Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Group Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A summer fable. A pretty girl. Read. It just might be familiar somehow.

Alice woke as the sunshine hit her bare legs, it having successfully covered her feet with that langorous late summer heat before she noticed.

"Shit," she thought, her brain registering the fact that it was late afternoon, and she had achieved nothing. "Well, not exactly nothing," she replied to herself, flicking her head to the side, checking that Joey was still there. Not only was he still present, but he was motionless, and still had his eyes shut. Alice took in his dark slim familiar body at a glance, noting that his manhood was erect again. God only knew she thought she'd taken care of that. Indeed, as she recalled the relevant events, she realised she had dealt with it quite thoroughly.

First, after driving home late, oh very late, last night, she and Joey had sneaked into her Granny's big old house and up the stairs, both looking forward to some loud physical activity. It wasn't that Granny would object. Far from it. She made Joey most welcome. But she was an old lady, and Alice didn't want to wake her unnecessarily. Thankfully the size and layout of the house meant that once they got to Alice's room they could make as much noise as they wanted. They did, too. Joey was an energetic ambitious lover, though not quite the Bohemian that Alice was. After they were both thoroughly worn out, they had collapsed naked on top of the bed, in the warm night air, and Alice recalled nothing more until the morning. At least, she thought it was the morning.

Joey had attacked her with the same gusto and energy of the night before, but with more tenderness and skill, and before she was quite sure what was happening, she was pulling him inside herself, willing him to push harder and deeper, and groaning at the top of her lungs, as Joey found his release, and pumped deep within her, groaning himself as they came in emphatic unison, fast and furious, and collapsed again on the bed.

Alice had lain awake for a time after that, looking at Joey in the dim light, wondering what had got him so aroused so early. Eventually slumber overtook her again, until her legs overheated in the sun.

Lazy, but not sleepy now, she straightened out, lying on her back, and propped her head up high on the pillows. Allowing her mind to drift where it wished, she stared again at Joey and his erection as he stayed motionless beside her, and then back at her legs, slowly being invaded by the sun, like a devious lover, trying to get close to her without her noticing, scared perhaps of rejection. That made her smile. She couldn't recall too many times when she had turned down a lover, no matter what the circumstances.

Alice's mind wandered further now, remembering the string of lovers she'd had in this bed, how they had pleased her, the things of which their fingers, tongues and especially penises were capable. She could recall with crystal clarity the feeling of them coming deep inside her, or spraying carelessly on her skin, or in her mouth. She especially liked the feeling of their erections in her hands. That softly pliable hardness; the power of arousal of another; the pulse and wrench of orgasm, brief Alice-controlled fountains of pleasure.

She had two of them up here one night, she remembered fondly. Brothers, they were. Early on in the encounter, she had held one in each hand, her hands stroking like a masturbation machine, and as they came together, she recalled trying to force her eyes in two directions at once, so as not to miss the sight.

All this reminiscing about former lovers, and the sight of Joey's hard on so close aroused her again, and she considered waking him, but thought he deserved whatever sleep he could get after his earlier efforts.

As she continued to watch the sunlight encroach, she realised that she really wanted to take care of this herself anyway. Scrunching slightly toward the foot of the bed, she let her head fall lower on the pillows, and closed her eyes. The heat was falling over her thighs now, even closer to her most intimate parts.

Giving her hands permission to assist, she reached down in the midst of the blonde thatch between her legs. Her fingertips drifted slightly further of their own accord, and before she thought much about it, she was gently and slowly stroking either side of her clitoris with her index fingertips, her fingers damp with the musky liquid filtering out of her vagina, slippery now with the secretions of desire.

Her mind returned to memories of previous events. The time Tom asked to feel her bum behind the bike sheds at school. She had given him a hand job on the spot, and he never spoke to her again, though she would smile at him whenever they passed in the hallway. He had come pretty quickly that day. Alice assumed no-one but Tom had ever touched that cock before, and perhaps not even him.

That thought reminded her of Mary. She and Mary had never been lovers. Not really. They had just experimented a little. Alright, a lot. Mary had been in a relationship with a nice guy named Philip for about a year. She had come to Alice to ask some questions. Somehow everyone knew that Alice was the established expert in sex. Turns out that when Mary had eventually allowed Phil to get close enough to cause trouble, he'd become somewhat selfish, through a lack of knowledge rather than inherent nastiness, and Mary had been left completely unsatisfied every time. Alice had intended to show Mary how to take care of the problem herself, but they had both become so intrigued by her reactions that Mary became determined to return the favour. It became a habit for a while, fingers and tongues providing pleasure all around, until Mary realised she really was in love with quick-coming Phil, and departed Alice's bed after one last frig-a-thon, declining Alice's kind offer to let Philip join in the festivities.

Mary was nothing exceptional to look at, wasn't terribly smart, clever or witty, but she had a redeeming feature of which Alice was rather fond, and, as she found out a good while later, so was Phil. Mary had a tongue which somehow snaked out and found the exact spot where it was required. Alice could almost climax just thinking about it. A chance meeting with Phil confirmed that he was very grateful for the tricks taught to Mary, but was even more impressed with her innate talent. He described her as a cunnilinguist. Alice had to sit him down and explain that she was more of a fillatelist, but she wasn't sure he understood. Alice refrained from arranging practical demonstrations, but let Mary know how she was appreciated.

Alice had continued the gentle caresses as her mind wandered, and now she could feel the heat of the sun approaching her tender parts, and realised she wanted it to caress her more intimately. Scrunching down a little further, she bent her legs, and opened her knees as wide as she could. As she continued to rub wetly around and over her pleasure bud, the sunlight crept up and fell within her, sending its heat and light down inside, bouncing tender photons against her slippery vagina walls, investigating right down to her cervix. She could feel the warmth, a strange formless invader, not a big hairy presence like a man, or the gentle persuasiveness of Mary even, but the prickle of focused heat, the caress of spirit.

Her excitement levels had steadily risen as her fingertips strode boldly over her now sopping labia, and hammered a recurring message at her clitoris. Eventually, the concentration of tension was too much for her, and she passed the point of no return, slamming the nerves ruthlessly with her fingers, as the sun continued its caress of her insides, and she climaxed, her knees clamping hard on her now still hands, her breathing ragged and shallow, her body covered in sweat, the sunlight mercilessly blocked from further entry.

Suddenly the sun was far too hot on her body, and she pulled herself frantically up to the head of the bed, sitting up out of the light.

"Hell of a show Alice."

As she looked across, Joey was frantically stroking his erection beside her, and as his face took on the expression she was so familiar with, she looked down, and his hand covered manhood released a gush of milkiness, arching across the bed to splatter on her hip.

"Missed. You're a lousy shot."

"It was all I could do to hold off until you finished. You have a very sexy technique."

"Bastard. I thought you were asleep."

"What, and miss all the fun? Hardly."

"Well, let me wipe this off, and let's go outside. It's too hot in here."

"Should I grab the camera?"

"Oh, yeah. I don't want to get dressed though. Do you think Granny will mind if I wear a nightie?"

"She caught me in the hallway starkers the other day Al. I don't think she cares what you wear."

Alice leapt from the bed, enervated by orgasm, as always. Pulling open a drawer over by the window, she presented a nightie to Joey. "This do?"

Joey had managed to throw his shorts and a shirt on by now, and turned to look. "It's old, thin, white, and looks too small for you."

"So that's good, right?"

"Oh, go on then."

She slipped the thin cotton nightie over her head. Alice never wore anything to bed, even in the depths of winter, so she must have had this for a long time. Joey started to laugh as soon as she let it go.

"Umm, I think it's a little short."

"Okay, I can pull it down." She dragged the side of the garment down about six inches, still barely covering her thatch, and as she turned, her bum was well displayed.



"Knickers. Briefs. Undies. Black."

Another shuffle through the drawer, and she found some brief black knickers. As she bent to put them on, she wiggled her bum cheekily at Joey. "Howzat?"

"The wiggle? Mediocre."

"The knickers."


"The black ones."

"Well, you look sexy, to tell the truth."


"Is it?"

"Well, if you are going to take pictures."

"Am I?"

"You are."


And they opened the door, and strolled down the hallway, chatting about nothing, Alice pulling her nightie down every few steps, and just managing to cover her bum.

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