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Sex Story: Prologue - The story of a man's induction into a cult of female followers of the Moonchild.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Mind Control   Magic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Group Sex   Harem   First   Violent  

The full moon lit the grassy glade hidden deep in Straggler's Cove. There was no road or trail to this peaceful forest glen or even a map to follow. Only those chosen know the way and venture into the rocky arms of Pale Horse Mountain. The legends spread by the mountain people were frightening and difficult to believe, but the truth was even worse. There were outsiders who picked that area for their hunting or fishing trips only to return with stories of monsters, witches, and howling demons. Some, it is said, never returned at all.

In the center of the cove is an open circle of flowers and grass with a huge rock spire that stands about eight feet high. At the bottom a spring of crystal clear water bubbles out of an opening near a bowl carved into the rock ages earlier by persons long forgotten. Upon reaching the ground the water disappears once again into the earth. The moonlight gave sparkle to the cold water and the pool seems to glow with white fire. Arranged equidistant around the rock at the cardinal points of a compass were bowling ball size stones carved from white marble. Only one full moon each year would cover the pool and touch the eastern stone with the shadow of the stone spire.

Tonight the basin would be shrouded in the shadow of the spire and the Witches Window would open. The Moon pool of Pale Horse Mountain would show what the spirits of nature desired. Sometimes the future, sometimes the past, and sometimes the present, but it was always useful information to the initiates who attend the ceremony in the cove after partaking in the Orgy of the Moon, a ritual where each initiate is inseminated by the same specially chosen male.

A procession of hooded figures emerged from the forest surrounding the grassy dell. Leading the group was an old woman in a white robe that shimmered in the bright moonlit night. Behind her were fourteen women in two columns wearing robes of bright red satin and at the end of the procession were six girls of eighteen years shrouded in black who would be presented for initiation into the order. The Spirit Master would choose one of these girls to become the new Priestess of Straggler's Cove. The white robe would be passed to the chosen girl, and she would lead the coven until age or accident made her unable to perform her duties.

When the old woman in white reached the stone spire she stepped on a raised platform of rock beside the pool with her back to the rock. The red robed women spread about three feet apart into a circle around the stone monolith. The girls entered the circle and joined hands arranging themselves into a small black circle within the larger red ring. The old woman raised her arms into the crisp night air and began to sing a soft melodious tune. The words and rhythm had a hypnotic effect on the women and girls. The women in the red robes loosened their belts and let satin shrouds drop to the ground around their feet. Their nude bodies were firm and seemingly untouched by age. Beauty was a gift from the spirits to the members of the Moon Cult and their muscles were toned and their breasts were full and firm none too big or small for their individual bodies. They all looked to be in the blossom of youth, but many were middle aged and older.

The women chanted the invocation song and swayed to the rhythm of the tune from the old woman. They sidestepped and danced in a clockwise rotation starting a dance that resembled a school of fish swimming in perfect unison. Their exposed bodies were working together like a machine, chanting, swaying, and dancing in time with music until they were deeply aroused, focused, and entranced. The effect of the music was erotic and sexual.

The old woman lowered her hands and ceased singing; she looked down at the girls in black and watched them disrobe. Their bodies were noticeably younger than the others, yet strongly enticing and nubile. They began to rock and sway as the women chanted. The circle of girls marched counter-clockwise their young bodies glistening in the silvery moonlight. The swinging, rocking, and swaying of the naked female forms grew more intense as the rhythm quickened. The ritual dance slowly brought the girls into an induced catatonic state and they seemed oblivious to their surroundings until the old woman screeched a blood-chilling scream. Everyone stopped as she collapsed and the ghost like form of a large bear hovered over the unmoving body for a few seconds and then fled to the woods with a deathly roar.

Another dark cat-like shape walked leisurely into the open area and approached the entranced women and girls as they stared quietly into the darkness. The huge cat moved around the circle of women and they collapsed writhing on the ground from an intense orgasm as she passed by touching them gently the way a housecat would rub your ankles leaving them unconscious and sated. The panther circled the girls with the same effect until only one beautiful dark haired maiden with deep brown eyes remained standing. The cat faced the girl and seemed to stand on its hind legs, as its form shifted into a woman of striking beauty in shape and complexion. The spirit master took the girl's hands and pulled her close and they kissed deeply. In a flash of light the two beings merged. Conception from the orgy of the moon was complete and a daughter would be born to each of the girls producing the next generation of initiates.

"Come child," the old woman, dressed in a red robe, was holding the white one in her hands. "This is yours now. You may put it on."

Lily took the robe and covered her nakedness. The old woman led her up to the basin and she looked into the water. "You may call me Granny if you like. We will be spending a lot of time together. Remember what you see in the basin Lily, and I'll help you understand the symbolism later."

One at a time the other participants awakened and quietly disappeared into the woods and returned to their homes. They would convene again at the next full moon. Lily would live with the old woman and receive the training and guidance she would need to fulfill her role as the Moon Priestess.

"Why was I chosen?" Lily asked as they walked through the forest of long shadows cast by the setting moon.

"No one really knows child, the spirit master chooses whom she will. Your spirit master is the great cat. She is a creature of stealth, wisdom, and strength. She lives within you now so follow your heart and you will serve well. It has been many generations since the Spirit of the Panther has led our order. You are destined for great things. She only appears when trouble approaches, and we must be wary and vigilant." The old woman answered with a touch of fear in her voice.

Lily was quiet for a while before speaking. "Granny, I saw a wonderfully handsome man in the pool tonight. He was in bed with a woman that looked a lot like me, but it wasn't me. Somehow I know the vision is important can you explain it to me.

The old woman laughed. "Child remember that man's face, he will enter your life someday. When a maiden first looks into the pool after the ceremony she is sometimes shown the face of a future chosen male for the orgy."

In the months that followed Lily learned the arts of healing the body, mind, and soul. Her talent was impressive and she seemed to comprehend instinctively what others spent years learning. Her body developed at an astonishing rated and by the time school started in the fall she was a stunningly beautiful creature of strength and self-confidence. He body was hard and chiseled with a sexual aura that the boys found irresistible. Like a great cat she would stalk the halls, hissing at some and purring for others, but she had the hands and heart of a healer and no one left her presence the same.

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