Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Violent,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - His wife killed in a horrific accident, he tries to start over. He learns to love again. And learns the truth about the "accident".<br> Of all the stories I've written, this is probably the best.

Isn't it odd, how terror can strike in the middle of a wonderful, sunny day?

We were coming home from church, that Sunday in June. Heading for our home in the foothills of the Rockies, outside Golden, Colorado. As I recall, Sandy was commenting, in her wry way, about the soprano solo inflicted on us by the worst singer (but biggest ego) in our church choir. Rounding a sharp curve, on the cliff-side road, we were suddenly forced through the guardrail by a large van-a Ryder or U-haul, I can't remember which.

One moment serenely chatting-the next, rolling end-over-end, down a steep bank towards the tiny stream below.

There was darkness and pain. I tried to move and could not. I tried to cry out-but the best I could manage was a small moan.

My mouth was so dry, it was painful. Everywhere was pain. As I tried again to move, the pain rolled over me... carrying me with it... somewhere.

Later, a blurred image of movement and voices. And a bright light shining in each eye.

Fighting awake from the nightmare that gripped me, I groaned and tried to move. A smooth, cool hand stroked my forehead and a familiar, loved voice said, "Don't move, Daddy. It's OK. I'm here."


Where am I? What is going on? Why can't I move? Why do I hurt!?


When I woke next, the pain was manageable. Slowly opening my eyes in a dim room, I recognized the sterile 'warmth' of a hospital room. My eyes slowly tracked around the ceiling. Since that wasn't very informative, I tried to see what else I could discover. When my head moved, it felt like a drill had just tried to penetrate my skull from the rear. An involuntary moan escaped my lips.

Through the pain, I heard a rustle of movement in the room, then felt a hand grasp mine as another hand reached the call button by my pillow.

"Sandy?" I tried to ask. Just a croak came out.

"Relax, daddy," came Sarah's voice. "You're in the hospital. You've been hurt really bad, but you're going to be OK. The doctors told me you'll be 100 percent when they're done with you. Right now, you just need to rest. Don't worry. I'm here. I love you, daddy..." As her voice faded with my consciousness, I thought I felt a tear strike my cheek...

HUNGRY! Steak and eggs, with hash browns and a large jug of coffee-!

This time when I woke, my eyes opened normally and the pain was background noise. Looking around the room, I saw that it was kept dim by the opaque shades at the windows, but that the day outside was probably pretty sunny. Sarah was asleep on the other bed in the room.

When I tried to move my hands, I found that they were lightly bound to the railings of the bed. The reason was obvious-there were tubes in both arms.

Licking my lips, I tried to speak. At first, a croak was all I could manage. I swallowed, licked my lips and tried again. "Sarah?" I whispered. Again. "Sarah!" With all the force I could muster behind it, it came out a quiet, raspy whisper. But she heard.

Rolling toward me, she got to her feet and pressed the call button at once.

"What does a man have to do to get some breakfast around here?" I husked at her.

For some reason, the question upset her. "Oh, daddy!" she said. Crying uncontrollably, she leaned over me and put her face into my neck, hugging me as tightly as she could-considering I was still immobilized and had all those tubes to contend with.

In seconds a nurse appeared, saw that I was awake and asked how 'we' felt. Before I could reply, she'd popped a thermometer in my mouth and was taking a pulse. (I really wouldn't be surprised if this one woke me to give me a sleeping pill!) By the time she'd finished making her notes on my chart, Sarah had settled down a bit and was sitting on the side of the bed, holding my hand.

Seeing that I really was awake, the nurse informed us that the doctor would be in shortly to talk with me and left.

Sarah was looking at me through tear-filled eyes. In fact, I'd not seen her looking that 'bad' in years-since she was about 12 and discovered she was a girl. She had no makeup, her eyes were red and not just from her present tears. She was gaunt, like she hadn't eaten or slept properly for some time. Her lips were chapped. Her hair was, for her, a fright wig, with split ends and tendrils going everywhere. Generally a mess. Something was more important than appearance, so it must have been important, indeed. Still, she was incredibly beautiful and I loved her so much it hurt. The only woman in my life, besides Sandy.

"Looks like you've been here a while, honey," I remarked.

"Most of three weeks, daddy," she said, quietly.

"Where's Sandy?" I asked.

This started a fresh flood of tears.

"She's gone, daddy," Sarah sobbed.

With mounting anxiety I asked, "What do you mean, 'gone'?"

"Momma died in the wreck, daddy. She's gone."

I lurched against my restraints and wailed inconsolably. Sandy! My love. My life. My partner. My helper and other-truly 'better'-half. How could she be gone? Why wasn't I dead, instead? Oh, SANDY! Why wasn't it ME?

As I was starting to calm down, the doctor appeared. He wanted to give me a sedative, but I refused it. He was going to do it anyway, until I got angry and reminded him that it was MY body, not his, damnit! and as long as I was capable of deciding, the decisions about what would happen to it were mine!

"Wouldn't you be upset if you learned your wife was dead?" I asked him. "I need to grieve and deal with it. I don't need to be drugged out of my head."

With that settled, the doctor proceeded to explain my condition and what I could expect. I'd suffered a severe concussion. I'd been in a light coma for almost three weeks. And I was bruised all over-internally too, it seemed, as well as several fractures in my legs and ribs. However, the prognosis was for complete recovery when the last cast came off, in about two weeks.

Sandy, apparently, had suffered a broken neck when the car rolled. The airbags deployed, but that hadn't protected her on the third roll. They thought she'd died then. She hadn't lain there, in the car, in pain and fear anyway.

When the doctor finished his explanation, untied me and answered all my questions, including that I could leave in a couple of days, Sarah and I just looked at each other, then fell into each other's arms and wept.

It happened so fast, I still didn't remember much about the accident-except the rental truck that appeared out of nowhere and ran me right through the guardrail. Sarah said the police had some ideas but hadn't made any progress towards finding out who was responsible.

Three days later, whole but with my lower left leg in a 'walking cast', Sarah took me home.

I couldn't stand it. After the first night, I insisted that Sarah check us into a motel. Everywhere I looked, all I could see was Sandy. I just couldn't handle it. It's really disgusting for a grown man to burst into tears every time he enters his bedroom, or kitchen.

Sarah and I discussed it, she very gingerly-afraid of causing a 'relapse' or something, I guess. We decided that we'd sell the house-I offered it to Sarah, but she didn't want it. After a lot of thought, I decided to move to the coast. I wanted to get clear out of the area and start over.

To my surprise, Sarah insisted she'd come along. When I expressed the thought that maybe it was stupid for her to abandon her job; she said she'd done that as soon as she heard I was hurt. The only 'family' either of us has anyway, is the other-we love each other very much. So, why not? She said she'd be miserable if I left her and moved so far away.

While I arranged with a realtor to sell the house, Sarah arranged with a moving company to pack and ship everything.

As soon as the cast was off, we hit the road.

After the Rockies, we decided we wanted water. We wanted a view and we wanted to be able to have a boat nearby. We started looking in the Seattle area, but couldn't find what we wanted. The ocean shore in Oregon and Washington is spectacular, but VERY wet! So we thought we'd try Portland, since Puget Sound seemed too wet and too crowded, too.

A bit north of Portland, we found our home in a lovely old community called Columbia City. We were able to find a new house on a bluff, overlooking the Columbia river, with views of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens. Several marinas nearby offered moorage at reasonable prices. We'd found a haven-a home.

My work involves consulting on international trade. So I can work anywhere I have a phone line my modem can plug into. Sarah had been just getting established in a marketing firm as a sales manager for a product line. She was learning that she had a knack for forming, staffing and motivating a sales team. She would take longer to get established, but neither of us doubted she'd be successful. She was certainly talented.

As soon as I could, I started to get myself back into the flow of the projects I'd contracted to do before the accident. (My clients were very supportive-most sent heartfelt condolences when they heard about Sandy.)

Meanwhile, Sarah was making a home for us. As soon as the moving van arrived and was unpacked, she set off to get new furniture, draperies and everything else a home needs, to fill in the blank spots. Money wasn't a problem, as the house in Golden had sold-home prices there are generally higher than in Oregon-and we had Sandy's life insurance money, too. Besides, I do well enough and am able to charge really outrageous rates for my time.

In a remarkably short time, Sarah had our house warm, cozy and feeling like home!

Maybe this would be a good time to tell you a bit about us. I'm Mike. Sandy and I had been high school sweethearts. I could never see why she chose me, though I've always been thankful. Somehow, she seemed to know we were 'a couple' long before I did. We'd 'hit it off' and were soon inseparable. As icing on the cake, my parents adored her and her folks seemed to like me a lot, too.

Besides being an honor roll student, Sandy could have been head cheerleader on looks alone if she hadn't been an athlete herself. Tall, willowy, but with abundant curves, aggressive as well as bright, Sandy had several scholarship offers, both for basketball-she was an 'all state' forward-and academics.

Me, I'm just six feet tall and kind of 'nerdy'. Though I enjoyed athletics and was on the football and track teams, I was never very good and participated solely for enjoyment of the sports and the competition.

When I got a merit scholarship, Sandy followed me to Stanford on a basketball scholarship. We were married after our sophomore year, though we'd been lovers for several years. Sarah followed almost immediately, to our joy. But Sandy then suffered an aborted pregnancy that resulted in her tubes and one ovary being completely ruined... Sarah would be our only child.

Having a wife and baby proved a stabilizing force during the remainder of my college experience. My 'social life' was limited, though my love life couldn't have been better. I had time and plenty of motivation to hit the books hard.

I didn't graduate cum laude, like Sandy, but my grades were plenty good enough when I went back for an MBA after my three years in the Marines. (We all did that, then. Remember the draft?)

Sarah was an easy child to raise. She has a sweet spirit, tries to please, but quietly goes her own way. Basically, she raised herself-and probably did a better job of it than I could have.

In appearance, she's almost a photograph of Sandy. In fact, pictures of the two of them as children are often hard to tell apart, unless there's a date on them, or other people can be recognized to place date and time. Grown up, the main difference is Sarah's a honey blonde, rather than Sandy's platinum. For sports, Sarah is more into individual events like golf and tennis, than team activities.

Although she dated, Sarah has never had a real 'boyfriend'. She's had several who would like to have been and she's always kept them coming back for more, but somehow she never met one who could turn her away from her own goals and directions. After college, she moved back home.

When we moved to Oregon, there was no one left behind for either of us.

We spent a little time on the weekends hanging around the marinas near our home. By the 4th of July, we'd pretty much decided we wanted our own boat. (The insurance company had just paid off the car, which was totaled in the wreck.) And we didn't want just any boat, we wanted something we could cruise on, even live aboard for a few days at a time, yet would be 'trailerable'-barely.

That long weekend, we spent our time looking at boats and yachts. We finally found just what we wanted. It's a hard-top cruiser, 30 feet long and 9? feet in the beam, with twin diesels. The cockpit isn't very big, but has plenty of room for two to fish. The main salon is spacious, with a nice galley and room to entertain in comfort. There is a wonderful stateroom, with a comfortable double berth in the bow. And the fly-bridge is very nice, since it takes up the whole roof of the salon-with not only seats for the helm and a passenger, but a lounge for other passengers.

A trailer came with it. Perfect! (Of course, I'd need a heavy pickup or van to tow this rig, but being able to move it to Puget Sound without running in the ocean was worth it.)

Meanwhile, my life settled down. I was back to work, conferring with clients by phone, FAX and modem; occasionally visiting them.

Sarah was very domestic. She puttered about the house, trying to get everything just the way she thought I wanted it. (She didn't understand that I didn't care, as long as she was happy.) She prepared our meals and did the cleaning and shopping.

And, though she was scrupulous about staying out of my sight and hearing when I was working, she was always there when I wasn't.

I won't say I didn't enjoy the attention-but I became concerned. It didn't seem that she was doing anything about getting a job, or finding friends of her own. When I asked her about it, she just laughed, threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss. "Daddy, I just love you for thinking of me! But I'm perfectly happy, just as things are. I'm OK. Don't worry about me!"

This was all fine, but she needed some friends her own age. I finally persuaded her to start dating; but when she did, she'd come home 'down.' After the fourth or fifth time she came home early, with a long face, I resolved to have a 'long talk' with her. The opportunity came soon, on Labor Day weekend.

We'd agreed to take the boat, which we'd unanimously decided to christen Sandy, up the river at least to Wishram and farther, if we had time. That first day, we made Stevenson just at dusk and anchored off the park there.

After a simple dinner-she cooked, I washed up-I poured white wine for both of us and asked her to join me on the bridge lounge. It was a wonderful late summer evening; very warm, with just enough breeze to keep the mosquitoes home. I was in shorts and Sarah in shorts and halter.

Sitting on the lounge, Sarah snuggled against me, placing my arm around her, hand on her flat, athlete's tummy, as was our custom.

For a time, we sipped our wine slowly and soaked in the tranquillity of the river and the beauty of the upper Columbia Gorge. Music from a radio in the park carried out to us faintly. Finally I asked, "Honey, why have your dates been such 'downers'? Are you having problems with the guys you date?"

Her big, luminous gray eyes looked at me for a long minute. I could see her deciding how she wanted to answer that. Very much her own woman, this one.

Decided, she said, "The problem isn't with the guys. The problem is with me."

I waited. She didn't elaborate.

When I caught on that she'd answered my question to her satisfaction, I asked, "So... Are you going to tell me about it?"

"What's to tell?"

"Don't you think I care? If you have a problem, I want to help. At least let's talk. I worry about you. You don't seem to have a life of your own any more."

"Why do I need 'a life of my own'? I'm happy. I'm doing what I want to do. I don't need more."

"Honey," I said. My tone told her I didn't believe that for a minute. "Don't 'BS' a 'BS-er'. You know better."

Turning in my arm, looking intently at me in the soft glow of the shore lights, she quietly said, "Aren't you happy? Aren't we doing OK? I'm OK. Shall we leave it at that?"

"You're not telling me everything, honey. There's more. What is it?"

"Do you REALLY want to know, dad? Are you SURE?" she asked.

"Yeah, I do. I am. If it concerns you, I need to know." There was no question in my mind about this.

"OK. But remember, you asked for it...

"The reason," she said, very deliberately, "I don't have fun with those guys is that I won't do anything with them. I can't even kiss them good night. They don't take it very well when I want to come right home after the dinner or movie."

"And what's the problem, dear? You used to have fun on your dates and left everybody happy, as I recall."

"The problem, darling daddy, is that they aren't you," she said, watching me intently.

When my brain caught up with what my ears had heard, my hand involuntarily clutched her tummy, causing her to gasp and giggle. My eyebrow went up, in question. She caught it and answered, "Yes. I've chosen my man. I went out with those guys because you asked me to. But my affection-my love-is already given."

Stunned, I just said what came to me. "Aw, honey. That's no good. You need somebody your own age, to have kids with and party with. I'm an old, wore-out guy, just about old enough to start enjoying my grandkids."

With a sly little smile, Sarah said, "You can have grandkids. They could be your kids, too."

I hadn't had that much wine, but it really took a minute for that to sink in. "Come ON, honey! You're not suggesting..."

"That you father children on me? You bet your butt I am!"

Wow!! I'd expected to have a nice father-daughter chat and help her over a rough spot. It seems I'd grossly underestimated my daughter's maturity and stubbornness-and her love and dedication. I needed to think!

Sensing her advantage, Sarah switched roles on me. "Don't you love me?" she asked. Assured that I did, more than anyone or anything, she continued, "Is there anything wrong with me? (Not that I knew about.) Don't I look OK? (She emphatically did!) Don't I keep house well? (Yes, she did.) Wouldn't I be a good mother? (No reason to doubt it.) I know you always wanted more children. I've always wanted to give them to you."

And I thought I knew this girl-pardon: This woman. She's wanted to bear my children for some time?! My classic, intellectual response was, "Whaa... ?"

With her enchanting little giggle, Sarah laid it out for me. "I've wanted to have your babies ever since I learned where babies came from. There's no one else I've ever loved. No one else I've ever even been close to. Sure I dated in high school and college. You had mom and you both encouraged me to make friends-especially to learn to get along with boys."

Yes, we had. And she surely kept the boys happy. They all came back for more, even though she never had a 'steady' that I could recall. I remember Sandy and I talking about it and hoping she was diligent in using birth control. She had to have been screwing them to keep so many so happy.

"So I dated and was 'popular' and learned how to please a man. But always, there was only one man who was important in my life-You."

As my spinning head tried to assimilate all this, she grabbed me by the ears and, for the first time, kissed me as a woman kisses a man; eyes open, lips slightly parted, softly pressed against mine. Then more demanding, lips parting, tongue questing, tasting.

Even in my great confusion, my body responded instinctively. My tongue dueling, my lips nibbling hers. My hands reached around, to pull her to me, while her arms encircled me.

In a moment, we broke and backed away slightly.

My mind a turmoil of thoughts and emotions, I didn't know what to make of this. Somehow, in all the years, I'd never realized she felt that way about me. Of course, both of us loved Sandy and would never have done the smallest thing to hurt her. But I knew I'd occasionally harbored lustful thoughts about Sarah, when I saw her dressed provocatively, or revealingly as she was now. I'd schooled myself to enjoy the spectacle for its beauty while ignoring the 'dirty old man' thoughts.

Cutting into my confusion, Sarah said, "I think it's time I start calling you 'Mike', don't you?"

For some reason, that broke through, for me. And it broke me up, too. I started chuckling. Then laughing. That turned into a guffaw and belly-laugh. This went on for some time. I saw that I was ending my grieving and Sandy and I were parting happy, with this.

Catching the humor of her remark, Sarah chuckled, too, but she was starting to look at me with alarm when I finally began to calm down.

"It's OK, honey." I said. "Sure, call me 'Mike, ' if you're more comfortable with that... I really like the way you call me 'daddy', though." I ended on a wistful note.

"But I can't call you 'daddy' if I'm your wife, can I?" she asked, in a practical though playful tone.

Sandbagged again. "Huh?" I responded, alertly.

Scooting over, so she was sitting in my lap, an arm around my neck, Sarah looked me in the eye and asked, "Is there some other woman you'd rather have?"

What had started with the laugh completed itself in my heart. "Put that way... no, honey. There is no other woman I'd rather have."

With a sigh, she relaxed against me, in my arms. Just like she had many times before. Except this was not my little girl. Now, she was my woman.

Caught up in the wonder of it all, I held her near, then kissed her tenderly. When her kiss turned from tender love to beginning passion, she broke it off, rose and pulled me to my feet. "Bed time, I think," she said, leading me to the ladder.

As soon as she was inside the salon, her halter disappeared, shorts following. Her panties were kicked off beside the big bed in the cabin. The reading lamps were the only light, but they were enough.

She was indeed spectacular. Her body was familiar-being much like her mother's-yet new. Sarah was always her own person. Not as athletic as her mother, she was a bit less muscular, narrower in the waist, but more endowed in breast and hip. Her breasts were deeper; large, firm, succulent cones without sag. A remarkably beautiful woman, my eyes misted when I thought that she was offering all this to me.

As I said, she's her own person. I'd had enough time admiring. She was ready for some action! Grabbing my shorts, she jerked them down my legs where I kicked them off. Almost in the same motion, she sucked my cock into her warm mouth. When she'd run the 'O' of her lips up and down its length a couple of times and tasted it well with her tongue, she stopped, grinned and said, "I've been wanting to do this for years! Thanks." And gobbled me again.

No longer a young man <sigh>, I've subscribed to the slogan, 'I'm as good a man as I ever was, once!' With that in mind, I raised Sarah from her delightful ministration, looked her in the eye and asked, "Are you sure you want this?"

And without hesitation, she answered, "Yes. For my whole life!"

With that, she dropped to the bed, drawing me down with her.

I've always tried my best to be sure my partner was satisfied first, in my lovemaking. It seemed if I concentrated on giving pleasure, my own pleasure was multiplied. I can't speak from experience with many partners-Sandy and I took each other's virginity one ecstatic night and neither of us ever needed to look elsewhere or lacked sexual fulfillment after that.

Knowing that any woman can fuck most any two men into the ground if they want, and that I was not a youngster any more, I determined to get Sarah off once or twice before we 'did the deed'. Starting with gentle kisses and nibbles around her face, ears and neck, I slowly worked my way lower, adding licks to the repertory. A little lick in the ear, followed by a quick puff of breath produced a nice reaction and a charming giggle.

Working lower, I found that her wonderful breasts didn't flatten over her chest when she lay on her back, like so many women's do. My fingertips did their ballet on those remarkable cones, dancing and caressing, until the peak was reached. Sarah's attention was definitely engaged. This was followed by the lick, kiss and nibble routine. What a delight! By the time my tongue got to the edge of an aureole, her breathing was heavy and her hips were starting to twitch. My nose detected the unmistakable odor of aroused woman.

With those signals to encourage me, I lapped a nipple, while gently caressing the other with my palm. Yep. She liked it. I knew because her hips started gently rocking.

Moving to the other breast-it was starting to feel neglected, I followed the licks with a bit of suction, then strong suction and a small nibble.

Wow! Did that ever light her fuse! She started writhing uncontrollably and came right then! I tried to lift my head, to give her a moment to recover, but she held my mouth right where it was, demanding more. Well, she liked it. I liked it. Why not?

Finally, the grip in my hair relaxed and I moved downward, kissing, nibbling and licking. A French kiss in her lovely navel brought me another of those delightful squirms and giggles. But when I first kissed her inner thighs, the result was a gasp.

Moving down between her legs, I touched her knees to get her to raise them. Right up they came and I was presented with her lovely vagina. Since it looked good enough to eat... I did. My first task was to clean it up. She was very wet, so I started with a big slurping lick up the crease from her puckered little anus to the top of her slit.

My, did that cause a commotion! She shrieked! Her head tossed and her stomach and thighs went into orgasmic contractions again. I was pleased-no I was ecstatic-to be bringing her such pleasure. Holding her hips, so she wouldn't throw me off, I stuck my tongue into her tight slit and wiggled it as far up her as I could. This just seemed to intensify her ongoing orgasm, so I decided quickly to experiment and moved my mouth up to her clitoris, which had peeked out from its covering. Licking, then sucking on it drove her completely wild and I was thrown off, in spite of my hold.

Moving back up, I held her in my arms and kissed her when she grabbed me and tried to crush my newly healed ribs.

She was still quivering and shaking and I saw that she was crying. Concerned, I asked what was wrong.

Smiling through her tears, she said, "Oh daddy, my darling daddy! I had no idea it could be like that! I've never felt like that. I thought I'd gone to heaven. And to think that the man I've always loved took me there! I feel soooo good, I have to cry."

My heart soared. And, though I'd definitely call what we'd been doing 'making love', we still hadn't completed our joining.

After we'd cuddled and caressed and loved each other, Sarah started intensifying the action. Her caresses became more demanding and her kisses more passionate. Soon I was ready and so was she. "How do you want to do this?" she asked.

"For the first time, why don't you get on top? That way, you can be in control. It might be best for you."

"OK, what do I do?"

"Huh?" I was really brilliant that night.

"What do I do?"

"But I thought you... ?" I said. "All those boys you dated, who came back for more. You kept them happy. We thought surely you were... ?"

That earned me a really big, happy grin, "Fucking them? Daddy, you know there's lots of ways to keep a guy happy without fucking. Hands, mouth, occasionally ass. My pussy was saved for the man I love. Any who didn't like it, I told them I didn't want to get pregnant. If that didn't solve things, I'd demand to be taken home. I can handle the 'situations'-and never went out with anybody who might try to push me around..." A big grin.

"So, lover, what do I do?"

When I just stared, Sarah giggled and said, "Close your mouth, daddy dear and tell me what you want me to do. Please?"

Steering her to a kneeling position astride my hips, I moved the head of my cock up and down her slit, to make sure everything was lubricated. It sure was. Then I suggested that she put the end into her hole and sit on it-slowly.

Feeling me penetrate her for the first time, her face was again lit by that big grin. A tiny frown of concentration and bite on her lower lip as her maidenhead was torn, then the grin was back when she realized she was fully impaled on the cock she'd long dreamed of possessing.

I just watched in wonder and awe. Her spectacular beauty and her joy in that moment almost made me cry for joy. For a few minutes, she just enjoyed the feeling of being filled, shifting slightly, to experience all the new sensations her body was sending her. Then she looked at my face, recognized the joy there matching her own and leaned forward to kiss me deeply-possessively.

Placing her hands by my shoulders, she began rocking, moving up and down; sliding almost off me, then back down to maximum penetration. Soon the tempo increased and I started to meet her thrusts. When she speeded up even more, I grasped one of those marvelous breasts and sucked the nipple into my mouth, nibbling as I did.

That was all it took. Sarah went into orgasmic convulsions again. This time, I was determined to come with her, so I continued to pound my hips up into hers, while I sucked hard on her breast. Her orgasm intensified! I was in awe of this woman. But not for long, as my own climax took me into orbit right alongside her. Feeling my shaking and climaxing too was the last straw for her and, with a scream, she went rigid-then limp, collapsing on my chest.

Once I was satisfied that her breathing was OK, I wasn't too concerned, and just held her there on top of me, her tight little pussy clamped down on my rapidly softening cock. She was giving me enough little 'aftershock' grabs with her vagina to keep me half erect. And I wanted to still be in her when she came around again.

Soon her hand started to gently caress my face and ear. Turning toward her face, I gently kissed her. "Well, no one can say you're not a real woman now, sweetheart." I told her.

With a big grin she said, "Uh HUH!... You are pretty fantastic, you know. I've come before, on some of my dates. But never anything like this. How many was it? Four? Five? More? I hope you're figuring on staying in good shape, 'cause I want lots more of that!"

"I do too, sweetheart. I do too!" I replied. I'd tell her about what being in love with an old man means tomorrow. For tonight, I just wanted to share her joy.

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