Mary - a Used Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Cheating, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A new wife learns what sex is. Then she can't get enough of it. She can't help but get used.

It was early Monday Morning. Mary had just finished showering, her blond hair wrapped in a towel with a second towel wrapped around her body. She stood there in her bedroom with her husband of two months, Jim Robins. "I've finished packing. I know a month isn't that long but I'm going to miss you." He said. He was leaving to catch a flight to the west coast for a company-sponsored auditing school.

Mary and Jim connected and dated in college. They fell in love on their first date. Both had come from the deep south, attending a southern college. They both graduated near the top of their class, and fortunately received, and accepted jobs with the same company. Jim as an auditor trainee and Mary as a trainee accountant in the accounts receivable department. The first problem the young couple faced was that the company was in the northeast, a climate and area that were distant for them, without family or friends nearby. They accepted the jobs knowing that they had each other for support.

With just a month on the job, Jim was leaving for this training class, with the knowledge that after completing this class much of his time for the next few years would be on the road, auditing the books of clients throughout the country. The starting pay was good and the job offered the possibility for fast advancement.

Mary was also receiving training, but her training was in-house, There wouldn't be much travel required for her. They were excited about their new jobs, but Mary was apprehensive about being alone in the big city for a month without her new husband.

The pretty young wife wanted to drop the towel, grab her husband and make love again. She wanted to hold him and feel him inside her, bringing her the pleasure that she had never know before their wedding night. He was her first, and she was his first. The pleasures of that night extended into their honeymoon where they made love two and three times a day with each session better then the previous, bringing her climaxes after climaxes. Once she had enjoyed the joys of sex, she couldn't get enough of it. Neither could he. They made love before going to the beach, after returning from the beach and after dinner each night for the two weeks of their honeymoon.

Then came the reality of life and the start of their new jobs. Almost every night after dinner the couple would retire to the bedroom, hold each other and make love. Mary knew she was going to miss her husband but she was also afraid that she was going to miss his body loving her, more.

The door bell rang, announcing the arrival of the company limo that was to take Jim to the airport.

"I've got to go now." Was his statement as he picked up the suitcase full of his clothes...

Mary picked up the second smaller carrying bag and followed her husband to the door of their apartment. When Jim opened the door, he found the limo driver there to help him with his bags. Taking the heavy bag from Jim, the limo driver, a man in his late fifties looked past the young husband to his beautiful wife standing there with just a towel wrapped around her.

She could feel the limo driver eyes checking her out from head to toes. His eyes studying her exposed legs, then up to the top of the towel, where her breast were barely covered.

"Let me take that." He said, reaching for the carry bag. As his arm reached for the bag, his body bent forward leaving his head almost level with her breast. He was getting a good view of the exposed tops of her breast.

"Thank you." She said as he took the travel bag but did not move back, or try to cover herself from his view. Her husband didn't notice the exchange between the two, for he was too excited about his first business travel trip. Mary had felt a flush of excitement when the driver was checking her out. She felt a wetness in her crotch, which usually happened when making love with her husband.

Mary didn't think it was wise to stand in the doorway wearing only this towel, but it was early in the morning with no one besides them in view. She saw her husband wave from the car then buried himself in some papers while the driver walked around to the driver's door, then he stood at the opened door for a moment watching Mary.

The young wife didn't know why she allowed the top towel to dropped, exposing her breast to the driver. Even though it was a distant view the driver acknowledged the sight by tipping his hat to her. Red faced, Mary stepped back and closed the door of the apartment as the limo drove off.

Returning to the empty bedroom, Mary dropped the towel to the floor. She stood in front of the full length mirror, looking at her image. First a frontal, then a side view. She was proud of her body, but had always been very shy about it. He full firm 34C breast, tight thin stomach and long legs attracted men since high school. She had concealed her attributes from the world until her husband found her. Even then she wouldn't wear a bikini bathing suit in public, nor did she own a mini skirt. Standing there, her hands cupped her breast, a finger pressed each of her nipples. She felt herself getting wetter. She realized she was thinking about that driver looking at her body, how his eyes undressed her, and how she allowed the towel to slip from her breast. She found her right hand had moved from her breast and was at her pussy, rubbing it gently.

No, she thought to herself, she wasn't going to masturbate. She had just enough time to get dressed for work herself.

After fixing herself a quick breakfast she dressed for work in one of her conservative outfits. Before leaving, she again looked at herself in the full length mirror and decided that after work she was going to buy herself some new clothes. Maybe a mini-skirt or two.

A short walk, a subway ride, and then another short walk, the entire trip of almost an hour got Mary to work earlier than her departments co-workers. The department consisted of two older women, who acted like they were her boss, her actual boss, Mr. Hue and his secretary Sasha, an Afro-American girl around Mary's age. Sasha has been with the company for a few years now. She was considered a wild dresser, wearing mini skirts, tight tops etc. It was rumored that she was told to temper her dress style, but she continued to dress as she felt.

During the morning, Mary took a short break and was daydreaming about an incident that happened to her in high school. She had been working out in the gym staying a little later than the other girls on the girls' basketball team to practice her foul shooting. Mary's body was firm and ripe as a high school student. It could have passed for a college girl's or young ladies body. Her face was beautiful with her short cropped blond hair. She wasn't quite a c-cup then, but her five seven height and long legs made her a very attractive high school girl, and she knew it.

She had just finished taking a shower and was in the locker room alone when she heard someone enter. Mary had just put the towel down and was reaching for her panties when she realized she was being watched. It was Ralph, the night janitor an older black man who she had seen around the building doing his job. Instead of covering herself she turned to face old Ralph, giving him a complete frontal view of her young body. Ralph was surprised, hesitated, then reached out and cupped one of her breasts in his big hand. He smiled at her, then put his other hand on her other breast. Mary gave out a moan as he squeezed them gently, just as they heard noises at the locker room door. It sounded like Mary's teammates had returned.

Ralph quickly removed his hands from her breast and left through another door just as two of her friends entered the locker room. Mary had moved quickly and was dressing as they approached. The teammates never saw Ralph, nor did they know what had happened.

Mary often thought about that incident, and wondered what would have happened if her friends hadn't returned. Would she have let that black janitor be the first to use her body? She remembered the tingling excitement she felt standing in front of him nude. Lately, whenever she thought about that incident she found herself getting wet between her legs.

After work that evening Mary shopped in a few of the local stores for new attire. She did purchase a few mini-skirts, a mini-skirt outfit for a dressier look, and some tight and some low cut tops. She tried them on again at home while waiting for a phone call from her husband.

The next day Mary wore the new mini-skirt suit and spotted a lot of men's heads turn as she passed by. Even her boss Mr. Hue noticed, as did Sasha.

"Wow girl, do you look hot!" She said when the two girls sat together at lunch. "I knew you had a great shape but I didn't know you had a body like this." The girls continued talking during lunch about themselves when Sasha said "I'm going to a club after work, why don't you come with me for a drink?"

"I'd like to but you know I'm married." Replied Mary.

"Honey, you don't have to fool around, just hang out and have some fun for a while."

"Well, I'll think about it and let you know later."

Mary had decided that she wasn't going to the club. She thought that if she didn't tell Sasha her decision she could just get out of the building without explaining why she wasn't going. At quitting time though, before she could close her desk, Mary found Sasha waiting. Sasha wouldn't take no for an answer, and before Mary knew it, she was entering a club that was just a few blocks from where they worked.

There wasn't any thought or concern about where Sasha was taking her until she entered the bar. She was the only white person there. She was apprehensive but didn't want to offend Sasha, so she chose to have one drink then leave. The two young women sat in a booth sipping their drinks, talking about the days work when a second drink was brought to them. The bartender said the men at the end of the bar bought them. Mary looked and saw two black construction workers sitting there. One of the men raised his drink to salute the girls. Sasha raised her drink in reply. The two men took that as consent and left the bar to join the two young women.

Mary was annoyed that the men were at the table with them, one black stranger next to each woman. Sasha started right in with a conversation with the men. One was Ned, and the other, the one sitting next to Mary was Marv. Mary soon found that Marv was a nice guy and conversation with him wasn't hard.

Another drink followed. Marv was married, as was Ned. They usually stop in this bar for a nightcap before going home each night. Neither man tried to hide the fact that they were married and Marv noted the wedding ring on Mary's hand. The drinks were getting to Mary, she felt light headed, requiring to use the ladies room.

In the ladies room, Mary checked herself out in the mirror. She could see a little fluster in her face. It had been quite sometime since a man picked her up. Not since before she started dating her husband. Not that she considered herself picked up, for nothing was going to happen. She was going back to the table, finish her drink and leave. While in the mirror she thought about her husband. How he and her father felt about color people. The derogatory remarks they always made about "Niggers."

Returning to the table, she found Sasha and Ned dancing. She sat with Marv waiting for the dance to end. When the music ended, Sasha returned to the table saying she was hungry and the men were taking them out to eat. Mary tried to disapprove but before she knew it they were all in Marv's car. Sasha and Ned in the back, with her up front, with Marv, driving through a neighborhood that was unknown to her.

The talking and chatter had stopped in the back. Mary turned to see what was going on. Ned was leaning sideways against the door and Sasha was almost on her knee's in front of him. Her body was bent, Ned's pants were opened. Mary watched as Ned lifted himself and Sasha pulled his pants and shorts down. His exposed cock stood upright and proud. Mary watched as Sasha took it in her hand and guided it to her mouth, enclosing the head within her lips. She watched as Sasha then removed the head from her lips, licked the shaft a few times, then returned the cock to her mouth.

Mary didn't know that the car had stopped. They were parked somewhere that was very dark. She also didn't know that Marv had lowered his pants exposing his rod until she felt his hand take her hand and place it on his cock. She was so intent watching what was going on in the back seat that she didn't realize she was fondling his cock. There was pressure from his hand that was now on the back of her neck bending her downward. Her mouth was only inches from the cock she was holding.

Her face had never been this close to a cock before. She knew that this black man wanted her to do what Sasha was doing in the back seat. Mary remembered her friends in high school and college discussing this act. They would call it giving head, or sucking cock, or giving a blow job. The pressure on her head continued pushing her downward toward his lap. When his cock got closer, she opened her mouth and accepted it. Her tongue flicked out, licking the pea hole, then the whole head. It tasted salty. The cock kept moving deeper and deeper into her mouth because of the pressure on her head, until his cock was pressing into her throat. She heard a moan but she wasn't sure if it was from Marv or herself moaning. Mary thought she was going to gag as his cock pressed deeper and deeper into her throat. She swallowed, allowing this black cock easier entry. When her nose was against his stomach, she knew it was all the way in. He released the pressure on her head allowing her to back off.

As her head moved up his cock she closed her lips tightly and sucked. Now she was sure it was Marv who was moaning. When she reached the head of his cock she quickly moved back down his shaft, until her nose was again pressed against his stomach. His hand had been removed from the back of her head. She sucked and licked his cock while her hand moved to his balls, taking his sack and gently massaged his nuts. She continued bobbing up and down on his shaft sucking and licking while playing with his nuts.

Mary heard the black man moaning, "Oh bitch, suck it, take it, white bitch, I'm going to cum!" She felt his body stiffen, then jerk. His cock expanded and his jism shooting into her throat and down to her stomach. As he was cumming, so did she. She squeezed her lips and pulled hard on his shaft, squezzing his cum from him. His body continued to jerk with each wave of cum that shot into her. Now his hands were holding her head while his cum was being sucked out of him.

When his body stopped jerking and he relaxed, with his shrinking cock still in Mary's mouth, he said "You just gave me the best blow job ever! Girl you can really suck cock. My wife don't suck as good as you do."

While listing to him, she continued licking his cock then down to his balls. "No, I've got to rest for a minute." Marv said as he pulled her head from his cock.

Mary reluctantly sat up in the front seat while Marv's hands reached under her sweater top to her breast. He lifted her bra and massaged her breast while the two of them sat facing each other in his car. Mary looked when she heard moaning from the back seat. There she saw Sasha on the seat with Ned holding her bare legs up with his cock slicing in and out of Sasha's pussy. It was Sasha that was moaning and Ned was grunting with each stroke.

Marv said "You like watching them fuck, don't you? You're hot and want to be fucked just like them? Before she could answer he continued "You're ready for some black cock. I know your pussy is soaking wet, waiting for my black cock." As he was saying this, his hands continued massaging her tits. Mary wanted to answerer yes, but all she could do was moan. Her pussy was soaked, but she couldn't consider letting this black man fuck her.

She felt him pulling her panties from her and she lifted off the seat to allow them to come off. Then he lifted her, placing her so that her pussy was just above his cock. She was facing the back seat and could watch the couple fucking there.

"Reach down and guide my cock into your hole."

Mary grabbed his cock, directing it as he lowered her body down on top of him. Slowly his cock penetrated her pussy, inch by inch, as he lowered her. His cock felt good in her. Her husband had taught her to like cock, but that was nothing like this. This was exiting and exotic, in a car, parked on a dark street, with a stranger, a black stranger, while watching another couple.

Mary reached a climax before his cock was all the way in her. Her body shook, and a slight scream of pleasure emitted from her. He just sat there making her do the work as she grinded her juicy cunt on his shaft, climaxing again and again.

Marv said. "I'm going to shoot my nigger cum into you white pussy now!" Just like before his body stiffened and he jerked upward and held her tight to him as he erupted for the second time tonight, but this time in her cunt.

Mary could feel his cock vibrating inside her and she lost all control. With her cunt milking and squezzing his cock she reached her greatest climax yet.

The two couples sat in the car coming down from the heights of ecstasy that they had reached. Mary could hear Sasha and Ned talking but couldn't hear what they were saying. Sasha got out of the car, opened the door next to Mary and told her to get in the back with Ned. Mary was hesitant but when she felt Sasha pulling on her arms, she slid off the front seat and was quickly replaced by Sasha. Mary stood by the rear door for a second before entering the back seat. Sasha hadn't even given her a chance to retrieve her panties that were still on the floor of the front seat. Before she knew it, she was laying on her back on the back seat and Ned's cock was at the entrance of her pussy. "Do you want more black cock?"

When she didn't answerer Ned, repeated. "Tell me cunt, do you want more black cock?" As he rubbed his cock along her slit. This married women, who two months ago was a virgin, was going to get fucked by the second black man this night.

Yes, she thought, she wanted his cock. She reached up grabbing this mans ass cheeks and tried to pull him down to her, finally pleading "Put it in, put it in and fuck me!"

The head of his cock spread her vaginal lips as he pressed forward, inch by inch. His cock soon filled her completely. He fucked her with long smooth stokes and she matched each stoke by bouncing and bucking in rhythm with him. She lost count of how many times she came. Her body was a quivering mass as she climaxed again and again. Finally Ned bucked one last time, ramming himself as deep as he could into her, and shot his load. She had now been used by both of these married men. She had been their slut.

The men were done with the girls. They got dressed and drove away from the dark alley, guided by Sasha to her apartment. Then the men took Mary to her subway station for her long ride home. Mary was totally exhausted when she got home, almost too tired to talked to her husband when he phoned.

Although very tired Mary made it to work the next day, but Sasha didn't. The day dragged out, when five o'clock finally came, the young woman went straight home to a hot shower and an early bed.

On Friday morning Mary was called into her boss's office who told her that the president of the company wanted to meet her. She was to report to his secretary on the top floor. It was almost time for her lunch break but as directed she got into the elevator for the ride up to meet the company president and owner. She had made a stop in the ladies room to check her appearance. She had worn one of her new mini-skirts with a pretty reveling top that showed her cleaverage nicely. Mary wasn't sure if this was the correct attire to meet the company president. She had wished she had dressed more conservative this morning.

Mary was ushered into the presidents office. Of course the office was big, almost as big as her whole apartment, she judged. A desk, chairs, a table, a sofa, a large TV on the wall, with plush carpet throughout. Mr. James Wrily, came from around his desk, taking her hand and shaking it as he induced himself. He made two drinks from his liquor cabinet, handling one to Mary. Mary was offered a seat across from his desk and watched as he returned to his chair behind his desk.

"You've been with us now for a month and I have been wanting to meet you but have been too busy. I know your husband is also with us, working in our auditing department and I know he is taking classes at our west cost facility. I know all that but I like to know more about our employees. Please tell me all about yourself, your family etc." He said as he sat back in his chair. Mary felt uneasy sitting before this obvious powerful man. He looked to be in his late fifties or early sixties. Time hasn't been good to him for he had a large pot belly, white hair and bushy eyebrows. He reminded her of her own grandfather.

Mary sat holding the drink in her hands, as she started telling this stranger a little about herself starting with college and what courses she took. Mr. Wrily stopped her and urged her to enjoy her drink, then said that he wanted to know more about her hometown, her parents, etc., because he already read her college info from her resume.

Mary sipped the drink, which tasted very strong. She told him about her parents, and when he asked how she meet her husband, she told him. She crossed her legs and noticed the effect it had on the president.

Mary was stunned when he asked if she was a virgin on her wedding night. She shuddered and wanted to get up from the chair and leave this office immediately.

"I'm not going to answer that Mr. Wrile! I think that is a very inappropriate question to ask an employee."

"You may be right, but I know your husband could have a very good future with this company and so can you. I also know that if I fire him now it would be very difficult for him to get a job in this field when I pass the word that he is trouble. I can, and I will, ruin his career, and yours also unless you do as I say."

Mary decided she wasn't going to take this kind of talk from him. Neither her job, nor her husband's was worth it. Raising from her chair, placing the half empty drink on his desk, Mary turned to leave the presidents office.

"Before you go, I want to tell you that I had a meeting with a good drinking buddy of yours, Sasha. She told me about the wild night the two of you had in the back seat of one of her black friend's car. Does your husband know about your two friends? Are these your panties that you left behind that night?"

Mary stopped dead in her tracks. She turned to see him holding a pair of panties in his hand. It looked like the pair she wore the other night but wasn't sure. "You see Sasha is a very good employee of mine, so were the two men you meet that night."

"What do you want?"

"I want you to be a good employee, just like Sasha is. You will become my mistress and entertain me every once in a while."

"What do you mean, entertain you?"

"You know what I mean, stop being stupid. Now I want you to remove your clothing for me, nice and slow so I can enjoy the show."

"I don't think so, you can't make me!"

"This is the last time, either do as I just said or your husband will not only be fired he will be told about you and Sasha and your two friends." He was standing, but he sat back down behind his desk in anticipation of the show that he felt sure was coming.

Mary was in a real turmoil. It would be wrong to do what this old gizzard wanted, but she felt a little excited knowing that she would be used by him. Standing there she felt a wetness just from thinking about what he might want to do to her.

"I don't care what Sasha might say. My husband will believe me, and maybe we would be better going back down south where we belong." Seeing the expression of stunned disappointment on his face as she stood up to him.

"You may be right, maybe I can't force you but I can see that look on you. You want to fuck. You want the excitement. Right now I bet your thinking about being spread across my desk as I fuck you."

Mary heard the words as he said them. She felt the tingling again, standing there, listing to him. She couldn't remember when her hands reached down to the bottom of her sweater lifting it over her head exposing her white bra. She kicked off her shoes, then lowered her mini-skirt to the floor, then removed her bra. She stood in front of the old man in just her panties and panty hose.

"Do you like what you see?"

"Yes! You have beautiful tits, but I want to see more, take everything off."

Mary moved to the chair she had been sitting in saying "No, I think you should take off the rest." Becking him to come to her by pointing her finger to the floor in front of her spread legs. With a smile on his face he rose from his chair and assumed the position of on his knees between her legs.

"Now take my panty hose off." His hands reached to the top of her hose, slowly rolling them down off her hips as she lifted her butt from the chair. The hose was discarded and he reached for her panties. Her butt was lifted and they also were rolled down and off revealing her blond trimmed patch.

She reached out with her two hands, grabbing the back of his head and pulling it toward her. "Eat me!" Sliding her ass and pussy forward to him. She felt his tongue flash along her slit, sending the expected thrills though her. She felt him licking her slit from top to bottom and back, then his tongue entered her. She almost creamed right then. "

Ohhh Eat me, Eat Me. Suck my pussy you old bastard!" He did, he sucked and licked her and she came, he sucked and licked her cum her while on his knees paying tribute to her cunt. Her knees were spread as far apart as she could get them allowing him full access to her. Her hands were still holding his head tightly to her pussy as he followed her every command of eating her. She lost count on how many times his tongue made her cum.

Finally he pulled his head away from her pussy, stood up, lifted her from her chair and bent her over his desk. His knees spread her willing legs apart from behind and he entered her. His rod was stiff and hard, spreading the lips of her cunt as it entered. She had never been fucked from behind before. His cock was penetrating deeper than any cock had ever been, and she was enjoying it immensely. Deeper and deeper his cock went until she felt his balls on her ass. His strokes started slow and deep, increasing rapidly in speed as he plunged in and out of her hot cunt. He rammed her so hard her feet were lifted off of the floor at the same time her tits and head was pressed down onto his desk.

"You fucking bitch, you fucking bitch, take my cock, you cunt!"

"Yes, ohh yessss, fuck me!" Mary screaned, as her cunt muscles contracted around his cock and squeezed. His last plunge lifted her off the floor and he held her there while his cock exploded deep within her. She matched him by cumming again, losing complete control of her body. Mary knew she was this man's cunt, to be used as he saw fit. Her cunt kept milking his cock. Squezzing every once of pleasure she could from his tool.

When he finally put her down and withdrew his cock he turned her around to face him, placed his hands on her shoulders, pressing her downward to her knees. "Lick me, clean me up with your tongue." Without hesitation, Mary took first his balls in one hand and his cock in her other, then licked the cream from his shaft and his balls, tasting his and her own fluids. She even licked the juice that had seeped down his legs. While cleaning his cock she took her hand from his shaft, reached between his legs to his ass, inserting her finger into it.

His half hard cock instantly sprung back to life as she rotated her finger in his ass. She took his cock into her mouth, squeezing and sucking on it like it was a candy cane. The cock penetrated her mouth and throat as deeply as it could on each stroke.

"You are a real cunt. A cock sucking cunt. Keep sucking it, I'm going to cum in your mouth."

This was what Mary wanted, she increased her sucking and pushed her finger into his anus as deep as it would go. The old man was surprised that he had gotten it up again and that he was going to cum again so soon, but when she fucked his anus with her finger, he couldn't hold back any longer. His body bucked forward as he held onto her head and shot his load into her mouth as she swallowed.

When all his of cum was extracted by her hot sucking mouth and there was nothing more, his cock was pulled from her mouth. He pulled his pants back up, returned to his chair. She was still on her knees in front of his desk when she heard him say. "You are now one of my mistresses, just like Sasha. You will take care of my needs when I want you too. Now get dressed and leave. You can have the rest of the day off."

Mary dressed while he made a phone call then left. She wasn't his mistress. She would be his whore. A married whore!

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