Rearend Raptures
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Backdoor pleasures of Sue Bender

Sue Bender woke with a start. Something long and wet, slippery, poke her channel. "Whaaaaaa?" She looked down the sheet. A bulge in the rumpled linen stirred. The bulge was between her legs and it was the size of a man on his hands and knees. "Jerry!" she shouted at the bulge, "what are you doing?"

"Mmmmmm," replied the head under the sheets and between Susan's legs.

"Ooooooh," she smiled, realizing that the prod between her legs had been provided by Jerry's long tongue. "You devil!" She opened her legsso that he couldmore easily-get to her honey pot. "I had no idea you were such an early bird!"

They'd met the night before in a single's bar, the Red Lobster, down at the Marina. She was looking for an easy fuck, and so was Jerry. They drank some and came back to her place. The fucking and sucking had been exceptionally good. But Sue had no idea that Jerry would want to get started so early again.

"Don't you think," she said, "that we should have some coffee and breakfast first? Just to get the weekend going right?"

"Mmmm," hummed Jerry.

"Oh," gasped Sue, "that tickles." She watched the bulge in the sheet, where Jerry's head was, bobbing between her legs. She bent her legs at the knees and lay back to enjoy the kisses he spread along her soft loins and sleepy pelvis. "Mmmm," she sighed, "you certainly have a way about you."

A Moment later Jerry emerged from beneath the sheets. His chin dripped the thin thread-like strand of clit juice.

"Come here, you heathen," said Sue. "How come your so nice to me?" she asked, taking a piece of Kleenex to his face.

"It's easy to be nice to people you're just getting to know," said Jerry. He flopped his head down on the pillow next to Sue's. She inspected, bye the light of day, her catch from the previous evening. Jerry had bushy dark hair and heavy eyebrows. He was strong and dark with bronzed tan muscles. His incredible build, she figured, eyeing his huge biceps and smooth chest, was probably due to the fact that he was a lifeguard for one of the local beach clubs.

"Checking me out?" said Jerry. "Making sure you were'nt just drunk?"

"Yeah," she said, sliding one hand along his chest, "you never know."

Jerry turned on his side, put his head in his palm. "Well, I know about you," he said. He reached over and slid the finger along the gentle curve of Sue's right breast. He stopped when the tip of his finger was eye to eye with the tip of Sue's aroused nipple. "Well, how about that?" he said, now circling the soft puddle of brown surrounding the nipple.

"let loose of me, you gorilla!" she exclaimed. She jumped up and climbed over him, out of bed. She took two steps and landed in front of a full length mirror. "Do you like my body?" she asked. "I mean really?"

He slid out of bed and stood behind her, his head over her shoulder, both of them looking in the mirror. He put one hand under her arm onto her right tit. "I like the way this tit leans out to the side." He pulled the nipple to the right, led the pear-shaped boob away from her. Then he let loose and moved his hands down to her belly. "And look there in the mirror," he said and they both watched his large hand wander in circles along the smooth flesh of her smooth stomach. "I like how soft your skin is here." He poked her belly button and slid his hand lower, onto her damp bush. "And I especially like the feel of this." She watched his finger enter her and rub the already erect clit meat within.

"I like that," she said. She held onto his forearm while his agile finger slid in and out of her pussy. "It's a kick," she said, "to see it happening in the mirror. It's like watching somebody finger-fuck me."

He dropped his other hand between her soft buns. "I like this end, too," he whispered. She could feel his warm breath along the back of her ear.

"What about my hair?" she asked.

He looked at her long silky hair. "It's lovely," he said. She stood about five-six, a few inches shorter than Jerry. She had a trim, supple figure. The curves of her legs were gentle, soft, and led nicely into her unusually damp pussy. Her tits were large and the nipples cherry red in pools of soft brown. The hair on her cunt was jet black, and the slit below always firm and succulent. Jerry had been only too happy to supply her, the previous evening and new, too, with whatever she wanted.

"I like the feel of your body behind me like that," she said. He held her close, still from behind, his cock rubbing softly against the folds of her ass. "Its nice to feel your prick there." She dropped one hand back to where Jerry's firming cock rubbed her right asscheck. She took the penis by the base and rubbed the head against the baby smooth surface of her buttock. "Do you like that," she asked coyly.

"You know I do," he said softly. "I like whatever makes you feel good.

"Your prick makes me feel good," she said. She gave him an extra special little squeeze, on the base of the shaft, and then tugged lightly. His pink mushroom head sprang to attention. She slid it along the fold of her asscheek.

"Ahhhh," said Jerry. "You know your stuff, honey." He continued to work at her clit. He had the slippery piece of cunt-penis erect and throbbing. He could feel her juice beginning to flow. He knew for sure that soon he would be fucking her righteously. He let his hand drift down, out of her pussy and between her legs.

"Mmmm," she hummed, watching his fingers sliding up and down her loins. His arms were long enough that he could cover plenty of her thigh with one swift stroke. When he came up again, he stroked her pussy with a quick jab from his middle finger.

"Finger-fuck me," she said. "Give it to me real fast." He jammed his finger in and out of her twat several times. She watched in the mirror as his hand jerked in and out of her bush. His finger was wet and slippery and soon she was breathing heavily. "It's good," she gasped, still watching his quick hand. "I love that."

Jerry kissed her on the back of the neck. "What most turns you on?" he asked.

"Ooooh." she said. "I don't know. All of it, I guess." He rubbed her fanny, especially the left asscheek because she was still sliding his cock up and down her right side. He slid his hand up between the two cheeks. Now he hand one finger fondling her asshole and the other in her cunt. He held her from the side, his cock in her hand against her butt, his fingers playing with both of her pelvic holes.

"Oooooh." She began to weave her hips. He alternated the stimulation, sticking her firmly first in the ass, then in the cunt, again in the ass, again in the cunt. "God damn," she cried. "Mmmmmm."

"Last night," he said softly, "you were plenty turned on, but you didn't come."

"I know," said Susan, "but I can't help it."

"You juiced up nicely," said Jerry, poking her hard in the asshole, "but no orgasm."

"Ahhhh," she grunted, his finger buried to the first knuckle in her bunghole. "Uuuuumph."

"Maybe," he said, poking her cunt, "we didn't get the right hole."

"I don't know," she said, the blood rushing to her head. "I never--"

He jammed his finger hard, quickly, forcefully up her sphincter muscle. She jerked involuntarily and when she tried to wiggle free he prodded her in the pussy. No matter which direction she headed he would be penetrating one or the other of her holes. "Maybe," he said, watching her face in themirror, "youneed somethinga littleless traditional than the standard pussy fuck?"

"I don't know," she said, trying to slide her ass off his finger. She went forward onto the finger in her cunt. But he had lodges that digit in so far that she had little room to move in. She let loose of his cock and looked directly at him, not in the mirror. "I never had it in my asshole," she said.

"Maybe that's what'll make you cum," he suggested. "You wanna' try it?"

She looked down at his totally erect cock. "Would that thing fit in there?"

"Like a glove," he said. "Leave it to me."

She was frightened. But she couldn't deny, the surge of energy she felt on fantasizing his galvanized prick ramming up her asshole. She smiled nervously. "Maybe it would be nice."

"I know it would be," said Jerry. "Got any lubricant around here?"

"In the drawer next to the bed," she said.

He took his finger out of her asshole. "Come on," he said. "It's time we found out your true desires." He took her by the hand and led her to the bed.

"I think," she said "that there's something I should tell you."

"You don't have to," said Jerry. He watched her tits bobbing as she climbed between the sheets. Her nipples were stiff and ready for whatever he would give her. Her face had turned crimson. He knew she was thinking now only of his cock up her asshole. Her legs shown in the morning light, and her nubile thighs seemed to glow with sex.

"I want to tell you," she said. "I live here, in this apartment because I'm separated from my husband."

"Ooooh?" said Jerry, opening the drawer and looking for the lubricant. He found a tube of jelly and pulled it out. "Where's your husband?"

"He lives where I used to," she said. She scratched her head. "See, we could never get it on. Just like with you last night. I could get a lot of nice fucking and sucking but no matter what I did it was always frustrating. You know, never really a good orgasm. Always just something a little short of ecstasy."

"Well," said Jerry, "it could be a lot of things." He spread the slippery grease along his still stiff cock. "Here," he said, "why don't you do this?"

She took the jelly with a smile. She squeezed a gob from the tube and spread it all over her hands. Then she out to Jerry's lap. She slid her hands slowly up and down his penis. The lubricant was slippery and greasy and his cock seemed to float between her soft mobile hands. She rubbed the base of the shaft and concentrated on the incredible thick stem. Then she worked softly on the tip of his blossomed mushroom head. The satin flesh of his prick slid smoothly between her greased palms. She rolled his dick the way she would have a piece of snake-like clay. Soon he was covered, from mushroom head to balls, by a thick coat of the fine oil.

"Now for you asshole," said Jerry. He took her hands and rubbed them between his own. Then he applied another gob of grease to his hands. "You better get up on your hands and knees. It'll be easier that way."

She took the position on all fours. "Anyhow,"she continued, "Jack, that was my husband, is my husband, couldn't figure out what it was. I suggested to him one time that he fuck me up the asshole, but he said he wouldn't."

Jerry rubbed his palms between Sue's asscheeks. He parted the buttocks and slipped in one palm on one side, and the other for the other cheek. He spread her ass open and rubbed up and down in the soft groove. Soon her cheeks were covered with a layer of lubricant.

"I don't know why," said Sue, "but he thought it was dirty or something. Anyhow, our sex life wasn't that good that it could keep us together. So, about six months ago we separated. We'd only been married for four months."

"Yeah," said Jerry. "Jack must be one lucky fellow to have been married to you." He smiled and took out the tube of lubricant again. "This might be cold," he said. "Hang on," He squeezed a healthy gob of grease directly into the asshole entrance of Susan's but. He threw the tube aside and applied his finger to the mound of grease. "Here's a fingerfull of grease to get you going," he said.

"Oooooh," she squirmed, "that's interesting." Her heart beat fast against the inside of her chest. She'd never been fully penetrated in her asshole. Occasionally her husband had supplied her with a nice finger to a little tongue action, but never had he gone all out, whole hog, to fuck her up the butt. She'd wanted it, unconsciouslyand consciously for all the time since she'd left puberty. But no man had every realized it, and even she still didn't know for sure if it was the right thing for her.

Jerry slid his finger down into the beginning of the hole. "How does that feel?"

She wiggled her ass and made sure she knew what he was talking about. "It feels nice," she said. She could feel the juice in her pussy flowing steadily. "It's gonna be nice," she said, more or less trying to convince herself.

The more Jerry played with the asshole entrance to Susan's bowels, the more he became turned on. He loved the feel of her soft creamy asscheeks and the cherry red entrance to the shit canyon. He could see that she was tight, maybe a little too tight, but he knew for sure that that would make the assfucking even nicer.

"Get ready, baby," he said. "It's gonna come hard first."

She reached up and put her hands onto the head of the bed. She had something to hold onto. Jerry parted her asscheeks with his hands. Then he slid one hand up to her neck, held her by the nape, and wrapped the other around her waist. He was in the mounting position.

"I'm ready when you are," she said bravely. "So far everything's nice and easy."

He smiled and slid his prick shaft along the groove of her hole. His cock slid slowly but surely up and down between the spread cheek. The grease there eased him down into the bottom of the groove. Her ass seemed willingly unfold for him. He pulled his head back to get a last look at the eye of the target. Her neat little irish muscle had expanded somewhat, but clearly not enough to accept his fully bloomed cock head. "Wait a second," he said, "I think we better try something else first."

"Oh, no," she said, "I was ready!"

"Yeah, I know," said Jerry, "but it'll be that much better if we go with something just a little smaller for this first part." He gazed at her hole, the small orifice, and said: "Yeah, I'm sure of it."

"But why?" asked Susan. "Why not you dick?"

"Well," he said, "it's such a small space." He searched the end table and found a thins, ball point pen, not the push-button sort, but an ordinary cap and tip kind. He put the cap on and using the smooth end slid the pen between her asscheeks. "How does that feel?"

"It tickles," said Susan. She rocked her hips in a gentle arc. "But I like it."

"Good," he said. "Here you go." He slid the soft round end of the pencil-thin pen into her iris muscle. "Still with me?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," she said, feeling her heart skip a beat. "That's nice."

"Good, here's some more." He prodded the muscle of her bunghole from side to side. She shove her hips backwards, in order to take on more of the initiation prick.

"Aaaaah," she grunted. "That's good."

He pushed the prick-like device down further. She moaned and he gave her more of it. She laughed a bit and then, with the blood rushing quickly to her heart, she gasped. "I think that's what I was wanting all this time."

He jammed the plastic pecker down deep, nearly half-way in. "Oooooh, shit!" she wailed. "What the fuck?!"

Her hips rocked left and right, trying to avoid the incredible poker. But it was no good. Jerry was determined to give her a good inkling of how his giant cock would feel in her asshole. He twirled the pen from side to side, parting the asshole muscle, twisting it out of shape and back again.

"Oooooh," she begged. "Stop it! It hurts!" But he relentlessly appliedpressure. Ifshe couldnot be gratified bye the pencil thin plastic dick, he thought, then buttfucking her with his big member would be even more unpleasant. Suddenly, however, despite his best efforts, Susan slid forward, up and off the artificialcock. "Noooo," she said. "No more."

Jerry fell back away from her. She sat down on the sheets and looked at him. "I'll take that dick of yours. But no more plastic. I can't take it. I know it's not the same. If I'm gonna come by having a cock up my asshole, that's one thing. But none of this bullshit trying me out. Either you do it, or you don't."

He didn't know quite what to say. "Listen," he said, "I just thought it would be best to try it out."

"Well," she said, her boobs red with lust from foreplay, "it's not good trying it out. I want to do it with my asshole, but not with some silly pen."

"O.k.," he said. "How about with my cock?"

"That's more like it." She resumed her position on all fours. Jerry took up the tube of lubricant and spread another handful onto the target area. "Good" she said, "that feels nice."

He smiled and took to rubbing his prick between her creamy cheeks. The ass flopped this way and that as he warmed up to fucking her. Soon his hardon was at full length, like a sharp sword pulled from its sheath. He slid the head of his dick down into the constricting space. "Let up," he commanded her. "Open that muscle. Relax"

The iris muscle spread open just slightly. "I'm ready," she said. "Stick it in." She had her hold on the head of the bed again.

"Here you go, baby." He shoved the head of his cock into the iris muscle. Involuntarily, she squeezed shut. Things, her body told her, could easily come out the space, but getting something in was another matter all together. She concentrated, and Jerry's cock made the distance into the shit chamber.

"Oooooh." she moaned. "That's incredible!" His mushroom head cock tip was now inside her butt. Just the tip had penetrated the required distance.

"Oh, shit," said Jerry. "You got a perfect bunghole."

"You know," she said, both of them resting for the moment, "I think you're not doing this just for a favor. I mean I think it really turns you on, too."

"You know it does," said Jerry. He pushed his cock hard and fast without giving her any warning. It had angered him that she knew his real desires. He shove hard, his cock penetrated deep, and she wailed: "Oh, fuck, you dirty bastard!"

He slammed his mushroom head down deep into her shit canyon. He could feel her splitting open under him. The tight grip of her iris muscle on his thick shaft gratified his mounting desires. "Mmmm," he grunted. "Nowwe're getting someplace."

She rocketed her hips, trying to lessen the pressure in her bunghole. When she began to weave sideways, a new space opened up. It was as if the small circular muscle had suddenly accepted the idea of a prick in it. The hold opened wider and took in the thick hot prick meat.

"Oh, God," said Jerry. "It's perfect."

"Ahhhh," moaned Susan Bender. "It's really something else." She gripped the bed board so tightly that her knuckles were turning white. "I think I've had enough," she said. "You can stop now."

"No way," said Jerry. "You hold on now."

She tried to rear forward and off his fat ramrod cock, but before she could he'd grabbed her by the neck, bent her downwards, buried her head in the pillow. And his other hand and arm wrapped her around the waist and yanked her backwards, even further into his pogo-stick pole. "Shit! Fuck! Piss!" she wailed. "That's too fucking much!"

He jerked her hips back into his groin. His pole slid into the bunghole another two inches. "Ye Gods!" she cried. "Can't you leave me alone for a minute?"

He dipped one hand down into her pulsing honey pot. There he took to rubbing her stimulated clit meat. The juice eased the entrance and in no time at all, Susan Bender was enjoying her first buttfuck. "How you doing, baby?' asked Jerry, sensing her new calm. "Everything copascetic?"

"You know it is," she smiled. She loosened her grip on the bed board and leaned back further on his manly shaft. She'd been fully penetrated. Her asshole was no longer virgin meat. She loved the feel of the nice fresh prick. It gave her something to think about. She liked it even better than having a dick shoved up her cunt. This new sensation was something she'd longed for. Now she knew for sure that fucking in the asshole was what she loved, what would get her off.

"You're nice and wet," said Jerry. "Your pussy is juicing like a mother-fucker."

"Yeah, ' said Susan. "I really love it."

She leaned one hand back under her legs and took hold of his flopping nuts. She tickled them lightly while the shaft drilled down into her hole. His spike tickled her, and then burned her, too. She could feel his dick blossoming inside her.

"Are you gonna come?" she asked.

"Soon," he said. "You want me to?"

"Yeah," she said softly. "It would be swell."

He smiled and continued to rub her clitoris. The juice from her pussy eased down his hand. She'd turned entirely to liquid. "you're good and wet," he said. "Too bad that pussy is going to go to waste."

"You can fuck me there any time," she countered. "The asshole is the best, though." She swung her hips right and left, rocking around on his tough meat. She couldn't believe how much she'd deprived herself for the years before. Now she had a cock exactly where she'd always wanted it. "Jerry," she said, "you'll never know the favor you've done for me today. You might just have saved my marriage."

"It's not over yet," he said. "Take a little more of this cockmeat." He pumped her with his incredible rod. The meat slid down deep, rotated in her gyrating hips. She undulated and her pelvis swayed in some primitive motion that only her libido could create.

"Ahhhh," she wailed, "do it to me, Jerry. Keep that dick in there and fuck me in the asshole!"

He was only to happy to oblige. He pressed his pelvis into her creamy cheeks. Naturally, his cock dug deep into her firm butt. The cheeks slid along the shaft, wetting him with even more lubricant. His cock slid easily in and around the tight little hole.

"Ooooooh," moaned Susan Bender. "It's good now."

She felt his hands take hold of her titties. He pulled with both hands on her firm little nipples, pulled her pear-shaped titties down and away from her chest. "Ahhhh," she gasped, "You know all the hot spots, baby."

He poked her hard. His prick head began to throb. "It's gonna be soon," he moaned in her ear.

"Take my clit, then," she said. "I wanna' come at the same time as you, Jerry."

He obeyed her command. He took her clit between two fingers and rubbed the soft piece of meat. Her juice continued to ease at a steady rate out of her liquid channel and down along his fingers. He had her humping and grinding in no time at all. Soon his fingers were covered with slippery wet ease juice. His cock was pounding, ready to explode inside her shit canyon.

"Rock you hips, baby. Give me some action back there. You can do it."

She took his advice. Her asshole swung left and right with a quick jerk. His cock slid in and out, bending with her fine asshole motion. "That away!" he screamed. "Keep it up!"

She knew he was close to coming and that that was why he wanted her to pound on his dick. She pulled her chest up and slammed backwards: "Ooooooh," she moaned, "that's what I wanted."

Jerry realized that he could five her more of his super dick. He smiled and jumped forward. His dick slid down into her. "Oh, boy," he said. "Here it comes."

He exploded. She waved her hips this way and that in order to catch the pulsing hot jism filling up her bunghole. She could feel the hot come dripping down his rod and coating her iris muscle with stickiness. "Ahhhhh," she sighed. "You're cumming!"

"You better believe I am," he said. His cock flew in and out of the tight fitting iris hole. Her asshole responded by contracting and expanding rapidly. Her hips gyrated his penis, milked his hardon of every last drop of jism. "Mmmmm," he said. "You got everything you ever needed now, honey."

He jerked his prick out of her asshole. "Uuuuumph," she grunted. "You didn't have to yank that thing out so hard."

"It's a trademark of mine." he said, flopping down on the bed beside her. "Just something for you to remember me by."

"Oh, I have something to remember you by, all right," said Susan, wiping her palm and the tissue up and down between her slender creamy asscheeks. "You sure came all over the place," she said. "It was kind of nice."

"Yeah," said Jerry. "You might say last night's suck and fuck was just foreplay for today's orgy."

"Yeah," said Susan sadly, "but it wasn't an orgy."

He petted her tits and climbed out of bed, slipping into his clothes. He looked at his watch. "I gotta be down on the beach in ten minutes. Shit!"

He looked back at her as he started out of the room. "What do you mean it wasn't and orgy?"

"I didn't get to come," she said. "I got close, but no orgasm."

"Oh, fuck," he said, looking again at his watch and then back at her creamy tits and the bright red nipples, "we'll get it on again, don't you worry." Then he left.

When she heard the front door to the living room close, she climbed out of bed and went to the mirror. She turned so that her ass was reflected in the glass. "So that's where my real pussy is," she said to herself looking at the slightly reddened hole. "How about that?!"

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