I Love College Towns
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The beginning of a Saga based on real-life events.

I thought I'd let you know my story, if anyone's interested in hearing it. My name is James, and I hail from a rural area in Northeast Texas. Now, the population of this town probably sits at about 16, 000 people, max. Honestly, the only things it has going for it is a 24-hour Wal-Mart Supercenter, the fact that it's a wet town (hence plenty of alcohol), and the college that this town's known for.

Having spent most of my life growing up in a nearby small town, containing only 1, 500 people, I was amazed when I moved here, to find a multitude of young college girls who only seem to live for partying. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a party as much as the next person, but coming from such a small town, my idea of a party was sitting on the back porch, or on the tailgate of a pickup, somewhere, getting as drunk as you can while listening to the radio. God, was I in for a suprise.

The women who flocked to this college hailed from places like College Station, Dallas/Fort Worth, Decatur, Paris, and even Louisiana. Talk about a huge social difference.

My life changed when I got my first apartment, at the age of 18. It was a small, run-down apartment building, which was primarily populated by hispanics, which made me feel completely out of place, being the only white guy. I scored my first job at the local Wal-Mart, as, of all things, a sales clerk for the fabric department.

Now, laugh if you will, but as you can imagine, this did nothing to help stop feeling out of place. My job description was basically to cut fabric, make sure the department stayed clean and straightened, and help the customers as best I could. I found this to be very difficult, as every woman who came to the department avoided asking me for help, because they always believed, "Well, you're a guy, so you probably don't know anything about this."

Hello? It's not like I wasn't trained for the job. And it was even worse if her husband or significant other was with her: "So, why's a guy working back here, anyway? You gay?"

So, as you can imagine, I was never very happy with my job, until the first time I was asked to cover for Softlines (the clothing departments, ) while the clerk took her break. This meant that it was my job to carry the keys to the dressing room, and let customers in/out as needed.

It had been a long night, as I had come to work about 2p.m. that day, and it was then 9. Since we hadn't become a Supercenter yet, we still had a closing time of 10. This meant that by 9, everyone was working in a panic to make sure the store was straightened enough for us to go home by 11. Having just finished straightening all the merchandise in my department, I had become bored and was happy to take the keys from Stacey, when she asked me to cover her for her last 15-minute break.

"Men's, Women's, Lingerie and Toddler's is straightened, all you have to do is listen for the bell to the dressing room." She had told me, before thanking me for covering her, and heading off to the breakroom. Approximately 5 minutes had passed before I heard the bell, and strolled over to it's location.

As I approached, I began to feel highly embarassed, as I found a very attractive short-haired blonde, waiting to be served. She was apparently in her late teens/early twenties, and was wearing a very short pair of red shorts, with a white t-shirt that branded her sorority logo. She stood around 5 foot 7, and had an awesome set of legs. In her hands were two bras and a set of matching bikini-cut panties.

I smiled at her, politely... "Here, allow me." I said, as I unlocked the door to the dressing room, trying not to look at what she was taking in, with her. I was in shock when I looked at her, and she was grinning at me, wildly.

"I appreciate it." She said, purposely brushing past me and into the dressing room. I felt highly embarassed as her firm ass grazed past my crotch, almost instantly giving me an erection. I knew she had felt it, as she continued to smile at me, as she slowly closed the door, separating the both of us.

"Holy crap," I thought to myself. "I must be smoking something, I know that did not just happen." I tried telling myself, before hesitantly going back to my department. I had no sooner reached the cutting table before the bell rang once again.

I walked by over to the dressing room, and found that no one was standing there. "Hello?" I called out, assuming that the customer was browsing somewhere, while waiting on me.

"Hey..." The voice came from inside the dressing room. "I need to ask you a question, if you don't mind." The beautiful blonde said.

"Sure, anything you need." I replied.

To my amazement, she opened the door to the dressing room, revealing that she was standing inside, wearing a bra and the set of bikini-cut panties she had taken in, with her.

"Does this look okay?" She asked, grinning at me. I stood there, in shock, for what seemed like forever. I was so stunned that I could only nod a reply. She turned and posed a couple of times, occasionally letting out a flirtateous giggle. Before I knew it, she had hooked her fingers in the waist of her panties, and pulled them down to her ankles.

She took a seat inside the dressing room, and began masturbating wildly. Her eyes were locked on mine with what seemed like a primal lust. I'd never seen anyone like her before.

I watched, almost in a trance, as she used her left hand to hold her sex open, while using her right hand to pound two of her fingers inside it. Her pace was fast and unrelenting, leaving her, as well as me, breathless. I felt my already excited cock begin to bulge within my pants, as my blood pounded in my veins. Her eyes locked on my dick, staring at my obvious erection, as she furiously worked at her clean-shaven clit, until moments later, when she acheived what seemed to be an unearthly awesome orgasm.

I wanted her so badly, it hurt. As her orgasm subsided, her grin widened. Her chest was still heaving, as she worked to catch her breath. I could smell her juices from where I stood, and I could see the light reflect from her dripping wet cunt. Never before had I been in a situation that felt as primal as this. I watched as her eyes glinted, mischeiviously, and she lifted her right hand. Her fluids ran down her arm, as she lifted a solitary finger and gestured for me to enter the dressing room. Still in my almost hypnotic state, I almost felt as though I had no control over my feet, as I took my first step forward.

But before I could enter, I heard footsteps and snapped out of it. I glanced at the girl and quickly closed the door to the dressing room, before turning to find that Stacey had finished her break.

"Alright, thanks, James. I take it you just let someone in?" She asked, as she took the keys from me.

"Uh, yeah. No problem." I answered, unsure as to what she'd seen. She just clipped the keys to her belt loop and walked off. With that said and done, I realized that I was in the clear and returned to my department.

For the next ten minutes or so, my mind was racing. Did this happen often with customers? Was she just flirting, or was she trying to get me in trouble? Did one of the surveillance cameras catch her?

Quietly, I tried hard to focus and get back to my duties. Before I knew it, the girl had entered my department, looking for craft supplies. "Did I scare you?" She asked, grinning at me.

"Kind of. I'm still new, I was scared I'd get caught looking at something I shouldn't have." I replied, trying to sound sincere and polite. Her only response was another flirtateous giggle.

"You're cute. When do you work again?" She asked, changing the subject.

"I come in at two, tomorrow." I answered, without hesitation. She smiled. It took me a moment to even consider questioning her. "Why do you ask?"

"I may need your opinion on another pair of panties." She giggled, before leaving. I stood there in awe.

As I finished my shift and walked home, she became the only thing I could think about. This gorgeous young girl had given me an experience I'd never forget, and I hadn't even touched her, once. Hell, come to think of it, I didn't even know her name. The entire walk home, my mind raced, trying to wrap around the events that had happened, earlier. I'd never felt that way before, even when I was still a virgin. And to experience something that felt that powerful, that primal, was extraordinary. And the fact that there was no physical contact between either of us, during this, was even more mind-blowing.

I had a hard time sleeping, that night, as I spend most of the night literally getting off on what I'd seen earlier. For most of the night, I laid nude in my bed, the images I'd seen came floating back to mind, as I masturbated with a fury I'd never before experienced. I stroked myself wildly, my waist bucking from habit, as sweat formed on my body. My breath was more erratic than it had ever been, and when I finally climaxed, my cum exploded across my sweat-covered body.

Not too much longer, I fell asleep, exhausted from the energy I'd spent on myself, and techinally, her. Would she really return, tomorrow? What would happen if she did? The questions played the role of a subconscience lullaby, giving me the best night's sleep I'd ever had. The answers? I'd just have to wait and find out.

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