Double Trouble
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Rape, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, InLaws, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Squirting,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story of the sexual awakenings of twins and their parents.

Maurice and Genevieve Timms grew up together, living in the same street, going right through the school system together as well as being great friends. From the age of about 14 it was generally accepted that they would one day marry. They both came from very religious families and both families did not live in the real world insofar as they had no concept of sex before marriage, sex other than for procreation, crime or any thing but a perfectly behaving world.

We are talking about the early 1960's when their particular part of the world was pretty trouble free.

Maurice was a fairly tall fair haired good looking guy and Genevieve was a brunette, pretty and nicely built, but hid her figure with drab loose clothing.

Maurice secured a job at an accountant's office as a clerk but immediately undertook to study accountancy in his own time, with his expected date of qualifying in about 7 years, when he was 24.

Genevieve went to work at her churches book shop and undertook volunteer work for the church such as helping at their soup kitchen and acting as secretary for the Fellowship Group.

When Maurice was about 2 years from qualifying he had a promotion and a raise which made marriage plans possible.

All through their courting they had never done anything that could remotely be taken as sexual, not even heavy kissing or breast touching. They had vowed that each would go to altar virgins. The occasional peck on the cheek was their self imposed limit. Masturbation was neither known about or considered. He did not understand his occasional wet dreams other that they felt good so must be evil.

They married at this stage and with financial help from both parents moved in to a modest house near to their parents.

The wedding night was something feared by both, having been given the birds and the bees talks a week before the ceremony, his from his father and hers by her mother.

His advice was sketchy and hers probably was not as comprehensive as his. So they went to their marriage bed only actually knowing that his penis was to go into her vagina; no foreplay, no knowledge at all except where he should put what.

Genevieve's mother had taken her to the local gynaecologist a few days before the wedding and had her fitted with an IUD and a diaphragm, with instructions to insert spermicidal jelly into her vagina with what looked like a turkey baster. She was not told however that the jelly should be squirted into the far reaches of her pussy so she believed that if it was squirted just past her pussy lips, it was the correct way.

So with great trepidation, each one changed from their wedding clothes into their night attire and slunk into the king sized bed, Maurice having a strange new feeling in his penis. It grew hard and long. He put 2 and 2 together and worked out that this reaction, whilst being in bed for the first time with his true love, was how he was going to be able to fit it into the little hole his father had vaguely mentioned

When he was at high school, when showering after Phys Ed, some of the boys had called him donkey dick, and that was when it was flaccid! He didn't have a clue what they were talking about. After a couple of minutes in bed, Genevieve said "Oh my goodness, I forgot," and returned to the bathroom and fitted the diaphragm and squirted the spermicidal jelly just inside her pussy. As soon as she returned to the bed, Maurice smelled the horrible smell of the jelly coming from that bathroom, but not knowing what it was thought no more about it.

Her getting out of bed and the terrible pong kind of took the edge off the new thrill he had experienced.

His father had told him all that he knew about foreplay, and that consisted of telling the boy to rub her tits gently. Maurice did this for about 2 minutes, this making his cock grow to humungous proportions.

Maurice had worked out by this time that he should get on top of her with their genitals close to one other and after some experimenting, between them they worked out that she should open her legs up and he should get between them before inserting his cock. Although his "foreplay" had not done a thing for her, the jelly had acted as a bit of lubricant and he soon had the knob of his cock at her cervix. He gave a mighty shove as Dad had advised him and he "was in like Flynn," her giving a scream of pain as his cock came up against the diaphragm covered cervix. All this while, Genevieve had been petrified and speechless waiting for the stabbing pain her mother had warned her about. This did not occur as the gynaecologist had nicked her hymen to insert that diaphragm. But the stretching of her vagina whilst just barely lubricated did hurt a little. She cried out to stop but he still had 2 inches to go. It was to be many years before she could take it all. 20 seconds after he penetrated her he came, with him thinking there was a flock of sparrows perched on his arse.

Luckily, he did not droop and found that pumping in and out of her was quite nice. He lasted about 4 minutes this time before coming then it collapsed like a flat tyre. His new wife was wondering why people did this thing they had done other to have children. She was not impressed.

By the end of their 2 weeks honeymoon, they had done the deed 2 more times, with similar results.

When they returned to work they each found that they were now privy to conversations and discussions that they had been excluded from before. Advice was silently listened to, absorbed and piece by piece utilised.

They settled into a groove of having sex at least twice a month, the dirty sods, and gradually, she started to get a little sensation from it and he was lasting all of 5 minutes. Because of their asexual upbringings, he of course did not know of her birth control methods and had contemplated using condoms but was too chicken to ask for them in a pharmacy. This was before men's restrooms had vending machines. That was lucky, as instead of having 3 forms of birth control, diaphragm, IUD and the foul smelling spermicidal jelly, if he had been braver they would have had 4. Remember, this was pre-pill and patches.

They settled into a comfortable lifestyle and thought that they were very daring, having sex so often, every second Saturday night whether one or both wanted to or not; missionary only and with the lights off. Missionary being because that is all they knew. He still had not seen her naked.

When Maurice qualified as a full-blown accountant, he received a substantial pay rise and whilst having had many "grandchild" hints surreptitiously laid upon them, they decided to have a child. Their drift on this was that if you have unprotected sex at the wife's fertile time, 4 to 5 days roughly in the middle of her cycle, she would automatically fall pregnant. Genevieve had her IUD removed and on the estimated middle night of the decreed fertile period, they copulated. It was a Wednesday night so they agreed to forgo their next Saturday nighter.

You wouldn't believe it but she did catch on their 1st attempt, and after a few weeks occasional morning vomiting which she did not associate with pregnancy, she went to the gyno on her mothers advice and found she was 2 months gone.

Of course on her mother's advice again, all their ardent to them sex life came to a thudding halt for the remaining 7 months and more than likely beyond for quite a while. One of her views was that there were no degrees of pregnancy, you were either pregnant or you weren't and if you were pregnant, there was no need to copulate further.

She eventually delivered twin girls, Emily and Jane. Emily had her mother's dark hair and facial features while Jane had Maurice's colouring and features.

The children grew up in a loving but drab atmosphere and apart from the usual childhood diseases and minor accidents progressed happily into their teens.

They started to menstruate just as they turned 13 and unfortunately they suffered from the inability of their mother to explain the birds and bees to them as she had suffered by Genevieve's mother not being able or willing to enlighten her. Jane picked up her sexual knowledge from questioning girl friends but Emily did not know that there were any questions to ask.

Jane changed from a virtually perfect child to a wild one at 14, having a few months previously discovered masturbation, and had ruptured her hymen with a bicycle pump. She had her first fuck just after, being seduced by the 16 year old brother of one of her friends. This happened at an all girls birthday party, when the guy, the birthday girls brother, who was supposed to have stayed in his room studying, waylaid her in the bathroom. She was full of 2nd and 3rd hand information on sex so she hinted that she was ready, willing and able to have him fuck her then and there. As he had just jerked himself off in his room whilst looking out his bedroom window at these nubile young creatures frolicking on the lawn, he lasted long enough for her to have her 1st non-masturbatery orgasm, and a good one too. Thank goodness he had the sense to pull out before he ejaculated but after that experience she had the bug and tempted fate whenever she got the chance with boys fucking her bareback.

If you put your finger in a spinning bicycle wheel, you will have your finger cut off. You'll know it's cut off but you won't know which spoke did it. Yes she missed her period 3 months after starting her sex career, and she knew she must tell her mother. The worst part of it all in her mother's opinion was that she could not nominate the father, there were so many possibles. There was no option but for Jane to have an abortion, done discreetly interstate at great expense and trauma to her parents. There was no option other than abortion because in those days unmarried women, especially pregnant schoolgirls did not have the do-gooder organizations that exist now that justify the girl's misfortunate and stupid actions and lay all the blame on the parents for the girls terrible upbringing.

When she returned home the gyno received another visit and she advised that Jane should be put of the new method of contraception, the Pill.

This to Jane was a licence to fuck, and this is what she did. She showed no respect for her parents, indeed for anyone, and doing little things like as soon as she got out of sight of home on her way to school, she would roll over the waist band of her school skirt 3 or 4 times to the point where her skirt would definitely not pass the thumb test. (The thumb test is where you place your hand through the girls legs from the front in such a position that the outstretched thumb is vertical so that your top finger is just touching the hem of her skirt at the rear, and if your thumb gets wet to the knuckle, the skirt is too short). She did not wear a bra after arriving at school, and flashed her wobbling nice sized boobs, only covered by her blouse, at students and male teachers alike.

By now she was nearly 15 and she worked it that instead of giving it away, why not get paid for what she loved doing anyway.

Both girls were extremely attractive although different, and the both were constantly been hit on. Emily most times pretended not to hear the boys remarks or more often scathingly belittled them, having that uncanny knack of being able to find something about each guys physique or persona which invited ridicule. Either way, they did not get to 1st base.

Jane knew that high school boys did not have a lot of spare money and she decided to go for quantity, not quality. To have a lot of guys giving her a moderate amount of money instead of a few wealthy guys each giving her a lot more money.

She arrived at rates which would be reasonably easy for guys to pay and should attract a lot of custom.

Blowjob $5.00

Straight fuck $10.00

Anal $15.00

All the above $25.00, a bargain saving $5.00

Jane soon realised that she was sitting on a fortune.

Emily did not know the extent of Jane's debauchery and while she knew that she was no angel, and really relied on the pill a lot she did not know about what was her sister's actual prostituting herself and no-one let onto her about it.

Emily was in the top 5% in her year and never ever caused her parents or teachers any worry. She didn't have a boy friend but was friendly with as many boys as girls. She, like her mother had, dressed down and hid her glorious figure, whereas Jane found that it paid to advertise.

Her ambition was to go on to university and hopefully study medicine, but was unsure whether her parents would allow to do that as "everyone" told them that universities were hotbeds of vice and corruption.

Jane, however had no ambitions other than to live life the fullest and damn the consequences.

Time went by and Jane had left school at 16 and whilst living at home still, never seemed to be short of money. At 17 she left home and shared a flat with another girl from schooldays who also made her living on her back. Jane loved her parents dearly and at times spent 2 or 3 fays at home with them. It was probably when she was on the rag. The 2 girls used an agency to secure their customers and also did stag parties. She had upgraded her services to men from boys and naturally the men paid a lot more, with her being a top class hooker in fact. She was on a 1st name basis with the receptionists at all the local motels and hotels and learned to dress so as to let guys know she was available, but not appear to be a blatant tart. She looked nice enough to be taken anywhere to dinner before being taken back to the guy's room to be shagged. Her parents, while still loving her, had really given up on her due to her attitude, still not knowing of her lifestyle. The thing that worried them most was her dumb insolence. However, she never argued with them or Emily.

When they were 19 Jane noticed Maurice furtively ogling her, especially when she wandered around the house barely clothed, or clothed in such a way which would awaken the dead.

It came to a head late one afternoon when Genevieve was helping out at the soup kitchen until 8.00pm and Emily had told them she would be at the library until at least 9.00pm. When Maurice arrived home at 6.00pm as he did every day, he found Jane in the lounge room just about falling out of a micro mini skirt and an almost obscenely low cut top. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra, and when she bent over when walking away from him to pick up a magazine for him, it was also obvious that she was not wearing panties, as he had a clear view or her bum and shaven pussy. He was so aroused he could not speak, and when she turned around and leant over to give him the magazine, her top fell forward and he saw the bare breasts that he had had ogled unobtrusively so many times. She then sat on his lap leaning against his chest and wriggled her bum a bit to get comfortable, suddenly wondering if he had a 3 cell torch in his pocket. Of course he couldn't take much of this and she was amused when he gulped, shook and obviously shot his bolt in his strides. She showed him no mercy and frustrated his attempts to lift her off him to enable him to go to the bathroom.

When she came to visit next time, 10 days later, she tormented him again and when Genevieve and Emily left at about 7.30 to go to a church Fellowship meeting she pulled out all stops. She sat next to him on the couch and rubbed her boobs on the side of his arm, leaned forward for him to see her boobs with their large stiff nipples, and brush his by now erect cock, all "accidentally." It was too much for him and he thought to hell with the consequences and picked her up and carried her to her bedroom, where they stripped each other and he enjoyed his 1st ever 69er with her teaching him things he had never dreamt of. He ejaculated into her warm soft mouth and he in turn received a squirt of her fluids into his mouth and over his face as she had a big one.

They lay there together for a while knowing that time was not a problem and she then took his surprisingly large but now flaccid cock in her mouth again and licked and sucked it to another erection.

She turned over onto her back and brought her legs back as far as she could and guided him into her, then dropped her legs onto his shoulders. She played him like a fiddle and by using her pussy muscles, wriggling side to side and pulling him into her with her hands pulling on his bum, prolonged his coming for over 20 minutes.

He had never come twice in a session before and was in a state of euphoria having had so many firsts all at one time, first shag lasting more than 5 minutes, first 69, first blowjob, first time he had ever had the whole length of his cock in a pussy and first time fucking anyone other than his wife.

This turned out to not be the only time that father and daughter had magnificent sex.

Emily had decided not to pursue a career in medicine and did the next best thing and secured a position as one of the receptionists at a large inner city medical practice. She met a medical student who was doing work experience there and after a short while went out with him on her first date, dinner and a movie. After he had moved on from work experience she still saw him regularly and apart from a couple of hand jobs and over the bra boob rubbing, they gradually got to the point of discussing marriage. Of course her parents were delighted at their daughter securing such a good catch, a future doctor. She went to the gyno for a pre-marriage checkup and was prescribed the pill.

In due time they were married with her having her maiden broken with very little pain, and Brian her husband acquitting himself quite well. He admitted to not being a virgin and believe it or not she climaxed during her first ever coupling. She was rapt and decided that if this was sex, she wanted a lot more of it.

After Jane and Maurice's third explosive liaison, he began a slow but increasingly successful sneaky education of Genevieve with her responding to what she had previously thought decadent and perverted forms of sexplay with obvious delight and wondered why they had not woken up to the delights of sex years before. She did not know at that time that it was Jane's educating her father that was responsible for her in turn being educated so well by Maurice.

Jane was building up quite a nest egg and bought a block of 4 flats as an investment while continuing to do what she did best.

Her and Bella, her partner in crime, had a booking to do a stag party and arrived duly at the right address on the right night at the right time, and after doing the obligatory bump and grind strip and the erotic dance, they drew straws. Bella drew the groom and Jane drew the best man.

The agreement was for only these 2 to be serviced and the other guys would play with themselves whilst watching the 2 couplings.

Jane's guy Ralph seemed very nice and gentle with a nice sized tool and as they hugged while handing her a bonus to share as the girls left, asked if he could see her after hours, "if you know what I mean." She knew his phone number as it was he that arranged the night so surprising herself, she rang him the next night and they arranged to meet for dinner the next Monday night as Monday night was a slow night for her.

Over dinner there was no pretence, she showed her interest in him and he reciprocated, they discussed her lifestyle and whilst not deprecating her, his facial expression told her that he wished that she was in different employment. They commenced a relationship with Ralph being fully aware of Jane's lifestyle and after a very short time they knew that they had loving feelings for each other and when Ralph asked her to pack in her "seeing other men" as he tactfully put it, she gave it a days serious thought, and as she had her investment property and quite a lot of money in short term deposits, she agreed on the condition that she could move in with him straight away to get away from the flat, the address of which was known to some of her customers. He jumped at her request and was overwhelmed that such a beautiful woman wanted to share his bed and his life solely. As she had been interested in hair care since young, she completed a 6 months comprehensive course in hairdressing at local Hairdressing Academy, supporting herself with her savings. She found a job in a salon near where they were living as soon as she had finished the course.

Meanwhile, Maurice and Genevieve were fucking up a storm with lots and lots of glorious sex. The 2 girls noticed that their parents looked happier than they had ever seen them, their staid conservative mother was wearing nicer more attractive clothes with shorter skirts and dresses, sheer blouses and tighter tops than she had ever worn. She started wearing light makeup for the 1st time ever. They were also getting out a bit, and although they had never drunk alcohol, this did not prevent their dining in some pretty flash restaurants, something that they never had done. Unbeknown to the girls they had had several dirty weekends way, just the 2 of them.

Emily and Brian's love life was very satisfying and she felt that she had become the orgasm queen of the city but she thought that something was not quite kosher.

This was proven when she came home unexpectedly one lunchtime to find Brian's and an unknown to her car in their flats allocated parking. She let herself in and heard some familiar type noises coming from their bedroom and when she eased up to the open doorway, instead of finding a woman with him as she expected, she found a strange man cornholing her husband. She let out an unholy scream and ran from the flat crying.

He rang her at work mid afternoon and said that that it would be best if they met at a neutral venue for them to discuss their situation. They agreed on the time and place where they could have a private booth to talk without the risk of either interruption or the possibility of either of them causing a scene.

He told her that he had been gay since puberty but had thought that marrying this beautiful woman would have him revert from being bi-sexual to heterosexual. He was devastated that it did not but did not know how to tell her that she would have to share him with his male lovers if they were to stay together. She told him that she wanted no part in his life from this instant. She went home to her parents that night and after making arrangements to have her clothes and personal effects picked up by them the next day, she rang Jane to tell her about her heartbreak. Her parents were happy for her to stay with them until she found some permanent housing. Maurice took the next day off and he and Genevieve went to the flat and aided by Emily's list made a trip in a rentavan to bring her stuff home.

Emily also took the day off and saw a lawyer to initiate divorce proceedings. Jane was rung on her cell phone as they did not know her landline number and was asked to come home for dinner that night so they could all discuss Emily's situation. Jane told the other 3 of her decision to move in with Ralph, expecting an uproar from at least her parents. The new Maurice and Genevieve and Emily actually were delighted that she had found love at last. They still did not know of her secret life, and never found out either.

Emily then told them what had transpired when she went home that lunchtime and that she had initiated divorce proceedings which Brian had agreed not to contest. They had been renting a furnished flat so there were very few joint assets to consider.

Maurice sensed that the 3 women wanted a little privacy to hold a "women's business" talk so adjourned to the lounge room to watch TV.

Genevieve spoke first saying that the new her, she believed, was the result of her throwing off her Victorian views on sex and to put it bluntly she, with a smile on her face, said that her and their father were trying to make up for many years sex time lost. The girls jaws dropped onto the tabletop and when they regained their power of speech, they hugged their mother and cried for joy for her. Jane did not divulge that her parents improved sex life was most probably the result of her seducing and educating her father. Jane then told them that she had known for a long time that she was a very sexual being and at last she believed that she had found her soul mate and that as soon as the dust settled she wanted them to meet him.

Emily's story was very sad and she was still coming to terms with the fact that Brian wanted to still have sex with his male lovers but still cohabitate and copulate with her. She went on to say that after living a virginal life for 23 years, she discovered that sex was something she loved and in fact knew she could not do without a lot of sex very often.

It was quite late by this and after Genevieve made supper, Jane went home to her Ralph, and the others went to their respective beds.

Emily could hear the low rumble of her parents talking into the wee hours before falling asleep herself.

The new day dawned and Emily and Maurice went to work and Genevieve began a baking frenzy, as this is what she did when was extremely happy.

That night, everything was normal and Emily went to bed closely followed by her mother and father to their bed. Again the rumble of talk in the adjacent bedroom and after a little while she heard the squeak of bed springs and the low cries of her mothers ecstasy. This fired up her hormones and she was leaking big time from her pussy until she could stand it no more and went to her parents room for some visual stimulation. This did not upset or stop their woman superior lovemaking in fact her presence fired them up to greater heights than they had ever known.

Maurice had not come when Genevieve cried enough, and rolled off him as she had zonked out and this looked to be a good time to Emily to take the risk at joining them by straddling his chest and presenting her dripping pussy to him for some TLC. After a few minutes of having his tongue doing magic on her, she slid back and knowing that she was taking the most enormous risk of her life, impaled herself on her father's large, erect and quivering penis. Like Jane, Emily knew from her experience with the faggot how to manipulate a man to prolong a man's climax. She showed her now awake mother and her father that she was truly multi-orgasmic. They spent the rest of the night with Maurice sleeping the sleep of the knackered between 2 of his 3 beautiful women.

One was his 48 years aged nymphomaniac wife and the other his 23 years old nymphomaniac daughter.

In the early morning Maurice decided also to take a huge risk and tell the 2 women about his trysts with Jane and when they took place. Genevieve sucked her breath in and it suddenly came to her that his sudden infinitely improved lovemaking desires and skills happened at about that same time. She then smiled and gave his cock a tweak, then Emily piped up, "that means you owe me heaps Dad, Jane is in fucking credit." That was the 1st time ever she had used the "F" word.

After a few months, Emily stated dating a nice "straight" guy, Tom who matched her sexual appetite and shortly after moved in with him to her families delight.

He did not know, neither did Ralph of the girls occasional threesomes and foursomes with their parents and everyone was happy, especially Maurice who had turned from a twice month stud to getting an "all he could handle" stud.

All 6 of them got on well and met regularly for definitely non-sexual times at their homes. Some time later the girls, unknown to the others booked a weekend stay at a nice hotel a couple of hours travelling from home for an upcoming long weekend and when they announced this to the others, those who worked arranged to have the Friday afternoon off as well, making it a 3 and a 1/2 day, 3 night break. The accommodation booked was a 2 bedroomed family unit with a sitting room between them and an adjoining bedroom with connecting door. It was almost as if the hotel catered for group dirt weekends like this, on the 7th floor at least. Each of the 3 bedrooms had its own ensuite and king sized shower with detachable shower head. Each couple made their own way to their destination and met up late afternoon, sat in the sitting room and chatted for a couple of hours before going out to a highly recommended Mexican restaurant within walking distance of the hotel.

They had a great night with only the 4 youngsters having a couple of alcoholic drinks and the parents having lemon squashes with the excellent meals.

Mum and Dad had the separate room and the 2 girls and their guys had the 2 rooms separated by the sitting room. Without going into the complex rigmarole involved, the girls changed partners within minutes of going to bed, without the guys knowing. That is until the girls made indecent advances to them of a sexual nature.

The guys woke up to the swap immediately as Jane had a bald pussy and Emily had a landing strip above her slit, as well as each girls using a different perfume.

The guys each thought that as it was the actions of the girls and not them, they would tolerate the switch and as there was obviously not going to be any recriminations, got stuck into this momentous occasion and discovered that although twins, they each had a remarkably unique style of lovemaking as well as fucking, but both were brilliant and did not hold anything back. They continued their foreplay and rutting for hours and did not wake up until Maurice and Genevieve, who had had a record breaking sex session, walked through, thinking that they would be up already, to find that their daughters had swapped for the night.

Genevieve put on a mock frown and told them she was disappointed in them, and after mumbling a bit went crook that they had not invited her and Maurice to share the night with them.

As the parents still had robes on and had obviously not showered, Jane asked if it would help overcome their disappointment if they swapped for their showers. The 4 youngsters were amazed when they saw that Genevieve had now had Maurice shave her pussy completely bald as he was not excited about removing hairs from between his front teeth every couple of nights.

No one said no, so Maurice and Jane used one shower, Ralph and Emily another and Tom and Genevieve the other. We will never know if the men were psychic and could read each others minds from a distance, but after a lot of kissing caressing, soaping and rinsing, the men each dropped their cakes of soap on the shower bases and, when the women bent over to pick the soap up, they found themselves gripped at the waists and entered from the rear. Maurice had fucked all 3, Ralph had only fucked Jane and by process of elimination therefore Tom had only fucked Emily.

It was in each case a rear entry vaginal fuck, but it really does not matter how it's done, a fuck is still a fuck. By the time they had enjoyed their fucking to a very high degree, and re-soaped and re-rinsed, there were 6 very happy people leaving the showers to split up into their pairs for dressing prior to going to breakfast downstairs. They thought that if they had breakfast sent up by room service, they would probably not leave the hotel all day to see any of the sights. It was a bit of a squeeze but all 6 got into Ralph's car which was the largest of the 3 and headed for a seaside town an hour away to spend that day. There were decent change facilities at the beachside and Jane and Emily wore tiny bikinis with the bottoms being thongs. Genevieve, however stole the show with her magnificent mature figure encased in a conventional bikini putting the girls to shame. They noticed a signpost advising that a "clothing optional" beach was 10 kilometres to the north. They had a great day with some surreptitious fingering when the guys put suntan oil on the women, and some surreptitious cock rubbing when the women were doing the oiling.

But the girls did not take seriously what was poked at them in fun.

They had their hotel packed lunch and lay on their towels and soaked up the sun until they headed back about 5.00pm. No one had gone swimming because the 2 younger women's suits were not designed to get wet, and Genevieve's suit was thin enough to obviously become translucent when wet. On their return to the hotel, they showered, with their partners this time, dressed and went down to the hotel's restaurant for dining and dancing. After another brilliant meal, they danced and swapped partners now and then and the 2 young men found that Genevieve was as randy as the girls and in fact was quite daring with some of her touching the guy's genitals whilst dancing. Of course the others were doing it as well and also of course the women's bums were rubbed and an occasional tit was felt up. When the men found out that none of the women had worn panties, 6 very horny people went up in the lift to their rooms, the quick lift trip was used for almost carnal purposes.

They had a conference with each lady sitting either on their mate's lap or very close and swapping became the subject of choice. The consensus was that Maurice and Emily should share a bed, Ralph and Genevieve another and Tom and Jane the other.

Without any show of reluctance by any of them, that is what happened.

Jane had at some time experienced every form of sexual play possible so Tom asked her what she preferred, and she told him doggy for a while then swapping to anal to finish.

Genevieve had tried missionary, and woman superior, but had never given a blowjob and Maurice had wanted to go down on her a couple of times but she had not allowed him to, so when Ralph asked her for her request, she said that she wanted to try a 69er which would kill 2 birds with one stone.

Emily chose tit fucking between her beautiful boobs and, as she had never tried anal she wanted Tom to use the cum he spat on her chest and neck to lubricate her anus and his cock for a bum fuck.

They all had a magnificent night with many fantasies being realised and fortunately the 2 who had their poop chutes reamed out were very gently treated by their fuckmates. They both liked it but thought that they would not do it that way again, because really they did not know whether it was the cock stroking in and out of their bums or the clit rubbing by their respective partners that brought them off. Jane had only ever done anal for the money not by choice.

In the morning the couples swapped for quick sex and showered with their original nights sleeping partners but they were all too clapped out to do anything other than shower, but the soaping of the other body and the application of the shower head onto the men's finger opened pussies and bums to flush out any remaining cum, together with the water spraying onto the clitoris was nearly as good for the women and not nearly as tiring. The guys figured that they would be at least a hand job in credit for this. After breakfast they chatted about the day's agenda and they decided to just wander around the city and visit the beautiful Botanical Gardens, having lunch there, before returning to the hotel for a nap and then later having their evening meal at an Italian restaurant nearby that they had noticed.

This they did and returned to the hotel around 9.00pm for a quiet hour before going to bed. Emily drew their attention to the fact that if they continued with the rotation of the 2 previous night, each original couple would revert to just that, so she called for a think tank on what to do on this, their last night there.

By now, they all felt that they were so comfortable with each other and what they had done that the sky was the limit as long as no outsiders were involved, so although it shocked the other 5 momentarily, they all agreed with Jane's suggestion that was for Maurice and Tom share a bed with Jane, and Genevieve and Emily to share with Ralph. Heads were definitely scratched but nobody jibbed at the idea, so the 2 bedrooms either side of the sitting room were nominated as the playgrounds and after the women doing a sensual strip, and the guys having their flaccid cocks aroused, they went to the 2 beds.

Jane had come up with the grouping of her with 2 guys for selfish reasons. She had not had a DP for quite a while and she enjoyed the feeling it gave, especially with 2 loving men as she knew they were.

As Maurice had the biggest cock, he lay on his back with Jane slipping her already wet cunt down his cock and then leaned forward with her boobs on his chest, Then with a bit of juggling of legs and the application of some Vaseline to her anus and Tom's cock, she got her father to remain still until Tom eased his cock bit by bit as deep as he could into her rectum. There was momentarily some pain but that soon passed as she got more and more excited. Between them the guys settled into a steady rhythm and it did not take as long as usual for them to climax. They didn't climax together but the guys finished after Jane had a huge screaming orgasm the kitchen staff must have heard 7 floors down. This set the guys off and they climaxed within 20 seconds of each other. One by one they went to the bathroom and cleaned themselves up and returned to go to sleep.

In the other room, Genevieve and Emily got each other and Ralph to a high pitch, and Genevieve straddled his chest and poked her secreting pussy at his mouth, while Emily gave him her best blowjob while reaching up and caressing her mothers beautiful large and barely sagging breasts from behind, concentrating on her nipples. Genevieve and Ralph climaxed, him with a roar and her with a scream, and Emily was swallowing about a tablespoon full of his come.

They rested for about an hour just cuddling each other when Emily told them that she was the only one who had not climaxed out of the 3, Ralph again lay on his back with Emily impaling herself on his nice cock and her mother leaning over and giving her daughters picture perfect breasts a good seeing to. Emily had in the past discovered that she could orgasm from having her breasts fondled alone, so between being fucked and her breasts fondled she was in an almost continuous orgasm for minutes.

They woke early in the morning and after doing what was necessary in the bathrooms, a switch was called, by Emily this time.

Maurice and Ralph were to team with Emily, and Genevieve and Jane with Tom. This was to be Emily's introduction to DP's.

Again, due to the size of his cock, Maurice was allocated Emily's pussy with her on top but rubbing her boobs on his chest and Ralph having the job of manipulating 4 other legs to enable him to insert his Vaselined cock into her Vaselined anus. Ralph's cock was slightly smaller that Tom's so the flash of pain was negligible and as they got into a rhythm and felt each others cock through the separating membrane Emily went into raptures and could not comprehend why she had waited all these years without trying it. All good things must come to an end and one by one they climaxed and lay together for a while before going to the bathroom, Ralph to wipe shit and cum of his cock, Maurice to wipe his and her cum of his pubes, and Emily to flush out her rectum and pussy as much as she could with the shower head so she did not leak on the floor.

In the other bed, Tom was fucking Genevieve doggy style while she was giving Jane the be all and end all of a licking and sucking. When Tom had shot into Genevieve, and had withdrawn, Jane got into position and was sucking Tom's cum and her mothers juices from her pussy. She shook, mewled and collapsed between them apparently flaked.

It was now time to shower, dress and pack so that they would be able to check on time so as not to attract the late checkout fee. So they drove off having arranged to meet at a diner at the edge of town for brunch.

The 3 couples had long silences and short conversations during the trip back to their homes and they all were overwhelmed at the life experiences and gaiety they had enjoyed.

The next weekend the 2 young couples were invited to a barbecue at Maurice and Genevieve's and they were a bit wary at how the atmosphere would be having them all had time to recollect on the weekends happenings.

No such worries, and the barbecue and rest of the day went well with just occasional mentions of last weekend and no recriminations guilt or jealousy being evident.

They made pacts that between the eagerly anticipated family rendezvous/orgies, each person could get together with any of the other 4, not needing a pact concerning their mate of course, as long as it was consensual and not covert. The free love includes any combination of the 6 doing anything they desired with whomever they desired as long as no-one was hurt. There was no blatant girl on girl play, but on occasions, male/female lovemaking was enhanced by a little stimulation of one of the women by another.

Emily and Jane married their partners within a year with a double wedding and planned to each start a family within 2 or 3 years.

Their swapping continued to this date with no one going beyond their pacts. It turned out that if anything, Genevieve was the most in demand by all 3 guys because perhaps of her beautiful spirit and gorgeous wonderfully preserved nearly 50 year old body. But the daughters were only a smidgeon behind her.

The women had a vote on the men, and Maurice only just barely beat the youngsters, and that was because, although they all knew how to use their cocks to give the utmost pleasure, his was bigger.

At the end of the day, everything has worked out brilliantly for the 3 couples thus:-.

A middle aged couple, who had been led until recently to believe that sex was a chore, a necessary evil part of marriage like putting out the garbage paying bills and having to mow the lawns, became an absolutely happy couple who were devoted to each other and really enjoyed and thrived on their lovemaking.

One daughter who was perhaps heading for disaster found love and became a loving wife for a wonderful man.

The other daughter, whose upbringing had been stunted by the same asexual puritanical upbringing that had not allowed her parents to live full lives until their daughter's daring actions unwittingly released them from their austere straight-laced hobbling former lifestyle. She also found true love with a wonderful guy after a time of thinking that there was no-one out there for her after suffering the humiliation of a husband who did not know whether he wanted to be Arthur or Martha. They found that the family that plays together stays together.

They did go back to the beach resort for another long weekend several months later and this time they spent a day at the "clothing optional" beach that they had noticed the sign for on their last visit, but that is another story.

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