Adventures of a New Bride
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Cheating, Uncle, Aunt, MaleDom, Masturbation, Petting, Voyeurism, Size, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A new bride details the events of her first few weeks of marriage.

I have a friend from many years ago that kept telling me that for some reason she occasionally seemed to be hit on by men that she knew she didn't come on to and in a couple of instances by men she didn't even know. For example, when she was about 19 she was riding down the elevator at work one mid afternoon and a middle age man in a nice suit was on the elevator with her. It wasn't a tall building, so the ride was short. She said that he never said a word but just reached around her very quietly and quickly and fondled her (ample) breast. She just turned red and walked out when the door opened. Things like this always happened to her. She said that she was watching a football game one Sunday afternoon with a boyfriend (whom I knew to be a very nice person) and one of his close friends showed up. Within the hour, they were sharing her, passing her from one to the other to be kissed and felt. Even though she admitted later after the shock had worn off that she had actually enjoyed it, she still insisted she had said nothing or did anything to make them think she was open to it. I used to laugh at her and tell her to shake it off. She MUST have done something for an unwanted advance like that. However, as the years have passed, I have changed my opinion about her and can easily relate to her situation. Now, I seem to be the one on a revolving carousel of attention that I never invite.

There's nothing special about me. I'm 28, average height and weight and am told I am very attractive. In honesty, I am. I've been lucky to have a really nice figure and my other features are very pleasing. I do not put myself in the category of strikingly beautiful, but I've always had more than my share of attention, as men seem to find me very desirable. I guess it doesn't hurt that I'm pretty intelligent, graduating from high school and college with honors. Although I had many chances, I never had sex with anybody until I met Colin. We were both in college at the time. He was from Dallas and I from a very small town with a strict Baptist upbringing. Rather than hitting it right off, we sort of grew on each other over a short time. He was an engineer student and I majored in elementary education. We decided to get married in late May of that year and would Honeymoon in Cancun. It wasn't our first choice, but with him graduating and starting to look for a job we certainly afford Europe, which was our dream.

The events that started to change my life began a month before our wedding. Colin came over all excited one evening. He has an uncle in Houston that he called Uncle Keith. I had met him and couldn't bring myself to call him "Uncle" anything. He was only about 35 years old and didn't look a day older, if not younger. There was money there from the other side of his family and he had a nice business and family. Colin's excitement was caused when Keith told him that he had to travel to Paris the week after our wedding and wanted to know if we wanted to travel with him as a wedding gift. His own family was tied up with school still in progress and could not travel with him. Even though I was hesitant because it was our honeymoon, I gave in after a few days when I personally spoke to Keith and he assured me that we would have most of the time to ourselves. He would be tied up with business.

Then, during our shower party, Blake and Blain told me that they had a special surprise for me on our wedding day. THAT made me nervous! Blake and Blain are twins that are old boyhood friends of Colin's. By themselves are really neat, attractive, intelligent guys. Colin is, too. Put them together and they are dangerous. They have lived their life in mischief, according to old friends and family. Even though it has been rather harmless fun, they won't hesitate to make somebody a target. They detected my hesitation and assured me I would love it. I think they have always shared girls with Colin and both found me very attractive. Neither of them tried to hide it but Colin felt no danger.

Our wedding day came. Not to get into detail, it was very beautiful and went off without a hitch. The reception was in a local hotel in which Colin and I had a room. As soon as we arrived after the ceremony Colin and I went up to the room to spend a few quiet seconds together before the reception. Imagine my surprise when, after a long kiss, he laid me back over the bed, pulled my dress up, and slid my panties off. I had on a real sexy pair of white panties that were under my garter belt that held up white thigh high stockings. With that, he dropped down on his knees and slowly started kissing up my legs, finally burying his face in my crotch. Totally taken back, I moaned with the intrusion. It was a real pleasant moment that broke up the tension, not to mention it felt wonderful. He went into a feeding frenzy, absolutely bent on making me come. I didn't disappoint him. We had not had sex for a month before the wedding in order to make it special and I was certainly pent up and anxious for relief. We had no real time, so as soon as I came he pulled me up. Then he did something REALLY unexpected. I had on a really pretty garter to throw at the reception. He wouldn't let me put my panties back on, putting them in his pocket, and took my garter off. When I protested and said it would ruin the reception, he assured me it wouldn't and said not to worry. I worried!!

The reception went fine and we were surrounded by all our friends and family. The lack of panties turned out to be very exciting, especially when I danced very close to somebody. It was then that it started and I'm not sure I've been the same since. The reception area we were using had a number of smaller halls and rooms attached. I told Colin I was going to the bathroom and he said that Blake was going with me to show me his surprise. When my eyes shot up, he simply said, "I promised." As we walked down the hall, Blake opened a door to a small room, pulled me in, and locked the door. The room was bare except for two small chairs. Blake sat down on one and pulled a garter from out of his jacket pocket. He said "Colin said I could place this on your leg." I didn't want to believe it, but knew their past and just went with it. I pulled my dress up slightly and placed my shoe on the other chair. Blake lifted my foot slightly to slip the garter over my shoe, and then slowly started moving it up my leg, using both hands. As his hands went higher and higher up my leg, he asked me to raise my dress. At the point I thought he should have stopped, I protested. He said, "Lets put it a little higher to give all the guys a good look. They'll love it." As he went slowly higher, I suddenly realized I had no panties. Just as that thought hit me, I flinched and gasped out loud as he reached up and brushed me intimately with his hand, letting it linger for more than a few seconds, then sliding his fingers slowly and softly up and down my slit. I was shocked! How dare him. I also felt a real unusual unwanted feeling between my legs. Maybe because I did not react any more than I did, he continued for a short time. I was shaking with both anger and anticipation when he abruptly stopped, leaving my face red and my breathing hard. Then he simply dropped my dress down, stood up and checked the door, and we walked out as if nothing had happened. I was churning inside. There was no way that he would have done that without Colin taking part. When I saw him, he kissed me deeply and asked how it went. I told him we'd talk about it later. What I didn't tell him was that I had an unwanted twitch between my legs over the event that only grew as the evening passed. Our long awaited sex that night was explosive, with Colin totally taken back by my aggressiveness. I later found out Blake had won out over Blain for the honor and it was all part of a bet that Colin had lost. My anger was quieted by the explanation, but I did wonder what I had ever said or done to what made them think I would go along with it.

The next day, I thought it was the strangest thing I would ever do in my life. I was wrong!! Little did I know how soon I would be tested.

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