New Experiences
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Light Bond, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Linda has recently split up finds comfort from an ex and discovers a diferent side to herself

I was having a quiet working from home. Having made sure that there would be no calls from my office unless urgent, I was making good progress and already thinking about my first beer of the evening when the phone rang. Quietly cursing my secretary for not even making it to lunchtime without calling, I picked the phone up, it wasn't my office but was an ex girlfriend of mine called Linda. We had split up more than two years ago but had become friends again and met up regularly for lunch or a drink after work. Linda asked if we could meet up that evening after work.I said yes, come over about seven.

I went down to the kitchen to get some lunch and grab a beer from the fridge. The flat was a real mess and I was going to have to clean up. I live on my own in a Duplex apartment in London with a kitchen and a dining room and cloak room downstairs and three bedrooms and a sitting room upstairs and there was mess pretty much everywhere.

When we were together Linda had lived with me here for a couple of years and I was pretty tidy, but I had settled back into bachelor life with a vengeance. I have a cleaner who comes once a week but aside from that it was all down to me. I employed my usual cleaning tactic and moved all the papers and other crap lying around upstairs into the smallest of the three bedrooms and all the stuff downstairs into the dining room. I congratulated myself on a job well done and decided to go down to the gym.

Staying in shape had never been a problem for me until my thirties I had always played a lot of sport and had developed a pretty good physique, now that I was nearly thirty-five I needed to spend a fair bit of quality time working out to keep it that way. Luckily it is something I've always enjoyed.

When I got to the gym there was a crowd of people, in the middle I spotted Tony who was the manager he was pretty hard to miss Tony is a big black guy in his early thirties at least six foot four and about two hundred and fifty pounds. We work out together sometimes and I'm no weakling, but he is a pretty strong guy.

"Hey Tony," I called out to him "how's it going?"

"Greg man," he replied " you've come at a bad time. There's only been a bloody fire in the warehouse behind us. The fire brigade got it under control real quick but things are a bit of a mess we're going to be closed for awhile."

"How long?"

"Two days, two weeks - who knows? Head office are talking about refurbishment, so we'll see.

" Anyway," Tony said to me "got to look on the bright side, we've got the rest of the day off. Do you fancy coming down to the pub, most of us are going to grab a quick beer."

"Not today"

"Suit yourself man, we'll be in the Queen's if you change your mind."

I went home to wait for Linda.

She turned up at seven prompt. I went downstairs to let her in. It was pretty dark in the hall way so I didn't get a good look at her but as she came into the flat I got a better look. Her face looked really tense and a little pale, which was a shame really because the rest of her looked really good. Linda is five foot six with brown shoulder length hair. She had lost a little weight since I had last seen her and looked in great shape.

"David and I split." She just came right out and said it. I was speechless. I just didn't know what to say. I couldn't say I was sorry, because I thought that the guy was a dickhead. Linda saw me looking at her and said,

"Don't worry, I'm not going to cry. I'm all finished with that."

"When did it happen?"

"Three days ago. The bastard cheated on me while I was away on business. He wasn't even subtle - my friend Ally saw him out with some girl in a club. They were groping each other on the dance floor. I confronted him about it when I got back. He didn't even apologise! He started tearing into me instead, saying how I work too hard, don't pay him enough attention..." She carried on for a while giving me a blow by blow account. A lot of it sounded pretty familiar to me, they were the same kind of reasons that Linda and I had split up over two years before.

"I'm staying over at Susan's for a while, but I need to go and pick up the rest of my stuff." She paused for a moment and then added, "you wouldn't be able to come and help me would you. I don't want to have a big confrontation with David - and you are kind of useful for carrying stuff."

"Sure no problem."

I got up to pour Linda another glass of wine. As she leant forward I could see down the front of her top. She was wearing a white bra that allowed me to see plenty of cleavage. She has very fine breasts, a 36C, quite firm with large sensitive nipples as I recalled from our time together.

"You look in pretty good shape from here, you must have been spending a fair bit of time in the gym in between work and everything else." She gave me a slightly funny look, probably because she caught me checking out her tits.

"Yeah. I quite enjoy it, it helps with stress going to the classes and I enjoy getting the odd massage as well."

"I can't really go to the gym. David and I are both members of the same place and I really don't want to bump into him if I do. I was kind of hoping that I could use your gym as a guest."

"I'll find out from Tony when my gym will be ready to re-open and I'll let you know so we can go down together if you like."

"Thanks Greg. You've been really kind. It's really good of you to offer to help me move as well, when could we do it? I'm pretty sure David will be out on Saturday morning."

"OK, Saturday morning it is then. I'll get a van from work and we can meet here." Linda then got up and said,

"Thanks for all the help and the wine. I'd better get back to Susan's." She got up to leave and I had another chance to check out her body. She was wearing quite a tight pair of black jeans, which showed off her ass and legs very nicely as she walked in front of me.

I followed her down the stairs and out of the flat.

I headed for the pub to catch up with Tony

When I got to the pub Tony was still there with Ben, who is his number two and two of the fitness instructors, Helen and Christina. They had had quite a few beers and were very happy with it. I got myself a drink and joined them. We talked about what happened at the gym and what Tony's bosses had in mind for the place. It turned out that Tony was going to be at work on Saturday supervising the clean up. It looked like Linda and I would have to do all the work ourselves.

"I can give you a hand on Saturday if you like." It was Helen. Helen is quite a strong girl I have seen her working out and she has even spotted for me once on the bench when there weren't many people in the gym. She is in her mid-twenties and about the same height as me 5'10" and quite muscular without being too unfeminine. I didn't know her all that well but I was sure that she was up to moving furniture.

"Helen that is really kind, but it is a Saturday morning are you sure?"

"Don't worry about it." I scribbled down my address and we arranged to meet at my place on Saturday morning.

Saturday came round soon enough.

Linda arrived first. She was wearing tight grey jogging pants with a blue shirt over a white T-shirt. As she got out of her car her shirt fell open and I saw that the cool morning air had made her nipples stand out proud. She buttoned up her shirt, but I couldn't suppress a smile.

Linda came into the flat and I made some coffee.

"You're looking in a better mood." I said.

" Yes. Well we're getting things done now. The last week has been difficult, now I'm working things out. The only thing that I'm worried about is where I'm going to put all the stuff. Susan's flat is pretty small, she has a garage, but that could only be a temporary solution."

" I already thought of that," I said, "I have a store on the other side of the river, its pretty much empty right now and I won't be needing it 'til the autumn."

"I've got a lot of stuff."

"Yeah I remember, that's why I've enlisted some help for this morning. Helena from the gym is coming down."

"Is this one of your girlfriends?" Linda asked suspiciously.

"No. She works there. I asked Tony, but he couldn't make it. Helen is pretty strong and should have no problem with heavy stuff."

"What is she? Some kind of typical gym butch type?" Linda had often told me about the lesbians down at her gym parading naked in the changing rooms and crowding into the Jacuzzis.Being a typical male I always liked to think that she was a little curious about the whole thing - well you can always fantasize.

"No she's not," I replied, "she's just a healthy young woman who likes her sport and keeps in good shape. You'll see soon enough anyway."

A couple of minutes later the door buzzer sounded. It was Helen. I went down to let her in the front door. She was dressed for work with an old pair of jeans and sweatshirt on. I got some coffee for her and we went up stairs to meet Linda.

"Hi, I'm Helen." Linda looked relieved. She was probably thinking that Helen didn't look at all butch. I let them talk for a while and went down to the car park to pick up the van. I had a check list including about twenty small packing boxes (about the same as a twelve bottle wine case) plus a load of bubble wrap and some old blankets.

I drove round to the front of the apartment block and went to pick up the girls. We drove across to Linda's place but had to park across the street - more work for everyone. We carried the boxes plus some bubble wrap and packing tape up into the flat, Linda had also taken a couple of bags for her remaining clothes. The boxes had come packed flat, so Helen and I began making them up using plenty of packing tape to make them strong enough. Meanwhile Linda set about sorting out her stuff from David's. We started packing up boxes and putting tem near the door.

"I hope you don't think I'm carrying all this stuff out to the van on my own!" I said.

"why else did we bring you along, if not to do all the heavy work?" Linda replied.

"No way. I brought Helen along as the muscle. Besides if we all work together it will be done quicker and we can go to the pub for a drink."

"Typical man - as son as its time for hard work all he can think of is going to the pub!" Helen said. "You keep on packing Linda I'll help lazybones here carry the first few boxes out to the van." We each grabbed a box and headed out to the van.The van was a good fifty yards from the front door so by the time we had made a couple of trips the combination of the hot morning and the hard work was making us pretty warm too.

We had cleared the first lot of boxes so went up to see how Linda was getting on.

"I've few more boxes to pack, but right now I'm going to clean out the booze cabinet. I already put some of David's good white wine in the freezer to cool down so we can start on that when we finish packing." Linda said with a wicked grin.

" Greg, you're a bit of a wine buff why don't you come help me sort out a few choice bottles from David's collection that we can add to out bounty"

"Won't he notice that they're missing?"

"David doesn't know shit about wine, he just buys expensive stuff to impress people. It might as well go to a good home, besides he doesn't know exactly how much he has, we'll take just enough that he'll be pretty sure we took some, but not enough that he will be certain."

"OK Its good with me." I said. The only thing that beats good wine is good wine that somebody else paid for. I picked out ten bottles and went to fetch a box and some bubble wrap. As I came back into the sitting room Helen was putting a few more boxes near the front door. she had taken off her sweat shirt and was wearing a thin white top with narrow straps over her shoulders which really left nothing to the imagination she had very firm looking B-cup breasts and was wearing no bra - it didn't look like she would need to most of the time. As she bent down to pick up a box I got a very nice view.

"Are you going to give me a hand with any of this stuff or just stand and stare all day," Helen said as she stood up straight.

"Ah shit! busted again, but it is a nice view."

"I'll take that as a complement, now give me a hand with some of these boxes," Helen replied. God she definitely wasn't pissed off. I turned around and saw Linda behind me; she must have seen the whole thing. Maybe she was checking out Helen as well, it certainly was a nice view.

"Why don't you guys take the furniture between you and I'll take some of the boxes, then we can get this job over quickly?" Linda suggested. We all agreed.

Carrying furniture with Helen allowed me a few good looks at her body and I also got a good look at Linda's ass as she bent down to pick up boxes. Her tight jogging pants gave a very good view of her ass, she must have been wearing a thong because I couldn't make out any panty line. As I turned around I thought I caught Helen checking her out too.

after a couple of trips out to the van Linda was getting pretty hot so she took off her shirt. Her breasts look truly magnificent in the tight T shirt her nipples were just visible through the fabric and she obviously wasn't wearing a bra. This time Helen definitely checked her out and Linda blushed a little and turned away from us and went into one of the other rooms. I picked up Linda's shirt and put it on top of the book case that Helen and I were about to carry out to the van. Helen looked at me and I said to her,

"We don't want her to leave it behind, do we?" I said. Helen smirked at me obviously realising that the real reason I had taken the shirt was to stop her putting it back on. When we got back into the flat Linda had carried out the box with the wine to the front door and was looking around for her shirt. Helen told her that we had put it in the van to save us forgetting it.

"You can't be cold," I said to her.

"No I just didn't want to leave it behind. Did you put my bags with the clothes in in the van too?" Linda asked, she probably wanted to put on something less revealing.

"Yeah one of the first things," I said.

"Oh well lets get these last boxes done then we can have a drink!" Linda said accepting defeat.

After we loaded up we went back into the kitchen and Helen started to open one of the wine bottles from the freezer and I cracked open a couple of beer bottles from the fridge. Linda grabbed a quick glass of water. Helen was struggling a bit with the cork, suddenly it came out very quickly as did a stream of white wine onto her.

"Its a good job its an old T shirt," she said as she inspected the damage. She ad spilt wine in a stream from just above her left breast down across her chest to her navel. The cold white wine had given her an erect and very visible nipple through her wet top. Linda and I both laughed and Linda suggested that it was a waste of good wine. Helen's response was to pick up Linda's glass of water and throw the contents onto Linda's chest. She shrieked as the cold water hit her and I moved well back in case I was next.

Linda's T shirt was soaked through and had become not far off transparent, her nipples were hard and very prominent from the cold water. Helen admired her handiwork before Linda crossed her arms to cover her breasts.

"Now what am I going to do? I have no clothes to change into and I'm soaked to the skin," Linda said sounding panicky.

"Oh I thought it was a wet T shirt competition that you girls were putting on for my benefit," I said. "Let's just finish our beers and then we'll sort it out. Linda looked slightly miserable while we finished our drinks trying not to give too much of a show in the process.

Helen excused herself to go and use the bathroom and while she was out I took the opportunity to ask Linda:

"How come you're so modest today?"

"I only met Helen today and I feel half naked like this"

"But you to sunbathe topless in front of complete strangers on the beach."

"Yes I suppose so, but this feels different somehow."

"Helen doesn't seem embarrassed at all. I mean she is a fitness instructor at the gym and does massage and other physical therapy." Linda suddenly brightened up.

"Oh, I could really do with a massage."

"Well if you ask Helen, she might oblige."

"Ask Helen what?" Helen said as she came back into the room.

"Linda was saying she could really do with a massage and I said you might be able to manage something."

"Sure I can fit you in sometime," Helen said, "now why don't you go into the van and get Linda's shirt and then we can all get out of here."

When I came back in from the van Linda was still in the kitchen. I put the shirt on the back of a chair.

"Are you getting along with Helen then?" I asked her.

"Yes, she is pretty assertive though, when she threw the glass of water at me I was actually pretty scared for a minute in case she was really angry, she can be pretty intimidating. I bet she makes a great fitness instructor - no arguments with her."

"Actually she is very good at her job and she as only horsing around earlier."

"Yes, I know she is really nice, if a little tough. Could you go and get me a towel so I can dry myself off when I change?"

I went to fetch a towel. When I went back into the kitchen Helen was there and had already brought a towel. Linda turned her back and started to take off her T shirt, however once she got it up under her armpits the wet material seemed to get stuck fast.

"Here let me help you," Helen said. She walked across to Linda and pulled the T shirt up a bit at the back and then reached around to the front. The hem of the shirt must now be right over Linda's breasts. I cursed myself for not having a front view, but then Helen said:

"Hang on I can't see what I'm doing here," instead of walking round to the front of Linda she just turned her around, now I had a good view. Helen was now able to lift the hem above Linda's head and slowly work the rest of the bunched up material over Linda's breast then head. It was impossible for Helen to avoid touching Linda's breasts while she did this. Now Linda was naked to the waist and Helen held her wet T -shirt. It was a lovely view, but Linda quickly picked up her shirt to cover herself.

We headed out to the van and took it across to my store to unload. This was managed without further incident and we then headed back to my place where I proposed a light lunch for our fine crew.

"Is it OK if Christina comes over, she was going to pick me up at my place but it will be easier from here," Helen asked.

"No problem, give her a call," I said.

Christina arrived after lunch. Helen borrowed a t shirt from me and was taking a shower before she got changed. Linda was unpacking. That left us to talk alone. I knew Christina well from the gym and got on really well with her she had a quick sense of humour and a very dirty mind. Since Helen had started at the gym they had become good friends.

"So how did you get on today?" She asked me.

"Oh it went pretty well. Helen works pretty hard and there was a fair bit of messing around," I told her.

"Yeah Helen said that you had fun. I think she is quite taken with your Linda."

"What d you mean?"

"I mean she really likes her."

"Is Helen a lesbian?"

"No but she does have the occasional things with girls, she's told me about them."

"And she wants to do something like that with Linda?"

"I think maybe. How would Linda respond to it?"

"I don't know, as far as I know she's never done anything like that before. She's just been through a break-up so she is a bit emotionally up and down at the moment, it might not be the best time for it."

"Its probably the best time for it, in fact if you were to help it happen I'm sure Helen might find a way to make you happy as well if you know what I mean."

It was all a bit too much for me, I was utterly speechless.

" I take it you are keen then, Helen and I are going to use the gym tomorrow evening we're not open to the public for awhile, but Tony said we could use it ourselves as long as the workmen aren't in. If you can persuade Linda to come along I'm sure Helen would be grateful."

I knew that Linda would be dying to go to the gym and Couldn't wait for Sunday to come.

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