Dragon Clan
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The adventures of a halfelven as he tries to survive in a land where all of the kindred are to be killed. First chapter of a longer story.

"How did I get into this mess?" Aldren kept grumbling to himself. "Your temper and your sense of fair play" he answered. Aldren had a habit of arguing with himself. It came with traveling alone so much. A warrior by necessity, he did small jobs for the local rulers, Fighting off bands of rogues, and an occasional beast or two. He had once been a man of arms for the King of this land, but had to flee for his life when the zealots had convinced the king that all who believed in the old ways should be put to death, usually in the most gruesome and painful ways the priests could think of.

That had been ages ago it seemed. He had taken flight with his best mount, carrying his arms and what other possessions he could gather. Thrown from respected man of the king's guard to outlaw, he found that instead of missing the life he had had, the freedom of being a man for hire more to his spirit.

That was not what he was thinking about now though. He had been sitting in the only inn within the town of Cedric's Hollow, enjoying a meal that he was not forced to catch and cook himself. A nice change from dried meat and an occasional hare. He was finishing up, enjoying the last of his ale, when a group of locals came crashing in through the crude door yelling and boasting of the raid they had made on an elvish village. Elves had been in the kingdom since before men could remember, but had recently had been declared enemies by the High Priests. Most had moved into hiding among the forests of the mountains, practicing their magic and avoiding the settlements. This ragged group of fat sedentary fools had somehow stumbled across one of their few remaining villages left within a day's ride of humans.

The tales of murder and pillage kept growing, each man trying to out do his predecessor in tales of carnage. And this set Aldren on edge. His mother had been an elf. Aldren's features did not betray him as one of the bloodline, unless you looked closely at his eyes. They contained the depth of time. His long hair covered his elongated and slightly pointed ears. He was tiring of the talk and becoming irritated at the boastings. He stood and headed out to his horse to retrieve his belongings.

One of the revelers, a large man but soft, eyed his departure. "Now why aren't you staying to enjoy the celebration stranger?" The words were accompanied by bits of food and ale.

"I believe I prefer my own company" was Aldren's reply. He did not wish trouble, but these town folk were getting to him. A soft bed was only worth so much.

"We had a great victory today. We cleared the area of a great evil. The priest says we will be blessed" There were calls of general agreement from the fellows behind him.

That is when Aldren's temper took over. Still with his back to the man he growled, "All you have done is sneak into a peaceful village, slaughter a bunch of women and children." Aldren then turned to stare at the man. His eyes were flashing with anger and contempt. "If the male elves had been there a lot fewer of you would be here boasting. I am surprised that as many of you made it back even with just the women." Aldren let the sarcasm drip from his words. "Big men sneaking into huts while everyone slept and murdered babies. About the only kind of victory you would ever be able to proclaim"

The leader sputtered a couple of minutes, then tried to pull his knife. Aldren's sword appeared in his hand from the scabbard on his back. The leader hesitated. Aldren's words had stung because they were true. Attacking a small village of elves that contained just women and children was easy. A man with a sword and look like he could use it was a different matter. Still, he could not allow this man to insult him in front of his comrades. In his drunken state, anger overcame his normal cowardliness. He lunged at Aldren who easily parried the move and brought the tip of his sword under one of his opponent's chins. Eyes bulging in fear the man leaned slowly back and away. The rest of the cowards had been frozen in fear. Scaring locals was different from confronting three feet of deadly steel wielded by a man knew how to use it.

Aldren backed out the door, and then hurried to the stable where his horses were. He threw the blanket and saddle on the stallion, the packs on the mare. He led them out the door and mounted. The local bullies probably would not come after him unless they were drunk enough. However it was better not to take a chance. He moved out onto the road and past the inn. The other patrons had not come out. He moved along the road until he was swallowed in the darkness of the night. At least he had eaten a meal.

Yes, his temper did cost him a night's sleep in a bed that wasn't on the ground. Aldren grumbled to his mount about the loss of the good coin that he had prepaid the Innkeeper for the bed of straw in one of the Inn's upper rooms.

As he traveled on, the darkness of the night was broken by the appearance of the moon. It's silvery light pierced the canopy of trees that overhung the road. To his sensitive eyes it was more than enough light to pick out the details of the forest. Finding a break in the trees, he turned off the road looking for a campsite. Crossing a small stream, he came upon a clearing of dying grasses. There was enough room that he could camp away from the forest and have some warning if any of the creatures that hunted in the night happened to be around.

He finished unloading the horses, then set about preparing to sleep. He had found a ring of rocks that indicated others had stopped here, but the damp ground indicated that it had been some time. He decided that it would be in his best interest to take a final look around the border of the clearing. He was near the far edge when he thought he heard something. Turning toward the forest, he listened intently. His sensitive ears picked up the sound of a low moan. He had ridden far enough that the stupid town's people would not come out, but the forests contained dangers nonetheless. He cocked the crossbow and loosened his sword in its scabbard then moved quietly toward where he thought the sound came from.

Moving cautiously toward the source of the sound, he saw a figure lashed against a tree. It's arms suspended from above and it's body bound to the trunk with rope. Coming closer, Aldren could make out that it was a female. Her lithe figure and the clothing indicated that she was elvish. Her tunic was sliced in places and her limbs showed cuts that proved she had been in battle. The wound on her side looked the most serious. She was still alive, but not for long. He could hear the sounds of the night creatures coming closer.

He stepped into the elf's line of sight, but she did not look up immediately. When she did look up she started cursing him in her native tongue.

"Do not fear. I am not of those who did this. I will help you if you let me." he answered in the same tongue.

"You do not look of the kindred" she whispered, her throat dry.

"My mother was of the kindred. She taught me much." Aldren replied as he cut her arms free from the overhanging branch. He caught her as she fell, her muscles refusing to respond from their lack of blood.

Slinging his crossbow across his back he stooped and lifted her to his chest. She was light, her lithe frame limp in his arms. The wound in her side saw not deep, but had bled freely. He started toward his campsite, anger building within him. Anger for the priests that had brought on this carnage. More them than even the actual perpetrators of the carnage that had delivered this beautiful woman to him.

He made it to the campsite and laid the elf on his blankets. She had lost consciousness on the way back to the campsite. Probably just as well for the pain of the wounds and her captivity against the tree would be considerable. Gathering up dried grass and twigs, he soon had the beginnings of a fire. He only had to go a short distance to gather enough fuel to keep a fire going big enough to scare off the nasties that roamed in the darkness. He struck the flint to steel, but the tinder was damp enough that the sparks would not catch.

Grumbling, he bent close to the small pyre and spoke in a quiet voice. In the center, a white-hot orb appeared first scorching then catching. In seconds, the flames consumed the tinder and lapped hungrily at the sticks and limbs he fed it.

He pulled a small pot from his pack and half filled it with water. He dug to the bottom of his pack, pulling out a pouch of medicinal herbs. He selected the ones that would bring strength to the elf. He hated using the 'gifts' that he had inherited from his mother. The instilled need for hiding them was hard to break, but there were times that they were useful.

When the brew was steeped, he drew off a small cupful and took it to the blankets. He lifted the elf's head just enough to pour a little of the mixture on her lips. She roused herself enough to sip what he had brought. He bound her wounds being careful not to cause any more bleeding. Since he had to lower the top of her shirt, he could not help but notice the soft roundness of her breasts. The gash had missed her right one by fractions of an inch. He bound her torso, packing horshun leaves on top of the wound. That would quicken the healing and prevent infection.

Having done all he could, he settled down with his head on his saddle. He lay long in thought. He could not leave the elf here alone. To his thinking, once he had rescued her, he was bound to protect her until she was well enough to fend for herself. There was something else that he needed to do, a futile gesture, but in his mind he was honor bound to do. He rolled to his side and drifted off into a fitful sleep.

This meant that he could not continue toward the north and the Tower of the Guard. If the tales were true, the Tower was one place where the old ways were still practiced. It was on the furthest borders of the kingdom, a place that once separated the civilized part of the world from the wasteland. Once a huge garrison of loyal men was stationed there, but they had been called south and the place was now home to those who rebelled against the corruption of the old Kingdom and the priests of the new Gods. If he could get there, he would be safe and content.

He had awakened twice during the night, hearing the elf move. Those times, he got more of the brew down her and would see her pained face soften, as the brew would take effect. In the firelight her feature took on a beautiful glow. Typically elven, her face was elongated with delicate features. Flawless skin and soft full lips. She was the model of perfection to his thinking. And he could not afford to do anything about it.

When Ameni woke, she tried to take stock what had happened to her. She remembered the attack on the village. Her father and the rest of the men had left to travel east, looking for a safe haven for their people. The rumors of the trouble South had reached their notice and it was decided that a move would be best. They tried to live a peaceful life, practicing the lesser forms of magic. The use of the Dragon Magic had been outlawed for many generations, and the ones who had remembered it had passed on. But the men in her village had been gone for almost 2 seasons.

The young and the women of the village had gone on with the duties that were needed for survival. Ameni and her brother, who was barely out of childhood, did what they could to protect the members of her clan. She had taken over the leadership of all the younger members, did what hunting had to be done, and tried to provide whatever was needed.

The attack had occurred just before dawn. She and her younger brother had both tried to repel the attackers, but there were too many. They had shot her brother as he yelled for the rest of the village to awaken and run. She had grabbed her Grandsire's sword from its place by the hearth and ran out to see her brother fall, a feathered shaft lodged in his chest. She wounded three of the men before they overpowered her and held her down. She saw her kin raped and murdered as she struggled to free herself. Since it took four to hold her, the decided to drag her out to a tree and tie her there until they were done. They must have forgotten she was there for they never did come back to kill her.

She had spent the day trying to escape the bonds and then passing out from the effort. She did vaguely remember a large man coming toward her and speaking Elvish. He had cut her bonds and she had passed out again.

She forced her eyes open and looked about. She was lying on some rough blankets. To her right was a small fire that was burned to just embers. Also next to her right side was a cup of some kind of tea and a plate of bread and dried fruits. Staked a little ways away, was a roan mare quietly munching on the remains of the grass in the clearing. She took a sip of the tea and ate a little of the bread. Then she lay back to rest.

She awoke to the sound of a horse coming close. She tried to sit up but only managed to move onto her side. The pain was severe, but it did remind her that she was still alive.

A tall man came riding up on a gray stallion. His powerfully built body was stooped and he dismounted as if he were exhausted. Seeing she was awake, he moved in slowly, speaking in the language of the Kindred.

"I am glad to see you are awake. How bad is the pain?"

" I am grateful for your care. The pain lets me know that I am still alive." Ameni answered in common speech.

Aldren moved toward the fire, stirring the coals and adding fuel to bring the blaze back to life. He then pulled some cured meat from the saddlebags lying on the ground. He threw some slices into a pan along with some wild berries and tubers that he must have found close by. It was only then that he approached Ameni.

" I am sorry to have to do this, but I really need to check your wounds. I don't want you to catch a fever from them." He hesitated then asked, "Can you lower your shirt or would it be easier if I did it for you?"

Ameni blushed as she realized that he had already seen her bare on the top. How else would the bandage have gotten around her torso? She reached for the clasps, but found the movement made it a very painful if not impossible task. She sank back down.

Aldren gave her some of the brew from last night. Being warmed by the fire made it more palatable. The liquid drove the pain level down to where she could sit upright. He carefully worked the clasps and opened her top to her waist. He was trying very hard not to look at her breasts and succeeded for the most part. He did brush up against them as he gently removed the dressing. The feel of the side of her breast was like touching warm silk. He adjusted his posture so she would not see the affect she had on him. He had to concentrate on the gash on her side. He peeled the wrapping off, careful to not pull on the edges of the wound. It looked much better than it had last night the edges were starting to close. He heated some water and bathed the area, then replaced the Horshun leaves with fresh ones. He then rebound her with the bandage. He then gently replaced her top and reset the clasps.

Ameni was in a quandary. Even through the pain, she had felt his touch on her breast and it had given her a warm feeling. The back of his hand as it brushed against her nipple had been exciting. It the pain would go away she felt as though she could rather enjoy even more contact to her bosom. She studied her rescuer closer as he worked around the campsite. Tall for a human he was not bulky as some she had seen. Compact was the word she was looking for. His broad shoulders and chest revealed well developed muscle and he moved with a grace and power that she was certain would be devastating.

He wore his dark brown hair to his shoulders and his face was covered with a beard of a few days growth. His features were not chiseled but softer and more elven. He told her that while the stew was cooking, he needed to wash in the creek at the edge of the clearing.

Aldren, for his part was just as flustered. He wanted to touch her even more, but was still bound by the old code that said not to force a woman. Anyway this was not the time. Since the swelling in his leggings was still evident, he decided to wash the death smell off of his body and left for the creek.

Aldren finished the meal and served them both. He was running low on supplies. But the next village where he could get the things he needed was a 4 day trip and he could not leave the elf here for that long. At least until she was stronger. And that time was several days away, even with the healing power of the herbs.

She finally broke the silence. "I have yet to thank you for saving my life."

"Thanks are not required. I am glad that I heard you when I did. It was luck that I had decided to stop in this glen." He smiled at her, happy that she was able to remain awake and that she was not in too much pain.

He then remembered the items he had brought back from the village. He walked over to the pile he had removed from the stallion and sorted through it all. He came back to the fire with a large bundle.

"While you were asleep, I went to your village. I hope that some of this will fit you and that the blankets will make you a little more comfortable."

She looked at the pile of clothes and a look of sadness crossed her face. She recognized many of the items as belonging to friends that had once been living and productive. All her friends and her family now gone. And her brother was dead! He was barely into his approach to adulthood. She bowed her head as the tears trickled down her cheeks.

Aldren moved over and put his hand on her arm. She looked up at him and asked, "Was anyone left?"

He sighed. "I found none alive. I did the proper burial of the dead. The reavers and the wargbears will not feed there."

They sat in silence again each lost in their own thoughts. She was mourning her friends and kin, he reliving the carnage that he had seen. Again she broke the silence.

"For all you have done for me and I do not even know your name."

He grinned at her. "You have not been in any condition to observe any formalities. I am Aldren, late of the king's muster. Now a traveler." He placed his right hand across his chest in the formal greeting of the kindred.

She repeated the gesture. "I am Ameni of the North Wood clan."

"Ameni, it is indeed fortunate that out paths crossed. I am honored to have the presence of your person." He stated in elvish.

Ameni looked at him closer. "I thought I heard you speak in the tongue of the kindred when you first approached me. Then I had decided it was due to my impending passing. How is it you know the language?"

Aldren slowly pulled the long hair away and back revealing that his ears were slightly pointed on the tips and little longer than a full blooded human. He let the hair fall back into place. "My mother was a Sky clan elf. My father found her after she had been banished from her village by the elders for delving into the Dragon Magic. The marriage of elves and men was not frowned upon at that time and my father was a captain in the old king's guard. I was the result of their coupling."

"That does explain how you knew of the herbs. Did your mother teach you much of the ways of her kindred?"

"All that she felt I could understand. And I still carry her personal books. I refrain from using what she taught me, especially since the priests have gained control."

"This I understand. One must be careful in these times."

Aldren then moved toward the fire. "When you are more healed, I will take you to wherever you wish to go."

He handed her some more of the brew then checked the area for any danger. Finding no sign of any, he came back and stretched out on the ground. They both were asleep within a few moments. But Aldren's sleep was light and fitful.

Aldren awakened just before first light. He stirred the fire into life again. The he moved toward the woods to drain the pressure in his groin. He found one of his snares had captured a small hare. He cleaned the carcass there so the scent would not attract any predator close to the camp. Roasted meat would be a welcome respite.

It had been almost 3 sevendays since he had found Ameni tied to that tree to die. She was making rapid progress and would soon be fit to travel. He feared that day. They had talked often during the evening hours. She telling of her family and clan and their life. He spoke of life among the court and then of his adventures abroad. He enjoyed her company and that she was his ideal of a woman to his eyes made it that much better. But soon he would lose her. She would probably wish to find members of her own kind to live with.

He walked back into camp to find Ameni up and moving about. He greeted her and then got the hare over the fire to roast. It would be ready before the sun reached it's zenith.

"You look well today." He told her.

"I want to go back to my village, or what is left of it."

"I would spare you that pain, but if you wish we will go after we eat."

They spent the morning doing small things around the camp, each lost in their own thought. She was thinking of those she lost in the village and he about losing her. His mind was at war with his heart. His mind was telling him to get her where she wished to go and then get back to his journey. His heart was trying to find a way to stay close to her or keep her close to him.

After a meal of roasted hare, he saddled his stallion and placed a blanket on the back of the roan mare. As an elf he knew Ameni would not need a saddle or bridle. With just a word or motion any horse would obey. They moved slowly since Ameni's side was not completely free from pain even though the dressings had closed the wound. The sun was peeking in through the trees breaking the gloom with shafts of light. The somber mood seemed to be reflected in the silence of the woods as the two figures moved forward silently.

The village appeared suddenly at the edge of the clearing. It looked to Ameni that everyone vanished, and with the exception of the dried blood, it was the same as it had always been. She slid off the back of the mare, wincing in pain as her feet touched the ground. Aldren stayed in the saddle watching as Ameni wandered between the cottages wrestling with the memories of those who were gone. He watched as her lithe frame moved into a building. He scanned the area, looking around for any sign of danger. All was clear and he settled back to wait. He knew that as much as he wanted to help her, Ameni must work through this alone.

As she entered the door of what had been her home since she was born, Ameni felt like she had gone back to when she had been a child. She could almost hear the sounds of her elders moving around the hearth, talking of days of old and what the future would bring. The scuffle of children playing. She turned back toward the doorway expecting to see the figure of her father come striding in the night's meat, his bow in his hand. He would put the carcass down, stand his bow in the corner next to the sword that had belonged to his father, then bend down and speak to her. She would then get to tell him of the things she had done, bits of knowledge she had picked up. Minor to most, he would listen to her intently like everything she said was of major importance.

Tears streaming from her gray eyes, she moved on in to the quarters. There was nothing left of her old life. Everyone was gone. The realization that she was now alone in the world hit her. But even alone she would survive and cheat the ones who did this. "They would not win as long as even one of the kindred was alive. She had cried herself out and mourned, as she should. The memories will be part of her for the remainder of her life, but she had to now go forward into the present.

Aldren had dismounted and was moving toward the building he had seen her go into. He had wanted to give her all the time she needed to grieve but it was getting late in the afternoon. As he approached the building, he was struck immobile by the vision in front of him. In the doorway, Ameni stood, no longer in the flowing garments she had been wearing, but in the garb of an Elven warrior. The leather breastplates molded to her breasts, coming down to cover the rest of her torso. The pants were of soft leather and her boots came up to mid-calf. There were braces on her forearms. In her belt were a couple of short swords of the type that the Elves favored. They were curved with ivory handles, the blades were elegant but incredibly strong. Across her back was an Elven bow and quiver. He envisioned her as one of the warrior Goddesses that had come from old. She carried a sword that looked to be ancient. It's hilt was carved with runes in elvish.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"I have come to the decision that I cannot sit and mourn forever. I intend to be able stay alive and fight and have my revenge against the ones that caused the destruction of my family and friends."

He wondered if she knew how to use the weapons that she carried, but thought it best to wait and see. He nodded to the horses, but she shook her head in the negative. " We should take with us all that would be useful. Weapons and coinage would be good for trade. I do not intend to return here."

They then went through the homes, asking the forgiveness of the former occupants, then taking what could be bartered and what would be useful. Ameni found one book amongst her mother's belongings that she tucked into her shirt. With both horses loaded down, they had to walk back to the camp. It was well past dusk when they made it in. Ameni was now insisting on helping run the camp, so she started fixing a meal from the dried supplies they had brought back. Aldren sorted the things that they brought back with them.

Ameni asked him to bring some water from the creek, so he grabbed the four water skins he had and walked toward the creek. He filled the skins at the small brook that wound its way through the forest. He turned back to the clearing when he heard voices. There were 3 male and one female. The female was by now familiar to him. He dropped the skins and drew his sword. Running up the small rise, he pulled up short. There were three men who the voices belonged to standing in a semicircle. In front of them was a very defiant Ameni. Before he could take two steps, the center man reached for his sword. Nearly faster than the human eye could see, both swords were out of her belt and the thug's head was falling toward the ground. The one on the right now bore a slice that ran from his sternum to his shoulder. The third had stepped back and drew his sword, but before it was clear of the scabbard, Ameni's left sword was imbedded in his heart.

Aldren walked toward Ameni sheathing his own weapon and a smile on his face. "You were taught well."

She spun around braced for another attacker until she realized who it was. The fire in her gray eyes slowly dissipated. She slowly relaxed from her defensive posture. "My sire had foreseen the trouble that was approaching. Though the elders protested his teaching a female, he did so. Seems to have paid off."

"I must admit that the speed and grace that you showed was very impressive. I am considered an excellent swordsman, but after seeing you, I feel as clumsy and stiff as a new recruit"

"If you had been raised by the kindred, you would have been taught such as I. It is called Hanbra. If you wish, I could teach you as we travel together."

"Are we going to travel together? I figured we would be on the road together only until we found another village that are your clan."

"Most of the North Woods clan is gone. Father had left on his journey to try and locate some of them reported to be East of our village. The other clans would take me in, but I do not think I would be comfortable there." She bowed her head and in a hushed tone said, "I would rather ride with you."

Aldren put his hands on her shoulders. "I am somewhat an outlaw. I fled the King's court. I am considered an outlaw by most. I live mostly in the wilderness taking on tasks that will pay some coin. It is a rough life and not much to look forward to."

She looked up into his eyes. "Then you do not wish to have me along?" He could see the moisture pooling up in her eyes.

"Gods, it is not that. I just wanted you to know whom you were throwing your lot in with. I would be honored to have you as a partner." He then put his fist over his heart and bowed his head and gave the formal elvish greeting between two warriors. "Hail fellow warrior and friend!"

Ameni repeated the gesture then grinned up at him. She then pointed to the bodies. "What do we do about them?"

"We will strip them of weapons and coinage. If we can find their mounts, we will take them as well. If you feel up to it, we should move camp before the dead of night. No telling what will be attracted to the smell of their blood."

Aldren found their mounts at the far edge of the woods. Leading them back in, he found that Ameni had the camp packed up. Ameni decided that she preferred Aldren's mare to any of the animals the robbers had. They packed the rest of their possessions on a couple of the horses and moved out. After a few miles they found an area that would do for the night. They set up a cold camp and took turns at watch.

The settlement of Archers Point was about 30 miles away and they decided to make for it to unload what they did not need and to trade for what they did.

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