The Hale Family
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Rape, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Daughter, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Sadistic, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Enema, Size,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Hale Family did not allow independent thinking. Amanda had been groomed her whole life for one day, her wedding day. She thinks that her husband, Steven, will finally deflower her. She is wrong. Though she is extremely naive, she finds pleasure in pain, and learns to accept her new position in the family.

His little girl was getting married. She was 19, and getting married to 21 year old Steven Markets. Joseph Hale had made sure that his little girl, Amanda, had been raised in the wealthiest, most sheltered environment possible. He wanted Steven to get what he bargained for. Since they were children, Joseph had been grooming Amanda to marry Steven. He had taught her the proper thought process and behavior for a wife whom was to be seen and not heard. He had home schooled her, and had made sure that no boys ever had access to her. She had been raised the perfect little lady.

It was nearly three in the afternoon. The wedding was to take place at five. Steven was a cold man. Joseph had been assured of that. Hell, Joseph had practically raised Steven after Steven's father had died. Joseph had taken in the grieving Mrs. Markets so he could have full control over what kind of man Steven became.

Julie Markets had been the perfect woman. Steven's father, Joel, had been abusive, and extremely neglectful of Julie. Their sex life had been boring, to say the least. Julie had never even had an orgasm with Joel. It wasn't until Julie and Joseph married that Julie's sexual appetite had been uncovered. Julie had been trained to be the perfect, submissive, ever ready wife. Since Julie had been so talented in so many sexual endeavors, Joseph had gotten the idea to have her educate Amanda.

Amanda's mother, Martha, had died in child birth. Since then, and until he married Julie, Joseph's veracious sexual appetite had been quenched only by servants and live-in nannies. Julie had been a great mentor to Amanda. She had taught her the art of submitting to men and women. Though Amanda had no sexual experience, whatsoever, she did have the experience of taking orders. She excelled at it. Anything Julie ordered, Amanda did without questioning. Soon, it extended to Joseph, and later to Steven.

Steven had been raised in the same environment as Amanda. He was sheltered, and kept under constant supervision. Joseph had raised him to be a quiet, emotionally unattached, well mannered boy. He would take directions from Joseph and Julie only, and would do whatever they said, always without question. They marriage of Amanda and Steven seemed natural. They both were under the thumbs of their parents, and they both proved to be very tight lipped about every family secret they had ever been privy to knowing.

It was Joseph's intention to use Amanda to his desires. Of course, Steven would be allowed to sample the fruit, but he could never be the main man in Amanda's life. Amanda would be her daddy's fuck slave, and only her daddy's. Steven was an afterthought, someone to make the family look good. The romance of Amanda and Steven was scripted as a fairy tale. Everyone had been made to believe that the two young people had been friends, then lovers, and finally had fallen in love. The fact that they were step siblings was overlooked. The tale was treated as a romantic movie, no matter how silly the plot twist, it received rave reviews.

Joseph looked in the mirror. He looked good. For a 40 year old man, he was quiet handsome. He did not have the wrinkles and beer belly that some men his age started to develop. In fact, most people thought he looked closer to thirty than forty. He couldn't wait for the damn wedding to be over and done with. He had been waiting for 19 years to have sex with his daughter. He knew she would be good. Julie had made sure that Amanda was athletic yet feminine. And she was submissive. Everything he would tell her to do, she would do without question.

Joseph had explained to Steven that he could fuck Amanda only when he was in the room. Steven didn't know anything about sex. He would need to be coached, just as Amanda needed to be. Julie was not allowed to help. She had agreed before hand to be completely out of sight whenever Joseph told her to be. Julie was his alone.

After the ceremony and reception, Amanda was led up stairs. An outfit lay on her bed. A corset that began just under her tits and ended just below her belly button. Thigh high stockings and five inch heeled fuck shoes. She knew that she was to dress in the outfit. Mother had explained that this was the night she would loose her virginity. She didn't know what sex entailed, but she realized it had something to do with a man's penis and her vagina. Other than that, she was completely in the dark.

She dressed and sat down, butterflies already rising in her stomach. She had never been allowed to touch herself between her legs. She had tried once, and Julie had slapped her. Since then, she had never even thought about sex. Now, though, she wished she had. What would be expected of her? She resigned herself to the fact that she would just do whatever Steven wanted her to do. Then again, he couldn't have much experience either. Just as she thought that, her father entered. She quickly covered up her ample bosom.

"Daddy! What are you doing here? Where's Steven?"

"Sit down, and put your arms at you sides." She did exactly as she was told. "Steven isn't coming in here for a while. I'm going to help you enter into womanhood."

"Daddy! How could you think of such a thing?"

He slapped her across her tits. She recoiled and cried out.

"Don't speak to me unless I tell you to or I ask you a direct question. Do you understand?"

"Yes, daddy." She hung her head in shame.

"Now, go into the bathroom, and take the little black bag out from under the sink. Then, lie in the tub with your legs spread, knees towards the ceiling, feet flat. put your hands under your head and raise your ass slightly."

Amanda could not believe her ears. Her daddy was going to fuck her. She wondered why on Earth he wanted her in the bathtub. It couldn't be comfortable in there. However, even though she had doubts, she did as she was told. Daddy entered with a machine. He carried it in and set it on the floor. It appeared to be a small motor with a plastic bag attached to one end. To the other was a tube with a nozzle on the end.

"This will give you an enema. It will become your custom to let your nanny give it to you every morning, and every evening. I want you to be fresh when I fuck you. This will push the water into your colon and suck it out. I will do that once with warm water, remove the bag, replace it and do it again with cold water. If you are not satisfactorily clean, the process will begin again. Nod if you understand." She nodded. "Good. We will begin. You may feel pressure, and it will be extremely uncomfortable, and you may moan, but you may not speak."

With that, he lubed up the nozzle and slid it into her ass. She moaned and wiggled slightly as the six inch long nozzle slid into her. Nothing had ever been in her ass, so even the very thin nozzle was painful. When daddy flipped the switch on the machine, she screamed out as water rushed into her ass. The water moved quickly, and the entire bag, which was 2 liters, filled her ass in nearly three minutes. She squirmed and moaned as she saw her belly distend. She started to cramp as the minutes dragged on. After ten minutes, the machine sucked the water back into the bag. She screamed again.

Daddy quickly replaced the bag with one filled with cold water and began again. The cold was worse. She cried silently as her daddy stood above her. His hands wandered to her breasts. The pain had caused her nipples to harden. He pinched them between his thumb and forefinger. He rubbed the large nubs, then started to caress her whole breasts. When the water was sucked out, he looked at the bag. She was clean. Joseph removed the nozzle from her anus. He lifted her from the tub and carried her into the bedroom. She was sore, he was sure. Soon, however, she would be even more so.

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