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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: How could things get so out of hand. There was my pretty wife in the hands of four strangers

I've been married now, for in the whole, five good years. My wife although very pretty was brought up very reserved, nudity within her household was frowned upon. Despite this I was really happy, sex was frequent if predictable; total darkness with me on top. In fact in the whole of our five years I had never seen my wife totally naked. Now being a normal red-blooded male there's nothing better than looking at an attractive naked female so I decided that things must change. I borrowed a couple of porn tapes from a colleague at work, nothing too extreme just one on one consensual sex. She wasn't too enthralled when I mentioned them but she did sit with me and watched them. That night I was sure she was more receptive to my passion, enough anyway to encourage me to repeat the experiment.

I borrowed a new tape from the same friend, this time he said it was feature length film with a bit more of a story line to it. At a point about half away through I felt her tense beside me. On the screen the husband best friend was fucking the drunken heroine after a party. That night she definitely was more responsive and had a big orgasm while I pumped into her. I didn't know at the time what had caused her passion, but who's complaining. To complete my happiness she asked if we could see the same tape the following week too. This was a definite improvement and I wanted to cash in on her newly found sexuality but before I could I needed to know what it was that had turned her on.

I slipped my hard cock into her slippery pussy and started to hump away. While I did I started to talk to her. This was something I did occasionally but not as a regular thing. My first track was to see if she had any feeling about my friends but no, that was a dead end. When I started on the drunken theme, suddenly her hips picked up the pace and she pushed herself hard against me. This was it, somehow the heroine being drunk was the key, I didn't know why at the time but I decided to exploit it as much as possible. I looked on the 'net' and found lots of story sites, some dealing with sexual situations. Then I found a story about a drunken wife getting fucked at a party; I downloaded it and printed it off. Without being too obvious I left it out so she would find it and read it. What a revelation, she almost raped me that night, she pulling me on top of her and begging me to fuck her, this was not the shy wife I had known for the last five years. After I had spent inside her I quizzed her about it. At first she was embarrassed to talk but after pushing her it all came out. It turned out that being taken while unconscious or nearly so was big turn on for her, it was something her repressed self could deal with. It was all so obvious when you think about it, all her life she had been told that good girls don't, even though your growing body was screamed out for it, but if you were very drunk or even unconscious no blame could be attached to you. After that I would search the 'net' for stories and luckily found quite a few.

Some time later I was banging into her hard after she had finished reading her favourite story when in a flash it came to me, perhaps we could do it for real. While still thrusting into her I said this to her and she came instantly almost throwing me off the bed; I truly had hit a nerve. In the cold light of day things looked a lot different, but I could still remember the force at which her orgasm had hit her.

I agonised for some weeks and in the end there was no choice really, after all I didn't have to share her body with anyone, but how would I go about it. First up I e-mailed the author of a number of stories of this gender and was pleasantly surprised when he got back to me with some helpful tips, obviously his stories were based on fact. Although some of his stores are about drunken women and some are under the influence of sleeping pills he suggested using a date rape drug and also suggested a few areas where I might obtain it. It took some time but in a chat room I eventually found a guy who was willing to sell me a small quantity with a promise of more if I was satisfied. We met in a motorway service station and money changed hands and I took home a small dropper bottle full of a clear liquid. I was not totally convinced that I hadn't been cheated but it was only a relatively small outlay.

For the rest of the week I was on tenterhooks, I knew I wanted to use it but afraid to all at the same time. At last Friday arrived, Janet, my wife had a long soak in the bath and was cuddling up to me on the sofa. She was dressed in just her nightie that shows you how much things had changed over the past few months. At abut ten I gave her a Sherry with two drops in, the dose that my seller had said I should use. I sat there holding my breath not knowing what to expect, then after about twenty minutes her head dropped onto my shoulder and she let out a sigh. I shook her a few times but although her eyes were open there was nobody at home.

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