Vulvoid Transform
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Mind Control, TransGender, Fiction, Science Fiction, Humiliation, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Caution, Violent, Transformation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Genetech's horrific experiment has produced living panties that enslave their male hosts by turning them into unwilling girls. Victims find themselves trapped in utterly female bodies and with intelligent breasts that force them to endure 'alien' sexual acts in their girls bodies.

This is the story of how my body was hijacked and how I became a sex slave in my own body. It began on august 24, 2001 when I was hitch hiking through a part of the American Oregon coast. I was just 18 and looked younger, when my old car broke down on a back road near the town of Jammieson. I sat for ages trying to hitch hike, the weather was getting gloomy and the day was getting late when a modern van drove past me, slowing down. Without stopping straight away the window rolled down and a man looked critically at me, up and down before telling his driver to stop. They pulled over and asked me if I was looking for a ride and if I needed shelter. When I said yes to both counts they both seemed please and the diver said:'the doctor will be happy - one of the girls is ready they say'. I was starting to get nervous when the guys clammed up and just drove quickly through the darkening sky. The destination was confusing - it was a girl's home sponsored by a company called Genetech.

When I asked the guys what the place as, they just laughed - one of them saying 'this place specializes in finishing girls!' and they both laughed. I asked them what they meant and they said 'hang onto your dick boy - when were done with you, you'll be able to feel a cunt whenever you want!'.

The van pulled up and they opened the door. I said I had changed my mind and wanted to go. They said 'don't make us force you please... It will go easier on you later if your cooperative.'

The other guy said 'yeah - if you cooperate we won't rape you after you've been changed'. I was getting scared now, and demanded what they meant by changed, but I got no answer. Leading me by the arm they led me to a door.

A girl sat on the step and as I got closer I was shocked to see she was sitting, spread legged in a school dress with her hand firmly holding and feeling her vulva through some light blue panties. She was crying and looked up as we approached, staring at the men she said 'you bastards! Oh god! Oh my god you bastards... I can't bear it, I can't bear the feeling - you have ruined my body! Oh god - I'm a girl! A girl!!! Please god no! I can't stop touching it! I can't control myself! Ooooohhhhh! - Oooohhhh! Ooooh' and she began moaning, thrusting her flat panty covered girlhood into her rubbing hand, faster and faster until she was obviously coming. I was transfixed, turned on and horrified at the same time. The men pulled me harder past the girl who spread her legs further as we past and obviously came. Her hand came away from her pubic mound and her gusset became wet from her own orgasmic juices. As I was pulled through the door, I thought I saw her panties moving of their own accord - a spasming kind of throb as though they were gorging on her vaginal lubricants. She collapsed in a sobbing heap as we walked through the door.

I was very afraid now, and asked the men what the hell was wrong with the girl. They simply said 'she doesn't like being a girl!' As we walked down the corridor, we passed a number of rooms that also had girls in them. In the first room, a lone girl had her panties to he knees and was staring at her body in the mirror. She was looking horrified when the nipples on her perfect pert breasts suddenly engorged and her horror became more pronounced as her hand slid down her stomach to her bald vulva.

'Oh god - please don't make me touch it!' she mouthed and then her hand began exploring her girlhood. Her fingers caressed her labia, running up and down her slit before she grabbed her cunt and forced her fingers into her vagina. Like the girl out the front she was traumatized and was saying 'I can't bear it - oh god, I have a cunt! I can't believe it; it's so foul, so flat, so female!!!! Ooooh these breasts - these fucking breasts are forcing me! I can't bear to touch it! Help me! Please god make me normal again!' And so she carried on until we could not hear her any more.

I had a raging hard on, although I was deeply disturbed about the two girls behavior, I was turned on by the sight of such beautifully female bodies.

At last we stopped at a room that had a sign 'conversions' - and I was forced inside. I saw another person sitting on a bed who was crying. I looked at her then heard a click and saw the room was now locked with just the two of us in there.

I though the person was a girl at first, being bare breasted and with girls panties like the others (light blue bikini style). The difference was the bulge in this girls panties that looked like she actually had a dick. She looked at me and said 'I am so sorry! I can't help this, I don't want to do it, but they are making me!' The person spread their legs stared at the bulge.

'What the hell is this place? What the hell are you? You've got a dick but you've got breasts as well!' At this she gave a sad laugh then gasped as her breasts nipples began to engorge.

'Oh god - it's happening! I'm sorry - nobody has told you?'. She said

I said 'No - what the hell are you talking about?'

She said 'Genetech - they are monsters! This is not a girls school! It's a lab for perfecting a foul military secret!' She gasped again and stared at the mound between his/her legs and I saw it quiver and grow. I realized the bulge began too low to be a penis.

'What the hell are you?' I asked.

'What you are going to become!' she said 'I'm a vulvoid girl! A slave to these fucking panties! I was a boy just like you - we all were!'. Ohhh! She gasped again and her hand grabbed the bulge between her legs and began to slowly massage it, pushing its bulk up and down, rubbing it into her cunt.

'What the fuck do you mean? You are freaking me out!' I said.

She gave a weird laugh again and said 'you're not half as freaked as you will be when you feel your cunt for the first time!... You don't understand! Let me tell you! Those fuckers at Genetech hijacked our bodies! These panties you see us wearing are alive! They put them on you and they change you into a girl. They give you breasts that control you! They make you feed them by masturbating your foul girl's mouth until it spews girl cum and these fucking horrendous life forms lap up your cunt juices as food! They make you do it every few hours - touching and feeling your ruined body, feeling this foul mouth organ in the void where your cock once was! While the fucking panties inject your body with massive quantities of a virus that reprograms your sex, it grows these foul things on your chest' At this she grabbed her breasts and gave a quiet scream. 'They control you! They make you do things you don't want to do! But the worst thing is that this is not the weapon part - they can force you to turn other people into girls as well!'.

I began hyperventilating as she lay down, stared between her legs at the engorged mound that quivered and she gave a quiet sob as the mound suddenly disappeared. 'Oh god - I cant bear having a vagina! Its in me! It's in me! Oh god I am being raped!' and at that I saw the bulge reappear and then disappear and then reappear. It began slowly then began faster and soon it was throbbing like a heart. The girl was gasping at each disappearance of the bulge, as she claimed the bulge entered her vagina like some penis violating her enforced girlhood in a most unbelievable manner.

I stood and ran to the window, desperately trying to open the window to escape. I couldn't imagine the horror the girl was experiencing and I sure as hell didn't want to end up an enslaved girl like her. As I banged on the window the girl howled with indignity and sprang off the bed. Even as the panties thrust into her with a frenzied madness she grabbed her breasts and pointed the nipples at me, screaming 'I am sorry - my breasts are forcing me! Ohhhh' - her breasts sprayed a liquid that hit me in the face. I quickly became numb and dropped like a stone to the floor, completely aware but paralyzed!

The girl was terrorized but obviously unable to control her actions. I was shaking with fear and horror as she crouched on the floor near my head, pointing her throbbing panty crotch at my head so that it periodically touched me as it throbbed and pulsated. 'Ohhhh I feel so violated! - Look at me! This will be you! You're staring at your own cunt! They are going to make me give birth to your fucking sex change panties! Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!' and all of a sudden she came, the bulge in the panties emptied their contents into her girlhood and the panties stopped suddenly.

The girl just sat and sobbed, staring at the wet panty between her legs that hug her vulva lips like a second skin. I couldn't even talk I was so scared. The girl cried and cried and said 'sorry' about a hundred times. She told me how she became a girl and how her new genitals felt. 'I feel such penis envy! You can't imagine what its like to have nothing but a mouth and a hole between your legs!' She pulled her panties off and threw them in a corner then began to undress me. I couldn't speak still, but I implored her with my eyes. She just looked at her erect breasts and said 'I am being forced! I don't want to subject you to my sexual horror! I am being forced!!!'

She took all my clothes off and at last took my underpants off. I had a raging hard on from seeing so much girlhood. She sighed and began to feel my cock, looking at me and saying 'I so miss my dick - this fuck mouth between my legs just feels so wrong!'. Then she started to groan. She said 'Oh god! Here it comes! Your panties!!! Oh god I'm giving birth! I can't bear it!!! Please god noooo!!!'.

She straddled her vulva lips over my exposed dick and began groaning. She moaned for a full five minutes before I saw her cunt lips begin to part, forced apart from inside. What slowly pushed out was a pair of panties - just like hers! The panties were writhing as they cam out, and as the last part slipped from her vagina, the panties plopped onto my dick!

Like a thing alive they moved, flowing around my dick and balls while I stared in slack jawed horror. The pretty elastic edges of the panties that these foul living panties were modeled on was moving like some bacterial cilla. The panties pulled themselves around my body, with their edges parting and resealing as necessary they parked themselves on me like I had pulled them on purpose. Where the panties touched my flesh, I felt a revulsion and tingling sensation, a crawling of flesh as though my body innately knew the panty contact was bad. I was crying and shaking with fear. I did not want to be turned into a girl! I did not want to loose my dick to that flat lipped mouth that the poor girl before me was forced to experience.

I found that I could speak again and I screamed 'get them off me! Please I don't want a cunt! I don't want one of those things between my legs! Oh please!! Please!!!'.

The girl was just a sobbing mess in the corner, holding her pussy and crying 'my body - oh god my body has been ruined, I'm a girl!!!' over and over.

I was getting more and more feeling all the time and could feel the fucking panty life forms squeezing my dick. I looked at the elastic edges of the panties that were, to my horror, now on me and saw they were actually gripping my flesh like little claws.

I found I could move and groggily tried to pull the panties off, they would not budge. They gripped my skin with vice like force. The panties gusset was enlarging, growing before my eyes and was beginning to squeeze my dick and balls.

I sat up and stood. The girl looked up and said 'you might as well lie down - your as good as a girl now - you wont get them off until you've stuck a finger in your new vagina!'

I screamed 'I won't be turned into a girl! You have no right!' and I grabbed a chair and smashed the window. Although it was now dark and raining, I ran into the night with just a pair of engorging vulvoid panties on. The security alarm went off and, looking behind as I ran, I saw the two men from before burst into the room and see the broken window. I didn't have to stay to know they were pursuing me!

I was in an adrenaline rush, intent on flight, and so I forgot the growing bulge between my legs for a moment. That was until I felt a pain like being kicked in the balls. I collapsed in the bushes and stared between my now numbing legs. The bulge was gone, and I figured the pain was the fluid from the bulge had been forced down my penis shaft. To my absolute horror I felt and watched the bulge grow again and again deflate, pushing its contents into my body through my penis shaft, skin and through the hypodermic-like elastic edges. I heard the men run from the building and I began to run as well, despite the fact that I again felt the panties engorge and pump my body with some foul feminizing fluid! I ran for ages to the roadside, hoping to find a car and rescue, but none came - so I lay in the bushes, trying with increasing desperation to pull the panties off.

The engorgement and deflation grew in intensity and soon it looked as though I had a throbbing heart between my legs. Despite me best efforts, the panties would not budge. It seemed my skin would tear off before they would be removed. The best I could do was to grab the throbbing mound and try to retard its progress by holding it tight in my hand. Despite me best efforts, the panties still pulsated and ravaged my body - albeit at a slower pace.

I heard the men run past and keep going, thinking I had left the area.

I began feeling sick, and sore - especially my nipples. I heard a car sound approaching and so crawled out of the bushes to flag the car down. The driver saw what looked like a near nude young man waving him down and sped past.

I silently screamed, but then stopped in shock. My nipples were expanding! I grabbed them and screamed 'oh god no - please no!' as my small boys areole became girls nipples, then the space beneath them began to form a lump. I grabbed them with both hands, abandoning my throbbing crotch, but failed to prevent them blossoming into full breasts underneath my trembling hands.

The size and weight was astounding and I heard my disembodied voice scream 'breasts! Oh god no!!!! Please no!! They are so big and they want to control me!!!!'. It took less than five horrific minutes for me to grow pert size 12 breasts that seem to send electric shocks into my body as though they were wiring up to my nervous system. In some horrified part of my mind I knew that was exactly what was happening.

Again I grabbed my crotch to try to vainly stop the panties throbbing. Between throbs I felt my poor dick and balls underneath the panty fabric. I was shocked at how much smaller they felt and all of a sudden it actually sunk in that I was going to have a cunt between my legs!. I was hyperventilating, holding my throbbing panty crotch and staring at my ripe breasts as I heard a car. I desperately waved it down and this time it stopped.

It was a young surfer, who saw my breasts and thought himself lucky. I clambered in before he saw my true situation and I screamed at him to drive me to a hospital, that the panties were trying to turn me into a girl and that I had to get them off.

Half in shock and with one eye looking at my writhing form on the back seat and one eye on the road he began to drive. I could really feel my penis and balls changing now, at an alarming rate and I began to scream 'oh god! Please, no please I am becoming a girl! I can feel the changes! It's too fast! You have to get them off me!!! I will have a fucking cunt before we get to a hospital!!! Ohhh god noooooo!!!!'.

The boy stopped and ran to the back, opening the passenger door. I was spread eagled on the back seat, with my throbbing panties revealing a radically different looking crotch upon deflation. My back arched and I felt my hips widen.

I screamed at the boy to get the panties off me, but he backed away in horror and just watched. 'Oh please, please - help me my balls, my balls!!!!' and I felt a popping pain as my balls finally became absorbed into my abdominal cavity. The throbbing continued and all I could say was 'my penis - oh god, it's going!!! Nooooo!!!!' as it shrank with each throb to nothing.

I now looked so much like a girl, my back arched again, my legs spread and with my crotch high in the air, covered by a throbbing pair of vulvoid panties, I felt the worst sensation imaginable... Parting skin and forming lips. I did not have to see it to know I was developing labia lips, both inner and outer. My sex change had reached an irreversible position, and while I screamed 'girl!!! Oh no - I can feel the fucking mouth between my legs... You bastard! Why didn't you stop them... ? I'm a girl!!!! Ooooohhhhhh... Vagina!!!! Oh god I feel it... I feel it... Noooooo! It's so invasive!!! It's like a mouth!!!! Noooooo!!!! A Throat between my legs!!!! No... I'm a girl!!!!'. As I screamed this, my vagina pushed inside my body.

I lay shaking thinking it over when I felt a wave of sexual tension in a most horrific form as my clitoris also formed. The panties suddenly stopped and I grabbed the panty covered mound in my hand and felt a cunt - my cunt. I slipped my hand under the now released panty fabric and felt a flat lipped void where my penis and balls once was. I spread my legs and grabbed the foul mound, pulling my panties to my knees and sobbing as I saw and felt the vulva I now sported where my manhood once stood. I had become a girl!

I began to cry uncontrollably knowing that my life had changed forever. At that moment the same van that had originally picked me up pulled up with the same two men in it. With a sick laugh the men jumped from the cab.

"Welcome to the club" one of them said. "Nice snatch!" said the other.

The poor boy who had picked me up began to understand that he was in trouble. One of the men punched him to the ground and began to push him into the van saying "when this bitch is ready - I'm going to enjoy watching you become a girl!".

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