Southern Kinfolk
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Lesbian, Aunt, Spanking, Interracial, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An orphaned teen from Chicago is taken in by his great aunt in the deep South.

Stepping off the bus, I waited for the driver to open the baggage compartment. A young Asian woman approached me, flashing a smiling expression of recognition.

"You Sean boy, come Chicago; OK?" I nodded inquisitively, having expected my great aunt.

"Yeah, I'm Sean all right. Who are you?"

"Oh, I Sona, hired man wife; he in truck." Pronouncing truck with an f, she pointed at a vintage Chevy half-ton across the street. The driver tipped up the baggage door and I found my bags. Sona grasped both of them, grinning from ear to ear and headed for the truck.

"I can get that my self Sona, here let me... !"

"No, no my job she laughed, I do." She swung them easily into the back of the truck when we got there and then opened the door for me."

"Howdy boy, hop on in." I was looking at a typical redneck at the wheel, with a can of beer in one hand. He appeared to about forty, sort of good looking, sporting a brushcut over a friendly cherubic face.

"Shouldn't your wife get in first?" I asked politely.

"Nah, ya'll git in now " I did and Sona crowded in behind me, slamming the door. He turned on the engine and let out the clutch, jerking us down the road with a muffler-less roar. Ah's Paul he yelled, that's my Jap wife Sona. Got her in one of them there mail bride things. Them Japs got better attitudes you know, American womens got too much mouth. This one's A-OK, nice looking too, ain't she?"

"Very nice" I yelled, looking at her as she beamed us a flattered smile.

"I not Japanese," she cooed, "Husband like word Jap. I love husband. Jap is love word to he."

"She's a good fuck too; that's number one in a woman. Got a girlfriend back in Chicago?"

"Well no; no girlfriend," I answered, taken aback by his frank remark.

"I guess with loosing your parents and all, that was tough boy. Your auntie will look to your ass now." I nodded wondering what kind of a life I would have in the Deep South and way out in the sticks to boot.

"You nice boy looking, no girl friend, why?" Sona cooed, shaking her head sympathetically while stroking my forearm gently.

"Well with all that's happened and then I'm only sixteen."

"Sixteen, don't tell me you's still a virgin boy? Paul laughed."

"Well I... , I guess you can say that."

"You whack off then?' I blushed and stared at the highway. He roared with laugher. "Show him your tits Jappie." My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as she whipped up her tee shirt, her face beaming with pride.

"Look big titty," she said. "Big like white girl. Stand up good, no got bra." She shook her head for emphasis, then inhaling deeply expanded her chest and shook her body making them jiggle. She looked at me quizzically as if she was waiting for my approval.

"Go on feel her tits boy; go ahead, "Paul said. When I didn't react she grasped my hand and placed it on one tit, smiling cheerfully.

"Feel with finger," she pressed my hand into her flesh. "Firm good, you like?" She said as I squeezed it gingerly. Being speechless, I nodded as my cock began to respond. "Good boy," she smiled. "Feel other titty too." She moved my hand to her other tit and I dug my fingers into her supple flesh.

"Ain't them great tits boy? When I picked her from that there catalog, I made dang sure I got one with tits; that ain't normal over there, most's kind a flat. Gets me another beer Jap," he snapped, throwing the empty out the window. She picked one out of a box of the floor and pulled the tab handing it to him. I'd taken my fingers off her tit while she bent over, covering the bulge in my jeans.

He took a long swallow of the beer and turned off the highway onto a secondary dirt road. "Got a boner, ah boy? Show him your cunt Jappie." She pulled up her skirt, leaning against the door swinging one foot behind my neck and the other onto the dashboard. I gaped at her cunt, my cock straining my jeans. "You cain't touch that boy, there's something's 'bout a wife only a husband gits. "See there boy, she ain't wearing no panties. When you gets a woman some day, make sure she don't wears none. Let them know to be ready for fucking any time. Play with yourself Jap!"

I watched hypnotized as she began fingering her cunt, oohing and aahing. He finished his beer and heaved the empty out. "Git me 'nother beer son, on account she's kind of busy." I bent over and picked a can out of the box, opening it for him. Suddenly his hand was on my bulge. "Nice boner kid," He removed his hand, grasped the beer and slurped on it noisily. "Don't worry boy, I'm not one of them there Queers; though you's kind of good looking, girlie-like not a man yet sort of thing. Watch the Jap she'll be cumming right soon. She began to moan louder as her fingers worked her cunt. She shook with pleasure and then slowed, opening her eyes, smiling proudly.

"Thank you husband, for let Jappie feel good in cunt. I lick finger now." She proceeded to lick the pussy juice of her fingers with a deliberate and noisy relish, while watching my reaction.

"You see boy that's respect for a man. No white bitch would thank her man like that. Alright Jappie, give the boy some head, you've gone git a boner."

She was on her knees next to me and had my pants undone, exposing my stiff cock in a wink. "Oh, pretty cock, Sean." She pulled my foreskin back and licked the engorged head, before swallowing the entire rod. I blew my load in her mouth almost instantly, moaning louder that the muffler pipe.

"Do that again Jappie," Paul laughed, "them young pubs 'll cum all day. Make yourself comfy boy; feel her up, makes a man feel good fondling woman flesh. Right boy? But like I said, don't touch that there cunt; that just ain't right." I fondled her tits and belly as she worked on my cock, her head going up and down feverishly. She had the fingers of one hand at the base of my cock and the other fondling my balls. I felt her ass and her chubby thighs too, being careful not to go near the forbidden crotch. I came again and groaned my satisfaction out loud. She swallowed everything and sucked my knob while stroking the shaft as if she was drinking from a straw. She sat up with a triumphant expression on her face.

"Husband proud, Jap wife suck young Sean boy. Good?"

"Yeah Jappie, you did good."

"Thank you husband, Jappie give husband head now please?" She began sucking him after crawling over my lap, her knees against the door with her feet up in the air.

"Pull up her skirt and feels her ass, boy." I did as he said and groped her plump cheeks. "Now whup her good." I looked at him confused. "Git to it, a woman needs whupping." I slapped a cheek lightly. "Naw kid, whack her hard, it's good for her. Women wants that, it's natural. I slapped her harder and she reached under herself pulling her skirt up letting my semi hard cock touch her vagina. "Harder boy and keep doing till I cum. "

"But, but she pulled up her skirt my cock's touching her cunt."

"That alright boy, just slide over some and fix it between her thighs; she'll bounce you off. Now git whupping that ass!"

I slid over fitting my prick up between her thighs and she closed them tight while bouncing up and down as I whacked her cheeks. I could feel the truck veering all over the road as she sucked his cock while jerking mine with her lower body. She seemed exceptionally strong as her body jerked and twisted at an incredible rate. I could hear him groan as he ejaculated in her mouth while I splattered a load between her thighs.

Suddenly I heard a police siren. "Shit dang, a pig!" Paul growled. "Get decent you two and do my zip Jap." He slowed down gradually while she adeptly zippered both of us up and pulled down her skirt and tee shirt. The cop came to the window.

"What in tarnation you think you's doing Paul. Ah's gonna run you in, talk about crazy driving."

"Ah was just testing my tires, that's all. We's old buddies Chuck. This ain't nothing."

"Like hell you were, get out of that truck; I wants to see you walk." Paul got out and they walked back to the cop's car. They talked for quit a while.

"What are they talking about Sona?"

"Him no good pig cop, want Sona suck head."

"He's a police officer, that's crazy Sona!"

"Not crazy. Husband drunk, maybe go jail. I suck." She smiled at me shrugging her shoulders and rubbed my forearm with a comforting expression on her face. "Sean boy not be worry." Paul returned and got in behind the wheel

"Go blow the pig Jap, git!

"Yes husband, I only suck?"

"Right no fucking." She hurried out the door. "Good woman I got there boy, no white cunt do that for her old man."

"No one should have to do that. He's a crooked cop!"

"Well boy, it's just a blow job and I stay out of the jailhouse." We waited about five minutes and Sona came back spitting on the dirt before getting in.

"Sona no eat pig cum, spit on dirt. Sona did good, husband?"

"Yeah you'll get a good whupping as soon as we get to the house." She smiled at me victoriously.

"Husband loves Jap wife, you see in house."

After about half an hour, we turned into a long lane and pulled up to a decrepit farmhouse surrounded by some equally rundown out buildings, old vehicles and broken down farm equipment. "You see aunt, I get bag," Sona cooed. I stepped up on a rickety porch and knocked on the door. Paul yelled to walk in and I did, entering a one-room house with a wood stove, a kitchen sink sporting a hand pump a bathtub without faucets at one end and a sort of living room bedroom at the other. My great aunt, a large woman in her fifties, dressed in a tattered knee length housecoat turned from the wood stove smiling at me.

"Sean my sweet boy you've done made it to your new house. Welcome. Come here sweetie, give auntie a big hug." I walked into her open arms and was swallowed up in her soft breasts. "Come on now give auntie a nice juicy kiss." She planted her lips on mine and sucked hard. "There let me have a look at you." She grasped my shoulders and pushed me to arm length. "A fine strapping young man you are; I haven't seen you since you were five. Lean and mean and barely seventeen you's too." She hugged me again, kissing my lips even harder than before.

Paul entered followed by Sona lugging my bags. "Ain't he a pretty one Paul, just look at him. A fine Chicago boy he is."

"That he is Sandra and I want you show him some proper southern hospitality right now. Git that housecoat off, that's no way to greet kinfolk twice removed."

"Oh but Paul, he just walked in and he's so young 'n innocent."

"Not no more he ain't, Jappie blew him twice in the truck. Now be sociable and git that thing off."

"Oh alright but I'd wanted to learn him slow like, 'bout such things." She undid the sash and dropped the housecoat to the floor, exposing her aging but well built full figured body. I stared at her huge pendulous tits nearly reaching her belly and thick thunder thighs. She held out her arms again and drew me into her flesh.

"Hey nigger stump, where's you at?" Paul yelled out.

"Ah's here Massa doing mah chores."

"The new boy need undressing. Git!"

"I looked to one side and saw a black midget scurrying across the room. She was young and completely naked. She proceeded to remove my shoes, sock and jeans, while auntie pulled off my tee shirt. Auntie then turned around and bent over.

"Give your aunt ten good ones about," Paul laughed. A woman got be put in place before she pleasures a man." I whacked her soft fleshy cheeks ten times like Paul said. She turned around again and fell to her knees fondling my balls after pushing back my foreskin. The midget used a wash cloth to clean my cock and auntie began sucking me off. I felt my ass being washed after which the midget began to lick my crack.

"A nigger tongue in the ass's great, ain't it boy?" Paul chuckled as he spoke and then began whacking Sona's ass. She had stripped naked as soon as she'd put down my bags. It did feel good. As a matter of fact, I'd never felt better in my life. After fantasizing about what sex would be like and jerking off looking at naked woman in magazines, I was now experiencing the real thing. My head was spinning, as my fourth ejaculation within an hour splashed past my great aunts eager lips.

The midget cleaned my cock and then kissed it lightly. "Thank you let me serve young master," she said and then walked off to where Paul was now humping Sona doggy style. She cleaned his crack and began licking it. Auntie then got up and bent over again.

"I get ten more," she smiled and I whacked her the required number. I couldn't figure out why you had to spank a woman before and after sex but I wasn't about to complain; it did give me a strange new sense of power. She stood up and put one arm around me while we watched Paul fucking Sona, with the midget literally attached to his ass. She had her little arms clamped around his thighs, her body undulating with his movements. From behind, her ass seemed to be ninety percent of her body, it was huge. Somehow, that turned me on.

Auntie smile at me, "ain't that some big butt on a little woman, sweetie?" Paul groaned his climax and then whacked Sona's ass again. She immediately thanked him and sucked on his cock. Paul looked over at me and chuckled.

"Well son, you's learning 'bout womenfolk. Now listen, only some men are queers but all womenfolk's that way. It's natural for them you see, cause they's soft kind of. So, your auntie and Jappie here, will show you how they do that. They's gonna do it now 'cause I said. Before they begin though, they need feeling the will of a man. Give auntie ten good ones." I began slapping her ass as he worked on Sona's. After we finished, they kissed our knobs. I guessed it was a submissive ritual of some kind. They then took each other by the hand and got down on a mattress on the floor. There were no beds in the house only several mattresses and a couple of couches. Paul told me to sit on one, so we could watch the two women go at it. They stroked and kissed each other all over for a long time.

"You see," Paul said in a knowing manner, "women's strange like. They wants to hug and kiss for a spell before getting down to business. We's different, you and me, we wants the cock sucked or in the cunt and cum. That's it. You see, they sort of needs warming the engine first. Get the temperature right like, then they go at the cunt-licking thing. It's peculiar but kind of fun watching, ain't it?"

"Yes Paul, I like watching."

"Hey, looks like you're getting a boner again. You want the nigger stump suck it? I nodded eagerly and he didn't have to say more. She scurried to me immediately smiling devotedly.

"She does every thing good, the stump here. Nigger's always good fucking for white folks; it's natural for them. You cain't fuck her yet. It wouldn't be right to auntie, 'cause she's kin. You fuck auntie's cunt first sometime, if you want to that is. After, you fuck nigger stump any time at all, when you wants. Like Ah said you cain't fuck my wife's cunt, her face's OK but not the cunt."

"I don't have to spank stumpy first?"

"Na, she's just a nigger, don't matter none. They's born to serve white folks, no need to remind them, only white women and Japs needing put in place and know who's boss. Well mostly white women that is."

"Can I spank her if I want to?"

"Sure, like I said she's a nigger, she ain't got no say 'bout that." She was standing between my knees looking up at me smiling all eyes and teeth. I tapped the couch next to me and she clambered up, placing her head in my crotch. I fondled her huge bubble ass as she began sucking and then whacked it again and again. The harder I whacked her the more vigorous her thick lips worked on my shaft. It was exhilarating, she was short enough that she could blow me, while I whacked her ass at the same time. I almost forgot to watch the show on the mattress where the two women were now licking and sucking each other's cunts. Auntie on top; her huge fleshy bulk nearly hiding Sona's except for her shapely legs and her hands clutching Auntie's ample ass cheeks.

The midget brought me to a climax and continued to suck gently, while I watched the women on the mattress moan and groan as they satisfied each other. I pushed her aside as Auntie crawled near me to kiss my knob and get her spanking.

She sat down next to me after and kissed my lips. "Oh sweetie I'm so happy you're here. I only wish you would git to fuck me soon. I'll really be happy then but I knows the rules; a womans got to wait for the man to say."

"I can't wait to fuck you auntie; I'd never penetrated a woman before." I kissed her and sat back looking at her face, which compared to the rest of her body looked older. She had a long hawk like face with large dark sad eyes, shallow cheeks and a double chin but yet her face was friendly kind of in a handsome way. Her hair, done up in a bun on top of her head, had been dark brown but was now half-gray. "But you know I've cum five times in one afternoon, maybe tonight after supper." She smiled adoringly and kissed me.

Paul was snoring on the other couch with Sona caressing him gently. "Auntie this is your place, why is Paul sort of the boss here?"

"Well sweetie when my husband died fourteen years ago there was no way I could keep this place going by myself. Lord I tried but Ah's just a woman so Ah hired him to help out. He was a sight to see then, twenty-five, strong as a bull and he became my lover as well."

"Why didn't you marry him then?"

Oh he wanted to but Ah didn't want a husband so much younger, for a lover yes. So about three years ago Ah convinced him to take an oriental wife. You know a mail order bride; a man should have a younger woman. Ah looked at the pictures with him and helped him picked one that looked like she had sex in her eyes."

"Sex in her eyes, what do you mean, Auntie?"

"Oh, it's in the eyes sweetie if a woman got the stuff; it's in the eyes alright. Of course he wanted one with big tits so it took a while to find one that we'd both liked."

"Why did you have to like her auntie?"

"Well you see Sean, Ah's what you say double duty. Paul thinks all women do that but actually very few women are naturally that way, so Ah wanted her for sex as well."

"Why is he so mean to the midget? He treats her as if slavery was still legal."

"Oh Paul's a pussycat really, you'll see when you get to know him better. She is from a small town on the other side of the state and was being teased and abused by everyone. She led a terrible life there. He was there for a few days trying to buy a tractor. He came home and told me about her; so when we picked up the tractor Ah met her and discovered she was a very nice person, who was also one of that rare breed, who naturally does double duty."

"You mean she likes sex with men as well as women?"

"That right sweetie and she also has a extremely submissive nature. She craves being the slave in a relationship. So, we offered her to come and live here with us. Come here Honeybee. That's what Ah call her, her real name is Beatrice but she likes nigger or stump better, at least from Paul." She came and stood in front of us. "You like Sean boy, Honeybee?"

"Oh yes Madam, he done spanks me likes a white woman. Ah feels good to serve mah young Massa."

"I love her ass Auntie and is she ever black."

"Yes sweetie she's about as black as they come. Turn and shows your butt to Sean, Honeybee."

"Yes madam, Ah likes it, my new Massa likes my big butt." She turned looking excitedly at me over her shoulder while wiggling her body. I was becoming flush with power. I couldn't believe that I almost owned these women. Yesterday I was an ordinary kid in Chicago who had to work for a date and be lucky to steel a kiss. Now I could have sex, merely by snapping my fingers. "Auntie," I fondled one of her huge breasts, I'm going to fuck you right now." I almost blushed hearing my own bold and commanding tone.

"Yes sweetie Ah'll get on the mattress." She got up and bent over in front of me, I'd completely forgotten about the spanking part. I gave her ten harder than I had spanked her before but I was the dominant master now; I could whack her as hard as I liked. She got on her knees and sucked my cock until it hardened and then stretched out on the mattress spreading her huge thighs. I got up and stood looking down at her fleshy body. She stared back at me, obviously admiring my youthful body.

"Please sweetie, show me them nice lean muscles," she said breathlessly. I flexed my biceps and my stomach muscles the way I'd seen body builders show off. "Oh sweetie you's a Greek God." She held out her arms and I fell on her soft fleshy body burying my face in her huge breasts. I had no idea just where the hole was in the vagina and just poked my cock into her crotch. Honeybee however, was on the job and deftly guided it into my auntie's wet cunt. I groaned with excitement as my cock entered its first cunt as auntie's arms and legs wrapped me in a blanket of warm flesh. I began to move my cock in and out of her hot sticky cunt, feeling like the king of the world. She squeezed me in time to my movements, moaning with pleasure while kissing my forehead. I thought of the pictures in the Magazines I'd jerked of to and wondered why anyone would want to fuck a skinny woman like that. I was imbedded and surrounded by hot horny flesh. This was heaven on earth. This was my woman to fuck whenever I wanted. I also had Honeybee who was running her hand into my crotch feeling my balls as I fucked my great aunt and Sona who would suck me off. Those thoughts gave me the best ejaculation ever in my aunt's cunt. She hugged and fondled my body feverishly as I relished the feeling. Then pulling me up higher, she kissed me passionately.

"Oh sweetie you made me cum too. This young body's a real thrill for this old woman." She rolled me to one side still hugging and stroking me, giving Honeybee space to kiss and lick my knob; after which she used a wet cloth to clean it and then Auntie's cunt. "Oh look sweetie your cock is still hard as a rock. You want to fucks Honeybee now she's all excited 'bout your body."

I looked at the midget, "I suppose," I said. "Might as well try her out too."

"How's you want me young Massa?" Honeybee's face glowed with excitement as she spoke.

"I want to spank that ass of yours first, nigger." I couldn't believe I'd used the N word. Absolute power corrupts and I felt all-powerful. She straddled my waist as I lay on my back and wiggled her huge delicious cheeks at my face. I pounded her flesh making her moan with pleasure.

"Why don't you fuck Honeybee like that sweetie. She's very good that way." I nodded and stopped pounding her. "Get on his cock Honeybee." Her legs were so short that she had to lift one leg and then impale herself on my cock. It felt loose at first, and then it was like a hand squeezing my cock on and off. Her one hand cradled my balls as she began bouncing up and down on her short legs. Auntie kissed me as a second cunt rode my cock inside of twenty minutes. I saw a glimpse of my own white rod between her chubby black thighs when she rose and then only her bubble ass landing on my stomach. I took several minutes for me to come. I dug my fingers in to her ass when I did, moaning into my auntie's mouth.

I whacked her ass good while she still sat on my cock. When I stopped she got off and swallowed my rod, sucking greedily on the remaining semen. Auntie hugged my face with her huge tits and then kissed me passionately. "Oh Sweetie," she said. "You's a doll; my little man. I'm so happy you's here. You got me and Honeybee, nigger or stump, whatever you want to call her, all you wants. You think you'll be happy here?" She rubbed her tits on both sides of my face, smiling at me and then she kissed me again.

"Oh, I'm happy alright auntie, all this sex all of a sudden, who wouldn't be. I feel like a sultan or something."

"Well sweetie, you's a Sultan here. Ain't that so Honeybee?"

"Yes ma'am, Ah's my young Massa and Massa Paul's nigger slave, all day you all use me for fuck. You say fuck, Ah fucks. Say sucks cock, Ah sucks cock. Say licks cunt, Ah licks cunt. Ah's just a happy nigger stump for you all." I looked into her shining eyes, wondering how anybody could be that shamelessly submissive. It was uncanny, almost surreal but I had never seen anyone look or sound more sincere.

I settled into my new life as an apprentice farmhand and playboy over the next couple of months. Paul, despite his redneck mannerism was a jack of all trades able to fix anything mechanical, besides growing the crops and looking after the animals. He laughed constantly at my clumsy attempts to help him with the chores. Towards the end of the summer, he grudgingly admitted that I would probably make it as a farmer in about a hundred years. Auntie told me that meant that I was doing pretty well; it was just Paul's way of praising me.

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