Family Portrait
Chapter 1

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story that starts out based on actual events that occured in my life, though as it moves along it will move farther and farther away from what really happened. However, the trailer is real, my sister's best friend Melanie is real, and my sister is most definitely real, as is what the three of us did together when we were so very, very young and naive.

There are certain events in a young boy's life that have a definite bearing on the kind of man he will be in the future, and while most will seem insignificant to him at the time, the mark left becomes unmistakable as he grows older.

"Josh, what's a cock?"

"Hush Karen, or Mom might hear you. Now who taught you that word?"

"Umm, I just heard it around the playground at school. Another girl told me."

"Well, I don't know if I should say."

"Why, is it something bad?"

"No, it's just, well, cock is another word for a guy's penis."

"Really, like you have?"

"Yeah, like I have, now go back to sleep Karen."

"But why does it get two names?"

"I don't know, it just does. It's the same with girls, isn't it?"

"But Josh, I don't have a cock."

"I know, but you have something else. Don't you?"

"Do you mean, my vagina?"

"Yeah, but I've heard guys call it a cunt."

"Yuck, that sounds nasty."

"And others call it a pussy, so that's three... oh now stop laughing sis, or you'll wake someone."

"But that's funny. Calling it a pussy makes it sound as if it's alive, and like it could bite you or something."

"Well, I wouldn't know anything about that, but it's where you pee from, right?"

"Of course, just like you pee from your... COCK!"

"Shhh, keep it down will ya, or Mom will come up here and kick you out of my bed for sure."

"Oh, sorry."

"And, must that be your new favorite word?"

"Yeah, it's neat!"

"Aren't you tired?"

"No, not really."

"Well, try to go to sleep anyway, and stop hogging all the covers."

"But, my feet are cold."

"Well, rub them against mine, and that'll warm us both up."

"Okay. I have to do a report about our founding fathers tomorrow."

"Who, you mean Dad?"

"No you numb skull, I mean the founding fathers of our country. You know, 1776, the Bicentennial was last July. Remember all the fireworks?"

"Oh yeah, they were cool. Thank God I'm finished with grade two though, because grade three is so much better."

"I could be in grade three."

"Could not."

"Could too! Mom says that I'm smart enough for it, and that maybe they'll advance me."

"I'm pretty sure they don't advance seven year old girls."

"I'll be eight soon, just like you Josh."

"And then I'll be nine, always one year ahead of you little sister."

"I'm the same size as you now, so stop calling me little, Josh!"

"Well, anyway, you'd lose all your friends if you skipped up a grade. Who's that girl you just started hanging around with, the one with all the red hair and freckles?"

"Do you mean Melanie?"

"I guess so. Her face looks like someone used it as a dart board."

"Her father just died."

"Oh, that's gotta be rough. Is she the one who taught you the new word?"

"Yeah. Melanie said that her brother has one."

"Well, I guess that's true. Has she seen it?"

"No, but she says that he plays with it a lot. She can hear him through the wall. Josh, do you play with your cock?"

"Well, I have to hold it while I use the bathroom, if that's what you're talking about."

"You mean, you hold it in your hand? Is it very big?"

"Not really, no. Karen, do we have to talk about this tonight, I'm tired."

"Oh, sorry. Goodnight Josh."

"Goodnight Karen, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs..."

"It's just that I don't have to hold onto anything when I pee."

"So, you're really not tired then?"


"Fine, whatever, reach over to the night stand and turn on the lamp. What do you want to do, read, or maybe play or something?"

"Umm, how 'bout we play, I'll show you mine if you show me yours?"

"Okay, now I really am up."

"I thought that you would be."

"Now what's that suppose to mean?"

"I saw you craning your neck this morning before we went to school. You were trying to get a look down Shelly's blouse again."

"What, no I wasn't."

"Yes you were."

"It's just that I thought I saw a bee fly in there, and I was going to warn Shelly before she got stung."

"Ah-ha, sure you were."

"Well, how come you didn't tell on me then?"

"Oh I don't care, and really I wouldn't mind a look too."

"But, you're a girl. So, why would you?"

"I don't know, I'm just curious."

"And, you want to look at me, while I look at you?"


"So, are we really going to take off all our clothes in front of one another, we could get in trouble if we're caught."

"We'll just have to be quiet, that's all."

"Okay, let's sit up then, and who goes first?"

"Umm, both together. That way it's fair."

"Alright, we'll both push down the bottoms of our pajamas at the same time. On one, two..."

"Wait Josh, underwear too?"

"Well, we'll have to if you want to see anything, right?"

"I mean, do we push down our pj's first, and then our underwear, or are we doing both at the same time?"

"I don't care, whatever you want Karen. Now, are you ready?"

"Yes, go ahead."

"All right then, on your mark, get set..."

"I thought you were doing a countdown."

"Oh, just forget it and go already."

"Okay, okay. See, like my panties?"

"Well, yeah, there pretty I guess. I thought they would be pink though."

"No, I like blue. What's that on your underwear? Oh, I should have known. Your friends at school know that you wear Scooby-Doo underwear?"

"No, and I'd like to keep it that way, thank you."

"Well don't be embarrassed, it's no big deal. Are you going to push them down now?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I've never shown this to anyone before."

"Are you scared Josh?"

"I don't know. You?"

"Umm, no. It's not a big deal. I trust you."

"Well, okay. But you're going to show me yours too, right?"

"I'm ready, so whenever you want to... holy cow Josh, you have a penis, I mean, a cock!"

"Well duh, I know. I've seen it before."

"Well I haven't."

"And, so, what do you have Karen?"

"Oh right, my turn. I just have to lift my bum a little, push them down to my ankles, over my feet, and ta da. There it is!"

"Umm, there what is, there's nothing there that I can see. Is that normal for a girl?"

"Well, duh, of course it is."

"It looks so different though, like you're missing something."

"See my slit?"

"Umm, not all that well, no. Spread your legs for me."

"Fine. Now do you see?"

"I guess, but it's so small."

"Well it's only used for peeing, so how big does it have to get?"

"I guess you're right, but then, why does mine have to be so long?"

"It's not that long Josh, I mean jeesh!"

"Well, it's longer than any of my fingers."

"Your cock looks funny, hanging like that."

"Now, thanks a lot Karen."

"Can I hold it?"

"Umm, I guess, but you'll have to move in a little bit closer, and be careful with it."

"Alright, and I will. Just spread your legs like I did and we'll sit that way."

"I don't know if I can do the splits like you can, but I guess I'm close."

"Do you wanna touch my pussy while I touch you Josh?"

"It's not going to bite me, is it?"

"No. Don't be silly Josh."

"Well I don't know, and you're the one who said that it might."

"I only said that because it's called a pussy, I didn't really mean... Ohhh that feels good!"

"Wow, your pussy is so soft, and there's some sort of bump down here too."

"That little one, yeah."

"What's it for?"

"It doesn't seem to do anything, but it does get kind of itchy sometimes. Like I have to rub, or scratch it or something."


"Well, I saw Christine rubbing hers one time, after I went into her room without knocking, and just before she put that lock on her door. She looked funny, with her face all scrunched up while she touched herself there. She was moaning a lot too."

"So, all girls have a bump down there like this?"

"I guess so, and Christine's was a lot bigger than mine, you should have seen it, but she stopped when she noticed me staring and made me leave."

"Do you want me to rub yours for you?"

"Well, okay, you can try. Be gentle though!"

"Here, I'll just use one finger. How does this feel?"

"Nice actually, it feels really nice. Do you mind touching me?"

"No. It's kind of fun, and now what's so funny sis?"

"It's just that it tickles a little bit!"

"Ouch sis, watch your hand. Not so tight!"

"Oh, sorry. Did I hurt your cock?"

"Just be more careful, and stop twisting it so much, it's not a joy stick you're holding you know."

"It feels spongy, does it always feel like this?"

"Well yeah, sure. Care to remove your top and show me your boobies now?"

"What boobies, I'm not like Shelly, there's not much there to see."

"Well, still, to keep it fair. I mean, I don't have a top on."

"Okay, okay, gimme a second... just a couple of buttons... there, you happy?"

"Oh, umm, I suppose."

"What, you look sad?"

"It's just that there ain't nothing there."

"Well what did you expect, and ain't, isn't in the dictionary bonehead, or didn't they teach you that in school?"

"Oh, just shut up. Can I touch one of your nipples?"

"If you want. They're pretty much the same as yours though."

"No, actually Karen your nipples are a bit bigger."

"Brrr, your hands are cold Josh."

"Oh, sorry. I'll warm them up a little."

"Thanks, and just touch it softly."

"It's so small, and yet it feels hard."

"Well, just watch, and see, now it's getting bigger."

"A little, but that's because I touched it. Mine do the same thing."

"Really, can I try?"

"Go ahead."

"That's like way cool, Josh!"

"So, have you ever seen one of our sisters, Christine or Shelly, completely naked?"

"No, but I'm gonna grow big breasts some day. Just like them."

"Probably, and right where I'm touching you now."


"I suppose you won't let me see you like this anymore, when that happens."

"Well, I don't think I'm suppose to, but maybe if you ask me really nice."


"Well, we'll see. Maybe we could keep each other posted of any changes that happen."

"I guess we could, but for now are you gonna let go of me Karen?"

"Oh, well, I guess there's not much else we can do with each other, is there?"

"No, but I did like doing this with you Karen. Thank you."

"I liked it too Josh, and we're just teaching each other really."

"Right, and this doesn't mean that we're in love or anything."

"No, of course not. That would be like, totally weird."

"Right. Brothers and sisters aren't suppose to love each other, or at least like that. Though, I do love you Karen, you know, as my sister and all."

"Me too, I love you Josh. As my brother, of course."

"Yes, well, are we going back to sleep or what?"

"I suppose, I am feeling a little bit tired now. Should we dress first?"

"I don't know. Do you wanna?"

My sister and I both shrugged our shoulders in answer to each other's question before deciding against, and so we climbed back under the sheets where we both laid back to back as a brother and sister should when sleeping together.

Karen and I slept wonderfully, as we always have when sharing one or the other's bed, but when we awoke we were face to face, and pressed so tight together that our noses were actually bent. And of course, we were in each other's arms.

Neither of us seemed to mind and so we stayed that way for some time, however Mom was less than amused when she found us that way together. It's not that she was mad, but Karen and I both knew that there would be a talk later.

I often dreamed as a child, playful imaginations of fantasy that always appeared as bright as anything I had ever seen in real life, and through all of them my sister Karen was there as well.

Right alongside me as we often slept, and always sharing in my journeys, much like we shared the same bed, in fact I often wondered if we held the same dreams together as well, because every morning when we awoke we would smile at one another.

Then one day I arose early from one of the nicest dreams that I have ever had to find that I had wet my underwear, as well as that of my sister where she remained peacefully asleep in front of me.

I could sense the stickiness of it so I knew immediately that I had not peed the bed, and that I had done something disgraceful that I could no longer hide. Mom had already asked Karen and I to stop sleeping together by this time, and while she had never given us any specific reason why I realized then that she just had our best interests at heart.

I was never more ashamed in my entire life than at that moment, and as my erection still throbbed away almost painfully inside my shorts, in the faint light of predawn I pulled open my waistband to take a look.

An almost translucent flow seeped down over my testicles, hindered only by the sparse hair located there, and so I closed my underwear once more, before getting up to go to the washroom to clean myself.

With the covers pulled open I could just barely see the mess that I had caused in my sister's bed, as some of my stuff had leaked out and trailed down over her leg and thigh. However there was nothing I could do but hope and pray that she wouldn't notice.

Almost in tears I left my sister's room then, and knowing that we would probably never sleep together again.

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