Friends & Lovers
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Spanking, Oral Sex, Food,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Josh and Lindsey have been best friends since they were 13 years old. Now Josh wants more. Lindsey isn't sure. Will Josh ever convince her they can be friends and lovers?

Have you ever had one of those days? You know the kind I mean. The day where everything goes wrong and you wish you'd stayed in bed? String several hundred of those days together and you have my life.


It's always something. I can't remember the last day I had where I didn't forget something, lose something, ruin something, or put my foot in my mouth in a most embarrassing manner. Today's crisis was my cell phone -- and the current lack thereof. I pawed frantically through my purse, stirring the contents in the vain hope my small, red phone would magically appear. My hair kept obscuring my vision so I grabbed an elastic band that churned to the surface and pulled my curly, brown locks up into a ponytail. My phone, sadly, was still nowhere in sight.

"Just what are you looking for in there?"

I was too distracted to pay much attention to the person asking the question, but it sounded like someone behind me. I didn't pause in my frantic search to look at the man I could now feel peering over my shoulder.

"My cell phone. It was here yesterday and now I can't find it. I've got to call Jen and let her know I can't make it."

My frantic search ended as a sudden vision of my phone, sitting on the coffee table at home, floated to the surface of my memory. I groaned at the realization that, once again, my day was going straight into the dumper.

"Here, use mine."

A large hand, rough and callused, appeared in my field of vision. I took the cell phone he offered, shot him a grateful smile and quickly called Jen. I was supposed to meet her an hour ago for lunch. Needless to say, I wasn't going to make it. After explaining the situation and listening to her laugh at me for a full minute, I hung up and returned the phone to the man standing there beside me.

He was grinning like a buffoon, looking at me expectantly. Something about him was vaguely familiar but I couldn't seem to put my finger on it. No time today for mysteries, say thanks and move on.

"I've got to go. Thanks for letting me use your phone." I turned to continue on my way. If I hurried I might have enough time to grab a slice of pizza before heading to the dry cleaners.

"Lindsey! You're not just going to walk away from me, are you?"

I turned in exasperation and stopped dead in my tracks. Wait a minute, he knew my name. How did he know my name? I looked at the man who was smiling at me and actually saw him for the first time. He was tall, maybe 6'4", dark black hair, beautiful olive skin, with the most incredible brown eyes, very Mediterranean looking. It was the eyes that drew me in -- and that smile. I knew that smile, I was sure of it. Damn it, why couldn't I make my brain work?

"I know it's been a long time, Lin, but surely you haven't forgotten me?" His smile changed to a scowl, one eyebrow quirked much higher than the other. It was the eyebrow that did it. Something in my head clicked and suddenly I knew who I was looking at.

"Josh? Is it really you?"

His answering smile was all the confirmation I needed. With a yelp, I launched myself into his arms. He caught me and swung me around as I laughed in delight.

"It's about time, Lindsey. I've been standing here for ten minutes. I didn't think you were ever going to recognize me!"

"Jesus, Josh, you've grown at least eight inches since the last time I saw you, not to mention the weight you lost. You don't look like my Josh anymore."

"I had a growth spurt in college. I didn't lose any weight, just grew into it I guess. I'm not the only one who's changed. I almost didn't recognize you with shorter hair and boobs."

"Very long hair is a pain in the ass and you're not the only one who had a growth spurt."

I pulled, rather self-consciously, on my tight tee shirt. Normally I was kind of proud of my boobs, but I wasn't sure I wanted Josh scrutinizing them. Having a guy you think of as your brother checking out your chest is just a little icky.

"So how the heck are you? It's been what -- four, five years since the last time I saw you?"

Quickly, I thought back to the last time I had seen Josh. It must have been the summer after sophomore year in college; we'd been out of school three years now. Oh my god, it really had been five years.

"I'm okay, Josh. Busy. You know how it is. I would love to catch up with you but I'm late as usual and I have to get these errands run today. Do you have an email address or something you can give me and maybe we can get together later?"

"Same old Lindsey -- always on the run. Do you have anything scheduled for this evening?" I quickly thought about my schedule and shook my head no.

"Then let's have dinner tonight, okay? I'll order in a bunch of our favorites and we can eat at my place. Seven work for you?"

I agreed and we went about exchanging phone numbers and email addresses. He gave me a card with his home address on it, told me jeans were fine, and to bring my appetite. I gave him a quick hug and promised to be on time. His skeptical smile mocked my promise of punctuality as I hurried on my way to the dry cleaners.

I spent the rest of that Saturday scurrying around, trying to get my "To Do" list down to a reasonable size again. Josh was never far from my thoughts. It was strange running into him after so long. He had changed so much from the Josh I remembered.

Josh and I had met in junior high. He had attended the local Catholic school for elementary school, but transferred to the public school for junior high and high school. We met in homeroom that first day of seventh grade and became friends pretty quickly. How could we not, when we shared almost every single class and were seated in alphabetical order. Joshua Horton and Lindsey James were right next to each other on every teacher's roster.

It was more than that though. We were friends because we were kindred spirits. We shared the same sense of humor, loved the same types of books and music, and neither one of us fit in with the really popular group. Josh had always been average looking and awkward, where I was tall for a girl, completely undeveloped in the chest area, and did my best to remain unnoticed by the rest of the world. It wasn't long before we were best friends. We told each other everything and spent every free moment together. It was never romantic and whenever one of our other friends made such a suggestion, we both grimaced. It would be like kissing my brother -- completely gross.

Our friendship was the most important thing to both of us. Our romantic relationships with others never seemed to last. We were more interested in talking with each other than with whom we were dating. It was sad but true. It was during college that we started to grow apart. We went to different schools in different states. Busy schedules, limited funds, and limited time always seemed to make phone calls impossible. During our junior year in college, Josh's family had moved out of town. Even our summer reunions were a thing of the past after that and our friendship became a casualty of distance and neglect.

That evening, I was running late, as usual. Thankfully, both of my roommates were out, so I could rush around our tiny apartment without disturbing anyone. Determined to keep my promise and arrive on time, I pulled on a clean pair of jeans, my favorite cardigan, and hurried into the bathroom. I checked my face in the mirror and decided I just didn't have time for the war paint. Josh would remember that I hated wearing make-up anyway, so why bother? My shoulder length, dark brown hair only needed a little fluffing for the soft, loose curls to perk up. Same hazel eyes as always, never the true green I yearned for. It was time to go if I was going to be there by seven. After flicking out the lights, I headed downstairs to catch a cab for the ride across town.

I dug the card Josh had given me out of my purse and gave the address to the driver. As the cab moved across the city I studied Josh's card: JWH Designs, Custom Woodworking and Restoration.

Woodworking? Josh? He had always messed around with tools and wood as a teenager. I remembered the time when Josh had drafted me into helping him strip the oak trim in his parents' dining room. For me, it had been a miserable weekend of sweaty, backbreaking labor. Josh loved it, every single minute of it. I shook my head, hardly surprised he had made a career of it.

The cab pulled up in front of a huge warehouse near the waterfront. This area of the city was undergoing a transformation as individuals and businesses bought up the old warehouses and converted them into lofts and storefronts. Josh had always been two steps ahead of the pack: it made sense that he was living here. The warehouse looked to be still in the process of refurbishment, but the potential was there. I paid the cab driver and made my way to the door. Before I could put my finger on the buzzer, the door swung open and I was engulfed in a huge bear hug.

"Lindsey! I was half afraid you were going to cancel on me. I can't tell you how happy I was to see that cab pull up." I swear he was trying to squish me to death.

"Josh, let go. My ribs can't take anymore."

Finally, the pressure on my ribs eased as Josh stepped back from me. His hands didn't release me. Instead they slid to my shoulders as he bent and dropped a kiss on my lips. Okay, what the heck was that all about? Josh never kissed me on the lips. Cheek, yes -- lips, no. Before I could decide what was going on, Josh released me and started pulling me towards the stairs.

"C'mon, dinner's getting cold and I'm hungry."

"You never change. My mom used to shudder when she heard you were coming over. You always managed to empty the fridge."

"Hey, I was a growing boy. What did she expect? At least I got rid of the leftovers."

The stairs were killing me and Josh just kept climbing like some energizer bunny on steroids.

"Hey, how about a tour?"

Maybe he would stop and give me a chance to breathe. Josh was not fooled for an instant.

"Food first, tour later. It's only a few more flights."

At my groan, he scooped me up into his arms and continued bounding up the stairs. I'm ashamed to say I shrieked like a girl.

"Joshua Horton! Put me down this instant!"

Josh just laughed at my demand and continued climbing. I lost count of how many sets of steps he climbed but it wasn't long before he set me down outside a huge steel door.

Geez, he wasn't even winded. Just how strong was he? I looked at his lean form and marveled at the strength he had just exhibited. Gone were the days of ordinary, awkward, Josh. The man standing in front of me was completely unexpected and I was unsettled at the difference. He caught me looking and grinned as he opened the door. The grin did it. That was the Josh I knew, and I relaxed as he led me inside.

"You know that an elevator would be useful..."

My voice trailed off as I stepped through the door and into Josh's loft. It was, in a word, stunning. Rooted in place, I turned to look at the enormous, open interior. Pale oak floors, mixed with gleaming stainless steel accents and warm, rich colors combined to make Josh's loft worthy of some fancy magazine. The view of the waterfront from the wall of windows was just as amazing as the loft itself.

"The old elevator was dangerous. The new one is due to be installed any time now."

"Your place is amazing, Josh, truly amazing."

"Thanks. I did most of the work myself. It took me a long time. I did our old smorgasbord thing for dinner. I hope that's okay."

Josh pointed to a low table in front of the sofa. Chinese food, pepperoni pizza, and hot wings, all of our old favorites were there. My stomach rumbled audibly and Josh laughed.

"Sit. I'll go get us a couple of beers and we can dig in."

We spent the next couple of hours eating and talking, catching up on the years we had missed together. After dinner, Josh gave me a tour of his loft and the one directly across from it. The one across the hall was mostly unfinished, encompassing his workroom and office, while the loft he lived in was a completely finished three-bedroom, two-bath work of art.

"Josh, how can you afford this? It's huge and your workroom is the same."

"My grandfather owns the building. He doesn't want anything to do with it and was going to tear it down. I explained about the growth in this area and convinced him to keep it. I agreed to move in and oversee the renovations in exchange for the top floor. When it's done and ready for tenants, a full time manager will be hired to take care of the rental section, but I hold clear title to these two lofts."

"Do you have any idea how lucky you are? My apartment would fit in a corner of this place and I have two roommates. Not to mention the view you have -- I'm so jealous."

"I know how lucky I am. Thank god the zoning allows me to have my workroom here too. I don't even want to think how much rent I'd be paying for that space somewhere else."

I continued to grumble about his good fortune as he showed me around his loft. After spending a few more hours talking about his work, my pitiful job, and our lives in general, I called a cab to take me home. Josh walked me down to the cab. Before I could climb inside, Josh enfolded me in a warm hug and rested his chin on the top of my head.

"Hey, Lindsey? You know I'm not losing you again, right?" The soft question brought a smile to my face.

"I'm not going anywhere, Josh. I've missed you too much to let you go twice."

"I'm glad that's settled. I'll call you tomorrow."

He drew away and dropped another kiss on my lips before helping me into the cab. The whole way home I tried to decide why I could still feel his lips on mine. After all, Josh was just my friend -- right?

Yes, Josh called the next day-- and the day after. Then I called him. Soon it was as if we'd never lost track of each other. We talked on the phone everyday and saw each other every few days. Josh would have to leave the city every so often on business, but he always made sure I knew where he was going and when he'd be back. My roommates teased me about my new "boyfriend" and Jen wanted to know when she was going to meet him. My explanation of "we're just friends" was mostly ignored by my roommates and by Josh. He never failed to hold my hand during our outings and he continued his new habit of dropping kisses on my mouth unexpectedly. He didn't push the matter and I came to expect this new habit of his, though I still didn't think of him as my boyfriend.

Josh was due home from another of his business trips, so after work I headed to his place. After picking up his mail and ordering dinner for the two of us, I curled up on his couch to wait. I have no idea how long I slept before Josh shook me awake.

"Hey sleepyhead, wake up. Dinner's here." Josh tousled my hair and pulled me to my feet to help with dinner.

"When did you get here?" I didn't remember him coming home or the food delivery. Just how long had I been out?

"About 20 minutes ago. It's a good thing because the delivery guy was getting a little upset."

I groaned at my lapse. "Josh, I'm sorry. I don't know what happened. I sat down to wait for the food and the next thing I know, you're waking me up. One of my co-workers has been out with the flu, so I've been working late trying to keep everything caught up."

"Lindsey, why do you work in that cube farm? I'll never understand how someone with your creativity and talent ended up in one of those terrible places."

"It pays the rent. How else am I supposed to earn a living?"

"If I remember correctly, you're a gifted writer, an amazing photographer, and the quilts you used to make belong in a gallery. Take your pick."

The laugh bubbled out of me before I could stop it. "You can't be serious. Josh, I haven't done any of those things since college. The last time I picked up a camera was for one of my classes. There's no way for me to make a living doing that."

Josh tossed me a look of disbelief before he walked to a group of photos he had hung on the wall. He pulled one down and brought it to me.

"Look at that and tell me what you see."

Puzzled, I looked at him in confusion before looking at the picture in my hands. It was a portrait of Josh, his brother, Mark, and his sister, Pam. I had taken the picture outside of their parents' house after completing my first photography class.

"My parents treasure that picture, Lindsey. They took it to a lab and had it blown up. It hangs over their fireplace. They had copies made for my grandparents and all of my relatives. It's one of the few things they took with them when their house caught fire last year. Look at it and see it for what it is. It's not just a picture you took. It's an incredible portrait of us that reflects our individuality, yet expresses our bond as a family. Do you realize how rare it is for a photographer to capture that?"

I looked from the picture to Josh in amazement. His eyes bored into mine, alight with the fire he generally reserved for his own work.

"You need to get back to this, Lindsey. I know you love it. It was your major, for crying out loud. Why not pursue it and do something you love, rather than killing yourself in that dead-end job?"

"There wasn't exactly a flood of job openings for a photographer when I graduated. I took the job in the cube farm to tide me over until something better came along. I never did find something better and it pays the bills, so I've stayed."

"Then don't work for someone else, open your own studio and freelance. You could move in here, God knows I've got the room. There's plenty of unused space in the other loft for you to put in a studio and darkroom. You wouldn't even have to pay rent."

I know my mouth was hanging open. My own studio? I hadn't ever allowed myself that dream.

"Promise me you'll think about it, Lindsey. You deserve better than that boring data entry job."

It was the easiest promise I ever made.

Think about it, I did. Constantly. Obsessively. I bought equipment catalogs and made lists of material and supplies I would need. I ran startup cost projections by the dozens. I researched the market and tried to decide whether I could really do it. Most importantly, I dug my cameras out and started using them again.

I couldn't believe how good the weight of the camera felt in my hands, how beautiful the world looked through that viewfinder. My technique was rusty but the joy photography gave me came through clearly in the shots I took. Josh was right; I needed to do this. But how? I still wasn't sure I could make it work.

A couple of weeks after that conversation with Josh, one of my roommates announced she needed to talk to Jen and me.

Jen, Barb, and I had all been living together since we graduated from college. Barb and Jen were both blonde and beautiful. I always felt mousy around them. Barb had been dating her boyfriend, Andrew, for about a year. Jen, always something of a flirt, had a new guy each week. As different as we were, we got along well and had very few problems in the years we had been living together. I knew instinctively something was up. Jen was as antsy as I was. We exchanged a significant look as we settled on the sofa in front of Barb.

Barb didn't keep us waiting. Her news was wonderful and it burst from her immediately. She was moving in with Andrew when our lease was up next month. Jen and I jumped up and down, excited beyond measure and so happy for Barb. Andrew was perfect for her. It wasn't until later that it hit us both. With Barb gone, we would have to pick up her share of the rent or consider moving ourselves. After talking about it some, we decided to think on it for a few days before making a decision.

The next day, I mentioned Barb's news to Josh during our daily phone conversation. Needless to say, I was a little surprised at his reaction. I've never heard someone whoop with delight over the phone before.

"Just what is so great about this?"

I could not keep the ice from my tone. Personally, I was less than happy at the prospect of trying to find a new roommate, or worse yet, having to move.

"Don't you get it, Lindsey? This is your chance. Move in with me. We'll build you a studio and a darkroom in the other loft. You can use all the money you'll save on rent and utilities for equipment. Start packing. You're moving in here at the end of the month."

"No Josh. I will not sponge off you."

"Fine, you can pay for groceries if it makes you feel better. You're over here all the time anyway. You already have a key. It makes perfect sense. I'm not taking no for an answer, Lin."

We fought about it for a while longer, but the more we talked, the clearer it became. Josh was right. This was my chance to do something with my life. After getting him to agree to split some of the other expenses, I agreed to move in. Now I just had to tell Jen.

She took it pretty well. She didn't scream. She didn't yell. A look of sheer terror crossed over her face at the thought of trying to find two new roommates or a new apartment in less than two months. Other than that, Jen held it together pretty well. I could see the panic lurking behind her eyes and I felt awful to be the cause of it. I called Josh and gave him the report.

I was in my bedroom, talking quietly to Josh. I was hoping to keep Jen from hearing and possibly upsetting her further. No such luck. Have I mentioned I can't ever do anything right? Jen heard me. She came charging into my bedroom, her temper at full boil.

"Is that Josh? Are you talking to him right now?"

Holy crap, was Jen mad! Her blue eyes flashed and her normally cheerful tone was completely replaced with anger and frustration. Startled, and a little frightened of her in that moment, I admitted I was indeed talking to Josh. She strode over to the bed and ripped the phone out of my hand.

"Hello Josh, this is Jennifer. Since you've managed to deprive me of my only remaining roommate and my best friend all at the same time, the least you can do is meet me for a beer. Be at The Bullfrog in a half an hour."

She didn't even give him a chance to reply, just threw the phone back at me and said, "We're leaving in ten minutes. You're buying."

I watched as she stormed out of my room, slamming the door behind her.

"Josh? Are you okay with this?"

"I think I'd better be. She didn't give me a choice."

The Bullfrog was a popular bar and brewery in town. Jen and I would go there every few weeks; more for the fantastic food than the brews. Don't get me wrong, the beer was great-- but they served the best hot wings on the planet. It was Friday night and the place was packed as Jen and I made our way along the bar. I could see Josh sitting about halfway down, placing an order with Roy, the head bartender. Jen and I knew Roy casually and I breathed a sigh of relief. Roy always made sure that everyone had a good time. Josh glanced up and beckoned us down to where he had managed to grab three seats together.

"Well, is he here?" Jen was calmer now, but there was still an edge to her tone.

"Yeah. C'mon, I'll introduce you."

We waded through the mass of people and finally managed to grab the seats Josh had saved us. Josh dropped his customary hello kiss on my lips before I had a chance to introduce him.

"Jen, this is Josh. Josh, this is Jen."

They studied each other long enough that I began to worry. Josh looked as though he had been working. Sawdust sprinkled his hair and his clothes had seen better days. Jen took her sweet time looking him over. Finally, she broke the silence between them.

"It's nice to meet you. I hate your guts, but it's nice to meet you."

Jen's poker face was pretty good, only the small glint in her eye gave her away. Yes, she was upset but she wasn't above teasing him too. Josh, ever observant, caught on immediately and decided to play along.

"You hate my guts? Why?"

"First you stole my best friend. Lindsey and I used to do everything together, tell each other everything. Now she's always at your place and she doesn't tell me anything about what's going on with you two. Today you stole my last remaining roommate, too. It was bad enough that my shopping buddy was MIA, but now I won't ever get to see her."

"Tell you what -- I promise to grant you visitation rights, but only if you promise to stop hating me."

She appeared to consider his words. "Visitation rights are good, but what about shopping privileges?"

"I might agree to shopping, but only if you're paying and Lindsey can come along too." Josh winked at me as he waited for Jen's reaction.

"You know I meant shopping with Lindsey, not you, but you've got a deal."

Josh laughed as he shook her hand and the tension between them dissipated. I moved to sit down between them and Jen shoved me to the side. I took the hint and put Josh in the middle just as Roy served us a platter of hot wings and three beers. With a cheery wink and a wave, Roy moved on to other customers and we all sat down to eat.

Jen and Josh spent the next hour getting to know each other. She made the occasional bitter quip for the first twenty minutes or so but her normally chipper outlook eventually returned as she declared Josh an okay guy. The wings were delicious and we washed them down with plenty of beer. Jen must have thought Josh was more than okay. She was definitely flirting with him. I've seen her in action and there was no doubt about it, Jen was on the make. I didn't like the uneasy feeling I had as I watched them flirt, so I concentrated on the food.

We ordered another plate of wings and quickly devoured those too. Josh was quick to signal the barkeep when one of us needed a fresh beer and I could feel my head begin to buzz. The wings were delicious, but messy. My fingers were greasy and dripping with hot sauce. I looked around for my napkin but it was nowhere to be found. Jen pointed out my predicament.

"Hey, Josh, look at Lin. She's covered in sauce."

"It's not my fault. My napkin is lost."

Josh laughed at me. "C'mere, I'll help you out."

He wiped his own hands and plucked me off the stool. I settled in his lap with my back against the bar and my legs on either side of his. He lifted my hand, dripping with hot sauce, to his mouth. With one long stroke of his tongue, he cleaned the sauce running down the heel of my hand to my wrist. I froze in his lap as he licked my hand clean -- sucking each of my fingers into his mouth and lapping the hot sauce off. Every time his tongue touched my skin, I felt a new curl of desire in my gut.

Jen watched us avidly, licking her own lips as Josh cleaned my hand. As he picked up my other hand, Josh noticed her too. Silently, he held my hand to her lips. After flicking a questioning glance in my direction, her eyes locked on his. Jen opened her mouth and licked my hand clean. Her tongue felt different -- softer. What the hell was happening? I didn't know and the beer convinced me I didn't care.

As Jen cleaned my hand, Josh leaned in and kissed me. Not his usual peck on the lips, a honest-to-goodness boy-girl kiss. The glowing ember of desire surged into a flame as his lips moved over mine. I felt his lips open and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I moaned as our tongues danced, lost in sensation, when I felt Josh pull away. I opened my eyes and watched as Jen turned him towards her and kissed him the same way he had just kissed me. She made a purring noise in her throat as Josh kissed her and I waited impatiently for it to be my turn again. As Josh pulled back from Jen, Roy tapped me on the shoulder.

"Are ya'll here together?"

Wordlessly, I nodded. Josh and Jen turned to look at us, so I introduced Roy to Josh. After shaking hands with Josh, Roy flashed a smile of pure devilment.

"You guys up for some fun?"

Josh and Jen and I all exchanged a look. Yes, we were up for some fun.

"What do you have in mind?" Josh wanted specifics.

"If the ladies wouldn't mind, I thought we could put them up here on the bar and let everyone do some body shots."

Josh looked at us for an answer. Jen shrugged before climbing off her stool and up onto the bar.

"C'mon, Lindsey, it'll be fun. I did this once in Cancun."

Jen sounded like she knew what to expect. I hadn't ever done body shots and wasn't sure what I was getting into, but with the buzz I had going, I was game for anything. I nodded to Josh and he lifted me up on the bar.

Roy whooped and told everyone to make room, body shots coming up -- $6 a shot. The other patrons quickly cleared the bar off. Roy had us lie down, heads together, feet facing opposite directions on the bar. He told Josh to get me ready while he poured the shots. I looked at Josh in confusion. Jen was doing something but I couldn't see what.

Josh untucked my tee shirt and gently pulled it up so that everything below my bra was exposed. When he reached for the snap of my jeans, I grabbed his hand.

"What are you doing?"

"Lindsey, I have to open your jeans or they're going to get soaked. They're going to pour the tequila on your navel and lick it up. Trust me, it will be fun."

I let go of his hand and Josh opened my jeans. He pulled the fly apart and rolled the waistband down to the top of my panties. Roy set a container of lime and lemon wedges under my right hand and handed me a salt shaker. He handed Josh a shot.

"They're your girls, so you get one on the house. Show her what's going to happen."

Josh nodded and turned to me to explain, "After they pay, Roy will give them a shot of tequila. Take a wedge, hold the rind in your teeth, and hand them the salt shaker."

I put a lime wedge in my mouth and handed Josh the salt. Josh took his shot and poured it over my navel. The tequila wasn't cold but the wet tickled a little. Josh leaned over and licked me just below where the liquor was pooled on my stomach. A jolt passed though my body as his tongue made contact with my skin. He pulled away and poured some salt on the wet patch he created. After handing me the shaker, Josh licked the salt from my skin and moved to lick up the tequila pooled on my belly. I squirmed as his tongue licked the liquid from my skin, creating sensations I never thought I would feel with Josh. When he licked up the last of the tequila, Josh leaned over my face and sucked on the lime in my mouth, our lips just barely touching. With a gentle tug, he pulled the wedge from my teeth and tossed it in a convenient trash container. His brown-eyed gaze bored into me as he leaned over and kissed me passionately for the second time that evening.

"Are you okay with this?" he whispered.

"Just stay nearby, okay?"

I searched his face and saw him nod in acceptance. There was just enough room between my head and Jen's for Josh to sit on the bar between us. Roy saw him climb up and signaled his approval. I turned my head to see a line forming near Jen and a similar one near me. Roy and the other bartender were pouring shot after shot of tequila along the bar and taking money by the handfuls. Jen craned her head around to look at me and smiled. She blew Josh and me a kiss then placed a lemon wedge in her mouth and motioned for the first guy in line to step up. I took that as my cue and placed a wedge in my own teeth. With a wave, I motioned to the first guy in my line and the fun began.

Each guy was different -- some licked my wrist, some licked my ribs. Most of them licked me low on the belly, just above my panties. I even had two girls come through and do a shot on me. One guy tried to cup my breast, but Josh grabbed his hand before it could land and warned him off. He did the same for Jen whenever someone tried to get grabby with her.

I lost count of how many shots they did on me. The constant licking was driving me crazy. I could feel my own pulse throbbing in my neck. My nipples were hard and my panties were soaked with my own juices. The bar was getting uncomfortable, and my growing horniness wasn't helping. I wiggled around trying to ease the pressure on my back. Josh and the bartenders noticed. Roy called a halt as Josh helped Jen and me up off the bar. A round of applause and whistles went up as Jen and I took a bow then headed for the ladies room to clean up.

We were both a mess, sticky with saliva and salt and booze. Jen grabbed some paper towels and wet them down with soap and water. Instead of using them on herself, she moved to me and gently soaped my exposed skin. Carefully, she cleaned me, making sure to get all of the mess off. Her touch was gentle and exciting.

"Jen, what's going on with us tonight?"

"I don't know, Lindsey, but I don't want it to stop either. Can we just enjoy it -- just for tonight?"

Her face was a study of hesitation and desire. I felt the same way, confused and curious. She finished washing me and I returned the favor, soaping and rinsing her skin. Jen stretched up and placed a gentle kiss on my lips as I finished. Her lips were soft and tender as they moved over mine.

"C'mon, your boyfriend is waiting for us."

We pulled our shirts down and zipped our jeans before heading out the door. Jen held my hand in hers as we walked back to the bar. Josh and Roy smiled as we sat down.

"Here. Josh got a shot earlier but you two deserve one for being such good sports."

Roy shoved two shot glasses full of tequila over to Jen and me. With an impish smile, Jen handed a lemon wedge to Josh. Josh placed it in his teeth as Jen grabbed his wrist and licked it. She salted his wrist, licked it again and knocked back the shot before sucking the fruit Josh held in his mouth. When she was done, he looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

"Well? Your turn, Lindsey."

I handed him a lime and undid the top four buttons on his shirt. Damned if I was going to lick his wrist. Josh's chest was hard with long planes of muscle showing under his skin. I ran my hands over him before settling on a spot right next to one of his broad, flat nipples. I licked his chest and quickly shook salt over the spot. I looked into his eyes as I licked the salt from his skin, dragging my tongue over his abruptly hard nub. The shot burned all the way down my throat as I stood on tiptoe to suck the lime Josh held in his teeth. Josh wrapped one arm around me and held me tight against him. He removed the lime from his mouth and crushed me in a kiss that sent the room spinning around me. The feel of his tongue sliding against mine and his cock growing hard under my thigh only served to drive me higher. As Josh pulled away, Jen handed me a beer.

"Here, drink. He'll need a minute before we can leave."

Jen winked as she said it and started to drink her own beer. Josh groaned and released me, grabbing the beer Jen handed him and downing it with long swallows. I followed their lead and upended my bottle, savoring the cold, yeasty taste that was so different from the tequila. When my beer was gone, I handed Roy my credit card to settle our tab. He winked when he handed it back.

"Ya'll come back now, ya hear? And don't do anything tonight I wouldn't do."

The three of us grinned and made our way outside to catch a cab. Settled in the back of the cab with Josh between us, Jen and I cuddled up close and spent the short ride to his place teasing him with kisses and small caresses. Josh groaned when I rubbed the hard lump in his jeans and grabbed my hand, holding it firmly in his own.

"You're going to pay for that, you little witch, just as soon as we get home."

His whispered threat gave me shivers. Josh paid the cabbie and we all raced to the newly installed elevator, anxious to get to his loft. We burst through his door, giggling and playing grab-ass like a bunch of teenagers. Josh grabbed me and pulled me up against him as Jen looked on and laughed.

"You think you're pretty cute, don't you -- teasing me in the cab, rubbing me until I'm so damn hard it hurts. You're about to find out how it feels to be on the receiving end of that, you little witch. Don't you think she needs to learn not tease, Jen?"

"Oh yes, I agree."

"I was making tea when you called. The honey should still be there on the counter. Why don't you grab it and we can use it on the witch."

I squeaked in protest but Josh and Jen were completely deaf to my pleas. Jen grabbed the cute little bear squeeze bottle containing the honey as Josh pulled me along behind him and into his bedroom. He pulled my tee shirt over my head and opened the front clasp of my bra. Cupping my exposed breasts, he rubbed my nipples lightly with his thumbs before he slid the bra from my body and pushed me backwards onto the bed. Jen reached for the snap on my jeans and peeled them off as Josh pulled me towards the center of the bed. Once he had me settled, Josh climbed out of the bed and helped Jen to undress before removing his own clothes.

Jen crawled up beside me and uncapped the bottle of honey. She knelt over me and began dripping the honey on my breasts, creating lazy swirls and spirals in thin, sticky threads. Josh, naked and hard, climbed into the bed on my other side and settled his long length against me. Propped up on one elbow, he captured me in another room-spinning kiss as Jen set the honey aside. As Josh pulled away from me, Jen leaned over and licked the small drop of honey clinging to my left nipple. I moaned softly at the touch of her tongue as it delicately scraped over my erect bud. Ignoring my moan, Jen drew Josh towards her and traced his lips with her honey-coated tongue. I could see traces of the honey on his lips as they came together in a passionate kiss above me. The sight of my two best friends, mouths mating wildly, caused my own body to pulse and throb.

As they broke their kiss, Josh whispered something I couldn't hear and together they turned towards me. They each captured one of my hands and pulled my arms further from my body. Smiling secretively, they settled down next to me on top of my arms so that I couldn't move, couldn't touch either of them. Together they started to lick the honey from my breasts, pausing every so often to share a kiss. The feel of their tongues on my breasts was driving me crazy. My nipples began to ache and I moaned, begging for them to be sucked. Josh and Jen continued their oral assault on my breasts, careful never to touch my nipples, licking the honey from my skin until I was flushed and panting. They shared another hot kiss and then looked at me.

"Have you learned your lesson, little witch? Do you understand why it's not nice to tease?"

Josh's husky question pierced my passion-fogged senses. I would have agreed to anything at that point if only they would touch me again.

"Yes, yes, yes, I understand. I'm sorry, Josh. Please."

"Please what, Lindsey?"

"Please suck on my nipples. Please kiss me. Please let me touch you."

"Has she learned her lesson, Jen?"

Jen looked at me, pausing to consider before she nodded her head in agreement. Moving as one, they leaned down and each sucked one of my nipples into their mouths. The sensation was exquisite. Someone was fondling my damp mound and I spread my legs to allow a soft, smooth finger to caress me. As Jen's finger circled my clit, Josh rubbed two of his rough, calloused fingers up and down my dripping slit before sliding them inside me. I moaned and bucked against their fingers as they drove me over the edge. I could feel Jen bite down on my nipple as my pussy began to spasm around Josh's thrusting fingers. Mindlessly, I moaned and yelped as my orgasm crashed over me, leaving me panting and shuddering in its wake.

Josh rolled over onto me and drove his cock deep inside my dripping pussy. I wiggled in surprise as Josh asked Jen to let my arm go. She moved off me as Josh started thrusting into me. It felt fabulous. I started lifting my hips to meet his, urging him to go deeper.

"Sweet Lindsey, you drive me crazy."

Josh's voice was rough with passion. His mouth covered mine as he rolled us over so that I was on top. His lips teased mine, nibbling and licking before sliding his tongue into my mouth. He tasted of beer and honey, an exotic combination. I moaned against him and moved to sit up, driving his cock in me to the root.

"Jennifer, come here."

Josh grabbed Jen's hand and dragged her up to his head. He kissed her too and then had her straddle his face. With a groan, she settled over his mouth. I could see his tongue go to work on her damp mound. Watching them was almost as wonderful as riding up and down on Josh's thick, hard cock. My eyes traveled up Jen's body and locked on hers. She was flushed and panting as she moved against Josh's tongue and chin. Instinctively, we leaned toward each other and started kissing. Her breasts were small and firm under my fingers as I tweaked her nipples gently. Josh's cock was grinding against my clit, sending waves of pleasure through my body. Once again, I could feel my orgasm building and I released Jen to concentrate on my own pleasure.

Increasing the pace, I started slamming myself up and down on the shaft that impaled me. I could hear Josh groan as I started clamping my muscles on him in time with my downward motion. He started moving with me, thrusting upwards into my wet interior. Jen started shrieking and moaning, telling us both that she was reaching her own peak. Her cries excited me, pushing me closer to my own release. Hot spurts started firing inside me as Josh bucked against me, groaning as his cock flooded me. Twisting and bouncing, I ground him inside me as my orgasm ripped through me. Sweaty and limp, I collapsed beside Josh and tried to catch my breath. Jen lifted her head to smile at me and I knew that the night held a lot more in store for us.

My eyes felt gritty and I had the most vile taste in my mouth. My head was throbbing as I tried to figure out where I was. The weak morning light filtering through the curtains was almost unbearable. I lay there in a tangle of bodies and tried to decide how I was going to get out of bed. Josh was wrapped around my left side and Jen around my right, arms and legs thrown over me, all of us naked. I tugged gently, which only increased the throbbing in my head. In frustration and growing urgency, I pulled myself free of them and crawled to the end of the bed. Stumbling over the footboard, I quickly made my way to bathroom where my stomach heaved its contents into the first available receptacle.

I stood leaning over the sink when Josh came into the bathroom. Gently, he rubbed my back and held my head as I finished.

"Let's get you into the shower. It'll make you feel better."

I didn't want a shower. I wanted the pounding in my head to stop. As if reading my mind, Josh handed me two Tylenol and a small glass of water. I rinsed my mouth and swallowed the aspirin while Josh started the shower. It was huge, with multiple shower heads and a large, overhead rainfall. The hot water was soothing as it cascaded over my body. I stood there and tried to will away the nausea and the headache. Strong arms wrapped around my waist as Josh joined me under the spray. I leaned back against him and remembered more bits and pieces of the night before: Jen and I licking Josh's cock together, taking turns sucking on it until he erupted -- then licking the cum off each other; Josh taking Jen from behind as she licked me to another gentle orgasm; sharing long, slow, wet kisses with Josh until we fell asleep wrapped around each other.

Did we really do all of that? Oh, what a mess. I groaned at the extent of my own debauchery. How in the hell was I going to fix this? The Lindsey James curse strikes again: "how to screw up your life with beer and tequila, part one". Josh heard my groan and had no problem identifying the reason.

"After Jen wakes up, Lindsey. There's no point worrying about it just yet."

With a soft kiss on my neck, Josh released me and reached for the soap. Tenderly, he washed me, careful not to jostle me and aggravate my hangover. The Tylenol must have been helping because my nausea was almost gone. Never again, I vowed. I will never get drunk again.

Yeah, right.

Josh was washing my hair. His fingers gently massaged my scalp, helping to sooth my pounding head. With a gentle push, he put me back under the spray and rinsed me off.

"Go get dressed. I'll make up some breakfast when I'm done."

Numbly I nodded and stepped out of the shower. After drying off, I went in search of my clothes. Faugh, what a stench: beer, tequila, and cigarette smoke. Resolutely, I clamped my jaw, refusing to give in to the fresh wave of nausea. There was no way I was putting those back on. I grabbed all the clothes from the large pile next to Josh's bed and headed for his washing machine. Josh, fresh from the shower and drying off, watched me start the load and pointed out the clean clothes sitting on the dryer. It would all be huge on me but it was better than nothing. I pulled on a pair of his boxers and rolled the waist to fit on my hips, then pulled one of his tee shirts over my head. After knotting it at the waist, I went in search of a hairbrush.

Jen was awake and staring at the ceiling in Josh's bedroom. I padded in and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Good morning." Her soft voice was infused with the pain that matched my own throbbing head.

"Hey. Are you okay?" My own voice was rough with disuse.

"No, I am not okay. My head is splitting apart, I seduced my best friend and her boyfriend last night, and she's moving out on me to boot. I am most definitely not okay."

"Jen, Josh is not my boyfriend. Last night was the first time he and I have ever done anything more than kiss hello or goodbye. Last night happened because we all wanted it to. I could have said no. Yes, I was buzzed, but I knew what I was doing. I've always been a little curious about -- you know, and last night I got to find out what it was all about."

"So you're not mad at me?"

"No. Why should I be? I'm not sure I want it to become a regular thing, but I had fun. I just wish I hadn't drunk so much beer."

Jen laughed ruefully. "I'll go along with that."

"We may not be living together any more, Jen, but we'll always be friends."

"Yeah, I know that. I guess I just got scared that I was losing you and then seeing how much Josh is in love with you -- well, it threw me for a loop. I guess I wanted to know what it would be like to be part of that."

I froze at her words. Josh? In love with me? No. Not possible. He's my best friend. He can't be in love with me.

"What are you talking about? Josh doesn't love me."

She looked at me in disbelief and disgust. "Yes, Lindsey, he does. Don't you pay attention? For him, last night was all about you. Your hands were sticky. You were the one he watched over on the bar. Yes, he helped me out from time to time, but every time I looked at him, he was watching you. Even in bed last night, he made love to you. He didn't even try to put his dick in me until you told him to.

"Josh loves you, Lindsey. If you won't believe me, then take a damn picture. Maybe then you'll see what's right in front of you."

Jen threw back the covers and climbed out of bed. Watching her make her way to the shower, I felt like she had kicked me in the gut. Could she be right?

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