To Live In a Factory
Part 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - Jonas decides to stay for a while in the Italian factory he inherited from his father, and to start work on a symphony. The women there never cease to astonish him.<br>If you have not read, or do not remember, "To Inherit a Factory", you are warmly recommended to read that story first.

Chapter 1

When Jonas woke up he was alone. A small note was placed on the pillow beside him: "We had to go to work. Breakfast is in the cantina on the ground floor. Thank you for a wonderful night."

He looked around. All traces of their wild lovemaking had disappeared, except from his memory. A quick shower brought him back to reality, and soon he enjoyed the morning light on the terrace. The serene quiet, and the beauty of the lake and the mountains, made up his mind for him. He would start working on his first symphony here. For a long time during his studies, he had built the structure of a big work in his head, but he had never had the time, the peace, and the inspiration to do anything about it.

On his way to the cantina he poked his head into Sarah's office. "Hi, dear. What a wonderful night. I'm going to have some breakfast, and then we should talk."

"Sure. I'll join you there in a few minutes. You go ahead."

He was halfway through his breakfast when Sarah joined him. "You wanted to talk?"

"Sure. I still can't believe yesterday was true." He smiled and touched Sarah's hand on the table.

"I have decided to stay here and start work on a symphony. I'll never find a more inspiring place. Is it OK that I stay for a while?"

She smiled. "I'm sure a lot of the girls shall welcome it, and I for one."

"I shall have to call Copenhagen, then. I have to order a powerful computer to make hard disk recording, a new keyboard and some software. Then I'll have to go there for about a week to pick it up, and to have the computer store arrange a crash-course in the software. Can I use the phone in your office?"

"Oh, we didn't show you? There is a phone in the small cupboard on the wall, beside the sofa. You're sure you couldn't get the stuff in Verona?"

"I'm sure I could get it, but I'm not sure they could get an instructor to show me how the software is used."

"Well, I shall not try to put pressure on you to stay. It was only to spare you the long ride to Denmark and back."

"That's very sweet of you. Maybe Verona could work out. The software I need is in English. Maybe they have a guy there, who can instruct me in English."

"Do you want me to call the biggest computer store in Verona? If you tell me what you need, I can ask."

"Yes. That might be a good idea. You might also call a modern music store. Perhaps they are more likely to know."

"OK. Write a list to me. I'll call before noon. Just drop the list at my office, when you have finished your breakfast. OK?"

"Sure, pretty lady."

Sarah blushed and left hurriedly. Jonas wondered if he should be able to follow her advice: "This is sex, not love. Don't make preferences."

When he dropped by her office she was not there. He placed the list on her desk and returned to 'Arthur's house'. Around 11 he heard the faint sound of a telephone ringing. He opened the small cupboard. It was Sarah.

"The music-store was a good idea. The computer people had no idea, but there is a guy at the music-store who seems to know all about it. He speaks perfect English. Call him now, he's waiting for your call."

The guy really seemed to know all about it. When he heard that Jonas wanted to work on a symphony, he quickly made some calculations. Then he said: "You'll need a very powerful server to keep such a large file, and then you'll need a fast client with a lot of memory to do the work on. Plus a printer, of course, to print out the sheet music. I use Macintosh myself, and I can recommend it strongly. I haven't had one single breakdown, and not one overload."

"OK. Seems Macintosh is it."

"Sure. It's a little more expensive, but worth the extra money. About the keyboard: I should recommend that you visit us personally. It's up to personal taste, whether you like the different voices. I gather you want something as close to natural as possible."

"Of course. I should prefer one with all the instruments of the symphony orchestra."

"Sure. We've got 5 of that kind, but you should hear them yourself. If you can drop by around 10 tomorrow, I shall have them lined up for you. By then I shall also know how much time I need to get the computers here, and I shall be able to give you an estimate of the price. By the way, do you know the Ally mixer-program? It's quite new. When you regulate forte-piano on each single instrument, it will write it into the sheet music. Very smart."

"Wow. No, we didn't have that at the school of music in Copenhagen. Saves a lot of manual work, doesn't it?"

"Definitely. I have a copy here, which you can try."

"Good. See you tomorrow, at ten."

At noon production was stopped, and a light lunch was served at the cantina. Jonas was led to a chair with the name of Arthur carved on the back. He only knew Sarah and Gina among the women at his table. He told Sarah about his trip to Verona the next day.

"Fine. I shall have a map of Verona ready for you tomorrow. It's a fine town, but it's almost impossible to find your way about, if you haven't got a good map. One thing more: We shall have to schedule your Italian lessons. That is, if you are still intended on learning."

"Sure, I really want to learn Italian."

"Gina will be your first tutor. She'll focus on pronunciation and everyday language. You know, so you'll be able to go shopping, or manage a visit to a restaurant, etc. Depending on how good a learner you are, she might do it in a couple of weeks."

"At least I'm not a bad learner. I speak English and German and a little bit of French."

Gina smiled at him. "Then Italian should not pose a problem."

Sarah asked: "What time would you prefer? We can give Gina an hour, either right after the siesta, or towards the end of working hours. That means she'd be at Arthur's house either around two or around five."

"For a start, at least, I think I'd prefer two o'clock. That way I shall be able to compose in the morning, and then have a long afternoon and early evening, too."

"Fine," Gina said. "I'll be there at two."

As lunch was coming to an end, a rather small, slim woman, sitting opposite Jonas, asked Sarah: "Have you shown Jonas how the sofa on the terrace opens up? You know, that was Arthur's favourite place for his siesta."

Sarah laughed. "No, we didn't get to that. But I guess that you would like to show him, Luna."

She blushed and mumbled: "I could, you know." She turned her head a little and looked at Jonas.

"That would be very nice of you. Shall we leave?"

They had some small talk on the walk to his house. Luna was not as proficient in English as the other women he had met up till now. She also seemed to be quite shy.

When they were on the terrace she said: "Arthur always had his siesta on the terrace. Only in very hot summers did he use the bedroom. There is air-conditioning there."

She approached the sofa and showed him how to unfold it. Most appropriate that she had volunteered, because the mechanism was quite complicated, and he wouldn't have found out by himself.

"Where are your children now? I mean, that you can go here and help me?"

"I have only one child. They sleep either in the kindergarten or in the sleeping hall. Some of them just play in the playground."

For a little while Luna just stood there, as if she wanted him to take some kind of an initiative. As if she was too shy to do so herself. She was actually very pretty, in an innocent way. Small and slim with a lovely complexion, which made it impossible to decide whether she was 17 or 28.

"Well. I think I'm going to lie down. Would you care to rest with me, or would you rather go back to your own place?"

"I'd like to spend the siesta here, it's so quiet."

Jonas stepped up to her and opened his arms. As if it was the most natural thing in the world, she melted into his arms and hugged him.

"We shall have to get rid of some of our clothes, then, shouldn't we?"

She looked up into his eyes. "I guess so, it's most comfortable if you are naked, you know."

When he took hold of her T-shirt and pulled upwards, she lifted her arms to make it easier. The cutest little tits were bared to his eyes. She quickly removed her skirt and panties in one movement, and laid down on the double bed. She pulled the thin, white sheet over her body and waited. While Jonas undressed he looked down on Luna. You could say she was the absolute opposite of the women, who had fucked him last night. She was shy and a little embarrassed, but in her eyes he saw her longing. When he joined her on the bed, she slipped into his arms and laid her head on his shoulder while she pressed her belly and her pubic bone into his hip.

"It's the first time I've done it," she almost whispered.

"Done what?"

"Taken a seat at Arthur's table."

"What makes that so special?"

"Oh, my God, they haven't told you?"


"Those of us, who would like to spend the siesta with Arthur, sit down at his table at lunch. Well, now it is with you. But there was always kind of a fight to get a seat there."

"Wow. They didn't tell me."

"I've always been too shy to do it, because the whole hall will know that you are horny, but you looked so cute and young. I couldn't help doing it."

In one soft, sliding movement she rolled on top of him, sensed his hardening cock and softly pressed her wet cunt against it, to slip the head in between her slippery lips. He hadn't reached full hardness when he was buried to the hilt in her hot vagina. She lay very quiet for a moment, enjoying the feeling of his cock growing inside her.

"Ooohhh. You are very big, Jonas. Ooohhh, it's great."

She began moving her hips up and down, while her head was still buried on his shoulder. Suddenly she pushed herself up with her arms, until she was sitting up straight.

"Oh, my God, you fill me up so wonderfully. Will you please let me fuck you this way? It's the only way I can have an orgasm."

"Of course, Luna. This way I can watch you a lot better. You are very pretty, you know. I love your breasts. Can I touch them?"

"Oh, yes, I love it."

She was lovely to look at, and her cunt made the most gorgeous gurgling sounds, as she fucked herself up and down on Jonas' hard cock. Her small handfuls of tits were jumping around on her chest, obviously a little soft and sagging from breastfeeding, but very cute and erotic anyway. When he stopped their gyrating with his hands, she let out a deep sigh, and a little later, when he pinched her nipples lightly, she positively groaned and moaned.

"Oh, yes," she panted, "Pinch them a little more. Yesssss, Oh, it's so good."

She began accelerating. Slowly and deliberately she increased her speed and her movements, until she was virtually slapping into him in a fast rhythm, which soon exploded in a loud scream. "Ooohh, yesssss, yessss, aaaaahhh, yesssss." While she was coming Jonas grabbed her slim hips, and without leaving her spasming cunt he turned her over on her back and fucked her hard and violent for half a minute, until he also came hard and collapsed on top of her. For a moment they held on to each other's sweaty bodies, and then finally Jonas rolled of her.

"That was lovely, Luna. You are such a beautiful woman."

"Mmmm. I loved it, too. You are so good, Jonas."

"We are hot and sweaty, Luna. Let's go and cool off in a cold shower. We'll rest much better."

Soon they were sleeping, side-by-side, in the cooling breeze on the terrace. Luna woke him up shortly before two.

"Hey, lover. I have to go back to work now, and you'll have to get ready for your first Italian lesson. Do you want me to show you how to fold the bed back into a sofa?"

Jonas pulled her head down and kissed her. "Sure. It did look a bit tricky, but on the other hand, it feels like a real bed, when it is unfolded, and when it was a sofa I couldn't see that it would unfold."

He got out of bed, and Luna folded the bed, as if she had done it before. She kissed him gently and said: "You were lovely, Jonas, but you've better get dressed now. Bye for now." And she was gone.

While he was dressing, Jonas contemplated what had happened to him. He just could not believe, that he had barely spent 24 hours in his new possession, and already he had fucked five gorgeous and horny women, and beautiful Sarah he had fucked more than once. "I think they are going to run me down," he thought. On the other hand, during long periods through his education, when he had been without a steady girlfriend, he had often masturbated twice a day to relieve the pressure.

"Hi. Teacher is here!" Gina's hoarse voice rang through the house and reached him on the terrace.

"I'm out here."


He was preparing a pitcher of white wine, mineral water and ice-cubes, when she stepped out on the terrace.

"Ahhh, that looks wonderful. Did you have a nice time with Luna?"

"Can I pour you a glass?" When she nodded he continued: "I'm not going to tell you, Gina. When I was a teenager, my father always told me, it is the epitome of disloyalty to reveal to other people what you have done with a lover."

"Wow. Now you mention it; I don't think I ever heard Arthur talk about the other girls. And actually I liked him for it. There are so many silly men, who have to brag about their exploits. He has certainly taught you well."

She went up to get her glass and kiss his cheek. "Shall we sit down and proceed?"

Gina turned out to be an excellent teacher. She had prepared a small note of her planning, but most of their 'conversation' was done in Italian. She was patient and persistent, and she never left a sentence or a word, until she was sure he had understood it fully, and his pronunciation was right. "I wouldn't want you to sound like a Dane, speaking Italian with an American accent."

After half an hour Jonas' head was spinning. Italian was all new to him, and he felt that he was filled up for the day. Strangely Gina could sense it.

"We've better stop for today. I'll just repeat what you've got till now. We can go on tomorrow."

When the repetition was over, she leaned back in her chair, her beautiful big breasts calling for his attention by stretching the thin, white material of her blouse.

"I've got nearly half an hour before I have to go back. Do you mind if I stay here?"

"I'll certainly enjoy it if you stay."

"MMmmm. I might even try to tempt you, you know. That is, if Luna hasn't worn you down."

"Ha, ha. Fishing for information? Your best way of finding out would be to show me a little more of your beautiful body. That should remind me of some of the wild things we did last night."

She got out of her chair and stopped in front of him, legs apart and her hands on her hips. "I'll do it one better. I'll have you reveal my body. Take'm off, Jonas."

Her skirt with a floral pattern was only held by an elastic band round her waist, so he simply pulled it down over her hips, revealing the fact that she wore nothing underneath. He touched her swollen shaved cunt. "Oh-oh. My wonderfully horny Gina had her mind set for something?"

"You can't blame a horny girl for trying, can you?"

"And you can't blame my horny cock for appreciating your try, can you?" He raised his hips and pulled off his shorts, patted his hard cock on the head and said: "Why don't you sit down and make yourself comfortable, then?"

First she climbed the sofa, standing with her feet on either side of his hips, pushing her pelvis close to his face. Jonas grabbed her ass and pressed his mouth to her dripping cunt. He sucked hard on her clit, bringing it into his mouth, where he could flick it with quick movements of his tongue.

"Ohhh, stop it, Jonas. I want your cock." She supported herself on his shoulders, while she bent her knees and slowly impaled herself on his big cock.

"AAaaaahhh. God, you are good, Jonas. I didn't need any more pussy licking. Rose made me come 6 times with her mouth, after we left you last night. But this is heaven!" She closed her eyes, and with quivering thighs she moved up and down on his hot, fat cock, leaning in to rub her soft, slightly sagging breasts in his face. She opened her eyes again, looking into his eyes while she used one hand to unbutton her blouse. She lifted one breast with her hand and fed the nipple to his mouth. "Ooohh, Jonas, eat it, suck it, and do what you want."

Jonas sucked very hard on her nipple, which made it swell between his teeth. Then he reached round her hip, and at the same moment that he bit rather hard into her nipple, he pressed a finger against her asshole. Gina let out a loud yell, and grinded her hips hard against his cock and his finger.

"God, Gina, you really are a wonderfully horny cunt."

"Oh, yes, ooohhh, yesss. I'm a horny cunt. I can't help it. Please, Jonas, bite me again and push your finger up my ass, please. Oh, my God, I think I'm going to come, now. I am... I'm coming. Oh, God, bite me - diddle my ass - I'm comiiiiiing." Her convulsions were so hard, she almost fell off his lap. Instead she collapsed with her arms round his neck.

Jonas grabbed her shoulders and shook her. "Get off and lie down on the floor, Gina. I've got one hard cock here which didn't catch up with you."

Willingly she pulled off and lay down with her legs spread wide, showing her glistening cunt in all its glory. With a groan Jonas plunged into her slippery opening. "Now, you lovely horny cow, you lie dead quiet while I fuck you. Tell me what a horny cow you are, but DON'T MOVE!"

"Ooohhh, yesss, Jonas. Yessss, I'm a horny cow. I can't help it. You can do whatever you want. If its dirty, perverted or immoral, I get so horny I can't stop. God, Jonas, fuck my crazy cunt. Spurt your hot sperm into me. Come, Jonas, do it, come."

She did what he had told her to do. Her soft, feminine body lay dead still, but her cunt was livid, hot and alive, and her eyes were veiled with passion. Jonas didn't last long in that hot furnace. Shivering all over he emptied himself in her hot cunt, and was rewarded with a hot shower of juice. Gina did the near impossible: She didn't move an arm or a leg, but her cunt was spasming around his spurting cock, giving evidence to her own orgasm.

Jonas kissed her tenderly and pulled out of her hot cunt.

"I hope you don't mind, I called you a horny cow."

She smiled. "Not at all, Jonas, because I am, aren't I? In fact I loved it. Like I told you, if it is dirty, perverted or immoral, I'm all for it. I can't help it, but I get so terribly horny."

"Mmm. Glad you didn't mind. I like you that way."

She got up from the floor and started to dress. "You know, Jonas, if only men could be less controlling, wanting to exercise ownership, they'd find out that most women are a lot hornier and experimenting than they show their husbands or lovers. You and your father are the only two men I've met, where I can feel safe and let go of all the inhibitions my mother installed in me."

"Thanks for the compliment. You and Rose are the only two women I've met, who are truly kinky. And who show it."

"You just wait, young man. There are quite a few of us here. You'll meet plenty." She collected her papers, kissed him good-bye and started towards the door.

"I'll go for a spin in the mountains. You can tell, if somebody asks for me."

"OK. Have a nice ride."

Chapter 2

The narrow, steep and winding mountain roads showed Jonas for the first time, what kind of a car he had inherited. The Morgan twisted and turned like a tiger, and the powerful engine let him spin the wheels at the slightest touch, so he could slide almost sideways through the narrow hairpin curves.

On a barren mountain top above the tree limit stood a small shed with the faded letters c-a-f-é painted in dull red. The elderly lady owner treated him to a simplistic culinary experience of the highest calibre: Hot, sweet espresso coffee, home-baked buns with two kinds of goat's cheese, and a nice talk in German mountain dialect. The cheese and the butter, she told him, were made on their farm two miles down the other side of the mountain. Her son was running the farm these days, after her husband's death.

While the sun was setting over the magnificent view, this woman told him about life in the mountains, about losing her husband, about her son, who was not very happy that she wanted to run the small café. "Der hat Angst, weil Ich so... He is afraid that I spend so many hours up here. Of course we have no telephone, and he's scared I'll die from a heart attack like my husband."

"Why do you do it, then? You can't have many customers up here."

"No. A few tourists in the summer. But you have just lost your parents, you should know how much good a place like this can do to a heavy heart."

As darkness crept in from the East, she explained the way back to the lake, and they parted with a warm handshake.

I shall jump the chronology here, to tell that the next day in Verona, Jonas bought a set of hand-held radios. In the afternoon he approached the café from the other side of the mountain, where he stopped at the farm and gave the widow's son one of the radios and explained how to use it. When he entered the café, a smiling lady greeted him: "Ach, mein Adonis ist wieder da."

When she sat down at the small table by the window, with an extra cup of espresso for herself, Jonas gave her the radio, and told her to call her son. He would never more have to be afraid for his mother, as long as she remembered to bring it home every night and to recharge the batteries overnight.

A warm friendship developed between them, and whenever Jonas was in Italy he would visit the small café at least twice a week. A year later the radio saved her. She fell and broke a leg and hit her head badly. When she called her son on the radio, he rushed her to hospital, and she was spared any permanent damage.

Well, back to the story:

When Jonas finally rolled up at Arthur's house, it was way past dinnertime. Sarah must have been on the outlook for him, because he had hardly wriggled himself out of the Morgan's narrow cockpit, when she came running down the path.

"Jonas. Where have you been? I ha... We have been so afraid that you should have had an accident."

He caught her in his arms, hugged her, and kissed her cheek. "Come on in. I'll tell you."

While he told her about the café, the widow, the exhilarating drive, he admired her. God, she was so warm, so beautiful and alive.

"You haven't had any supper, then."

"No. Maybe we could find a little something in the cantina, or we could go downtown to a restaurant?"

"When we realised you weren't coming, I made a couple of sandwiches and placed them in your refrigerator. Will that suffice?"

"If you'll stay with me, while I eat them, I wouldn't care what kind they are."

"All right, Jonas, I'll stay here while you eat, but not much longer."

"Sorry to hear that."

"Well, dear Jonas. First of all, my period started this morning, and I'm always terribly sore the first couple of days. And secondly: Like I said before, you must be careful not to prefer one of us to the others. If you are hungry for a good fuck, I'm sure there are still 10 or 15 willing girls enjoying the evening cool on the roof."

"Yeah. Of course you are right again. And no, I'm not hungry for a fuck. But you still can't prevent me from thinking that you're the sweetest and prettiest woman I've known."

Her smile had the penetrating power of Cupid's arrows. She got out of her chair and kissed him on his cheeks and his lips.

"And I think you are a wonderful, nice man, and to tell you the truth, I shall have to be careful, too, because I don't want to fall in love with you. Nothing good will come out of that. Sleep well, dear." She kissed him again and left.

Chapter 3

His trip to Verona was a major success. Bruno turned out to be a very kind and very knowledgeable man, a few years older than himself, and also an educated composer. He worked in three fields, actually. Part time in the music store, part time as a training pianist at the opera in Verona, and finally he had a small room at the back of the store, where he did his composing on an impressive array of computers and keyboards. He had hooked up five keyboards to his equipment, and easily Jonas chose an expensive Yamaha, which had sounds as close to the natural instruments, as could be rendered electronically.

Bruno had grown up in a mountain village ten kilometres north of the factory, and he knew it very well.

"Oh, yes, I know that factory. You can believe me, there was a terrible lot of gossip the first couple of years. So that was your father?"

"Yes. But he's dead now. Car accident."

"Are you going to let the women continue? They are doing a fine job, and they have earned a lot of respect."

"Yes, they'll continue."

"I have to say, your father must have given you a fine upbringing, that you'll let them have your property. Not many people would do that."

"Well, there are so many ordinary factories, where people waste their time just to earn a living. I see no reason to make yet another one out of something so unusual."

"Great. I feel sure we might even become friends, once we get to know each other."

They quickly agreed on the equipment Jonas would need. Bruno would bring it around on Monday. (After 3, Jonas said!)

Later he had a light lunch at a café, bought the portable radios for his 'mountain widow', and was back just in time for his lesson with Gina.

Jonas had set his mind for a little romp with Gina, but she would have nothing of the kind.

"I have strict orders, Jonas. There is a surprise coming up for you tonight, so you've better be at home at nine, and be prepared for anything."

"That sounds exciting. Can you reveal the nature of this surprise?"

"No, no, signore. Get your papers out and let's get started."

After the lesson Jonas took to the mountains in his Morgan, delivered the radios to 'his' widow and her son, and was back at Arthur's house at five. By that time he could feel that he had not rested during the siesta, so he got out of most of his clothes and went to sleep on the sofa on the terrace. It was past eight o'clock when the evening cool woke him up. He took a quick shower, dressed lightly in a pair of slacks and a T-shirt, and sat down at his new keyboard to practice, while he waited for his surprise.

He was dragged out of his reverie by a light tapping on the front door. Before he even got up from his stool, the door opened, and the strangest procession entered his living room. The eight women looked as if they had just stepped out of the pages of a history book. They were dressed in the style of Roman women from 2000 years ago, three of them in flowing, white garments, and the other five scantily clad to symbolise slaves, carrying an array of platters and trays. The 'slaves' walked right through the big living room onto the terrace, while the three 'ladies' went up to Jonas.

"We have brought your clothes for tonight. Will you please allow us to turn you into a Roman nobleman from the days of Tiberius?"

Jonas was sure he had not noticed any of these three women before, or maybe their heavy makeup and elaborate hairdos had changed them beyond recognition. He got up to stand among them, and said: "I can't say I recognise any of you. Who are you?"

"For tonight you only need to know our Roman names. We are Lavinia, Venus and Liva. Venus is the brown-haired one, who looks like she loves spaghetti!" Venus pushed her playfully on the shoulder. "Baaaa, you are just envious. You know, Jonas, Liva has almost no tits." He heard that the 'slaves' were moving around some furniture behind his back, but Lavinia quickly regained his attention by opening his trousers and pulling them off. Liva stood behind him and grabbed his T-shirt and pulled it off. For a short moment he was naked, but soon a tunic was pulled over his head, reaching down almost to his knees. It was very light, almost like a long T-shirt, and the edges were embroidered. It was a very comfortable garment, he soon realised. Venus placed a wreath on his head, and last Lavina draped a toga round his body.

"Wow," she said. "You really look like a delicious young Roman, of the blonde breed." She got up on her toes, threw her arms round his neck and kissed him, while she pressed her soft body against his. This could really turn into one hot night. When Lavinia let go of him, Venus took over. She was a bit on the voluptuous side, very cute to look at, and she kissed him lightly. "I'm sure our slaves have our meal ready. May I invite you to join us?"

While they dressed him, the 'slaves' had built a low platform in the middle of the floor, covered with blankets and pillows. Of course Jonas had seen paintings of Roman dinners, so he knew what was expected of him. He reached out his hands and led Venus and Liva to the platform, where they all lay down, not very close, but within reaching distance. Venus pulled down on the cut out in her dress, to show a bit more of her ample, soft breasts.

"You know, it is considered proper to take off your toga if you get too warm. The tunic is sufficient clothing, and it is very comfortable." She kissed his hand and smiled. "It allows us to touch you now and then, too."

The 'slaves' walked into the living room, carrying small plates, which they placed within reach on the platform. They were certainly dressed to excite. A small, thin scarf for a bra, and another scarf tied round their waists to serve as a skirt. The skirts were so short that even when the girls were standing upright, they did nothing to hide the fact that they were naked underneath. One of them stooped to place a plate beside Venus, but when Venus stretched out a hand to let it run up her leg, she immediately straightened up and spread her legs to make her cunt more available.

"Is that how they are supposed to react," asked Jonas?

"Yes. For tonight Liva, Lavinia and I are three ordinary, high-class women. We are a horny bunch, all right, but we are to be treated as you would any woman. The slaves are different. They are available for anything, and I mean anything. They are not allowed to take any initiative, and they can say 'no' to nothing."

"Wow. How do you persuade them to play that part?"

"Ha, ha. They need no persuasion. They are five of our masochists, and they love to play this part. Even if we give them a flogging, they'll love it. If you'd like to try later on, I bet they'll fight to be the chosen one."

"Can't say I've ever thought that way, but perhaps I shouldn't exclude any possibilities."

"That would be very unwise, as long as you stay here. And even if it is not your cup of tea, it might make a couple of the girls happy."

They had been eating and drinking for almost half an hour, when Jonas felt the heat rise. All that available pussy, the conversation turning more and more lewd, plus the great Barolo wine, raised his temperature. He tried to pull off the toga, but he found it very difficult, as he was lying on it. He made the first movements of getting up, but Lavinia stopped him.

"No, no. We'll take it off in a much more interesting way."

She and Liva lay down on either side of him, and Liva pressed her boyish body against him, to make him roll a little to the left. When the snip of his toga was free, Lavinia pushed her firm tits against him, to make him roll the other way, so they could unwind him like a cocoon of a silk butterfly. The sexy movements of the two women, plus the soft hands touching his body almost everywhere, soon had his cock stand proudly under his tunic. Lavinia slipped her hand under the hem and grabbed his 'weapon'.

"Wow, girls. They sure haven't been telling lies. That's a magnificent love-stick you've got here, Jonas, I can hardly wait, but I have to." Reluctantly she let go of his cock and waved a sign to the slaves. Quickly the plates were removed from the platform, and a little later one of them placed a tape in the stereo. Strange music, played by drums and an array of flutes, filled the room, and the slaves began a highly erotic and suggestive dance. The dancing soon turned into more explicit sex. Off went the scarves, which had done such a perfunctory job of covering their parts, and hands replaced cloth. Still moving languidly to the music, they performed a veritable lesbian group show. Jonas just had to touch his hard, throbbing cock.

Voluptuous Venus gently removed his hand and rolled him over to lie on his back, while Lavinia gave a few orders in Italian. One of the dancers left the group on the floor, climbed the platform and straddled Jonas. Venus was lying beside him, and with her left hand she pointed his cock to the target, while the dancer bent her knees and impaled herself. With a deep sigh she sank all the way down in one push, her pussy being so wet that he met no resistance.

Venus leaned over to kiss him. Then she licked his ear with a pointed tongue and whispered: "You are going to savour all five slave pussies. They may come, if they can, but they are strictly forbidden to make you come. That is reserved for Liva, Lavinia and me. Believe me, they are all terribly horny and on the verge of orgasm."

"Why," Jonas asked, while he enjoyed the silky movements of a hot cunt.

"They have licked and sucked and masturbated each other all evening, and Rose has supervised, because they were forbidden to have an orgasm. They have been horny for three hours, now."

Liva reached out and pinched the slave's nipples hard. That was all it took. With an almost painful scream she exploded round Jonas' cock. Her orgasm had hardly died out when Venus slapped her ass hard. Immediately she got off Jonas, and another slave climbed the platform.

"You should taste this one. She's so sweet," Venus said.

"OK. Bring her pussy to my mouth, then!"

A shaved, plumb, baby-like pussy filled his vision. The contrast between her innocent looking peach and the small stretch-marks on her belly, showing her to be an experienced woman, added a couple of millimetres to Jonas' cock, and he eagerly placed his mouth where it was supposed to be. When his tongue separated those succulent lips, an abundance of sweet, slightly aromatic juice bathed his tongue, and when he circled her clit she almost jumped on his face. Her slim thighs quivered while she moaned: "No, no, no, I want to come on his cock. Let me try his cock."

"We shall have to punish you later for that. You know that, don't you?"

"Yess," she panted. "I don't care, I want to feel his cock."

"Do it, then. Do it now!"

God in Heaven, that cunt was hot. And tight. When Lavinia took up position behind her and started slapping her ass hard, she went off like a rocket. Jonas had the hardest trouble not to spill his load, while she screamed and cramped round his cock. Venus signalled to Lavinia, and with a firm grip round the slave's waist she was pulled off Jonas, and the last cramps of her orgasm were wasted in thin air. When Lavinia set her free, she collapsed on the floor beside the platform.

"That was close," Venus laughed. With an experienced grip she pressed hard on the underside of his cockhead, almost pushing his pending orgasm back into his body. "Ready for the next?"

She could be no more than 17 or 18! An exquisite beauty with the firm, smooth body and pointed tits of a teenager. No trace of childbirth.

"How come she's here? She can't be a mother!"

"Sure she is. Her baby was very premature, and she is only 17! Better be careful she doesn't take you!" When Jonas' cock hit bottom, a very erotic veil formed over her big, brown eyes. With a naughty smile she leaned back and supported herself on one hand, while she moved the other into her abundant black bush and began masturbating.

She smiled and showed her pearly, white teeth. "Oh, master, I have never been filled this good. I promise to sit very quiet, but please let me come on you."

"OK. Your wish is granted, but I want you to move up and down five times before you start. Your cunt is very good for a slave."

She was very good. She squatted over him, supporting her hands on her knees. Ever so slowly she stretched her knees until only her lips covered his cockhead, and slowly, slowly she descended again. On her way up it looked as if the cock leaving her pulled out her cuntlips, and on the down stroke they were pushed back in. She was divine. After the fifth down stroke she sat down on him, stretched her legs and spread them wide, leaned back on her left hand once more, and took to masturbating. She didn't last very long. After a few minutes the tiniest little movements in her tight pussy told about the oncoming orgasm, and Jonas really had to concentrate on other things. He turned his head towards Venus.

When the young girl came, whining like a gas turbine, he said: "Venus, help! I want my first come with you."

Once again Lavinia pulled an orgasming slave off Jonas, and Venus used her thumb to apply a hard pressure on the underside of his cockhead.

"Take it easy, Jonas. You don't have to make them all come! See that slender girl with the brown hair? That's Mariana. She'll be more than happy, if you tell her to bend over the table. Slap her ass very hard a few times, and then stick it in. If you order the last slave to help you, she'll pinch Mariana's clit, and she'll cry from happiness."

As predicted, Mariana had no trouble reaching an orgasm, once Jonas had dealt her ass a few slaps. The last slaps were a lot harder than he had intended, but the way she moaned with lust and twisted her behind to entice him, made him hit her harder and harder. She was actually coming from the spanking and the pinching of her clit, when he finally buried his cock in her cunt. Jonas felt so much on top of the situation that she was the first slave, who was allowed to finish her orgasm on his cock. While he tried to think up a way to enjoy the last slave, she was on her knees, cleaning his cock with her tongue. He grabbed her hair.

"Get up on the table on your back, and the rest of you; stand around and help me with this slave."

They looked questioningly at him, apparently not understanding what he wanted. Lavinia barked a few words in Italian, and immediately the last slave lay down on the table, wriggled her ass close to the edge, and spread her legs and arms. The other four slaves took up position around her, and Mariana set out by slapping her thighs hard a few times, which elicited moans of passion from her. When Mariana had guided his cock into this, the last slave-cunt, they all used their hands to heighten her passion. Everything they did had something to do with pain. They pinched her nipples excruciatingly hard; they slapped her belly, grabbed the skin of her belly and pulled upwards very hard, to make her clit stand out proud and shiny. Any pain they inflicted on her just made her groan and scream even more. Not from the pain, but from the lust it generated. Only a couple of minutes later she yelled out in orgasm and fainted.

Jonas' head was reeling with passion and new, horny images, when he pulled his shiny cock out of the half dead girl. Not even in his imagination had he experienced anything like it. His Danish girlfriends up till now had been passionate, all right, but it was all so 'clean' and straightforward, nothing even remotely as decadent and kinky as this. During these few days he had fucked more women and tried more kinks than during his whole life up till now! He was pulled out of his reveries by clapping hands that applauded him. He turned towards the platform, where Liva, Lavinia and Venus were applauding him.

"An impressive performance, Jonas. Your father only managed to last through all five a few times. You must be terribly hungry for a release."

"You have no idea, Venus."

"Oh, I think so. Do you still want me first?"

"God, I can hardly wait. But I warn you, I'm going to be very fast!"

"Of course, dear. I want you to take all the pleasure, you want, out of me." She lay back on the platform, while Liva and Lavinia opened the top of her dress and hoisted up her skirts, revealing her pale, voluptuous body. Big white breasts with tiny pink nipples, a nicely rounded belly, and her soft, solid thighs opened wide to invite him in. Jonas slipped into her hot, wet pussy. God, she was so tight, yet comfortable and yielding, as he had never felt before.

"Take it easy, Jonas. Just fuck me slowly and enjoy it as much as possible." He lay down on her comfortable body. He felt as if he was drowning in a sea of the utmost femininity, willing to receive any horny thought or lewd act he might harbour. The slow, silky movements let him enjoy her wet, tingling cunt and its almost imperceptible fluttering. Finally he got there; the orgasm; the spurts; the feeling as if his brain, his spine, his whole being, was pumped out through his swollen cock, into Venus' willing body. His groans of joy sometimes sounded like sobs, and when the first violent spurts had died down, a deep, warm feeling of satisfaction and happiness flowed through him. He buried his head in her neck and clung to her soft body like a little boy.

As the evening progressed Jonas regained his physical strength, but he felt as if the 'sex-centre' of his mind had been overloaded. He fucked Liva and Lavinia, of course, and four days earlier it would have blown his mind the way the slaves serviced them. But now he felt, almost as if he was watching himself doing these wonderful things. The women didn't really notice, and they were very happy with his performance. Around midnight the party was over. Two of the slaves helped Jonas in the shower and tucked him in, and for the second time in Italy Jonas spent the night alone.

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