Lucky Stone
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, Gang Bang, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A lucky stone changes a boys life and the sex lives of his family.

It all started when Grandma fell and broke her hip. Mom and her sister, Rose, were going to take turns staying with Gran but after two days Gran and Rose had a fight and Rose refused to come back. Then Mom announced she would be gone for eight to ten weeks looking after her mother and this caused a fight between Mom and Dad. My sister and Mom had an argument because Mom was taking her car so my sister had to use the old hatch which was more rust than paint and not at all "cool" to be seen in. Me I just went back to riding my bike to school and tried to avoid my Dad and sister for a while.

It was about three weeks since mom left that I started to notice that Dad and sis seemed really interested in my activities after school and what times I was going to get home. It seemed to me they were more annoyed if I was home early than if I stayed out late.

My Dad is a sales rep for a tool company and makes calls on service stations and hardware stores all day but his time is flexible. My 19 year old sister, Sue, is a trainee manager at a fast food place and is currently on the breakfast shift so she leaves about 5:00 AM and is home around lunch time.

I told Dad about soccer tryouts after school on Thursday and that I would be home about 6:00 PM so to hold dinner for me. As I rode to school Thursday morning I was not really paying attention to what I was doing and as I came around the corner I collided with a guy running the opposite way. As it turned out he had just grabbed a ladies purse and was running off. Thanks to me knocking him down two guys were able to grab him and return the purse. The elderly lady tried to give me a cash reward but I refused. She then gave me a strange carved stone and said this makes things happen to lucky people and having her purse taken was not lucky.

When I finally arrived at school I was told that a sprinkler had broken over night and flooded the sports oval so tryouts were cancelled till next week. So much for lucky stones I thought. Coming up to lunch time the fire alarm went off and we all filed outside thinking this was another drill but it turned out to be a fire in the school kitchens. As the water was turned off to repair the pipe on the field the fire chief advised the principal to send the students' home as the building was not safe without the sprinkler system. Now that's lucky.

I was nearly home when I heard my sisters' car coming. I was just about to ride faster and race her home when I felt something hot on my leg and reaching into my pocket felt the stone and it had heated up. As I reached the corner and could see our house and I noticed Dad's car already in the drive. I rode down the service lane behind our house and came in through the back gate, then through the old garage into the kitchen. Peering through the screen between the kitchen and dining room I could see my Dad sitting on the lounge and from this angle it looked like he had his shirt off. I went up the back stairs and could hear my sister come in and as I crawled to the edge of the hall I could see my dad was not only naked but had an erection. I waited for my sister to freak.

Freak, she did not, instead she stood in front of dad and began to remove her uniform.

First it was the paper hat then she let her hair fall down. Next she unzipped her uniform to the waist revealing a black lace bra. Leaning towards dad she began to squeeze her breasts and push them together. She then reached behind and undid the bra which she dropped to reveal a pair of large fleshy tits with large brown nipples that were standing to attention. Sue then lifted one tit and began to lick her nipple while dad rubbed his cock slowly.

Down went the zip and Sue stepped from her uniform wearing only a pair of black sports briefs. "If only Mr Stuart new I was wearing these" Sue began to remove the sports briefs to uncover a black thong to match her bra "then he would spend more time in his office jerking off than being a jerk."

Sue turned her ass to Dad who moved forward and buried his nose in her crack. "Smells like lunch is nearly heated up" said dad. He grabbed her ass and started taking long licks from her cloth covered cunt up to firm ass cheeks. While this happened Sue continued to squeeze her breast while the other hand rubbed her crotch. Sue pulled the thong off and dad really began to tongue fuck her as Sue pushed back and ground her ass into dads face.

He slipped a finger up her hole and got it good and slippery and as he moved his tongue back to her clit he pushed the slippery digit into her ass hole. Sue arched her back over and moaned deeply. Dad kept moving his finger around as he licked and bit her clit while Sue moved her ass up and down and began yelling, lucky they were the only ones home Ha Ha !

Sue then turned and dropped to her knees taking dads cock in her hand and licking it like an ice cream. I could see her head bobbing up and down as dad leaned back on the lounge his eyes closed and his breathing deep. Sue removed the cock from her mouth and licked from the balls to the tip. Doing it slowly and running her tongue over the full length.

Standing up Sue then turned her back to dad and lowered herself onto his cock. She had both feet on the edge of the lounge and legs spread and a little gasp escaped her lips as the head penetrated and began to enter her inch by inch. She then moved up a bit before dropping back down. She repeated this again until dads cock was in to the balls.

Dad moved his hips and Sue lifted and dropped in time as his cock slid in and out. I could hear the sound of her ass slapping against dad. The pace was just starting to increase when dads mobile rang. I couldn't believe he casually answered it as his daughter rode his cock. He spoke for a minute then dropped it. He grabbed my sister around the waist and stood and turned and placed her on the lounge "Gotta hurry Mark could be home soon. That was the school they sent everyone home due to a fire." Now with Sue face first into the cushions dad pulled his cock back to the tip then pounded forward. He did this repeatedly and I could hear Sue begin to moan and scream that she was coming. Another several thrusts and dad pulled out, Sue turned around and dad shot his load over her face and into her mouth. She took it back between her lips and sucked and licked it clean.

"Damm" said Sue "I wanted a long fuck. I'm so horny from work today."

Dad started to dress as Sue told him how Jenny had discovered a hidden camera in the ladies loo at work and that it was connected to Mr Stuarts security monitor in his office.

She wiped dads cum from her face and licked her fingers as she told dad how she and Jenny had put on a little show for Mr Stuart by squeezing each others breasts and deep tongue kissing while in the ladies.

As dad finished dressing he said "I'd like to see that." "Me too" I thought as I crawled back down the hall and out to the yard making enough noise before coming inside that everyone would be dressed.

Thank you my lucky stone. I wonder what else you can do for me.

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