Ex-Wife's Problem
Chapter 1

Caution: This Cheating Revenge Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Slut Wife, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Cheating Revenge Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife gets caught fooling around, after divorce she will do anything to get her EX back. He's after revenge and she pays for her betrayal

The day in court was short and sweet. My lawyer helped me with the divorce and it went about a good as he said it would. About four months ago my wife of 10 years had a hot fling with one of her co-workers. He was married too and before they knew what happened, they were hot and heavy at it. My wife had never been with anybody but me so she was very excited and didn't know how to control herself. They were in a hot office romance before either one knew what hit them. One of her co-workers called and told me about it. I didn't believe her but once I checked things out, I found out it was true. I was so pissed I couldn't see straight. I went to my lawyer right away and he hired someone to get the dirt on my wife and her new boyfriend. Within a couple days they had all the pictures they needed.

I was so glad when my lawyer called and said they had everything they needed. I couldn't stay another day in this house. Both me and my wife were only 28 years old. We had gotten married directly out of high school and our marriage was very solid, at least that is what I thought up to that week. The next day while my wife was at work, I packed up everything I wanted to keep, and moved out. I left a long letter on the table for my wife. Also behind the letter was the paperwork for divorce and some of the pictures of her and her new boyfriend together. I took about three weeks off work, put my stuff in storage and went on a long overdue vacation. I told the people at my work that if my soon-to-be EX called, tell her I had quit and moved away.

As soon as my wife got home, she looked around the house and found many things gone. She finally saw the long letter and cried the entire time she sat there and read it. Over and over again she read the letter and cried out loud. The affair was something that really happened quickly and she still loved me more then anything. She didn't even know I knew about the other guy. Now I was gone and she had divorce paperwork in her hands. The note told her to sign the paperwork, put it in the envelope, and mail it tomorrow when she went in to work. If she didn't, the pictures would be mailed to her boyfriends wife and destroy his marriage also. Plus the pictures might end up in some of her friends hands that also worked with her. Her little fun in the sun was now really costing her.

All night my wife stayed up and it wasn't till the next morning she knew she couldn't risk the chance of getting her new boyfriend in trouble with his wife. Her life might have been messed up but she wasn't going to ruin his. She signed the paperwork and put it into the mail. The form just really said that she would not fight the divorce, did not want any alimony of any type, and they would split whatever bills they owed. Of course my wife was like most other wives, she had no ideal what we really owed.

I called my lawyer about a week into my vacation. I was having as much fun as I could under the circumstances. He quickly informed me that he got the paperwork from my wife and they would have a court date about 2 weeks from now. I had him try to pick a date as close to the end of my vacation leave as he could. He told me to call him back in a week and he would give me the date. Each day I thought about my cheating wife and it really got me mad. At night I would go out to clubs and have a pretty good time with the girls that were there, but when I got home my mind always thought about my wife and the other guy together. I guess its usually the other way around, with the wife finding out about her husbands lover, but this time the tables were reversed.

My wife finally had a long talk with her office lover. She needed to know how serious he really was. Well, he was just like she had been. This was a very fun and adventurous thing to do, but he loved his wife. He pleaded with my wife not to ruin his marriage too. My wife had no intention of doing that, she was just looking to see if the guy really loved her or was just playing around. She found out quickly she lost her husband to another guy just PLAYING AROUND. She broke everything off with the guy and soon found out that a broken office affair is very hard to live with. Soon she just couldn't go back to the office because of all the talk going around. Without even thinking about what problems it would cause, she called in quit her job. She figured she could find a new one soon and getting away from her office lover would help her get over everything much quicker.

I had just about been three weeks and I called my lawyer back up. He told me that this coming Monday would be the court date. He had made sure my wife got the papers and everything was all ready. It should only take about five minutes of the courts time as long as my wife didn't object. I was sure she wouldn't because of the pictures and also her not wanting to cause the breakup of her lovers marriage. The weekend went by soon. I returned to town on Sunday and found a great little condo to hold me over for a while. I had always wanted a condo on the ocean and when I went to a realtor, they found me one that the owner would be gone for six months and wanted to rent it out till then. That fit the bill perfectly for me. I didn't know if I would enjoy living like that and I could now try it out without having to buy my own condo. I signed all the paperwork and moved in. It was expensive but the view was fantastic. I had a first floor view of the ocean. The bedroom and living room had huge picture glass windows so you could see everything happening outside. And both these large windows were very large. They ran from the bottom of the floor to the top of the ceiling. I sat there for a couple hours just amazed at how nice this really was.

The next morning I woke up early and got ready to go to court. I had not seem my wife in about a month. I really was in no hurry to see her. I still had some very bad feelings about everything that had happened. I first spotted her as I walked into the court with my lawyer. She stared hard at me and I just ignored her the best I could. She was trying hard to get my attention without letting anyone really know she was doing it. Her life had really turned lonely and she sat at home most the days and nights. She still had not gotten a job. Then I heard the court called to order and the judge read the divorce agreement and asked both myself and my wife if she agreed to it. Slowly she said yes, then I said yes. Then it was over. We were divorced. They had both of us sign some paperwork and before my wife could get a chance to talk with me, I was gone.

The paperwork split up all our property and laid out exactly what each person was to receive and had to pay out. My wife had to pick up her own payments on our rental house or move out. The choice was hers. We had lived there about two years and the landlord had agreed with one month notice, we could move out whenever we wished. But it also gave my wife about $4000.00 in cash from our joint savings and about $15,000.00 in bills. She got half the credit card debt, she had to start making payments for her own car, and she had to pay half the court cost. She never read any of the paperwork, she just tried to run out and find me before I disappeared again. But it was too late. I was gone and on my way home. I still had my job and I would start back at it tomorrow. I took got about $4000.00 cash and about $20,000.00 in bills. But the difference was I knew how to pay the bills, and I was getting plenty enough money to pay for everything.

My Ex-wife's life kept getting worse every day. She didn't know I lived in the area and was still working at my same job. She still thought I had moved away. Her money lasted barely two months. She paid the rent on the expensive home she was in, paid the car bills, the utilities, the credit card bill, and food and drink. She looked hard for a job but she didn't know the job market was as bad as it was. She ended up having to move out of her house into a small junk apartment, she couldn't pay the car bill and within two weeks of explaining to the company that owned the car all about her problems, it was repossessed. Then she was finally completely broke. She now had no money for her apartment, credit cards, food, and also didn't even own a car to drive around and try to find a job. She was in a very desperate spot and now knew how much she really did miss and love her husband.

I had always treated my EX sort of like a princess. Sure she had to work but she would have gone crazy just sitting around the house. But everything else she wanted, I always made sure she had. I think that probably led to what actually happened. She was so use to getting her way, she didn't even think twice when her mind wanted to play around with somebody new. Now everything she had worked for the last ten years were gone. No money, no husband, and she was slowly selling off all her possessions. The selling of most her possessions allowed to live another 40 days or so. She still had no income and all the creditors were really after her. She now had no phone, no cable, no luxuries at all. She had been divorced for over four months now and was completely broke.

The last time I had talked to my ex-wife was about six months ago. My life had finally returned to normal and I was even dating another young girl. It was going slow but I liked her a lot and she felt the same way with me. I didn't think about my EX like I use to. But when I did it always made me mad. She had really hurt me and I told myself if I ever got the chance to pay her back, she would have the same feeling about being betrayed that I now did. Then, one night when my girlfriend was over, my EX called me at home. It had been over six months and somehow she found out I was living locally and got my phone number. My EX begged me not to hang up. My new girlfriend was right there in the room and I didn't want her know I was talking to my EX. Plus my face was turning red as I was really pissed that she would call me after all this time. I thought for a second and told her I was a little busy right now. Please call me back at 11:00 PM tonight. I then hung up the phone.

Of course my girlfriend asked who it was. I had to make up a quick story about someone at work needing some help. I didn't want to do work now with you here so I told him to call back later tonight. My girlfriend thought that was very understanding of me and she stayed over till about 10:00 PM. Finally she got in her car and headed home. She had to work tomorrow also. I started thinking about my EX and the phone call. I was working myself up into a frenzy. I didn't know I really hated her this much. I suppose being humiliated like that was more then I could forgive. At 11:00 PM the phone rang and I was pretty sure I knew who it was. I answered it and my EX pleaded with me to let her talk. I was barely about to get the words "OK" out of my mouth. For the next five minutes my EX rattled off how sorry she was. I could tell the way she was talking that she was desperate. I didn't know why she was trying to crawl back but I listened to everything and she kept going and going. She threw everything at me. How much she still loved me, how much a fool she had been, how she thought of me every night. Then she finally said something that really caught my ear.

She pleaded with me to give her another chance. She would not mess up and she would do whatever I asked of her, no questions asked. Just give her the chance to prove her love. I finally broke in and had her quit pleading her case. I told her I would think about it but I didn't know if I could trust her anymore. She quickly spoke up and told me that she was a changed woman. She knew how good she had it with me and she would do whatever I requested if she could just see me again. I finally told her I had to think about it but I would call her tomorrow sometime. She begged me to please call and I wouldn't ever be unhappy with her again. I finally said OK and hung up the phone. My Ex had tried her hardest to really make a good impression on me. She knew if she had another chance, she might win me back. Her life was at the lowest point in her life. She had no place else to turn.

That night I was still very mad. I couldn't believe my EX was still trying to get back with me. Whatever happened to her workplace boyfriend? He must have dropped her too. I didn't make up my mind that night and finally fell to sleep. The next morning while I was showering it hit me. A big smile came to my face. I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to pay my EX back. I just had to figure out how. We were legally divorced so I didn't have to worry about any of that type of entanglements. I went to work and at work I used my computer and search engines to try to decide what I could do. In of the search engines I typed "EX-WIFE". When I hit they key, about 1000 search results came up. Many different things were there. Pictures, advertisements, stories, and lawyer sites. Then I saw a link and clicked on it. The link I clicked on said: "Getting Even with My Cheating Wife".

It was a story written by an exotic author about a situation that was pretty close to mine. Husband finds his wife cheating, she begs to come back, and he turns her into his Sex Slave Slut. The story was long and took me over 30 minutes to read. When I was done my mind was filled with wonderful things I could do to pay my EX back. The story was like a HOW2 book for humiliating your ex-wife. I printed the story out and for the rest of the day I read it and highlighted the area's that I could try to use on my Ex. Finally I was done and had about 20 highlighted areas. It was now 3:00 in the afternoon. I grabbed the phone number that my EX left me last night and called her. When she answered the phone so was very excited to know it was me calling her back. This time I took control of the situation. I quickly told my EX to keep totally quiet and listen to what I was about to say.

I told her I was very uncertain about all of this, BUT, I was going to give it a 7 day trial. If she wanted to hear more about it, she was to be standing outside her house at 4:00 PM. That was one hour away. She was to dress in a short dress and be looking as nice as she could for me. First impression would be critical. I would take her out to eat and she could hear my conditions if she really wanted to try it. Her entire body perked up and she had the excitement of a young girl going out on her first date. "YES, I'LL BE READY". But then she had to tell me she didn't live in our old house anymore. She gave me the new address to pick her up at. I told her look cute and don't be late. I then hung up and waited till it was about 3:45. I went down to my car and started to drive to the address she gave me. I quickly found this was in the cheaper part of town. In fact, when I got to her address, the apartments were in a very rundown complex. I noticed her on the street waiting for me. I looked her over as I drove up and noticed she had lost about 5 or 10 pounds. I didn't know how broke she had been and how little she had been eating.

This really shaped her body up nicely. She might be 28 years old but she was still a very cute girl. She had on a nice black dress and she had done up her makeup as nicely as she could. I pulled up to the corner and she opened the door and jumped into the car. She looked over and said "THANK YOU". She was so happy to be getting this little chance. She was going to be making the best of everything. She looked over my new car and made a comment about it. I had bought a convertible about three months ago. It was bright red and very sporty. Since I was single, it was my chance to get all the thinks I couldn't really have when I was married. I let my EX make a lot of small talk as I drove her to the restaurant that we were going to eat at. When I parked, she remembered some of our old ways. I always liked her to wait till I opened the door for her. She sat there while I walked around and opened her door. She slid out as gracefully as she could and grabbed my arm as we walked in the restaurant. She was picking up on things just as if nothing ever happened. She was not going to mess things up.

We were seated and we both ordered. My EX ordered a lot for her. It sort of surprised me but I didn't know how long it had been since she had a really nice sit down dinner. I ordered wine and my EX really liked that. Once the waiters finally left, I leaned towards my EX and started talking. My EX listened as I talked and slowly drank her wine. I was remembering things from the story that I had folded up in my pocket. I must have read it 20 times by now. I then started laying down the rules for us to get back together. My little speech went something like this: "I don't know if I can ever trust you again. I use to treat you like a princess and you stabbed me in the back. If you want us to get back together, you will have to re-earn my trust. And for 7 days our relationship will be a lot different. My life is finally back to normal, I have a condo on the beach, a nice sports car, a girlfriend that I might end up falling for, and just received a 20% raise for a project that I just completed. My life is good and you might just stab me again in the back at your first opportunity." With this my EX tried to talk, I told her to let me finish then she could have her say. I continued on with my rehearsed speech. "I have decided to give it 7 days. I will give you the chance to prove you still love me. But to prove it, you have to go way beyond the normal. Before you were treated like a little angel, everything you wanted you got, this time, I will get everything that I want. For 7 days, you will treat me exactly like I use to treat you. Anything and everything that I want, you will give me. This means that for 7 days, you will do EVERYTHING I ask. I will push you and see if you fail me. If you ever say NO to me or do something I don't want you to, I'll just get up and leave. You'll never see of talk to me again. This is a one-time chance for you. ONE-TIME!"

I finally let my EX have her say. She told me she was so wrong and so sorry for what she did to me. She would never STAB me in the back again. And if I would give her a chance, she could prove to me she really loved me and would make a great wife again. I looked her right in the face then told her to answer me one question. If I tell you to do something, no matter what it is, no matter what you have to do, you will do it without question for the next 7 days. If were still doing good after 7 days, everything will return to the way it was before we were divorced. But if she disappoints me even once, I will know that she isn't serious and I wouldn't be able to trust her. I then asked her to give me her answer. YES OR NO.

It was so much quicker then I thought. I figured she would have to think about what she was getting herself into. At least that's what the girl in the story did. But my EX didn't wait one second. YES, YES, OH YES! I then held up my glass and we toasted to our new try at getting back together. I remember in the story that this is where I started taking control but at the same time I was to start treating her really nice. I threw kindness and commands at her both at the same time. We started eating and chatting away. I told her about my nice condo and how well I had been doing at work. It did sort of feel like old times, but my anger and revenge was still there. It would start as soon as we left the restaurant. We drank two bottles of wine, talked and had desert. Finally it was about 7:00 PM and I paid our bill and got my EX up. Tonight was the start of her 7 days as my complete sexual slut. She didn't know how bad it would get but if she could have read the story in my pocket, she would have never asked for a second chance.

On the way out I asked where the restrooms were. We both walked down the hallway to where the rest-rooms were. It was now time to start my Ex's night. Before she went into the restroom I told her to turn around. I had her put her hands quickly over her eyes and told her my first command of the night was that she not move a muscle for 20 seconds. I had her shake her head that she understood. Her hands covered her face and my hands immediately lifted up the back of her black dress and noticed she had matching black undies on. Her skirt lifting up in the back really made her jerk but I told her not to move. This was a quick bold move by me and I was now letting her know how the rest of the night would go. I slid both hands under the sides of her black undies and pulled them right down her legs. It had been a long time since I had seen my EX nude and her ass really looked good. I lifted her legs and had her step out of her undies. In our entire ten years together, she had never done anything like this for me. I had her open her eyes and turn around.

I could see the surprise and embarrassment in her face. I let her watch as I threw her undies in the large trash can that was there in the hallway. I grabbed her hand and guided her back out to my car. For once she was entirely silent. As we drove I told her she did very good in the hallway. If she would have put up any resistance at all, I would have left for good. It was her first test of the night. I didn't know it but she had just about told me NO that I couldn't do that. After what I just told her, she was very glad she didn't say anything. She felt completely exposed with her undies but this dress was very long compared to the ones I had in my mind for her. I decided to go shopping first, then back to my house. I drove to the mall and in less then an hour, she had two new outfits. Both outfits were very small dresses. They were cute but the shortest ones I could find. I didn't let her try them on, I just picked out her size and bought them.

When we drove up to my condo, my EX couldn't believe it. I was living in a fancy gated community. My condo just yelled out LUXURY. I took her inside and right away her expression changed. The place was BEAUTIFUL. She had never wanted to live in a condo but it was one of my dreams. Then I opened the curtains and let her see the view I had. She had been barely surviving and I was here living in luxury. She made up her mind she could never let me know how bad off she was. Not until she had me back again permanently. I put some music on and sat back on the chair. My Ex was about to put on a great show for me and she didn't even know it yet. She started to sit down but I told her no to sit. I had her go to the middle of the room. Then I instructed her to start dancing for me. She didn't think I was serious at first but then she saw my face also change expression. She knew I was deadly serious. She slowly started dancing about and I told her to remember, NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, say NO to me. Not for the next 7 days. Otherwise she could just leave at any time. This brought a little frown to her face but she kept dancing for me. The song ended an another one started. I told her to slip her dress up over her head sexy like and let it drop on the floor. She now knew exactly what I had in mind for her. Up until now the sexual stuff didn't even come into her mind. Now she knew she couldn't say NO and if she did, I would make her leave for good.

Now she was stuck in a bad situation. This first time would be the most important. Even if she would do it, or she would try to talk me out of it. If she did that, I would have made her leave. But I finally saw her hands head for her dress and slowly she peeled it off. It was now on the floor and she sort of stopped dancing. I told her immediately to keep dancing and then more commands started following. Unhook your bra, turn all around. Dance more sexily. My EX was entirely nude except for her high heel shoes. I finally had her kick them off. Then just like she was a possession, I had her go over to the couch and lean over it. Her butt was now pushed out backwards and she was in the perfect position to fuck. I looked her body over and with the loss of her weight, she looked just about perfect. No fat anywhere. I started to walk behind her and she had a very worried look in her face. She heard my zipper come down and she wanted to tell me she wasn't on the pill anymore. She had to stop that when she ran out of money a few months back. Plus she didn't think she would need them for a while.

I didn't let her get a word out of her mouth. As soon as she started to say something, I told her she had two choices, stay bent over and not say one word, NOTHING! Or get dressed and leave. I waited a second and her head slowly shook OK. I didn't even drop my pants, I wanted to fuck her just like she was a hired hooker. I pressed my fingers up to her pussy and it was covered in dark brown hair but was now very wet. I didn't know it but my EX hadn't been fucked since the day I left her. Knowing she was wet, I pushed up behind her and sank my dick deep up inside her cunt. I pushed hard and didn't give her anytime to adjust. This wasn't about her. This was for me. I again told her not to mess this up by talking. Then I grabbed her hips and started rocking her body back and forth. It had been so long and it really did feel great. I told her to start fucking me for all she was worth. I quit moving and made my EX do all the work. She wanted so badly to tell me to pull out. She last had her period about ten days ago. It might not be the worst time but it was one of those not really safe times.

A couple times she really just about blurted out to pull out but she kept remembering what I had told her. My life was so much better then hers and she didn't want to blow it on her first night. She was pushing and pulling her pussy on and off my dick. A minute at the most is all it took. I didn't give my EX any warning, just all of a sudden I started shooting my sperm deep up inside the nice warm pussy that was fucking me like a pro. It took the EX about five or ten seconds then she felt the extra wetness and heat. She knew I had just flooded her pussy with my sperm. She had always been on the pill ever since we first got married. At this moment, I really thought she was. A few tears formed up in her eyes. She didn't think the very first night would be like this. And it really worried her that I had fucked her without a rubber on. She made the decision in her mind that as soon as she could, she would get another prescription started for her pregnancy pills.

As soon as I was done fucking my EX, I brought her to the couch and let her lay down. She wanted to go clean up but I told her later. I turned on the TV and immediately turned it to one of the X-rated channels that I subscribed to. She would have never watched them with me back in our old home. She didn't think they were right. But now she had no choice. For over an hour we watched the adult movies then I finally let her go into the bathroom. My EX tried her hardest to push everything out of her pussy but very little by now came out. It had been an hour since I fucked her and most of the sperm had made it's way DEEP DEEP inside her. When she came back out I had her sit back on the couch and then I told her that until I told her, she would be staying here with me. That made her a little happier as she thought that maybe I was starting to really want her back. But this was just part of my plan. I wouldn't let her out of my sight for at least a week. I went in the back room and called my boss at home. I told him I needed the next week off for personal problems. He didn't ask any questions, he just said OK and hoped everything was all right.

We laid together on the couch watching dirty movies for a few hours. My EX had no choice but to watch them. I was then just about ready for bed. I grabbed my Ex.'s hand and guided her back to the bedroom. I turned down the bed and then told my EX that day one was just about done. If she made it to the end, then I could again trust her and everything would go back to the way it was. I then told my EX not to say a word till tomorrow morning when we woke up. I had her shake her head that she understood and I turned off the lights. I started thinking about everything that had happened and how close the letter in my shirt pocket was to what actually happened tonight. All this thinking brought my dick right back to life. Soon it was hard as a brick and I had my EX laying right next to me. Normally I would know better then to try anything this late, but I remembered I WAS IN CHARGE. I slowly turned my EX on her side and I faced her away from me. Her ass was now pointing directly in my direction. I took my fingers and put a lot of my spit on them and guided them between her legs. She jumped a little when she felt my hands touch her cunt but then she settled back down. My fingers were so full of my spit that her cunt lips slipped right apart and my fingers slid down into her hot little pussy.

A worried thought came to my Ex's mind. She was praying that I wouldn't try to fuck her. Within seconds her worse fears again came true. She felt me place my dick at her cunt entrance and push forward. I slipped right into her tight little pussy. My EX started thinking of anything she could do but she was too afraid to upset me and ruin everything. It was working exactly like the story said it was. I had a sex slave and I was finding out that I could do anything my little mind could come up it. I now started fucking hard and fast into the tight little pussy in front of me. I didn't make my EX work or move at all. I just fucked fast and hard at her pussy from behind her. Then I slowed down really slow. She didn't feel me come and was hoping that I was done for the night. But I found the slowly I pushed and pulled, the more feeling of pleasure I was getting. I was now moving at a snails pace. I could feel every little inch as it moved in and out. I had never fucked like this before. Then the pressure started building and finally I could feel my balls let go.

I immediately stopped moving and wanted to see what it felt like as my sperm shot through my dick and flooded my Ex.'s cunt. It was a really different feeling. Normally I would be pushing and pulling as hard as I could. But I didn't move a muscle. My dick was buried in the pussy and it started shooting hot cum deep inside my EX. We could both feel every little squirt. My dick twitched with every squirt and I could feel the hot creme pour up inside the very tight cunt. My Ex's eyes popped wide open. She was getting a second load of pregnancy making sperm deposited deep up inside her. And now she could feel every little squirt. Again tears formed in her eyes. She didn't want to get pregnant. She wasn't interested in having a baby. I never moved and let my dick just slowly empty itself deep in my ex's cunt. I then talked for the first time. I told my EX not to move, not to get up till the morning. We were going to lay together like this all night. My EX wanted to scream. She wanted up to go push the hot gooey cum out of her. Now she couldn't talk and she couldn't get up. She tried to push with her muscles and get the sperm out of her but with me buried so far up inside her, it did little good.

We laid that way all night. My EX cried herself to sleep in about an hour. I was asleep in less then 10 minutes. My dick finally popped out of her but barely any of the sperm found its way out. It was put too deep inside her to find its way back out. We both slept till about 9am in the morning. I got up and my EX got up and finally got to go into the bathroom. She was in there for 30 minutes but I didn't care at this point in time. When she came out I told her it was time to take a shower, clean up and go out for breakfast. Of course while she was in the bathroom, I was reading more of the story to see what I wanted to do today. I knew what was first. I grabbed my EX by the hand and guided her back to the master bathroom. In ten minutes when she got out, her pussy was as clean shaven as it could be. Again, I didn't let her talk and she had to watch as I shaved her cunt totally clean. She had a pretty thick bush of brown hair on her pussy, but not anymore. There was now nothing there at all. I took her in and grabbed on of the new dresses I had bought her. Before I let her put it on I made her do her face. I told her what to put where and I had her putting on a little bit of everything that was in her makeup kit. She had more makeup on today then she probably wore the entire time we were married. At least it seemed that way.

I finally grabbed the short dress and pulled it over her head. I quickly put on the high heels from last night and grabbed the EX and pushed her out the door. Her dress was very very short. She only had her dress and shoes on, that's it. I allowed her to talk for the first time since last night. She was ready and poured out her soul to me. First she told me she wasn't on the pill. That surprised me a lot as she was on it when we broke up. Then she said she felt really exposed walking around like this. I pulled the car over and asked her one simple question. DO YOU WANT TO CALL IT QUITS? She quickly said no but she was very afraid of what I had her doing. That's when I told her that is EXACTLY how I wanted her to feel. She used me bad and really hurt me. Now she wants me to forgive her. Before I can do that, you will have to feel the same way and for 6 more days, I will do everything I want with you. If you make it through it all, we will be a normal couple again. We will have both felt the humiliation that the other put us through. And remember, you can stop it at any time. But if you do, don't ever expect to see or talk to me again.

This sort of shut my EX up. She thought on it all the way to the breakfast restaurant but she knew my life so was good and her's was so bad. She didn't say another word and we went in together to eat breakfast. During breakfast I didn't really bother her and she was a little cold to me. I didn't mind that at all as long as she didn't finally just give up. I wanted to put my EX through as much as I could in the next six days. After we were done eating, I told my EX we were going to the beach down near my house. She wanted to swing by her apartment and pick some things up. She didn't know it but she would not see her apartment again for another six days. Everything she would need, I was going to have to supply for her. I told her that I didn't want to go all the way over to her apartment. We would pick something up for her to wear on the way to my place. We stopped right there on the beach at one of the many bikini stores. As we were getting out I told my EX not to say a word and to do whatever I asked her to in the store. She didn't like the sound of that but she shook her head OK.

I took her in and looked the store over. I asked her what size and she told me. I then took her back to the car without buying anything. I opened the door and let her in then told her I would be back in five minutes. With her sitting in the car I went inside and bought the small bikini of my choice. It was pretty small but very cute. It was all white with a few pink stripes running through the material. It was also a string bikini. It wasn't all that small but the strings holding it together was a very nice feature. I paid for it and took it out to the car. I then drove me and my EX back to my condo. I went inside and told my EX to relax for about 30 minutes. I turned the TV on for her then went into the bedroom with the new suit. I worked on the bottoms for about 20 minutes. It took me a while but I was finally able to cut the white liner out of the bottoms. If I held them up to the light, I could now see right through the material. I was now ready to get the EX dressed.

I came out of my bedroom already in my swimsuit and a tee shirt. I had my EX get up and turn around. Within seconds her short dress was on the floor and her shoes were off. That is all she had on. It sure does make it easy to undress her. I had her close her eyes then place both her hands over her eyes. I told her she couldn't look till I was ready. I quickly tied her top on her then slid the bottoms around her and tied both sides. Then I had her lift her hands and I put on of my tee shirts over her outfit. She could finally open her eyes. I told her not to peek under the tee shirt and I grabbed my beach bag as I pulled her out the large sliding glass door. It was only about 20 steps to the beach. I didn't want to go far so I laid our large blanket out right in front of my condo room. I had the EX sit down then I gave her the rules. No talking, no complaining, no moving from any position I put her in. I asked her if she understood. She didn't do anything. I asked her one last time, Do you understand or do you just want to leave. She shook her head up and down. I knew she didn't want to be here but I could really care less about what she wanted. This was about my payback, my revenge. Until she decided she couldn't take it anymore, she had to do my every wish and command.

I had her hold her arms up and I pulled her shirt up over her head. For the first time she got to see what she was wearing. It was smaller then any other bikini she had owned but it was not really that bad. She was really sort of surprised it wasn't a lot smaller then it was. Of course she didn't know how the suit had been doctored before she put it on. I looked around the beach at it was pretty crowded. Many people were down here trying to get their bodies tanned also. I looked at my EX and her body was very white. I could tell she hadn't been to the beach in a very long time. I let her lay back for 20 minutes without doing anything. Then I was getting hot and I had my EX lift back up. I put her tee shirt back on her and grabbed her hand and guided her down to the water. It really felt good as it was very hot outside. We went in to about our waist and stayed in the water for about five minutes. Then I guided her back to our blanket and had her sit down. I put the shirt on her so she couldn't really get a good look at her bottoms after they were wet. I stood right in front of her and lifted the tee shirt back off her. As soon as it cleared her head, I pushed her back on the blanket and she had no chance of seeing her bottoms. I also had not seen what they ended up looking like after she got out of the water. I finally moved over to my side after telling her to close her eyes and enjoy the sun until I told her to open them.

It was then I got my first look at her bikini bottoms. It was better then I could have ever imagined. You know what a thin white tee shirt looks like after it is wet, the bikini bottoms had that exact same effect without the liner in them. I could see right through the bottoms and my ex's cunt and pussy lips were right there in plain view. I was going to enjoy this a lot. I reached in my bag and pulled out some suntan lotion and started applying it to my ex's legs. As I did I slowly repositioned them until they were spread out about two feet apart. I was staring directly as her cunt crack right through her bottoms. They were completely transparent. I could even see where her tight little pussy hole was. I made sure to stay to the side of her as I wanted everyone to get this fantastic view. I had my EX laid out exactly as I wanted. Her hands were above her head, and her legs were spread wide apart. I then spoke up and told my EX she was not to move. I was going to walk into the condo and get us a few drinks. She was not to move a muscle or open her eyes till I came back. I watched as she nodded her head. I think she was sort of liking this part of the day.

I walked away from her and took my time going to the condo. Once I left, many people noticed my EX and soon everybody had to make the walk by her. It was great watching everybody gawk at her and point as they went by. I finally took out a six pack of beer and walked back outside. I had my EX start drinking beers and we laid in the sun for about two hours. I had to rewet her suit about every 20 minutes to keep it transparent. I have never seen so many people walk that close to us in so short a time. And everyone made no secret of it that they were staring at her pussy. Of course she didn't know she was on display, but the rest of the beach did. I got a total of four beers into my EX before I finally decided to call it a day at the beach. I put the tee shirt back on her and got her up and back into my condo. I quickly pulled everything off her and put the suit up before she could examine it very closely. I knew I would be using it everyday from now on. I led my EX into the shower and we both rinsed off. I then brought her out and placed her on the couch naked. I told her she could talk for about 20 minutes if she wanted. She actually started talking about how nice that was and if we got back together, she would enjoy doing that a lot more often. I let her talk about whatever she wanted why I got another beer or two down her. She could always drink when she wanted to. It took a lot to get her drunk, but once she was drunk, she was a totally different person.

Finally I told her no more talking. The next half hour was all mine. She shut up immediately and I laid her back on the couch. I started kissing her like I use to and we really started making out. I whispered in her ears that this was starting to feel like the old days. It was a big complement to her and she knew it. I then told her to close her eyes and no talking for 20 minutes. Just lay back and don't destroy the nice atmosphere. I watched as she closed her eyes and slowly laid her head back down. I continued to kiss her and slowly let my head work its way down her body. We were both entirely nude and it wasn't long before my tongue was making its way up and down my ex's clean shaven pussy lips. It was really nice tonguing a shaved pussy. It felt so smooth and nice. I got her very wet and she was now also very turned on. Of course I was also hard as a rock. Then I remembered her saying she wasn't on the pill. Wow, what a test this was going to be. If she was smart there was no way she'd let me fuck her right now without a rubber. But I knew I could do it, and the more I thought about it, the hotter I got. Finally I worked my way back up to her lips and was softly kissing her hot little mouth. I whispered in her ears again for her not to break the mood. Then I moved my position just a little. My hard dick that was up to now resting on top her body, feel down between her legs and while I was softly kissing her, it dropped right to the entrance of her shave cunt hole. She felt it immediately and I could feel the small jerk in her body. I continued to kiss her like nothing had happened but at the same time I pressed my body forward. She immediately knew what was about to happen.

My hard dick found her moist wet opening and pushed right through her lips. I sank deep into my EX and I felt the difference in her kisses. She was now worried to death about my dick in her pussy. I had fucked her twice last night and never pulled out of her. Now my dick was back in her again today. She wanted so badly to push me off and make me put a rubber on. But all she could hear in her ears was my words to her about ruining the moment. I slowly fucked her very wet cunt and continued to kiss her lips. I reached back and guided her legs high around my waist. I now had deep access to her entire cunt and my dick slid in another inch or so. I never relented and she never said a word. It took about four minutes but I knew I was about to cum and I slowed down again just like last night. I could feel every little crevice in my ex's cunt. Then exactly like last night, I erupted inside her and we both felt the powerful squirts of sperm as they shot into her unprotected cunt. It felt so incredible good to know my sperm was shooting up inside her and she wasn't on the pill. Somehow it made the act that more erotic. I loved the feeling of power and authority I now had over my EX. Of course she also felt the hot sperm exploding deep inside her and it brought tears again to her eyes. She didn't want me to see them but I knew she was softly crying. AND I LOVED IT!

We laid like that for about 20 minutes. Then without saying a word I got her up, pulled her short little dress over her and guided her out onto the beach. She pointed to the restroom but I shook my head no. I knew she wanted to go try to get some of the sperm out of her. I had no intentions of letting her do that. It was just starting to get dark. I walked her about 15 minutes up the beach. I sat her down and had a quick talk with her. I told her not to speak yet and just listen. So far everything was working out great. When we went to bed tonight, she would only have five days to go. If everything worked out, we would then be a normal couple again and she could move back in and we would try everything all over again. But if she didn't give herself completely for the next five days, then it would all be over. I finally asked her if she understood. She wanted to talk but she knew I didn't want her to. She just shook her head yes. We sat and watched the sun disappear over the horizon. It was a very nice sight. Then it turned dark. I started walking my EX back to my condo. By the time we got there it was really dark outside. Right in front of my condo the lights from the building made you able to see, but move too far away from the condo, and it got pitch black really quick.

Instead of going inside, I led my EX to the edge of the dark and the light. Where we were standing you could just barely see, but a few feet away you would be in the light and see everything. In fact, we could see everything in the light just fine, you just would have a hard time seeing us. I again sat my EX down in the sand. The back of her short dress was covered with sand by now. I pushed her back and soon even her head was in the sand. I proceeded to raise her dress up some and my tongue was back on her shaved pussy slit. I really did enjoy licking her like this when she was completely shaved. It was very nice and juicy. I finally moved up and pulled my EX up to a sitting position. I reminded her to not say a word and I guided her arms up above her head. With a quick pull, her dress was now being pulled over her head. She was scared to death to be out on the beach like this totally nude, but I didn't really care again. I pushed her butt up a little and laid her new dress under her ass and pussy so it wouldn't get all full of sand. I then continued with my tongue attack on her cunt. This time I was in no hurry to stop.

My EX was so worried about somebody seeing us and this combined with the assault on her clit, made her body respond just about immediately. Her pussy started flooding my mouth with juices. I could never remember her tasting this good. The removal of her hair really made me enjoy this a lot. She was getting close to cumming and I knew it. I made a quick decision and stopped licking on her clit. I could hear the soft groan as I quit. I had her turn over and get on her knees. For a second I continued to lick her pussy from behind while she was one her knees and hands. But I also was slowly pulling down my bathing suit and letting my hot and hard dick escape its confines. From the time my mouth left her pussy till my dick slid into her took only about five seconds. I heard a loud grunt come from her mouth and I knew she was getting ready to say something. I again reminded her to not say a word. Not even one. For the second time today, my unprotected dick was pumping inside my ex's cunt. I decided to make her do a little work so I grabbed one of her hands and guided it to her pussy. I made a quick deal with her, if she came before me, I would pull out of her. If I came first, I would stay inside her and pump all my hot gooey sperm deep into her belly. She didn't say a word but it was now a race.

She started kind of slowly which gave me a little head start on her. Then she thought about it and really wanted me to pull out. Her hand really started working on her pussy clit. I had never had her do this before. I don't think she would have even if I asked her. But with what was at stake, she worked hard on her own pussy as I sawed in and out of her. She was starting to really pour some hot sticky moisture out of her pussy. She had to be getting close. But the closer she got, the hotter her pussy became. I couldn't believe it but my balls started swelling up and I knew within a few seconds I would come. She was so close to cumming and she knew she would beat me there. But before her first wave had time to hit her, my balls started pumping their second load of sperm up my dick and into my ex's cunt. She had just gotten there herself and her entire stomach started contracting as her first orgasm in about two months took over her body. Her victory was quickly squashed as she felt the hot blast of cum deep inside her body. She couldn't stop her orgasm from happening and her cunt started slowly milking all the sperm out of my dick and it exploded all around it. She wanted me to pull out but for the next five or six seconds her entire body just reacted to her orgasm that had complete control of her.

In those five or six seconds, my dick had unloaded all the sperm it could and my EX now knew it. She just slowly settled down and thought about the four large loads of sperm in the last 24 or so hours. Her head feel down pretty low as she knew she was probably going to be pregnant and be a mother. I stayed inside her for about a minute then finally pulled out. I grabbed her hand and at the same time had a really sexy ideal. I pulled my shorts up then pulled my up. She had a very defeated look on her face. That fit into my plans even nicer. She was entirely nude and I reached down to pick up her dress. We were in the fairly dark area of the beach. She assumed I was going to put the dress back on her. Instead, I balled it up and threw it way out into the lighted area. Her entire face dropped as she saw where her dress was. Then without giving her a second to think, I grabbed her hand and pulled her the other way. I started walking down the beach with my EX and she was entirely nude. And to make matters worse for her, her dress was back down the beach laying entirely out in the lighted area. Anybody could see it or find it if they came out on the beach. I was having such a good time. I would look over and see how scared my EX was. She was entirely nude and we wouldn't know if we would run across anyone on the beach. It was very dark but if somebody was there fishing or sitting in the moonlight, we wouldn't know about it until it was too late.

After a ten minute walk, I finally decided to turn around. I couldn't believe I had the EX out here and she was 10 minutes away from any clothes of any type. I was really enjoying her torment and knew I could really like this from now on. Putting her in these situations really got me hot and bothered. I couldn't believe it but I was very horny again. We were walking back and every now and then we would have to detour a little to stay out of the lights from other buildings. We were about three minutes away from my condo. I was so turned on I knew I had to do something about it. I told my EX to close her eyes and not to open them no matter what happened. I had her shake her head that she understood. I guided her the next two or three minutes. I looked closely to make sure she wasn't peeking. Then about a minute from our condo I saw exactly what I wanted. It was a picnic table down near one of the buildings that was very close to mine. It was right on the beach, the only problem was it was very bright in that area. I slowly guided my EX over toward the table and the closer we got, the easier it was for me to see her. Soon I could make her out like she was in my living room. At that time we were now in one of the lights from the condo next to ours. I told my EX if she opened her eyes or even spoke just once, I would leave her out her the way she was and it would be all over. She didn't say a word and I pushed her up against the side of the picnic table. I bent her forward and her top was now resting on the table. Of course her ass and cunt was in the perfect position to be fucked again.

It was very quite bright her and I could see her very well. Of course this meant that anybody looking our way would be able to see her just as good. I pulled my shorts down just a little and took my hard dick and aimed it right at my ex's cunt. I pressed forward quickly and her pussy was still so wet from her earlier fucking that my dick pushed all the way in. A very loud grunt came from my ex's mouth and before she knew it, I was stroking away inside her pussy. She couldn't believe I was at it again. All the bad thoughts came back about getting pregnant and having a baby. I used my hands on her hips and made her start fucking me back. I was so turned on knowing she was out in the public like this fucking me. The power and control was like a drug. It took about five minutes of fucking but we both knew when I creamed her insides again. Sperm was now flowing out her pussy and running down her legs. I could even see it in this low light condition. Of course the tears had to start back up and I could hear her sobbing some. I finally had her open her eyes right there. She then saw that we were in the light and her heart skipped a few beats. The look of terror on her face made me feel so good. My payback was going just as I hoped it would.

I slowly led her out of the light and right up to our condo. We saw her dress still laying out in the middle of the lighted area. I decided not to try to hide her anymore. I just grabbed her hand and pulled her into the light. Very reluctantly she was pulled along beside me. She was now out in the open light and totally naked. We finally reached her dress and picked it up in my hands. She thought I would let her put it on, but instead I stuffed in down the back of my shorts and continued to pull her toward my condo. She now knew I was going to have her walk all the way back entirely naked. She was so close to calling it quits but she knew her lifestyle would now depend on me. If she left me, she would probably forever be in the poverty state. She just sort of closed her eyes and let me pull her forward. It took another couple minutes but we were finally at my sliding glass door. I opened it and we both went in. A huge look of relief came over my ex's face. I could see her perfectly now and all down her legs were sand mixed with my white sperm. I told her to go jump in the shower and clean up. She was off in a flash. She again spent about 30 minutes in the bathroom. I know she was trying hard to flush everything out from deep up inside her. I also knew the chances of it working were slim to none.

We stayed in the rest of the evening and of course I kept the EX nude the entire night. We finally called it a night around 11:30 PM and as I was laying behind my nude EX, I told her how great it was to be back together again. I even said I really thought this might work again. Of course I was feeding her a line of BS but it seemed to make her feel better. I also reminded her that day two was now complete. Only five more to go. This fact I think cheered her up the most. As we were laying there I started thinking about how much fun I was having. Having my own sexual SLAVE girl was unlike anything else I had ever done. Before I was lucky with my EX to get a blow job or fuck her once a week. Now, anytime, anywhere, and she couldn't say a word about. I was truly now in heaven. Tomorrow I would push my EX even harder as I was not even close to being done with my Revenge!

We got up the next morning and I had my EX take a shower, shave her cute pussy bald again, then I poured us some cereal and we had a very quick breakfast. We slept rather later and it was about 11:00 am by the time I was ready to dress her. She wasn't sure what the day had planned but when I brought the string bikini and tee shirt out, a small smile sort of came to her face. She had enjoyed yesterday quite a bit. I knew she wouldn't have that smile on for very long. Today was going to be a bit different. As soon as I had her dressed and I was ready, I grabbed her by the hand and we were out the back door. Again, it was a pretty crowded day today. As we got to the same place we were yesterday, I noticed many of the same people back again. today. I didn't know if it was because of the show they got yesterday, or if it was just an accident. But I had never seen many of them around her before. I laid down our blanket and had my EX sit down. I then rummaged through my beach bag and took out the suntan lotion. It was a very hot day out and I knew we would have to go cool off in the ocean very often.

My EX was sort of waiting for me to take off her tee shirt. But she was surprised when I pushed her back and left her tee shirt on. Laying back like she was the tee shirt barely came to the bottom of her ass and pussy. It might have come about an inch below them, but I doubt it was that much. My plans today were much more devious then yesterdays. I was going to push my EX till she felt she was completely humiliated and used. And then I would try to even push her past that. I was going to enjoy my revenge to the fullest. We had talked a little this morning but not much, so I told her that until we got back in the condo, not one word was to escape her lips. NOTHING. I waited till she shook her head OK then I started rubbing lotion into her legs. I was taking my time and sort of sitting between her legs as I was doing it. I started at the ankles and worked my way up. In about five minutes I was right at her bikini bottoms. Why I was rubbing in the lotion I looked up and noticed my EX was really relaxing with her eyes closed tight. I finally finished all the area below her bikini and was ready to move on. My next step was going to be a fun one.

I took both my hands and grabbed the two bows at each side of her bikini. In one quick motion I pulled the bows and the knots came untied. At that exact instant I pulled very hard and the small bikini bottoms came right out in my hands. My Ex's eyes flew open and I could feel her trying to close her legs. My body was between her legs and she couldn't get them past me. She started to get up when I roughly pushed her back down and yelled at her not to move. I saw her start to say something and I gave her the dirtiest look I could. I then showed her the bikini bottoms in my hand. Looking at her as stern as I could, I told her tell me what she wanted. To stay with me forever, or her bikini bottoms. She could have her choice. She looked around the beach and people were everywhere. This was one of those choices where she really didn't have a choice. If she took her bottoms, she knew everything was over. If she didn't, then no telling how many people might see her today. I was pretty sure I knew what her answer would be but you never know for sure. I told her to lay back, close your eyes, and I will tell you when to open them. Don't move a muscle and don't say a word. Or take your bottoms and head back to your apartment. In about ten seconds I saw her eyes dropped down in defeat and it was then I knew I had won this round. She slowly closed her eyes and I pushed her shoulders back and she laid back on the blanket. I kept an eye on her face and it got very red as she laid there in the sun. I don't know if she was embarrassed or mad. Either one was just fine with me.

I continued to rub lotion on her. I even took the bottle and pour some directly on her freshly shaved pussy. I was really feeling bold and didn't care what other people thought. At the moment with me blocking the view since I was between her legs, nobody knew her bottoms was off. I took my hand and rubbed the lotion all over her cunt and ass. Then it must have really surprised her when my finger started exploring the inside of her pussy. Her eyes never opened but her mouth showed a lot of emotion as I was finger fucking her right there. You could hear people all around us enjoying themselves. And I could actually see them as I was fingering my EX right there in public. I only did that for a minute or two but it must have felt like an eternity to my EX. When I stopped, I grabbed both her ankles and spread her legs out about two feet apart. She tried to let me know she didn't want to do it by putting up some resistance but I didn't let it bother me. I just used more pressure until her legs were as wide as I wanted them. Then I told her she better not move one muscle if she knew what was good for her. I think she felt it when my body started to get up. She got a much worried look on her face. I was now not providing any cover for her and her moist and open pussy was on view for anyone standing below us. The shirt was just long enough to protect her from view if people were standing or sitting at her sides.

I walked up and sat down next to her head. I then reached down and pulled her arms up from her side and had then back over her head. I forgot how short the tee shirt was and this pulled it up another inch or so. I wasn't sure now that it covered her from any side views. I again whispered that I would be right there watching her and she better not move a muscle. I then saw the first tear run down the side of her cheek. She was quietly crying under her tightly closed eyes. I got up and told her I would be sitting down sort of between her legs blocking most peoples view. Again this was just a small lie. I got up and walked directly down to the beach. It was about 10 yards in front of us. From even down there it was so easy to see her cunt crack and wet pussy lips. I looked around and I wasn't the only one watching. Once somebody saw her for the first time, they never quit staring. I stayed next to the water for about ten minutes, in that time the excitement on the beach had really turned up a notch. How often have you ever come across a sight like this? Not too often and everyone was taking full advantage of it. Some guys even moved their towels to right below my EX and would lay there and stare up between her legs. It was a very public display and my ex's spread and shaved pussy made it just that more sexual.

I finally slipped back down next to my EX and positioned myself between her legs. Everyone around was watching my every move now. I told my EX everything was going good and if she continued to cooperate, I would put her bottoms back on in a little while. I could tell she was still sort of crying beneath her eyelids. Every now and then a couple tears would run down her cheeks. I was enjoying every minute of this. It brought back the memories of the few times I cried at night after I found out about my EX cheating on me. With all the eyes watching, I grabbed the sun lotion and began at her legs and started rubbing lotion back on her. I only did her legs for about a minute at the most. I was really aiming for her pussy. I poured a large amount directly on her cunt and then started using my fingers to guide it all around her lips and ass. I noticed that I really was blocking out most the views from the guys that had moved their towels and were sitting directly below us. I made a decision to get up and sit at my ex's side. I sat on the side that had the least amount of people watching. I then took the bottle and again squirted some more lotion on the now very wet pussy.

With me at her side, I'd say at least 20 people were watching me with a clear view of what was happening. I quickly guided my fingers to her pussy lips and started pushing them inside her. I slowly finger fucked her for a good two or three minutes. Everybody there was chatting to the person next to them and occasionally pointing at my EX. It was just fantastic. Finally I stopped. I then had another great ideal. I pulled one of my ex's arm down by her side. When I grabbed her hand she jumped just a little but other then that didn't move. I moved between her legs and I was again blocking the view. I took her hand and guided it to her pussy. She wasn't cooperating to well with this move. I jerked on her hand hard and told her as soon as this was over she could have her bottoms back, but don't fight me anymore. She was trying hard to resist everything I wanted her to do but she was again fighting a loosing battle. I finally got her hand on her pussy and guided her finger to her clit. I used my hand to rub her finger around her pussy and clit. I then told her I was between her legs blocking everyone's view. I wanted her to rub her pussy hard and fast for me and I would keep her at it till she came. When I said this her face turned just about pure white. I then told her that we were not leaving this place or this position till she did.

I was continuing to guide her hand around her pussy and her clit. I finally told her I was going to remove my hand. If she stopped or didn't try to make herself come, I would pull her shirt up very high and really let everyone see her body. I quickly said that so far nobody knew what was happening, but if she didn't hurry, sooner or later somebody would find out. With that I slowly took my hand off my ex's hand. As I watched her hand continued to move and rub on her pussy. Then I noticed her fingers went directly for her hidden little button. She wanted to get this over with as fast as she could. I slowly lift up and stepped out from between my ex's legs. The second I did the 20 or so people got an excellent view of what my EX was doing. I knew about every guy there must have had a huge hard-on. I know I did. I walked away back down towards the beach and for a second many of the people were looking at me. But the real show was between my ex's spread out legs. She was working hard at making herself come. It was mid day on one of the busiest beaches around and her fingers were rubbing hit tiny little clit as good as they could. I watched about three minutes and then my EX started showing signs of what was about to happen. Her finger movement picked up and then just the slightest bit you saw her hips leave the blanket. Then she couldn't stop the next part as her butt and pussy twitched up and down about four quick times. She had cum right there in the hot sun in front of 20 or so strange people.

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