Letters of Lovers
Chapter 1: Cheyenne

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Cheyenne - This series is something I have been urged to create by several people who read my other stories.<br> The letters cited throughout this series are all real, and all actually sent between myself and other on line lovers. All of them erotic. I have not edited any part of the letters from the different women, and all of my responses are actual. So, with these things in mind, I hope that those reading and like to send EROTIC emails to others might get some ideas.

Hello Tom,

Thanks for writing. Let me start by telling you that I will not always be able to respond quickly because other personal committments, but I will try. I cannot chat but I can e-mail. As you can probably imagine, I have gotten over 25 replies to my ad already and I only just put it in last Friday. Some of the men, unfortunately, did not read my ad and wish to meet so I wll have to let them go but also because I cannot possibly write to so many men.

I'd love to write to you though. I have a soft (and wet!) spot for Navy men (past or present).

Here is a sample story of mine. It is a start to explain to you what I like (more details to follow). Let me know what you think.


Just as the newscaster announces a severe storm heading into my area, the lights blink and I'm plunged into total darkness. I jump at the first strike of lightening, which seems remarkably close. Looking out the window another flash of lightening rings out and I let out a piercing scream when I see the dark figure standing on my front porch. A sudden sharp knock on the door startles me further until I hear, "Lady! Are you ok? I'm your neighbor next door." I peek out the window and realize it is indeed you, my neighbor. I've only been living in this house for a few weeks and haven't yet got the chance to go and introduce myself. I cautiously open the door. "Are you okay, lady?" you ask with concern. I had noticed before how good looking you were but you made a striking picture soaking wet and I push the unladylike thoughts that suddenly invade my mind. "I'm fine," I say returning your smile. "I thought I better check on you when the power went out and then you screamed." I am very embarrassed now and shake my head. "I'm sorry. I'm fine. The lightening scared me and... I'm sorry to have troubled you." You smile again and I finally notice what a nice smile you have. Then those very naughty thoughts come back to me and I blush. After a few minutes of awkward silence, you turn to leave with a "goodbye" and I blurt out, "Wait! Can you stay here for a while? Keep me company?" You smile again and step inside.

"I'm sorry," I apologize again. "I must look like such a child." You look me over from head to toe, lingering on my breasts and then at the gap in between my tank top and my shorts and say, "You don't look like any child I've ever seen." I blush again deeply. "I'm Cheyenne, by the way. Thank you for caring enough to come over and see how I'm doing... and for staying. You're my knight in shining armor." "Shucks, it ain't nothin'" you say with a laugh and I see you like to tease. I offer you a beer, which you gladly accept. We sit on my couch and after a few minutes of small talk, I realize you are still staring at my breasts, which have almost come out of my tank top. I lick my lips as I try to imagine what you are thinking and you softly moan.

"Don't do that again," you say huskily. "What?" I ask innocently. "Lick your lips like that. It makes me think of what other things that mouth can do." I smile and reach over, placing my hand on your tight thigh. "Would you like to find out?" You get up and unzip your jeans with the speed of a cougar. My mouth begins to water as you free your hard cock from its confines. Kneeling in front of you, I lick the tip causing you to moan deeply. Taking you in my mouth, I cup your balls in my hand as my tongue swirls around your shaft. Taking you deep, I feel your cock head touch the back of my throat as you take my head in your hands and start to fuck my mouth. My mouth is full but I'm able on your withdrawals to allow my tongue to tease the fleshy underside of your cock. You moan and say, "God, Cheyenne, you sure can suck cock!" I pick up my efforts, deep throating you as my hands caress your balls. I feel your cock swell and know you are close. Pulling my mouth away, I say, 'Cum in my mouth, lover. I need to taste you." I take you deep once more and suck you hard. Your cock swells and I hear you gasp, "Fuck!" as your warm cum explodes from your cock and down my throat. You pump into me two or three more times, each time coating my mouth with your hot seed. I swallow it all and smile. "Yummy", I say, giggling. You feel your knees weaken so you flop down on the couch, smiling and breathing heavy. "That was fantastic!" "Glad I could help," I say. "One good turn deserves another,"

you say after catching your breath. "What did you have in mind?" I ask with a smile... (to be continued)

Hi Cheyenne,

Got your letter this afternoon.

I have no idea where Quentin is. Sounds like the middle of nowhere... I like your imagination. Wish to hell YOU were my neighbor, rather than some of the really odd people living near me. (Another story). I'm glad I have a fireplace, because our power HAS gone off for a couple hours at a time. most of the day and night. It is freezing here. You will have to describe those tits... Next time you hold them in your hands, think of me... Thanks for the blowjob... it was needed after the REAL storm we are having here all day long.

I am laying back into the corner of the couch, trying to get me breath back from being drained. You have just given me the nicest of blowjobs... I am still soaking wet from the rain. It is still dark with the power off, and I can faintly make out your outline sitting close on the couch near me. You say that I should get out of my wet clothes and let them dry by your fireplace. Great idea.

The fire is the only flickering light in the parlor. I take a log and place it on top of the others, and start to take off my clothes. You take them and lay them over a rocker nearby. I can now see you a little more clearly from the firelight. Your tits are struggling against the flimsy top, and heaving. I see your well shaped legs and and it all makes me excited again. I reach over for you and pull you close and kiss you. Your arms are around me, and I can feel your tits crushing against my naked chest. I reach behind and pull your top off, and your tits seem to spring to life, your nipples proudly sticking up to me, inviting me. They are gorgeous. I pull you close again and kiss you. This time your tits free against me, and warming me.

Your kiss is demanding. My hands slide slowly down your back and finally I am holding your smooth ass, and squeezing it, as I kiss you. My cock is pressed into your jeans, and you are grinding against me. Oh, how this is needed. It has been so long... I pull away from you and kneel down, open your jeans and pull them off.

There, in front of me, is your beautiful womanhood. The warmth and glowing from the fireplace has me really excited. I can see the promise of your pussy lips in the curls of your bush. I pull you close and bury my mouth into your mound and kiss it. Soft nibbles all over it and your uppeer thighs. My hands are holding your ass and pulling you tightly to my mouth, as I kneel there. Damn, it feels so nice to have a woman like this again.

Slowly, I pull you down so that you are laying in front of the fireplace. Now I can really see all of you. Your tits so inviting, as I lay there and bury my face into them, licking the hard nipples that seem to scream up to me. I raise up to lower my lips to yours and kiss you deeply this time, while my hand searches the promise of your pussy. Your legs open, your hips rise to meet my hand and fingers. The dampness there! The softness of your pussy hair. My hand slides up and down your pussy lips and I push deeper with my finger to slide it up and down the insides of your wet lips. I can feel the hood over your clit, and slide ot upward, and to the very heart of your womanhood.

You are moaning as you pull me tightly to your lips. My finger is sliding in circles over your clit and you are humping my hand. I can see and feel my cock getting rock hard as it presses against your thigh, laying there next to you.I take your hand and place it there, and tell you I am going to eat you. I want to taste you, make you cum, as you have done for me. I kiss you again, and travel my lips down to your neck, and then to your nipples. Your hands are on my head as I suck softly on your tits, and slowly massage your clit and inner pussy lips. Yes! I want to taste you. The thunder outside is matching what is happening in my chest. BUT, first I tell you that I am going to put my cock right here, as I trail my finger between your tits. My hand is slightly wet from your pussy. You moan as I kneel and straddle your chest. My cock, now raging again, is sliding between your tits. I fuck them for a while, then move up, so that now my cock is on your face. The fire feels warm on my back. I move my cock over your face, your eyes, your nose, and tease your lips, as you try to open and reach to suck it... but I pull away, just letting you suck on my sack for a moment. Suck my balls baby, I say. And you hungrily obey. I don't want to cum again yet. Finally, I move so that I am between your legs and nibble on your pussy hair again, Your hips are rising up and down, as my arms go around your thighs holding your whole pussy to my mouth.

I can smell the scent of your womanhood now, and I spread your lips to lick you. Taste you. Love you. I can feel the hardness of your excited clit with my tongue, but leave it, as I bury my tongue deep into your pussy. You are moaning loudly now, as I pull you even tighter to my mouth, and fuck you with my tongue. Now, I move my tongue up to explore your hardened clit, while I slide my finger into your pussy.

I slide my mouth up and down the insides of each of your thighs and back down to your pussy lips, as my finger slides in and out of you. You are humping my face wildly now, wetter, even... as my mouth stays glued to your clit. Now, I say to you, NOW, give your cum to me baby... I reach up to caress your tits softly as I suck your womanhood...

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