Deja Vu
Chapter 1

Everyone has some experience with clairvoyance; most people pass is off as Deja Vu. I am clairvoyant.

For years I never understood that the visions I saw were real or controllable. There was a time I thought I was more than a little crazy, because I would see some situation, then a week, or month later experience the situation I had seen. I was constantly questioning my memory.

Then I had the vision that set everything straight. I was looking at the Florida Lottery ticket I had just bought. I had played the same the two sets numbers for several years. The first set was based upon my birthday, the day I first got laid, and then I would add the months together and the days together for my six numbers. The second set was based upon a computer program I ran every week. My program picked the six numbers that came up most often, with the theory that more surface area a number has the more paint that was use for the number the heaver the paint used would be and the heaver the ping pong balls the less likelihood that the numbers would come up. I finally was getting to the point I felt that I was just donating money to someone else to win. I never won every once in a while I would get a free play, but never any money.

Then it happened, while I was looking at my lottery ticket, I saw different numbers, different than I had planned on playing. Rather than 11-5-8-10-18-15, I saw 14-18-28-37-42-48. My weighted numbers were the same. I almost gave the ticket back to the girl that sold it to be, until I realized it was a vision. I thought to my self, go ahead start playing this number to; it was only another dollar to the lottery charity.

There had not been a winner in the Florida Lottery in 34 drawings; the jackpot was at $168 million.

Saturday night I made sure to watch the drawing. I was shocked when the numbers started to show up, 48-14-37-18-42-28. I was finally a winner. I would have to wait until Monday to claim my prize. As I was thinking about the ticket, I got another vision. I saw my ticket being stolen by a friend after I told him about my good luck. I decided to call work Monday and say I was sick. Meanwhile I packed my suitcase and grabbed my winning ticket and headed to a hotel. I did not tell anyone where I was going I was just gone.

Monday morning while I was having breakfast, I read the paper to check the number and the payout. It seems there was only one winning number, and the payout was $169,234,874.00. I called work, and told them I was calling in sick and would come in, in a few days. I had long since stopped telling my supervisors why I was sick after my co-workers told me why I was out one time. Some people just did not know when to keep their mouths shut.

I made my way to the Lottery Office, and presented my winning ticket. I decided to take the payment in 20 equal installments. I just had it sent to my credit union saving account. I wondered if I would have to waiting line the next time I walked in. I bet I won't at least more than once.

My next stop was the credit union.

I stopped at the receptionist's desk and asked, "I need to see someone about my account, please"

The young lady looked up and motioned with her head toward a number dispenser and said, "Take a number."

Seeing there was no one else there, I walked out the door. I drove down the street, looking for another bank.

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