Peep My Lovely
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A beautiful neighbor entrances a young hunk, leading to life changing experiences... Rather strokey

It was a perfect night for him to watch her. Dark and moonless, it would be hard to see anyone in the shrubbery around their houses, particularly when he had on a black tee shirt with matching pants. He thought of it as his peeping outfit. His parents were away for the weekend, so there was no risk of them interrupting. He felt a little tingle in his belly at the adventure, and its forbidden character, but there really wasn't much risk of being caught.

Billy had been getting bolder and bolder the last couple of weeks. At first, it had just been a matter of looking out the window at her. Then, he had snuck around to the bedroom window, and run when a cat came by, getting a teasing glimpse of her in the bathroom. But the last time, he had been able to watch her undress and get ready for bed. He had seen her tits covered only by a sheer nightie, and the dark triangle of her pubic hair vaguely behind the lower hem. Tonight, he knew that if he stood on the other side of the window, and was willing to let more of his head peek out, he could see to the corner where she always put on her sexy nightclothes, watching herself in the mirror. To see her completely nude, what a turn on. His cock had been hard as a rock the last time, and he had beat off as soon as he got back to the house. He had brought a handkerchief with him tonight.

Billy Johnson was a big, handsome senior in High School. He was a star football player, and had been getting lots of attention from the girls since ninth grade. His dark complexion, with strong shoulders, a narrow waist and muscular legs guaranteed him an ample supply of dates. Most had let him stick his cock in their cunts, but they didn't seem to know what they were doing, and even when he tried to experiment, they all just let him pump them, and didn't seem to enjoy it. His prick was a little oversize, and one girl had told him it scared her. He had begun fantasizing about an older woman, and had caught his first glimpse of Sarah Davis in a bathing suit about then.

She lived in the ranch style home a hundred feet down from his home, a two story brick. They had moved in just a few months ago, coming from western Baltimore. He had been sick one day, and happened to notice her sunbathing behind her house in a white thong bikini. Though she had met his parents a couple of times at neighborhood events, and he had been introduced to her, he had not realized what a great body she had. She had always been in loose, casual clothes, and though he remembered how nice her long blonde hair was, and what a pretty face she had, little more stuck in his mind.

So it was a real shock when he saw her beautiful body in her back yard, stretched out on a towel, on her back at first. Her tits were really big, and didn't sag much as she lay there. The bikini only covered the middle of them, and flesh jiggled on either side of the thin material. The triangle of cloth over her cunt was held by strings from above her flat abdomen, and she had trim hips with a narrow waist. When he realized he could see right down to where she lay, he had gotten out his binoculars.

Magnified, he could watch her tits shake when she shifted her position, and the muscles in her stomach tense when she sprayed water on her body to cool it off. When she did this, her cunt would outline itself briefly against the white bikini, and he strained to see some hair. That was the first time he realized how sexy it was to spy on her without her knowing, and he had beat off after she had rolled over, as he watched her firm ass cheeks tense and push at the ground, her long legs glistening with the water. She had taken off the strap of the bra when she was on her stomach, and when she reached back to spray herself, he had seen those luscious boobs hanging, and popped right then.

Since then, she was all he thought about. The chances to peek at her in the evening were the high points of his life. His parents had to be out, and her husband had to be gone. He had learned to interpret her life, knowing that when her husband left, he would be gone several days. She usually watched TV until ten or so, and then took a long time getting ready for bed. He loved watching her touch herself, sometimes her breasts, sometimes her groin. She would get a faraway look on her face when she did that, and he loved to fantasize that she was dreaming of him. He had slowly learned the best spots to see the most, but not get caught.

Tonight was perfect. Her husband had left this morning with the large bag that signaled a long trip. He didn't know why the guy left for the weekend, but it made things easier. Two nights when they were the only ones in the two houses. As he slipped out of the side door and into the dark night, he could already feel himself getting hard.

Sarah was sure he would come tonight. Her little teasing games had gotten more thrilling as she got deeper into it, knowing he was watching, showing him a little more each time. It was juvenile and stupid, but since her husband's approaches to her had become so rare, it was the closest thing she got to real sex. She remembered the first time she had let him spy on her, the time he had stayed home from school, and she had subathed in her tiny thong. She had jiggled herself as wantonly as she could, and had gotten excited as hell doing it. She had seen him in his upstairs window, and the glint of sun on the binoculars convinced her he had gotten an eyeful.

She had first watched him coming and going from the Johnson front door, or helping his father in the yard, wearing just a pair of shorts. He had a fabulous young body, that was very well muscled, and a large prick bulge. Her pussy creamed as she caught glimpses of him in the first couple of weeks in the new house. They finally met at a block party. His older parents were curious, interested in she and Tad. She had been shy, and made no effort to talk with him. He didn't seem to notice her, eyeing a brunette from down the street, and she resolved to get his attention. The thong that day in the yard had done it, since he started sneaking over the next night her husband left.

She had wondered if he would, and when she heard the rustle of the bushes at the living room, she had made an effort to look sexy in spite of her frumpy housedress. That had been the first time she had felt the little ache of excitement in her belly that was now so familiar. She had caressed herself a little, but was just sort of making it up as she went along, and had been disappointed that she hadn't done more to entice him. It turned out she must have done enough. He came back the next night, later, and she was better prepared, wearing shorts and a halter, and she had sat watching TV, seeming to unconsciously touch herself. It had been a fabulous turn on, and she had headed to the bathroom intending to strip to her panties, but he had gotten scared away by the cat. Still, she had used the vibrator and cum much better than usual.

She was angry at her husband for losing interest in her. Sarah had been very sexually active as a single girl, and when she first met Tad, he had been a great lover, even though he was ten years older. He satisfied her from their very first night together, and was as attentive as she could wish for the first three years of their marriage. It seemed to her he lost interest suddenly, just when he got the promotion to Sales Manager. He came home and told her, saying "It'll involve a lot more travel, honey, but the money's great, and a vice presidency might not be too far down the road. Let's go look at houses nearer the airport."

During the move next door to the Johnson's, she had discovered his supply of magazines. He had been doing the new job for six months, and had hardly touched her the whole time. When she found the girly books, she had studied them intently, and bought some lingerie that made her look even sexier than any of the girls in the pictures. When she had tried the outfits on for him, she had been shocked at how upset he had become. "What are you trying to do, look like a tramp? That's all my career needs, a slutty wife."

She had never quite been able to draw him into a conversation about their sexlife. They would come home from a party when she had flirted with somebody, and he would jump on her, pump ten times, come, and roll over to sleep. She had bought the vibrator shortly after they moved into the new place. It had been some solace, but she knew enough about sex to be aware that it really wasn't solving the problem. She had started playing her game with Billy soon after realizing she needed more.

One of the outfits she had bought to entice Tad was a lounging pajama in opaque black sheer. It gave a hint of the skin and underwear beneath, without being transparent. She had it on tonight, with a black half bra, that allowed her nipples to show, and thong style black panties. She had decided to take her little fantasy to a new level during the evening, and was looking forward to it, particularly since she had seen Billy's parents leave with suitcases earlier. They were alone.

Billy had crept over to the good spot at the side window of her living room. From there, she was completely revealed as she watched TV, facing the corner just to the right of the window. He usually crawled the last twenty feet, so he stayed hidden by the low bushes along the wall. He got behind them, and raised his head carefully to the corner of the glass. Damn. She was there, and boy did she look neat.

She was sitting on the couch in what looked like pajamas, but they let a lot of her body show through. Her arms were outstretched on the back of the couch, and that pulled her tits up. He could see the hint of a bra underneath, but he thought he could see her large red nipples through the cloth. Her long, shapely legs were crossed, but he saw no sign of panties at the side of her full hips. She had on a pair of spike black heels. She was watching a cable movie, he thought. It was a fairly raunchy drama about an exotic dancer. He thought he recognized the sounds of a scene with the stars fucking.

Her legs uncrossed. As they did, he saw a black triangle between them. Thong panties, he decided. She rested both feet on the carpet, and her right arm left the back of the couch. Her hand found the black triangle. She began to massage herself, her eyes closing slightly. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He felt his face flush, and tingles of tension in his groin.

Her hand was stroking her twat, and as she did, her hips were humping slightly. "She's beating off" he thought. Her stroking slowly got more intense, and he began jacking on his prick. Her other hand drifted to the top button of her outfit, and she loosened it. Then the hand went inside to rub her nipple. A small smile lit her face, it's wide mouth slightly open. She had on very heavy eye makeup, and looked erotic as could be. Her blonde hair fell down over her shoulders, making a sharp contrast to the black material. His heart was pounding. His mind was carrying on a sort of running commentary.

"The sexy blonde is touching herself with passion. She can feel her fingers getting herself excited. Her full tits are quivering. Her pussy is heating up. The muscles in her tummy are tense with urgent need. She watches the man and woman on the screen making it, and wants to make it too. I wish Billy were here, she thinks. I'd like to get his big cock in my cunt. I'd like to have him thrusting it deep inside me. I'd like to offer him my boobies. Oooh, Billy."

Sarah was enjoying her tingling finger on her clit. His eyes were wide at the window, and she wondered if he had that big prick in his hand. Both her nipples were hard now, even though she was only touching one. The bra felt stiff and restricting against her chest. It fastened in the front, between the two cups, and her fingers drifted to the clasp. She pulled with just the fingers of one hand, and was surprised to feel it come loose. Now he can see my titties, she thought. She snuck a glance at his eyes, and yes indeed, they had widened. She pushed the cups away from her big globes, letting the pajama material gape open.

It felt naughty. To be showing herself to him, knowing he was touching himself as she was. Tension was jingling all over her body, and her fingers worked harder at her clitty. She was getting near the point where she had been thinking she might let him see her vibrate herself to a cum. Just thinking about that made her begin to cream, and she could smell the musky odor coming from her cunt. Now that she was at the moment of truth, she wondered whether she had the nerve. With that thought, she said to herself "Fuck it, I want to see how it feels to get off with his eyes on me, maybe shooting at the same time. I've enjoyed everything, once I worked up the nerve. This will be the best yet."

She rose to her feet, her hand still in her pussy. Her tits jiggled, as she humped in front of the tube, her fingers pressing harder at her stiff little love button. She put both hands to her pussylips, pressing them together under the thong as a finger stayed between them. The clothes were getting in the way. She wanted to get out of them. The couple in the movie was faking a completion of their lovemaking. Her eyes closed, and she groaned. Her ass cheeks were tensing as she diddled herself.

She turned toward the bedroom, and began to walk with her hips swinging toward the door. Her ass looked naked under the pajama pants. Billy realized she was going to her bedroom and ducked his head down. He crawled around the corner, passing the first window he came to so he could get to the other one, where he could see all the way into the corner where she hung up her clothes. She would have her back to him, but he could see her reflection in the full length mirror. Besides, her ass was firm and taut, and if she bent over, would flash her full slit that was shaved, revealing fat labia on either side. As he peeked up again, she had already unbuttoned the black blouse, and her tits were fully uncovered.

The nipples were dark, and their large aureola were sexy as hell against the fair skin that didn't seem very tan in the indirect light. The breasts were full, and rounded as they pillowed on her chest. He felt a thrill jump through him as she raised her hands to cup them, jiggling the flesh slightly. "How sexy is that" he asked himself. Her fingers began squeezing the nipples, and her head was bent as she seemed to be watching the effect. In the mirror, her eyes were lidded with langorous excitement, and the tits swelled around her hands.

She took out a hangar and hung up the blouse. Then she skinned the pants down, pulling them off each leg. He could clearly see the string running between her ass cheeks, and in the mirror, the black triangle stood out from her groin prominently. Usually, she stood there like that, though he had never had this good a view of her body. There was no fat anywhere, and her hips were trim and muscular, though full. Her shoulders were wide, and her stomach and abdomen were flat. They looked toned, as though she exercised a lot.

As he gazed at her, she turned and headed for the bed. To see her on the bed, he had to go to the other window. He ducked his head and crawled there, his cock still out in the night air. By the time he poked his head up, she had arranged some pillows facing him on the mattress. Reaching in the bedside table, she pulled out a long thin tube. "What the hell is that" he muttered.

She reclined on the bed, the pillows supporting her so he could see her whole fabulous body, the tits rising from her chest, her legs spread, only the thong hiding her pussy. If he didn't know better, he'd have thought she was displaying herself to his leering eyes. Her hands brought the thin tube down to her cunt. She pulled the material at the bottom of the panties covering her bottom aside, spreadng her cuntlips with her fingers. He could see the pink membranes moist below her clit, and the stiff little clitty curved out. This was the best view he had ever had.

Sarah was amazed at the pleasure her display of herself to his hungry eyes was giving her. There was no embarassment, just the feeling of being sexually involved with him. She was creaming heavily already. He should be able to see all her pussy, wet from her excitement. She grabbed the vibrator at the base, a finger on the button. She let it slip into her waiting hole. As it sank slowly in, the plastic quickly got lubricated by her juices, and it became very slippery, gliding in and out without resistance. She snuck a glance at his face, and saw that he was gaping, and letting himself be seen more easily as he tried to get as close a look as he could.

With the mechanical prick buried inside her to the hilt, she hit the button with a short spurt. The buzz radiated through her vaginal hole, and her hand at the top of her slit passed it into her clit. Her head snapped back as she groaned. "I'm committed now. Oh what a feeling." She hit the button again, longer this time, and felt her hips bucking up to the tingling heat. "I wonder if he has his cock out? Is he beating it off? Will he come with me?" She looked quickly at the window, and saw his mouth open, eyes now slitted, and movement of his shoulder. "Yeah, he's trying to get off too." She wished she could watch him shoot.

She pushed the button for a full minute, writhing at it, figuring this should be near the most he could have hoped for tonight. Her body should have him hot now, because she had come to the conclusion that they were each obsessed with this game they were playing with each other. He came over at every opportunity, and couldn't be doing much dating if he was that regular. It was as though they were already lovers, but at a distance. As her excitement began rising higher, her mind ceased to plot her actions, and a desire to please him took over. Her sensual body was undulating erotically, as the movement in her cunt, and the buzzes she gave herself got her hotter. She relaxed for moments at a time, wanting it to go on, thinking about his hand sliding over his cock.

The vibrator buzzed again, going on and on, and she was moaning and twisting with passion. No longer in control, her legs bent more, pulling up to touch her ass cheeks. She pushed more of the tube inside her, humping hard to it now. She could feel her orgasm approaching. Warmth was flooding her groin, and the buzzing was radiating thrills all the way to her tits, the nipples seeming to zing. "This is the best yet. I was right to be daring. Aaagh." She wasn't sure if she was just thinking or actually speaking, as a red haze filled her head. Her eyes were closed completely, and she was imagining his young body on top of her, squeezing her tits, groin pressing against her slit. The thrills were jumping throughout her abdomen, each buzz lifting her to a new level.

Suddenly, her climax began to happen. Her hips now heaved up hard, then froze for a moment as she pushed at her cunt with the buzzing seeming to infuse her whole body. She heaved again, then again. The waves of orgasm were sweeping through her, as she bit her lip. Cream was leaking down her bottom. She humped one last time, and groaned loud enough for him to hear. Without thinking, she sought his eyes to share this wonderful cum with him.

As he watched her fuck herself with the tube, he could not believe his luck to have caught her this way. She was an erotic fantasy, twisting on the bed, her whole sensational body exposed to his view. Her breasts wobbled, her stomach tensed and rippled, her legs sawed at the action she was giving her pussy. His hand was driving his prick toward release, frantically wanting to join her. He had read about female orgasms, but none of his conquests had ever had one. He felt the stinging approach of his cum, and pulled out the handkerchief, heedless of his being almost erect in front of the window.

He fired his first load just as she began spasmodic jumps with her hips, freezing with her pussy high off the bed, then repeating it. She was cumming, he thought. God what a sexy woman. His shot hit his hand covered with the handkerchief so hard it felt like he was pissing. His eyes were glued to her, and suddenly their eyes met. She can see me, his startled mind registered through the haze of his cum. He fired another load, the jangling thrills better than ever before. Their eyes stayed locked together. My god, she knew I was here the whole time.

They were staring at each other as both gaped with their ecstacy, their bodies still twisting and humping. Neither was thinking clearly, just enjoying the sensations coursing through their groins. She was smiling lasciviously. He was still massaging his cock, as little spurts continued on his hand. She was moving the tube slowly in and out, one hand rubbing her tits. They stayed like that for five minutes, eyes locked together, as they came down from the release they had shared.

As his mind cleared, he bolted back toward his house. She might report him to the cops, he thought. He envisioned her screaming, calling his parents, calling her husband, coming after him with a gun. He raced up to his bedroom, locking the door. He was breathing heavily, his mind swirling with the pleasure of his climax, but fear at what might happen. But as he settled down, he realized that she would have done something sooner if she was pissed. Thinking back on her actions, he fantasized she had been aware of him from the first moment, and was really wanting him to spy on her. Maybe it turned her on as much as it did him.

That would mean she really did want more from him. It might mean he could be even bolder, maybe even making love to her. But how could he tell if she was willing? Then, he realized that they were alone together, and as long as he didn't force himself on her, she couldn't blame him for at least making a pass at her. What she had done tonight certainly qualified as leading him on. A new kind of anticipation started for him.

Sarah remained on the bed for a few moments after he left, and let her mind take in what had happened. He knew now she was aware of his peeking, and that she was going along with it. As they had gazed at each other in the heat of their cumming, she had been wishing he was on top of her, his prick inside her. There could no longer be the thrill of her pretending not to know he was there. Now, they would either have to stop, or take their relationship to a new level. She felt sure he would try. What did she want?

Even as she mentally asked the question, she knew. It was either stop, or commit adultery. Well, Tad was the cause of her frustration, so he should be the victim of its effect. Besides, it was likely he was cheating on her. She had a right to sexual pleasure, and wanted her young lover badly. As she rose to shower, she resolved to let Billy know she wanted to go further, first chance she got.

The next day he was out at his baseball practice all day. She thought he usually got back about four, but didn't see him at all. Only as she prepared a light supper did she hear their car pull into the driveway. She looked out to see the door closing. Well, at least he was back. She was sure he would stay home tonight. She picked out another outfit.

This one was the most daring she could put together. There was a bra that simply pushed up her tits, but didn't cover them, exposing her nipples. The thong panties were completely transparent, revealing her pussy with its small trimmed triangle of hair. The pegnoir was also black and transparent. It had a loose gap at the sides, and any movement let her long legs show up to her waist. Six inch spike heels completed what she thought was the most come hither look her wardrobe contained. She left only a soft lamp on in the living room, and the indirect wall washers in the bedroom. She was standing in the living room sipping a glass of wine when he came, earlier than usual.

He stood outside the window, making no effort to hide himself. He wore the same black tee shirt as always, and his muscles filled it out nicely. Their eyes locked the minute she saw him. She smiled widely, licking her lips. She began moving and posing for him. First, Sarah bumped her hips at him, her pubic mound pushing against the tranparent cloth. Then, she turned sideways, letting the skin of her right side show, broken only by the thin string of the thong. Then she turned her back completely, bending over so he could see her ass and labia, the fat lips already slightly moist. The thong hardly covered her bottom, and she pushed the string to the side. She spread her legs wide, and the pussylips parted to give a hint of the pink flesh between. She wiggled her hips, making the flesh move. Revealing her body to him was such a turn on.

She reached under the sheer material to her slit. Her fingers touched her clit first, then spread the fat folds further apart beside the string of the thong. A finger began working her clitty. It felt so sexy to show him her most intimate parts, to diddle herself for his eyes. Both hands went behind her, and she spread her ass cheeks, showing him her whole bottom, even the puckered rim of her asshole. She pulled and twisted her hips. Even as her heat began rising, she thrilled at her daring.

She turned to face him, again gazing into his eyes. They were wide, but dopey with excitement. It's going to get better for you, she thought. She began twisting her hips, knowing her tits jiggled with the movement, her hips bucking out at his leering stare. She raised her hands to her hair, feeling the cloth tickling her nipples. Her raised arms pulled her boobs up, the large pink rims completely revealed through the sheer black material. She could smell herself creaming, but he couldn't. She wanted him to smell her, to wallow in her body.

It was too much, too sensual. She was soooo excited. Jerkily, she turned and headed for the bedroom, still watching him over her shoulder. She had raised the nearest window to its widest, and went directly there. As soon as he arrived, now only a few feet separating them, she pulled the strings on the pegnoir, and it slid gently down her body. She could hear him gasp as the air touched her. Her hands rested on her thighs. "Come in, Billy."

He climbed over the sill, and she didn't move, so his arm and shoulders touched her stomach as he twisted to stand in front of her. Their eyes locked again, and she began pulling the tee shirt up over his head. He raised his arms to help her. When it was off, he reached out to her tits. She arched her back to his hands. The contact was electric. The nipples hardened further, and seemed to burn as his palms covered them, and his fingers kneaded her soft flesh. "Oooh Billy, yes." Her hand cupped his crotch, feeling his jerking cock.

With a groan, she wrapped her arms around his waist above the belt of his pants so she could feel his skin. He smelled of soap. She pressed her lips to his, opening to let her tongue explore his mouth. His hands were on her bare ass cheeks, pulling her hips to his. They sucked and moaned as both began humping their pelvis's. She pulled her mouth away. He's used to shy young things. I'll play the harlot for him, she decided.

"Wanna fuck me, baby? Wanna stick that big cock in my pussy? Maybe in my ass sometime? Want me to suck that dong, eat your cum? Get your pants off, and lets fuck our brains out, my peeping tom." Her words inflamed him beyond his control. She's really gonna let me fuck her, he thought. He picked her off the floor, and took the few steps to the bed, throwing her on her back, growling "I gotta have you, gotta have that cunt." He tore his pants down, and she wriggled out of her panties watching as his prick jumped up, thick and hard. "Oooh that thing's gonna feel good, baby. You're gonna fill me up with it, I'm so hot I'm gonna cum the minute you stick it in. Can you do it more than once, Billy?"

"All night long, bitch." "Yeah, I'm your bitch, baby." She grabbed his member and pressed it into her slit, rubbing it against her clitoris violently. "Quick, lover. I want you to smell me, taste me. Stick your head down there and smell my cream, eat it up." He knelt on the bed between her long legs and buried his face in her pussy as his hands grabbed at her tits again, mashing them hard against her chest. The smell of her was musky, and his mouth sucked liquid from her slit, as he licked ferociously. She was wriggling frantically, and realized she had to get this first time over with quickly. "That's enough, baby.Stick your big prick inside me, hurry, hurry."

She leered as he came up to her, and grabbed his jumping cock. It slipped into her cunt like a glove, sliding all the way to the bottom, pushing at her ovaries. "Oooh, what a cock. Drive that thing into me, get me, oh baby." He began fucking furiously, pulling all the way out on each stroke. She wrapped her legs around his hips, helping him pump into her. Plenty of time to teach him to last, she thought. She breathed into his ear "Make me cum, lover. Fuck my hot box, stuff me with that piece of meat." She was totally out of control as she bucked up to each of his thrusts, trying to get him even deeper. He was mashing her clitty with each stroke, and she felt herself on the edge.

He knew what he was doing, but his thrusts were frantic and wild. Every stroke drove her passion higher, while she crooned evil words into his ear. "Ooooh I knew your cock would be big, hard, strong. Fuck my hot pussy Billy. Ream me with that dong. You have me soooooo hot, oooooh fuck meeeee." She felt him go even faster in response.

"Let it happen" she growled. He clamped his lips on hers, his tongue sinking deep in her mouth, and gave two powerful strokes, then froze, gurgling as his first shot of hot fluid spurted out of his tool. She felt it, so strong she thought he could be a hose. She writhed against his member, her hips off the mattress.Her orgasm hit as his second shot filled her, and jism began leaking out of her cunt. It was an explosion, intensified by the long wait for a real cum from a cock, and the teasing games they had been playing. He pulled out and drove into her again, releasing a third jolt of spunk.

Her head was twisting from side to side as the waves of climax rolled through her body. The sensation was radiating from the top of her slit up her tummy to her tits, as she kept surging up to him."Oh what a cum, what a fuck. Billy, Billy, keep it in there. Keep me filled up." Her cuntal muscles were squeezing his cock, pushing more jism out. Her whole bottom was wet with it. The thrills were better than any Tad had ever given her. All the teasing had made it the most erotic experience of her life.

She felt him softening inside her, still on top of her. Her tits were squeezed deliciously between their bodies. She was still tingling. "Stay there, stud. That took my breath away. But I want more." Her breath began slowing from her gasping climax, and she wiggled against him, still teasing his athlete's body. "Now I'm gonna teach you how to service me, Billy."

She rolled him over on his back, and twisted off him. She held his eyes as she pulled the bra off, then cupped her titties. He watched as she massaged herself, making the nipples pucker and stand out. She leaned down to let him suck at them. "Go ahead, lover. Suck on them, hard, oooh yeah like that." She felt his mouth pressuring her flesh, his tongue working at the nipples. Her hand went down to his cock, wrapping around it, jacking at it. She felt him groan against her tingling titflesh.

Pulling her wet boobs away, she leaned over his hips. Her mouth found his prick and took it in, sucking it deep in her throat. Even though it was soft, it was big and thick. She tasted their juices, licking the end. She felt it start to stiffen again. Won't take him long, she thought. Taking her mouth away, she whispered "Put your whole mouth on my pussy, stud." He wriggled under her and surrounded her box with his lips. "Now suck, yeah, like that. You can taste us both, lover. Now stick your tongue in there as far as you can. Ummm. Boy is that nice. Oh yeah, in and out, just like that." She returned to his cock, sucking hard as it continued getting harder, and her cream began to flow into his mouth again. Young men were so strong and horny, she remembered. It was so wonderful to be able to go on and on. Her body arched with pleasure and anticipation.

"Keep your tongue there, stud. Keep fucking me with it, and I'll keep sucking your cock. It's going all the way in this time." She swallowed his rod, arching her throat to do it. He jumped with the pleasure of it, and he was stiff again with her mouth surrounding him. "Mmm, that's what I wanted, hard again. Now lick up my slit, get that clitty. Its right, uh, there. Oh yeah, you got it. Now suck it, lick it, make me feel good. Thats it, yeah, oh like that. Keep going, keep going." She began pistoning her head at his prick, stiffening his huge dong even further, tasting liquid seeping out the tiny slit in its head. His tongue was stroking her love button, heating her groin. "Mmmmmmm." she groaned around his meat.

They went on, as her mind whirled with the pleasure she was getting. Her breasts were tingling, as her thighs pressed to the sides of his head. He was growling into her twat, and she could feel her cream flowing steadily now. She realized she wanted him inside her again. But now it was going to be nice and long.

She twisted her face away from his cock, and wriggled her mound down over his hips. With her knees on either side of his ass, she leered at him. "I'm fucking you this time, lover. I'll do the work. Just lay there while my pussy takes you to heaven." She took his rock hard prick in her hand and began rubbing it up and down her dripping bottom, against her clit, between the now engorged labia. Then she positioned it just at her opening, holding his eyes. She rotated the head just inside her, wetting it, watching his pleasure as his eyes jumped from her face down her body to her cuntlips poised on his tool. Slowly, she began settling on the rod, feeling each inch as it gently opened her again, sliding easily. Sarah prolonged his penetration as long as she could, sinking on it slowly, until her bottom settled on his pubic bone.

"Grab my tits, Billy. You've watched them, wanted them. I know, it was delicious for me too. Did you beat off thinking of them?" She covered his groping hands with hers, helping him feel her hard nipples. The pressure from the pink tips was spreading out, with jingling sensation intensifying. She had missed fucking so much. She began to move gently on his hips, rasping at her tiny, zinging love button.

He was staring at her with that dopey happiness on his face that had been there from the moment he realized he was going to get his fondest wish. She reveled in his lust, and leaned down to whisper in his ear. "It's so good in there, so wet and warm, it fills me up so well, oh lover, you're fucking your neighbor, you're secret fantasy. I'm fucking my audience, my sneaking tom. Bang me, get me, ooooh." She began surging, his tool sliding up and down feverishly, rubbing her clit with each stroke. Her steaming hole was vibrating with the motion, their bodies joined, humping at each other. His hands on her tits were pinching and kneading, each contact sending stinging pleasure through her chest and down to her slit, while her clit pulsed with jolts from his boner.

He stayed nice and hard, letting her close her eyes and concentrate on his sliding cock. She was steaming with heat, and bent over to clamp her lips on his. Her hips still writhed, and she could feel his breathing getting faster. She was gasping too, and felt her body's vibrating need for release. She licked in his ear, making small vacuums, then whispering "Feel my pussy, Billy. Isn't it soft and warm and wet? You fill it all up, don't waste it beating off any more, I want all your spunk from now on." Her pelvis pounded at him, faster and faster. She raised herself up again, lifting her arms to make her tits jut out from her chest. As her hips writhed, she whispered "Look at my body, lover. See how you make it bloom, turn it on. My pussy is just right for that monster cock."

His mouth was open, and she felt his hips begin jumping up to meet her thrusts. She was twisting sensually, a little sheen of sweat breaking out on her face and under her arms. The smell of her pussy juice was getting stronger as she flowed continuously.

Billy was lost in passion for his gorgeous neighbor. Her skilled cunt was making his cock swell, bigger and harder than he could ever remember. As he watched those beautiful titties bouncing with her rising and falling hips, he groaned in ecstatic abandon. Her dirty talk was so stimulating, but in this position he felt he could keep himself under control. He loved the fact that she let him know how good she felt, what she wanted from him. This was the kind of sex he had been dreaming of, free and willing pleasure. Her half closed eyes with blonde hair haloing her face was better than any picture he had ever seen in Playboy.

She bent slightly forward so his mouth pressed against her breasts, and he sucked on the nipples, licking the silky, puckered flesh. Her writhing hips were going faster and faster. Her titflesh was pillowing around his mouth, and he heard her moaning louder. "Fuck, baby. Fuck my hot box. Plow me, fill me. Don't stop, don't stop." The thrills were keening now, filling her body, making everything tingle with desire, with tension.

She realized she had wanted his cock all the time they had been playing their peeping games. Hot young spunk. Big hard prick. Fucking on and on. Cumming and cumming. Her fevered mind reveled in the pleasure of her fantasy fulfilled. "Billy, Billy, are you ready, I am, lets' let it happen. Cum in me stud. Shoot that load up inside me, fill me up with it. Oooohh it's so good."

She fell on top of him, her hips still pumping frantically, her mouth plastered to his as their tongues dueled. It felt as though her pussy was full of oil it was so smooth as he pushed hard up to each of her thrusts. She was chanting "Yeah, yeah, here it comes, yeah." He let himself go, closing his eyes and concentrating on the friction on his prick. Suddenly she froze, and arched wildly backward, her hands grabbing his wrists. Her stomach was convulsing, and he felt little spasms from her cuntal muscles on the base of his dong. Her body leaning back, the fat lips of her twat buried in his pubic hair, her mammoth boobs with their pink caps pointed upwards erotically, pushed him over the edge.

The stinging release of orgasm burst from his flaming member, firing his sperm upwards into her vibrating, squeezing ovaries. She was rocking on his erupting cock, grunting rythmically. Her hair was falling almost to his knees as she stretched her lush body backwards in climax. Her spasming was jolting his cock buried in her warm wet tunnel.

"I feel it, Billy" she moaned. "I feel your spunk inside me. It's hot, oh and so thick." Waves of release coursed through her, and she squeezed her cuntal muscles to make it better, but the pressure also made his spurts more powerful. It was leaking now, soaking his pubic hair, dripping onto the bed. "Ummmmm, its good isn't it. Do your little high schoolers get off this way? I bet they don't." She collapsed on top of him as the climax eased for both. Their mouths joined langorously, as their sweat soaked bodies moved against each other.

While they relaxed beside each other, he whispered "Did you mean it about in the ass, and eating my cum?" Sarah chuckled throatily. "Oh boy, did I ever. You're going to get a post graduate course, Fucking 101'"

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