research scientist at one the UK's top pharmaceutical companies. The work I am engaged upon at the moment is in the effects of chemical agents on a specific area of the brain. The region under investigation is the Medial Preotpic Area, which seems to play a part in controlling aggression in animals, and possibly humans. I work mainly with rats and occasionally rabbits, injecting them with novel drugs and then measuring the levels of aggression with comparison to an untreated control group. The compounds I have been working with most recently are derivatives of naturally occurring chemicals. Serotonin is one and I have been combining it with another compound, phenethylamine. Both are known to have modifying effects on this particular region of the brain, but the literature is scant and much more research is needed, this is my task. The primary aim of the research, was to reduce the natural aggression found in rats, with the ultimate goal of producing a drug to act as a powerful, non-sedative, calmative in humans.

Yesterday, I synthesised a compound using a ligand and a keto group to produce a novel compound, I called this material, sample JB/SePh17. This meant that it was my compound, JB, my initials, and Serotonin/Phenethylamine sample#17. I had produced about three hundred milligrams in total of this drug. With the assistance of one of the laboratory technicians, Ian, I made up a saline solution containing fifty micrograms. I then added a weak radioisotope, Tritium, to label the drug to make it easier to find. I had established previously that this was a safe dose for the lab. rats we used. Together, Ian and I injected twelve rats from a sample of twenty-four mixed sex, the other ten would go untreated and act as the control group. Over a ten-hour period, the previous day, we had observed all twenty rats to establish a normal behavioural pattern. All elements of behaviour were logged, including feeding and drinking habits, and copulating and fighting.

From the first moment of injection at eight o'clock in the morning, Ian and I took it in turns to record any visible changes in behaviour of our rats. It became clear, quite early on that the drug was somewhat successful. The level of aggression seen was much reduced, by as much as sixty percent, however, another behavioural trait had increased. Whereas in the untreated and control groups, copulation events were recorded as roughly eighteen per twenty four-hour period; in the treated rats, it had escalated to about forty events in the same interval. Observations were usually made over a ten or twelve-hour period and the results extrapolated. Ian looked over my shoulder as I recorded yet more copulating and said,"Christ Jen, you've turned them in to a right bunch of randy buggers. They're at it non-stop." Although his assessment was less than scientific, it was no less accurate.

I realised that I had only solved one part of the problem while creating another. SePh17 wouldn't be much use as a calmative drug if the subject was turned in to raving nymphomaniac. I'd have to rethink the structure and try using another functional group, perhaps a carboxylic acid or an acetyl group. The next phase of the experiment was the part I disliked. It required that the rats be humanely killed and their brains excised. I left this part to Ian. With twelve rat brains dissected out, I set about the chore of removing the Medial Preoptic Areas and adding them to saline in a centrifuge tube. With the tissue spun down and separated it was then transferred to a scintillation counter where the proportion of labelled drug would be quantified. As I did this, Ian busied himself packaging up the rats for incineration, clearing up and storing the drug in the fridge.

By the time we'd finished, it was almost eight o'clock, such marathon stints were not uncommon in this line of research. I was exhausted and looking forward to getting home and having a long hot bath, and I was starving. Ian offered me some of his chocolate which I accepted gratefully. As Ian got ready to go, I thanked him for staying so late and got my jacket and bag from my office, the place was deserted. I put some folders away and shut down my iMac. It was then that I felt a strange warm feeling rising from deep within my belly. It was such an odd sensation one I wasn't sure when, or if I'd experienced it before. I stood by my desk trying to identify when I'd last felt this way. Then to my growing surprise, it dawned on me. It was the same feeling I experienced during sex, when I was aroused and ready to make love.

The feeling grew and grew, getting more and more powerful by the minute. I couldn't escape the obvious conclusion, I was becoming sexually aroused, and not just aroused, but incredibly horny. I leant against my filing cabinet trying to control the tremendous urge within me. Then I suddenly realised with shock that my hand, as if moved by someone else, had come to rest on my pubic area and was slowly moving against my crotch. I seemed to have, no willpower, no control over my fingers as they pressed and rubbed between my legs. I knew what I was doing, I was masturbating in my office, and yet I was powerless to stop myself. The feelings coming from my fanny were urgent, demanding, I couldn't leave myself alone. I just had to carry on until I'd satisfied my forceful craving for sexual gratification. Holding on to the cabinet with one hand, I slipped the other up my skirt and in to my panties. My fingers slithered down through the tangle of my pubic hair and then curled upwards in to my amazingly wet pussy. I pushed and probed with my long fingers, and was immediately rewarded with a buzz of pleasure that tingled throughout my belly. I rubbed and massaged my clit which felt as though it was it was going to inflame. A low groan escaped my throat as I rubbed and penetrated myself towards orgasm.

As my climax swelled and blossomed inside me, my guttural moans filled the room and I came completely and totally, feeling a sense of fulfilment that I'd never experienced before. The sound of Ian's voice startled me, I'd been caught in the act masturbating in my office. My mind struggled to comprehend what I was feeling. I should have been mortified, dying of embarrassment, but all I could be sure of was that I was still aroused. How could that be? "You all right Jen. I thought you were being ill in here?" I had my back to the door, I slowly turned to face him, withdrawing my hand from my knickers as I moved. Ian had a broad grin on his face, he knew exactly what I'd been doing, and yet I felt no shame, what was wrong with me?

"Oh I see Jen, needed a quick frig did you. I do that all the time. In fact, I fancy a quick wank now." I stared in a kind of bewildered fascination as he unzipped his jeans and extracted his erect cock. He held it in his slowly moving fist and said,"Not a bad size, eh Jen. Be a shame to waste it. Why don't you lift your skirt and drop your knickers for me?"

I was utterly amazed by my blasé attitude to what was happening and I couldn't fight the need to pull my panties down for him. It seemed to me to be the most natural thing to do. I lifted my skirt up to my waist and tugged my panties down to my knees, my legs seemed to open on their own. I was standing in my office, my knickers were around my knees, my legs were parted and all I could think of was having Ian's beautiful cock slide in to me.

Ian advanced towards me, he said,"Do you want it Jen? Do you want me to fuck you, right here right now?" My gaze flicked from his grinning face to his big stiff cock, I gasped,"Yes Ian, I want it now, please fuck me, please fuck me." In one step, Ian was against me, his cock thrust up in to my waiting cunt. I was instantly filled with a feeling of ecstasy, of bliss, of the purest kind of carnal pleasure. I groaned loudly,"Oh God yes, that's good... ohhhhhhh yes." Ian began to slowly drive in and out, I moaned with every thrust until he covered my mouth with his. Our tongues moved over each other like wet snakes and I felt his hands move up inside my blouse and tear at my bra. He began to quicken his pace, my arse was banging against the cold metal of the filing cabinet, and I was thrusting my hips down and towards him as he fucked me faster. His hands pawed at my tits, squeezing and pulling at my hard nipples. Another orgasm began to build quickly and relentlessly inside me, I reached around and pulled at his arse to pull him in deeper, the filing cabinet was rocking noisily as we fucked like wild animals against it. I dragged my mouth from his to scream out my pleasure and joy."Oh fuck... ohhhhh fuck... it's cumming, uhhhhh, it's uuuhhh cumming... cumming... cummmahhhh." The sensations roared and blasted throughout my whole body, I was shaking, and my legs felt like rubber as the immensely powerful orgasm overwhelmed me. Ian grunted and gasped as he climaxed and I felt his cock spasm as he shot his load of warm semen up inside my snatch.

The intensity of the sensations slowly began to diminish, and I experienced several smaller orgasms as my heightened libido began to return to normal levels. Ian was still thrusting up me, he ejaculated two or three more times, before we both finally stopped humping each other. My mind began to slowly clear as Ian withdrew his still erect and wet cock from me. The solid shaft was slick with a mixture of my juice and his own semen; the hair of his balls was matted with the thick goo. I could feel the sticky wet slime as it ran down my legs. I pulled up my knickers and slumped in to my chair, as Ian zipped himself up. I held my head in my hands, what the hell had gotten in to me? I'd never felt so intensely, uncontrollably horny before and then to shag a lab. tech. in my office. I was totally bewildered, it was if I had been hypnotised or drugged... shit. Could that be it? That somehow I'd ingested some of my own compound. It couldn't be, I was always so careful about safety. All the time I was synthesising the drug and handling the rats I'd been wearing gloves, safety specs and a Martindale mask. There was no way that I could have ingested the drug.

As if reading my mind, Ian, who was perched on the edge of my desk said, "Powerful stuff, that SePh 17 isn't it?" I raised my head and looked up in to his grinning face, why shouldn't he be grinning, I'd just let him shag me over and over again, when normally I'd wouldn't give him a second glance. I was still a little fuzzy, "What do you mean, powerful... Oh, you didn't Ian!? You didn't drug me? How?... Oh God, the chocolate. You put some on the chocolate didn't you? Oh, you bloody idiot, how much?"

"Relax Jen, it was only a couple of migs."

My mind was reeling, "A couple of milligrams! How did you know it was a safe dose?"

"Don't panic Jen. I just calculated the dosage on body mass. I gave you the equivalent of a nine stone rat. If it's any consolation, I took a couple of migs too. How do you think I was able to keep going for so long?" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, my emotions were in turmoil. He'd guessed my weight at nine stone, very flattering, I was in fact nearer ten stone. So in reality he'd underdosed me. I shuddered to think what I would have done if he'd given me the full amount. I tried to clear my mind, to focus my thoughts as a scientist and not as a woman. It was difficult, I was very much aware of the fluid seeping into my knickers, and Ian wasn't helping by sitting so close to me with a very noticeable bulge still in his jeans.

I stood up and moved away from the desk. "How could you do something so irresponsible Ian, so bloody dangerous? You could have poisoned us both, we don't know the toxicity of this stuff or the long-term effects. We kill the rats right after, who knows what the consequences might be?"

"Come on Jen, we're OK aren't we? We're not dead." Ian took a step towards me, in my current muddled state, I didn't know whether I wanted to fuck him or kill him. I stormed at him,"Fuck off out of here Ian, go home. I've got to think this through." Ian turned and walked out of the room. I wasn't doing a very good job of concentrating my thoughts, my mind kept recalling the untamed carnal desires and sensations I'd experienced only moments ago. One undeniable truth, one inescapable fact kept surfacing: I had enjoyed, even adored the experience that the drug had created, and I knew that I wanted to experience it again. The emotional high that my drug produced, seemed to carry no feeling of shame or guilt or even an awareness of the true depravity of my actions.

I picked up my coat and bag, locked up the lab. and headed home. I glanced at the clock, it was nearly eight-forty. Ian and I had been screwing, in my office, for what must have been twenty minutes. No one makes love continuously for that long, not normally anyway.

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