Kelly Farmer
Chapter 1: Initial Indiscretions

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Initial Indiscretions - The life and loves of a young woman trying to discover herself in sixties USA

Kelly Farmer looked once more at her reflection in the tall dress mirror, and smiled with satisfaction. She admired herself, the way her dress clung to her figure. Kelly was good looking, a brunette with deep brown eyes, turned up tits and an arse to die for (that was Lance's description), but Kelly knew herself well enough to see the accuracy of is description and she only ever dressed to show off her figure (Lance had encouraged this, he revelled in the looks other men gave her wife.)

She smoothed down her knee length summer dress, brushed her neck length hair once more, and finally dabbed a finger of her best perfume behind each ear. She had decided against wearing stockings, it was mid summer and the heat was blistering. She had dispensed with her slip, despite knowing that without it her dress was almost see-through.

After her morning shower, she'd epilated, something she did frequently, keeping her body hair to an absolute minimum. She'd started this for Lance; he loved to see her pussy almost devoid of pubic hair.

If all this had been for her husband Lance then she might also have freshened her private parts, but he wasn't here and hadn't been for three long and frustrating months.

It wasn't Lance's fault, it was the Armies. They had sent Lance away on a six month mission leaving her on a dusty Texas army base where she knew no one, and all this barely a year after they had married.

Kelly wouldn't admit it even to herself but she was missing more than Lance's sense of humour, after a year of married life she was accustomed to Lance's tall, hard body lying next to her's.

She had only been eighteen when she'd met Lance, how smart he'd looked in his uniform. They'd dated for almost six months before Lance had proposed, six months of necking and fumbling but nothing more. They'd been engaged for over a year but because of the military (again), they'd only spent a few weeks together.

It hadn't mattered, on their wedding night she had been the virgin she'd always wanted to be on her wedding night and Lance had been careful and gentle in his love making.

They had moved into married quarters and had spent every possible moment together. Kelly had been the dutiful and obedient wife, when Lance had wanted to fuck (he never said make love), then she's done so. When he'd told her to suck his cock, she'd done so, and to swallow his come when instructed. He'd started to eat on her pussy until even his tongue could make her climax. He'd suggested screwed her through her ass and despite her trepidation, she done it. When he'd suggested that she masturbated in front of him, she'd done so.

Kelly had wanted a family but Lance said there was time, and he wanted her body all young and firm, so she'd had a diaphragm fitted just so that Lance could finish inside her.

At first everything she had done had been at Lance's behest but slowly Kelly had become has horny as her husband. She would wait for his arrival at their tiny bungalow and then lead him into their bedroom.

Lance had said that she'd become fuck crazy, once she might have objected to that description, but not anymore. Kelly knew that she was, that she enjoyed sex and that her husband was the perfect partner.

Then the army had taken that partner away and she had begun to suffer. They had been so selfish in their attentions for each other that Kelly knew no one on the base.

The wives club existed but somehow she couldn't bring herself to use it. So there was just the dust bowl of a town and its few stores in which to pass her days. But it was the nights that were the worse, not having Lance to snuggle against, not having their nightly bout of sex. God she missed that and no amount of fingering could replace the sensation brought on by a hard dick inside her.

The small town became an escape, somewhere away from the suffocating confines of the base. So Kelly had dressed up, not to attract a partner, but just to feel good and, yes, to turn men's heads. It made her feel good to know that other men found her desirable.

The town's main store had its own car park to the rear. Kelly always parked her convertible there; it had simply been for convenience until three days ago. Then there had been two of the town boys just leaning against her car.

"Excuse me, but that's my vehicle." She said as she approached.

"And a very nice one it is." Laughed the taller of the two, they both stepped aside as Kelly loaded her groceries onto the rear seat.

"Nice view lady." One of them laughed and Kelly had straightened instantly. She was wearing a pair of ski pants and unwittingly had given them a grandstand view of her rear.

"Thanks for the compliment, now if you don't mind." Kelly brushed past them, her cheeks burning, climbed into the driver's seat and sped away from them. She didn't look back but glanced in the rear view mirror; they were standing and watching her departure.

All the way back to the base she had replayed that brief exchange and by the time she was home, then the itch between her legs needed to be scratched.

She had always fantasised about Lance whilst masturbating but that night her partner had been a nameless, featureless man. It was the same in the morning. Kelly awoke with a desperate need to fuck and only her fingers for a partner, they provided temporary relief but again it wasn't Lance inside her.

"You are just getting to fuckin' horny!" Kelly scolded herself as she dressed after her shower.

"Buy you a drink?"

The question startled Kelly, who had been browsing the magazines and hadn't seen him approach. "Pardon!" She exclaimed.

"Buy you a drink, coffee?" He repeated.

It was the boy from the car park, the one who'd commented on her arse. It was the first time that Kelly had really looked at him. He was tall, slender, brown hair beyond military length. He had freckles, like kids did, but Kelly reckoned he was probably twenty two or some. Older than she'd first thought.

"Do I know you?" She asked as coolly as she could muster. The question was a stall, whilst her racing mind tried to think of her next move.

"Shane, Shane Richards. We met yesterday, in the car park?"

Kelly felt her cheeks flush. "Yes... I remember now!" She looked away, and then hurriedly picked up a magazine. "I have to pay for this... wait outside, please."

"Does that mean..." Shane started to ask before Kelly interrupted him.

"It means wait outside!" She snapped in exasperation. He was hustling her!

He was there when she emerged into the dazzling sunlight. She'd dragged out the payment as long as she could and had hoped that he'd have taken the hint and left.

Kelly took a moment to adjust and slid her sunglasses into place. Seeing him still waiting for her and Kelly was instantly irritated. "Listen Shane or whatever your name is, I am a married woman, a very happily married woman."

"I saw the ring." Shane answered simply. "It's just a coffee."

Kelly relented. "So long as you understand that I am a very happily married woman." She wasn't going to let anything happen, even if he was good looking and pushy enough not to take no for an answer.

"I understand you are very happily married."

Kelly shuddered. When Shane spoke the words they were about as meaningful as hot air in the afternoon. She followed him into Murray's soda bar, which thankfully was deserted.

"Go straight though." Shame said. "There's a patio out back. It's to hot to be indoors. How do you take your coffee?"

She told him and then carried through the bar. There was a small patio, it overlooked the highway but was far enough away for the sound of the passing vehicles to be nothing more than a distant angry buzz. She'd never know that it existed; a straddle of bushes broke up the hard earth and created more then the illusion of privacy. She chose a table furthest away from the door and surrounded by shrubbery.

Shane brought out their coffees. "So Mrs. Farmer found you at last, almost thought you'd split on me!" He sat down opposite her.

"How do you know my name?" She interrupted again.

Shame seemed to shrug shoulders. "Mrs Kelly Farmer, wife of Corporal Lance Farmer, collectively known on the base as the fuckin Farmers, only now your husband is in Germany on a short tour and you ain't getting any."

Kelly should have been angry, annoyed, at the very least embarrassed but his remarks. She was stunned; did they call them that, the fuckin Farmers? Well, they had never been obvious nor had they hidden their passion for each other.

"So, how do you know all this?" She asked, her voice was shaking.

"I work on the base, grounds man, but only when they need an extra pair of hands. So, what about my offer?"

"Offer? What offer?"

"Company and a little bit more besides. I reckon a woman as horny as you needs a lot of company." He grinned, his teeth were perfect and shone white against his tanned features.

Kelly didn't answer but when she tried to pick up her coffee cup she found that her hand was shaking. She had heard him right, and she knew what he was proposing, did she really look that desperate?

"Well?" He persisted.

"I have had less obvious offers but never one so brazen. Do you really think that I'll go off with you? Just like that? In the middle of the day?"

Shane shrugged his shoulders again. "I figured that I can hardly pick you up from the base. So it has to be in town, unless we meet somewhere, a motel maybe?"

"You are insane." Yet despite herself Kelly giggled. "Do you really think that I'm that easy, that any woman is that easy?"

He laughed. "Lotta bored ladies on that base, husband away on tour or maybe just not interested. I provide a useful service." He grinned. "No business card, but I ain't never had a complaint."

Kelly couldn't prevent a broad smile from splitting her face. Shane had a remarkably direct and seemingly honest approach. At least he was obvious. "Do you have references?" She giggled.

"Not the type of service that elicits a reference." He grinned. "You'll just have to take my word for it."

Kelly suddenly felt herself sinking. She was already in deeper than a respectable married woman should allow herself to get. If she stayed any longer then she couldn't guarantee how things might end. He was good looking, and so sure of himself. She had to leave, before she weakened anymore.

"I have to be going." She stood up but to leave the patio she had to pass Shane and as she did so he caught her wrist.

"Stay, we can just talk." He suggested.

"No, I must go."

Shane pulled her closer and then wrapping his free arm about her waist he pulled her effortlessly onto his knees.

"No!" Kelly whispered. "Let me go, please!" She tried to rise but Shane's arm prevented her. "This is wrong." She pleaded. "This is molestation; let me go, please Shane."

She could feel his hot breath on her skin and his muscles as he held her. She felt herself falling, her body beginning to respond to his embrace. Shane's hand pushed under the back of her sleeveless top. The feeling was delicious and Kelly subsided against his masculine chest.

Shane's hand traced a route to her bra clip and suddenly Kelly realised what was going to happen if she didn't stop him. "Please stop." She managed to whisper, her hand holding his other hand, as if that was going to stop him.

"You are the most beautiful woman on the base." He said as if to ignore her plea. "The first time that I saw you... I was so hard just looking at you, and the way that you walked, all hips swinging and arse jiggling. It was so unfair."

He was saying all the right things and Kelly positively glowed as he showered the compliments onto her. Shane's hand travelled downwards to push beneath the elasticised waistband of her ski pants; it was only as his fingers touched her buttocks that Kelly snapped out of her revelry.

"NO" She managed to almost bark and struggled to free herself. "Let me go, I have to go!" She continued to fight to get released.

Reluctantly Shane released her and Kelly rose on none to steady legs. She tottered away before steadily herself against the back of a chair.

"I need to think." Kelly managed to grunt. She struggled to adjust her clothing and collect her thoughts.

"Alright, but I have to see you. I just have to." Shane rubbed his all too obvious erection, as if to show her the effect she'd had on him.

"I don't know." She almost said that she was married, but that was almost immaterial. "I have to go." She began to turn away.

"Tomorrow, I'll be here, one o'clock." Shane called after her.

Kelly walked to her car on rubber legs, with her heart pounding and her mind in turmoil. She drove away from the store in a daze. All the time the sensations she'd experienced when Shane had held her kept invading her senses, eventually she pulled off the road to find somewhere quiet to relive the moment, only this time she didn't say no and walk away.

Once home she relived the moment again and again before retiring to bed to seek the satisfaction her body sought and this time she made no attempt to blank Shane's face from her imagination.

As she lay alone in that huge double bed Kelly couldn't resist the temptation to touch herself. She was lonely and not just for the sex but for some human company. Lance was only half ways through his tour and Kelly couldn't even begin to imagine how she'd survive that long. It would have been tough enough without Shane's intervention, now, shit.

She was going to fuck with Shane that was a certainty. They fucked three times that night, at least in Kelly's imagination. They screwed on the patio of the soda bar, in her car and finally in her bed. She awoke in a sweat, her mind racing and her body screaming at her.

Kelly showered and then dressed. It would be another hot day (there was only two temperatures on the base, hot in summer and cold in winter), so Kelly decided upon a sleeveless dress that reached almost to her knees, plus the regulation brassiere and panties. She had hoped to wear a matching set but all of them were in the linen basket for washing, so the brassiere was white and the panties a pale blue. It was just a mild disappointment as Kelly took a pride in her appearance.

Walking towards the soda bar Kelly found that her mouth were dry and her pussy was moistening in anticipation. It was a strange sensation to be both wet and dry at the same time. Outside the bar she paused, this was almost the point of no return. She knew that she would be unable to walk away from Shane a second time. So this was her last chance. She either walked away and tried to be the dutiful wife or she stepped inside and took an altogether different journey.

Shane was waiting for her on the patio. Today another couple, townies she guessed as she didn't recognise them from the base were on another table, but they were too interested in each other to notice them.

When he saw her Shane jumped to his feet and pulled out a chair for her. She rejected the offer. "It's too open." She began and then followed Shane towards the table they used yesterday. Again Shane pulled out a chair. A nice gesture she thought as she seated herself.

"Coffee?" Shane asked.

"Coke, it's a hot day and I'm dry."

He bought her the drink and they small talked through her consumption of it. The coke was cold and sweet and Kelly savoured its icy trickle down her throat. She was nervous and wondered if he was. This was all new to her, how did you start an affair?

"Can we touch?" Shane asked, running his fingers down the bare flesh of her arm.

Kelly shivered and caught his wrist. "That tickles." She whispered.

"Lets go somewhere!" Shane suggested.

Kelly knew what that meant; well that was what she was here for. "Do you have any where in mind?" She smiled and knew that her eyes were sparkling with anticipation.

"How long have you got?"

"All afternoon, if you need that long?" She smiled teasingly.

"Wow, you don't do thing by half."

"Wait and see, now answer my question!" She laughed softly. The tension of the waiting was beginning to dissipate.

"A motel?" He asked.

"Tacky." She replied.

"Your place?" He asked.

"No chance!" She replied, with another brief laugh.

"My place is a dump." He said.

"And I thought you have everything worked out." She teased.

She hadn't intended it but that stung him. "Come here." He pushed away from the table and patted his knee.

Kelly glanced towards the other couple but they were just leaving. She waited until the door had closed behind them before moving. The bushes almost hid them from all but prying eyes.

Shane steered her so that her legs where either side of his, and she sat as she would have astride a horse.

"Comfortable?" He asked softly.

"Depends what you have in mind!" Kelly had her arms about Shane's neck whilst he had his hands about her petite waist; his powerful hands were almost big enough to encompass her waist.

She wanted to kiss him, before he started touched her again and before she lost what ever self control she still had. "Kiss me!" She suggested, leaning her head forwards, her mouth slightly open. Shane tilted his face towards hers and their lips brushed, brushed again and then they kissed more deeply.

For a long moment Kelly was just happy to sit there on his lap and have a good old fashion snog, whilst Shane's hands quietly and softly explored her body. She was open to him, not simply her legs but this position left her whole body open to his probing, stroking fingers.

She had fucked like this with Lance, but never in the open and never with her clothes on. Just that made her even more excited, her cunt was liquid now, soaking into the crotch of her panties. He had to smell her, had to, she could, that damp musky scent her cunt gave off in its excitement.

Kelly's dress had buttons on the front, which made the dress more than a little old fashion but perfect for the situation. She wriggled with delight as Shane started to unfasten them.

"Here?" She breathed; her eyes must have been glowing.

"Sure, we just keep things nice and quiet." He pealed back her dress, exposing her firm tits encased in her uplift brassier.

"I don't do quiet!" She laughed.

"Somehow I guessed that." He chuckled. "You have great breasts." He was cupping each bra sheathed breast.

"Tit's, I prefer to call them tits." Kelly sat back just long enough to loosen her brassier so that her tits split out into Shane's hands. She groaned as it had been so long since she'd been held; it made her shudder with expectation.

Kelly's nipples rose unbidden to press against the palms of his hands.

Shane couldn't suppress the chuckle of sheer delight as he rubbed his hands across her tits, the rubbery nipples high and hard. He wanted to suck each of them and did so.

Kelly squealed and Shane now knew that her threat that she would be noisy was true. He kissed her on the mouth, at the very least that shut her up as she hungrily kissed him back. She still had her arms about his neck and was making no effort to delve into his jeans. Shane wished that she would, he loved it when they discovered that he was no midget.

Kelly began to push his hands lower; she wanted his hands beneath her dress, around her arse and cunt. She wanted him to discover how hot and wet she was. Kelly's dress hung like a tent over his knees so that if anyone did disturb them then whatever was happening beneath her dress would be hidden. Of course anyone from the base might wonder what she was doing on Shane's knee but that was all part of the risk.

Shane's hands began to work their way under her dress. Kelly felt herself flood with expectation, she was that excited. Kelly didn't know if her excitement came from her frustration or being with Shane. It didn't matter in the end, she was with Shane for the sex and the reason wasn't yet important.

Shane's hands were on her bare legs, Kelly shivered, not with cold but excitement. As his hands reached higher and higher she wanted him to speed up, she wanted his fingers to be touching her.

As encouragement she pushed her own hands beneath her dress and sought out his hard mound. It felt big, not as big as Lance but big enough. This is only the second cock I have ever touched she thought as she unzipped him, unbuckling his belt and popping the stud on the waist of his jeans first. She pushed her hand beneath the waistband of his shorts and found his hot and hard member.

Shane's cock jumped when she touched it and for a crazy second Kelly thought that Shane had started to come but it was only the reaction to her cool fingers.

She broke off the kiss. "It seems eager enough." She laughed softly and wondered when his fingers would prove the same of her cunt.

Shane grunted, his hands were now on her hips and then one was between her open legs, his fingertips brushed against the soft fabric of her panties and she smiled at him, her eyes dancing with unconcealed passion. A finger found the edge of her panties, a second later and the finger was pulling her panties to one side.

Kelly shifted position and then, leaving his hard cock, she pulled the gusset to one side, exposing her sex to his touch. She caught his fingers and guided them inside her and her smile widened as Shane started to finger fuck her.

"Like that?" Shane asked, trying not to sound as smug as he felt. Kelly Farmer was the best piece of ass on the base and right now he was knuckle deep in her very wet cunt.

Kelly was just flexing her hips, rising and falling against his movements, her eyes were half closed as she savoured the experience; she had gone to long between fucks. "You wouldn't be doing it if I didn't like it." She whispered.

She rubbed his finger across the mouth of his cock, drawing out a blob of pre come which she smeared across the head. "Is this just for show?" She asked.

She lifted herself on his lap and steered his cock inside her, it was an act she'd performed a hundred times before with Lance and now she did the same with an almost stranger. She sank down, taking the whole length inside her, feeling its hard length against the soft walls of her cunt.

It had happened so fast that Shane didn't realise he was inside her until she was beginning to slide up and down his pole. He wasn't wearing anything... what was her name... Kelly, yeah right, Kelly. He spoke her name and then added. "I'm not wearing anything!"

"I am!" She grunted. "I'm wearing a diaphragm, so it doesn't matter."

Kelly was a physical woman and she made love that way. She was above average height and weight for a woman, what they called an old fashion woman, all curves. Now those curves were hammering down on Shane's hips, driving his cock into her again and again.

Shane's hands were around her ass and he almost wanted to slow her down but Kelly was in her own race and he was almost incidental as she reached her finishing line. She began to grunt louder, Lance had said her climax sounded like a pig snuffling, at any rate, you knew when Kelly was about to climax.

She had been so long without this feeling, so long without being filled like Shane was filling her. So it was inevitable that her climax would be sudden and almost violent as her body gave vent to its frustrations and she shook and cried as the orgasm ripped through her.

Shane couldn't help himself, he had prided himself on his self control but he was swept away by her and before Kelly had finished her orgasm he was pumping his seed into her.

She folded against him, her breath as shattered as her senses, and just rested her head on his shoulder until she had recovered. Slowly she rose to her feet, only to find that she was giddy and unsteady. She braced herself against a table, her cunt was on fire! She could still feel his long disappeared dick inside her and the sticky evidence of his climax was beginning to seep from her.

"Bathroom." She whispered.

"Just through the door." Shane answered his voice hoarse and dry. He started to get dressed and then noticed the dark stain on his clothes.

"I don't do washing." She laughed as she walked away.

She was away so long that Shane had begun to believe that she'd simply left him, but finally she returned, her face still flushed but that confident, hip swinging walk was back. She slumped into the seat opposite him and drained her coke. "Warm... right now I need something cold... is there a quiet bar we could visit... are you old enough to drink?" The alcohol age was twenty one and Kelly started to wonder if Shane was old enough to buy her a beer.

"Twenty three... bar as in clean but run down or bar as in hotel and obvious." He answered and asked in the same sentence.

"I would say the former." Kelly answered.

"Excuse me?"

"Clean but run down." Kelly smiled to herself, you couldn't have everything, Lance wasn't a rocket scientist and either it seemed was Shane, she always picked the stupid ones.

"That'll be the Vixen, end of Main Street."

They shared a beer whilst Kelly wondered why she was being so obvious, then just in case she'd run out of look, she finished her beer quickly and stood up to leave.

"See you again?" Shane said quickly.

"Maybe." Kelly replied and immediately regretted how it had sounded. "Probably, but lets not become an item, I have a husband coming home in three months."

"Sure." Shane answered. "I could maybe spruce up your quarters? Decorate a few rooms, just in time for his home coming?"

Kelly smiled. She liked the sound of that and the place was run down, so Shane could earn his fucks by decorating the place. "Like I said, give me some space." Kelly swayed out of the bar and into the harsh afternoon sunlight. She felt good, well fucked and for a few days that urge would be satisfied and then she'd have Shane's company to call on.

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