Long Road to Understanding
Chapter 1: Going Black in Las Vegas

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, BiSexual, Cheating, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, Black Couple, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Going Black in Las Vegas - George and Marsha take a vacation in Las Vegas and thus begins the adventures that will finally bring George clarity to things he never understood.

I couldn't believe she had set this all up by herself and especially that she had decided to go to Vegas instead of the beach resort she was always trying to sell me on. I asked her what made her decide to go to Vegas and she said that some of her friends at work had told her how much fun it was and that it could actually be cheaper to go to Las Vegas and stay at a great hotel than to go to the beach and stay at a mediocre hotel.

I wasn't about to argue with her, I had always wanted to go to Las Vegas but Marsha showed very little interest and always suggested that we go to a beach resort for our first vacation. But after two years of talking about where we should go, I came home form work one evening to find that Marsha had planned a vacation for us and to my great surprise, we were going to Vegas. She had purchased the airline tickets, made hotel reservations at Mandalay Bay and had even purchased show tickets for the Blue Man Group.

It was to be the first real vacation we had been on in the five years we had been married. We had both been working hard to establish our careers, mine as the manager of a large electronics store and Marsha's as a purchasing agent for a chain of department stores. I had been talking about taking a vacation for the last two years but it was Marsha that finally made it happen.

So three weeks later on a Sunday afternoon, we arrived in Las Vegas. Being from Boston neither of us was prepared for the extreme heat of the Mojave Desert in July, but the hotel was beautiful and we were soon lounging by the pool drinking strawberry margaritas.

Perhaps now would be a good time to give you a little background on Marsha and myself. My name is George Stanley and as I stated earlier Marsha and I have been married for five years. We met right after college at a party at a mutual friends house.

Marsha is tall, nearly six feet tall, and I spotted her across the room as she was talking to a group of people. With her blonde hair, blue eyes and nicely proportioned body I was attracted to her immediately, but so were most of the other guys in the place. Luckily I was one of the few men at the party that wasn't with a date and Marsha was also by herself so it wasn't long before I was able to find an excuse to go talk to her.

Now I wish I could say that it was love at first sight or that we at least hit it off immediately but that isn't the way it happened at all. At that first meeting Marsha thought I was arrogant and she told me so, and I thought she was too stiff and told her that as soon as I was sure that there was no chance that I would be able to get her into bed that night.

Over the next month we ran into each other several times at different parties and we pretty much ignored each other. Then one night as I was waiting in a bar for some friends I saw Marsha sitting by herself. She had a drink in front of her but there was no evidence that anyone was with her. She looked kind of sad sitting there and I wondered why she would be there drinking by herself. Did she have a drinking problem? Or, maybe she told her date that he was arrogant and he dumped her.

I couldn't very well stand at the bar and pretend that I didn't see her there so I went over to speak with her. I said hello and she snapped her head around to look at me and said, "Oh, it's you."

There was no warmth in the way she said it and frankly it pissed me off a little to be dismissed so tersely. I was about to be a jerk and say, "I see you have a big date tonight with Jack Daniels. I'll bet he can make all your dreams come true." but before I could open my mouth Marsha said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that the way it sounded. It's just that I was waiting for someone and when I heard you speak... well I was hoping... I guess I was a little disappointed and I was not able hide it when I spoke to you."

I quickly changed my tack and said, "That's okay. No harm done. Well if you are expecting a date I will move down the bar so that I don't cause any problems."

She said, "It's no problem. It doesn't look like he is coming. It appears that I have been stood up."

I actually felt a little bad for her and before I though about what I should do I found myself saying, "I am meeting some friends her for drinks then we are going out to dinner. Why don't you join me?"

Marsha said, "I don't think I would be very good company and I don't want to intrude."

I said, "You wouldn't be intruding and what else do you have to do. Go home? Sit here and get drunk? You can not believe that an evening with me would be so bad that you would chose to sit home by yourself rather that have dinner with me. Besides, this will give us both a chance to improve on the first impressions we made on each other."

To my surprise and also to my delight, Marsha accepted.

I could tell that Marsha was upset that she had been stood up by her date but we had a good time in spite of that and by the time I took her home I think I was already beginning to fall in love with her. When we got to her apartment Marsha invited me in for a cup of coffee.

We sat on the sofa and talked for a while then I asked her if the guy that stood her up was someone she had been seeing for a while. Rather than answer me, Marsha just leaned her head against my shoulder and buried her face against my chest.

I couldn't tell if she was crying or not, as she was very still. I liked the way she felt against my chest and the way her hair smelled so I was content to hold her. After several minutes Marsha pulled her head back and look at me, then she kissed me. It was a gently kiss at first but then she seemed to put more passion into it which ignited my libido and I responded with even more passion of my own.

Soon we were pulling each other's clothes off and almost before I could comprehend what was happening I had one of Marsha's creamy white breasts in my hand and I was sucking on her nipple.

I couldn't believe things were moving that fast and I was afraid that I would do the wrong thing and ruin everything but by that time I was so horny I was ready to risk everything to get inside her. I remember that I held my breath as I started to slide my hand up under Marsha's skirt. I didn't know what I would do if she stopped me and fortunately she didn't. When my hand reached the intersection between her wonderful thighs I could feel the steamy heat from her sex right through the thin cotton the separated my fingers from her most private place.

I was wondering if she would allow me to pleasure her orally as I slipped my hand inside her panties and began to slowly press one finger into the valley of her vulva. As soon as my finger penetrated her tunnel I felt her wetness and she moved her hips slightly to accept the penetration of her vagina.

As I was marveling at how sexually aroused she was I became aware of her hands opening my pants. When she began pushing my pants down I lifted my hips a little to help and as soon as she had my pants down she began stroking my cock and with no hesitation at all she took me into her mouth.

I don't know how we did it but we managed to move around on the sofa until we were lying in opposite directions and she had not once taken my cock from her mouth. While Marsha continued doing wonderful things to my cock, I pulled her skirt up over her hips and pulled her panties down. I began kissing and licking my way up Marsha's thigh and as I got closer to the center of her sex, Marsha spread her legs to give me more room.

I hesitated for a moment to enjoy the view of her beautiful full bush of light brown hair and the sight of her natural juices spread all over her labia. Then I pressed my mouth against her soft mound and entered her with my tongue. This seemed to trigger an orgasm in her, but in spite of the spasms of pleasure coursing through her body, Marsha still managed to keep my cock locked deep in her mouth.

She had brought me nearly to climax when I finally had to pull away from her. I would like to have given her my load but more than that I wanted to get my cock into her wonderful pussy.

Marsha led me into her bedroom and then climbed on the bed and spread her legs in invitation to me. I wasted no time in climbing on top and pressing myself inside her. The feeling of her hot moist vagina wrapped around my engorged cock was almost too much for me. It took all of the self-control I could gather to keep from climaxing immediately. I managed to last a wonderful ten minutes, during which time I was able to give Marsha another orgasm. All in all I was pretty proud of my performance.

After my climax we laid in each other's arms for a long time. When I started to get up to get dressed Marsha said, "Can you stay a while longer? I want to feel you inside me again."

I certainly could not say no to that invitation so I stayed the whole night, and we have been together ever since. In all the time since then, Marsha never mentioned the guy that stood her up that night. I was pretty proud of myself that in one night on hot sex I was able to erase that other guy from her life.

I mentioned before that in the first five years of our marriage we both were working very hard to establish our careers. This kept us for going on vacations and doing a lot of other things but it never interfered with our sex life. We had sex often and always with a great deal of passion and inventiveness. As part of our sex play Marsha likes me to talk dirty to her. The hotter she is the dirtier she likes it. She likes me to say things like "I am going to fuck that hot cunt of yours," or "I'll bet you wish you had more than one big cock to play with tonight." Some nights, just the dirty talk was enough to bring her to the edge of orgasm.

That brings us back to Las Vegas. After lounging around the pool for a couple of hours we headed up to our room for a shower and a romp in the sheets. As I was sucking on Marsha's nipples I said, "Do you want me to stick my big hard cock into your dripping cunt and fuck you till you pass out?"

In a passionate whisper Marsha said, "Yes, I want you to stick that big cock of yours in my hot pussy."

I said, "When I am done fucking you, if you haven't had enough I will go out into the street and find another guy to fuck you. Would that make you happy?"

Marsha played along by saying, "Oh yes, I would love that. Maybe you could get a big black man to fuck me. I would love to have a big black cock in my hot cunt."

I once asked Marsha if she had fantasies about other men having sex with her. She said, "Of course I do. Not because I want anyone other than you, it's just fun to think about."

I asked, "When you have these fantasies do you think about having sex with black men?"

She said, "They are just fantasies. Nothing for you to get upset about."

Actually I wasn't upset at all. I like talking about her having sex with other men. For some reason it kind of excited me, and I knew that it was just fantasy for both of us.

After sex we slept for a couple of hours and then showered and got ready to go out for the evening. We had a nice dinner at the House of Blues then headed into the casino.

We played around with the slot machines for while then we sat down at a black jack table. I was trying to teach Marsha the basic strategy of the game when I noticed that a black guy sitting at the table on the other side of the pit from us was looking at me. He was about six feet four inches tall, just an inch taller than me, he was well built and I guess he would be considered handsome. There was something about him that looked familiar but I didn't think I knew him, but he seemed to be looking at me as if he knew me. It was about the third time I looked over at him I caught him looking at me again. I could see that there was a look of recognition in his face but I was sure I didn't know him.

After a while I forgot about the guy and started concentrating on the game. Suddenly he was standing next to me. When I turned to look at him he said, "Have we met before?"

I said, "I don't think so but you do look familiar."

He said, "My name is Leon Brown. I'm from Boston."

I said, "I am also from Boston, my name is George Stanley."

He said, "So, we must have met somewhere or we both wouldn't be staring at each other like this. Maybe it was at work. I am a salesman for a luggage company. I sell to stores all over the northeast."

I said, "We wouldn't have met that way, I don't carry luggage in my store. I manage the Apex Electronics store in Cambridge."

Leon said, "That's it then. I shop in your store. I must have seen you in there." Leon turned away from me and I heard he say, "Chilly, come over here."

Suddenly a very attractive woman appeared next to Leon. She was about five feet six inches tall and had a great body. Her skin was slightly lighter than milk chocolate and was flawless. Leon said, "George this is my wife Chillina, but I call her Chilly." Leon turned to his wife and said, "George is from Boston and he manages that Apex Electronics store where I bought the TV and stereo last year. Small world isn't it?"

By that time Marsha had become aware of my visitors and stepped out of her chair to see whom I was talking to. So I introduced her to Leon and Chilly.

As the dealer sat waiting for us we chatted with Leon and Chilly for a couple of minutes until Leon said, "Chilly and I have a dinner appointment in ten minutes so we have to run. Any chance that you could meet us for a drink later?"

I said, "Sure, where and when?"

Leon pointed to one of the bars in the casino and said they would meet us their in two hours.

As they left I commented to Marsha that it was pretty funny that I ran into someone that I almost knew the first night in Vegas. Marsha laughed and said, "Almost knew? You may have seen him in your store once or twice and you didn't know who he was, now you are acting like you ran into an old friend."

I said, "What? Should I have turn down the invitation to have a drink with them?"

"No. We can have a drink with them. I just think your reaction to this is funny."

"I guess it is a little funny at that."

We continued to play black jack for a couple of hours and actually left the table about a hundred dollars ahead. Actually Marsha, who I was teaching how to play, won $110 and I lost $10. After we cashed in our chips Marsha and I went to the bar to wait for Leon and Chilly.

Marsha and I had just sat down at a table when Leon and Chilly came in. As soon as they sat down we ordered drinks and began chatting like old friends. I asked Leon if they were in Vegas for business or pleasure and he said, "Actually both."

I said, "Are you attending a conference or business show or something like that?"

Leon looked at Chilly and smiled at her then said, "Actually we are here to plan a vacation."

Marsha said, "You came to Vegas to plan a vacation?"

Chilly said, "Yes. There is a club back in Boston that we belong to, and once a year thirty or forty of us go on a vacation together. Each year one of the couples in the club has to set up the vacation for the rest of the club. This year it is our turn. We have to chose the place, arrange for hotel accommodations and negotiate the room rate, arrange for transportation to and from the airport, and arrange for other entertainment, in this case show tickets for a couple of the big shows here."

Leon said, "It's a lot of work but as the hosts of the trip, Chilly and I get to go free."

I said, "That sounds great. You get to go on a free vacation to a location of your choice."

Leon said, "That's right, and tonight the hotel manager here at the Mandalay bought us dinner while we discussed the details of our club event."

Marsha asked, "What is this club you belong to?"

Leon looked at Chilly with that same smile I saw earlier and then turn back to Marsha and said, "You'll have to ask me about that later, after I have had a few drinks."

For the next hour and a half we swapped stories and jokes. We had about four rounds of drinks and I was feeling no pain. I could tell by the shine in Leon's eyes and the big grin on his face that he was pretty well oiled too. So I asked him. "You said to ask you about your club after you had a few drinks, so now I am asking. What kind of club is it?"

Leon leaned in over the table and look around to make sure no one was listening in on our conversation and said, "It's a swingers club."

I laughed and said, "A swingers club? You are kidding?"

Leon said, "Quiet. I don't want to tell the world. Yes, we are members of one of the oldest and I think the best swingers clubs on the east coast."

I was shocked but when I look at Marsha she was smiling as if Leon had said that they belonged to the Rotary club. I guess she just didn't understand what Leon had said so I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, "They are swingers, you know, like wife swapping?"

Marsha's eyes opened wide and all she could say was, "Oh?"

We were all silent for the next couple of minutes until Leon said, "I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable. Don't worry we are not trying to recruit you. It's just that when we meet people we like we like to tell them up front about our life style. It avoids complications and embarrassment later. It also lets people think about whether they might be interested in trying something different and let's them know that Chilly and I are available.

Suddenly the subject became like the elephant in the room. No matter how hard you try you just can't ignore it. We kind of danced around the subject for a few minutes then I had to know. I said, "How did you get into swinging. Did you just one day decided to go join a swingers club?"

Leon laughed and said, "Oh no. It was a gradual thing at first. Chilly and I love each other very much but I knew shortly after we married that sex with one woman was not going to be enough for me so I started cheating. Chilly found out and I nearly lost her. She decided that she needed to get even so she had an affair and then came home crying and confessed everything to me.

"We talked it through and we both came to the same conclusion. We didn't like to cheat on each other but we both enjoy having sex with other partners. At first we tried going out separately on dates but that wasn't suitable for us. Then one night we met another couple that told us they were into swinging and they asked us if we would join them in their home for an evening of sex.

"I asked him if he meant that all of us would be together in the same room having sex and he said that we could do it that way or go to separate rooms. Well Chilly and I talked it over and decided to accept there invitation and we went to their house and the four of us had sex in their bedroom. Seeing Chilly having sex with another man became a big turn on for me."

Chilly said, "For us. It was a big turn on for both of us. When ever we swing we are always both in the room."

Leon continued, "Gradually we meet more partners and finally we met a couple that belonged to the club and they invited us to join. That was four years ago."

I asked, "What is the name of this club?"

Leon said, "Sorry, I can not tell you that. Only members know the name. When we talk about it with nonmembers we just refer to it as The Club."

We talked about "The Club" for another half hour and then realizing that it was after midnight, which meant that it was 3:00 AM Boston time Marsha and I decided that we should get some sleep. As we got ready to leave Chilly said, "The hotel gave us the use of a suit while we are here arranging our club even, so if you two would like to... ah... would like to join us in our suit one night this week, we would love to have you."

Leon said, "That's right. We would enjoy that very much."

I was beginning to get a little uneasy about their invitation. I had no idea how to respond to something like that without either sounding like an idiot or worse yet offending Chilly and Leon, so I quickly said good night and hustled Marsha out of the bar. When we got into the elevator I said, "Well that was a pretty strange evening wasn't it?"

Marsha put her hand on my crotch and said, "It sure was, but I'll bet a part of you would like a chance to get in Chilly's pants."

I couldn't deny that I was aroused a little by the conversation so I laughed and said, "No more than the part of you that would like to have Leon in your pants."

We both laughed about that all the way back to our room.

By the time I was ready for bed I thought I would be asleep in a matter of seconds but as Marsha and I cuddled in bed we both began to get amorous and soon I had my cock buried in Marsha's hot pussy. I was moving in and out of her slowly and I said, "I'll bet Leon will be the black man in your fantasies from now on."

Marsha responded with, "And who will you be dreaming of? When was the last time any woman other then me invited you to have sex with her, and she did it right in front of me."

I said, "That invitation was for both of us and was made in front of both of us."

Marsha said, "Well it sure sounded like it was her idea."

I laughed and said, "Maybe we should go to their room tomorrow night and see whose idea it was."

We were just joking but it had a strange effect on us. We had both been very tired but suddenly we had enough energy to have rough sex for the next twenty minutes. This included a lot of dirty talking, which included comments about how, "I would love to see Leon's big black cock pierce your cunt."

Marsha said, "I would enjoy having you watch me fuck Leon while you are fucking Chilly." That was the last thing she said before she climaxed in one big orgasm. When I felt her orgasmic spasms I climaxed and shot my hot load deep inside Marsha's pussy.

Minutes later we were both asleep.

When I woke up in the morning Marsha was still asleep, so I lay there thinking about Chilly and wondered what it would be like to have sex with her and by the time Marsha woke I had a very stiff erection. I quickly slipped into the bathroom and showered so that Marsha wouldn't see my condition.

Neither of us mentioned the sex from the night before or Leon and Chilly during a leisurely breakfast. Afterward we went to the spa for a message. It was after lunch as we were lying in the sun at the wave pool that Marsha said, "Were you thinking about Chilly this morning?"

I said, "No, why do you ask?"

"Because I saw your hard cock when you got out of bed this morning. I just assumed that you must have been fantasizing about her."

She caught me and I didn't know how to respond so I made a joke out of it. "I wasn't thinking about Chilly, I was thinking about you having sex with Leon."

"Bull shit."

I said, "Are you jealous? How can you be jealous of Chilly? I don't rally even know her and I am not going to have sex with her."

"Well maybe you should. You know you want to."

"This isn't funny anymore."

"I'm sorry. I was just teasing you. I saw that erection you were sporting this morning and I have to admit I wondered what it would be like to watch you stick it into Chilly."

"Are you sure you are not jealous?"

"Absolutely. If you don't believe me, why don't we go to Leon and Chilly's room tonight and see which one of us is jealous?"

I said, "Are you serious?"


"You are really serous?"

"I said I was didn't I?"

"Okay, I will call your bluff, I will do it."

"Are you sure?"

"I will go along with what ever you decide. I don't feel that I need to do this, but I have to admit that I am curious about what it would be like."

Marsha said, "Me too."

So later that day I called Leon and asked if the invitation was still open. Leon said, "Absolutely. We would love to have you join us tonight. When would you like to come up?"

I told Leon that Marsha and I had tickets for the Blue Man Group that evening and we would come to their room after the show. Leon said that would be fine.

For some reason I spent the rest of the day in a semi-aroused state. Once I told Marsha That I had talked to Leon and it was all set we did not talk about it again until we were leaving at the end of the Blue Man Group show.

As we walked back over to the Mandalay from the Luxor, I asked Marsha if she was ready to go up to Leon and Chilly's room. I half expected Marsha to say she changed her mind and didn't want to go to their room. Marsha response was, "Not yet. I need to go up to our room and freshen up a little first. My panties are so wet now I am surprised you can't smell me. Besides, I would like to put on some sexier underwear."

The though of Marsha's panties being wet gave me an instant hard-on, which was making it difficult to walk. When we were finally on an elevator headed up to our room, luckily we were alone. I slipped my hand up Marsha's dress and pressed my fingers against her pussy. She wasn't kidding her panties were wet. All I could say was, "Wow."

She said, "I told you I was wet. I have been dripping all evening. I know I should not, but I find this whole thing very exciting."

When we got to our room, Marsha let me watch as she washed her pussy and used her herbal scented hair conditioner on her pubic hair. Then she put on a sexy pair of white lace panties and a matching bra.

I said, "I thought you would wear your black panties, you know the ones I'm talking about. I think they are sexier than these white ones."

Marsha said, "I chose the white because Leon is black. I like the idea of the contrast between his skin and the white of my bra and panties."

I didn't say another word as I watched Marsha put on a short skirt and a silky blouse that buttoned up the front. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, "Let's go."

She looked great and she knew it.

When I knocked on the door Leon opened it. He was dressed in a robe with the hotel name on it. He shook my hand and welcomed us in, and then he kissed Marsha on the cheek. As I stepped into the room the first thing that struck me was the view. The suite had large windows all along one wall that looked out over the strip to the north and the airport to the east. There was a large living room area to the right and a small dining area to the left. The suite apparently had two bedrooms, one on the north side of the suite and the other on the south side. It was very impressive.

Leon said that Chilly would be out in a minute then he invited us to sit in the living room and brought out a bottle of wine. As he was pouring the wine, Chilly came out of the north bedroom and like Leon, she was dressed in a hotel robe. Chilly sat down across from me and when she crossed her legs, her robe opened to give me a very nice view of her light chocolate thighs. I also noticed that her robe wasn't closed tightly at the top, which gave me a peek at her breasts as she leaned forward to pick up her wine glass.

Leon, still standing, held up his wine glass and said, "Here's to us. May this be an enjoyable evening for all."

We all drank to that, then Leon sat down and we chatted about everything, it seems, except why we were in their room. We told them about how much we enjoyed The Blue Group performance and suggested that they should see it.

Leon said, "The Blue Group is one of the shows we planned for the Club's vacation."

After a couple more glasses of wine, Leon put some music on and asked Marsha to dance. I watched as they began a slow dance and talked to each other. Then I realized that I should be dancing with Chilly and immediately jumped to my feet and held my hand out to her.

As we began dancing I quickly forgot about Marsha and Leon and got involved talking to Chilly. After just a few minutes I looked over at Marsha and found them in a deep embrace. I could tell that Leon had his tongue deep inside Marsha's mouth. It shocked me a little to see her kissing this man like that but I didn't feel any jealously. Instead, I turned back to Chilly and kissed her. I found her to be more than willing to return my kiss and we too were soon locked in a deep embrace.

As we continue to kiss I ran my hands down Chilly's back and placed them on her buttocks and pulled her tight so that she would feel my erection. Then I peeked over at Marsha and Leon to see if she was all right. They were standing together and leaning against the wall. Leon had his arms around Marsha and was whispering in her ear. At first I could not see where Marsha's hands were, but then I spotted them. I couldn't be sure but it appeared that Marsha had her hands inside Leon's robe was stroking his cock.

I felt my breath catch in my chest and I wondered for a moment if I should put an end to this whole thing, but then Chilly stuck her tongue in my ear, then said, "Why don't we go into the bedroom and get more comfortable." To accentuate her point she reached down and squeezed my cock. This took my mind off Marsha and Leon, and I followed Chilly into the bedroom.

The bedroom had two queen-sized beds, two chairs and to the left just inside the door was the bathroom. One wall of the bedroom was a large window that provided a view north along the strip. With the drapes opened and the room lights off, there was enough light coming in through the windows to light the room sufficiently for our needs.

Chilly led me to the bed farthest from the door and then let her robe slip from her shoulders and then she helped my get undressed. Both naked, we got on the bed and began caressing each other. I loved the feel of Chilly's skin and the way she smelled, a combination of soap, perfume and her own natural scent. We had begun with deep tongue kissing and I had worked my way down to her breasts and I was sucking on her nipples when the bedroom door opened and Marsha came in followed by Leon.

I noted that Leon's robe was open and as he removed it I could clearly see that his cock was fully erect. As he turned to put his robe on one of the chairs the light coming through the window hit his massive tool at just the right angle to allow me to see that his shaft was wet. I guessed that Marsha must have been sucking his cock just before they came into the room. That bothered me a little. It seemed foolish, after all I knew why we were it their room in the first place, but somehow Marsha's sucking his cock when they were in the other room almost felt like she was cheating on me.

Then I noticed that Marsha's blouse was already completely unbuttoned and my concern increased. I was again having difficulty breathing when Marsha removed her blouse and I could see that her bar had already been unhooked, followed by the shock of having her drop her skirt to the floor and revealing that her panties were already gone.

For a moment I had to roll onto my back to try and recover from the shock. That is when Chilly came to my aid. I don't know if she recognized that I needed help or just thought that my rolling on to my back meant that I want her to pleasure me orally, but she quickly took my cock into her mouth and soon he me thinking happy thoughts again.

As Chilly got me fully aroused again I positioned a couple of pillows under my head so that I could watch Marsha and Leon. I watched as Leon's black head dropped down between Marsha's creamy white things and I no longer felt any pain from it. I actually found the scene to be quite erotic.

After giving me a few minutes of her oral magic, Chilly turned around so that her pussy was just above my head, then she took my cock back into her mouth. For a moment I marveled at the contrast of the bright pink of the inside of Chilly's pussy and the chocolate color of the surrounding skin. Then I put my hands on her hips and guided her pussy to my mouth. As soon as I stuck my tongue inside, her sweet juices began to flow into my mouth.

It took me less than five minutes to bring Chilly to orgasm. Once her orgasm passed she turned around and sat down on me so that she could take my cock inside her hot love tunnel then she leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "I'll do the work and you can watch as Leon puts his big black piece of meat into your wife. I think you will find it exciting to watch.

Chilly was right. As she bounced up and down on my cock I watched Leon and Marsha.

When I looked over at them, Leon had just climbed up on the bed and was holding his massive tool in front of Marsha's face. I could see now that Leon's cock was at least two inches longer than mine, and a littler thicker also. I watched as Marsha took hold of the long black shaft with both hands and then guided it into her mouth. I expected that she would have trouble sucking a cock that size but she didn't seem to have any problem at all. I figured that she must have been so aroused by then that she would have been able to handle just about anything.

Watching Leon's cock sliding in and out of Marsha's mouth gave me an unexpected desire, that was to see that big black tube of meat sliding in and out of Marsha's pink pussy.

I didn't have to wait long to get me wish. After just a few minutes of having his cock kissed, licked and sucked, Leon pulled away from Marsha and without either of them saying a word, Marsha got up on her hands and knees and backed her herself up to Leon.

My sexual tension was building quickly now as I watched Leon take his cock in one hand and hold Marsha's ass with the other, and then he rubbed the head of his cock against Marsha's wet labia. As her vaginal lips separated, Leon began to slide that big black cock of his into my wife's pussy.

I couldn't believe that I was actually watching my wife taking another man's cock in her pussy and I was enjoying it. I guess that fact that I had my cock buried in a beautiful black woman's pussy at the time didn't hurt.

I was able to hold off my orgasm until I saw Leon pump a load of his hot semen into Marsha. As Leon's cock was spewing his load into her, Marsha looked over at me with what I can only describe as a very satisfied look on her face and smiled at me.

At that point I pulled Chilly down on top of me and rolled over so that I was on top of her and I began to stroke my cock into her hard and fast until I exploded inside her hot tunnel.

When it was over I collapsed on the bed next to Chilly and looked over at Leon and Marsha. They were doing the same thing. Just resting trying to recover from some very intense sexual activity.

A few minutes later Chilly got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I soon felt the urge myself so I headed off to the bathroom in the other bedroom.

When I finished pissing I washed up a little and headed back to the other bedroom. I thought that Marsha and Leon would be up and getting dressed by the time I got back but I got a surprise instead. When I entered the bedroom, Chilly was still in the bathroom and I found Marsha curled on the bed so that her head was on Leon's belly and she was sucking on his flaccid, cum covered cock.

When I saw this I felt that same feeling I had earlier when they first came into the bedroom and had been evident that Marsha had been sucking his cock while they were in the living room. I can't explain why it bothered me so much, after all, isn't sex the reason we were in Leon and Chilly's suite in the first place?

I guess what bothered me even more was that Marsha didn't seem to mind that I was in the room watching them. So I sat on the other bed and continued to watch. I was beginning to have mixed emotions, first of all I was upset that Marsha was sucking Leon's cock but then I was also getting aroused as I watched them. I figured it must just be that I was jealous that she was sucking his cock instead of mine.

I was still staring at Marsha when I became aware that Chilly had come back into the room. She sat next to me on the bed and started biting my ear while she rubbed her hand on my pants and said, "I see watching gets you excited. I bet you would like our club meetings."

I had just turned to look at Chilly when I heard Leon say that he was ready to climax, so I turned to watch as he discharged his full load into Marsha's mouth. Marsha never took he mouth off his cock until it stopped pumping out his semen and even then she continued to lick and suck him until he was clean.

When Marsha finally let Leon's cock drop from her mouth he slid off the bed and went into the bathroom. Chilly got off the bed and went over and whispered something to Marsha and I saw Marsha nod her head in affirmation. Both women came over to me and started to remove my pants. I decided not to fight them. When they had me pants off Chilly told me to lie down and when I did the two of them began to take turns sucking my cock.

Suddenly I was in heaven, the concerns I had earlier were gone and I was enjoying the pleasure these two beautiful women were giving me.

When Leon came back into the room he sat down on the other bed and watched. I saw him begin to stroke his cock as he enjoyed the show in front of him.

I was surprised to see how fast he was able to recover. He had already climaxed twice and he was hard and ready to go again, and as the two women continued to take turns on my cock, Leon stepped up behind Chilly and pushed the full length of his shaft into his wife's pussy.

Things went on this way for a few minutes then Leon pulled Chilly away to the other bed and then Marsha climbed up on the bed with me and I pushed my stiff cock inside her.

I don't know who climaxed when. All I know is that after I shot my load into Marsha I fell asleep. I woke up about an hour later to find Marsha asleep with her head on my chest.

As I began to move Marsha woke up and when we looked around the room Leon and Chilly were no longer with us, so we got cleaned up and dressed and as quietly as possible we left the suite and returned to our own room.

We slept late that morning and when we got up I didn't know what to say to Marsha about the previous night. I guess she didn't know what to say either, because she didn't say a word for quite a while. I was beginning to worry until Marsha finally said, "If I ask you a question do you promise to tell me the truth no matter what it is?"

I said, "Yes, or at least I'll try." I had no idea what she might ask.

Marsha said, "Was she better than me?'


"Was Chilly better than me?"

I said, "No, absolutely not. She was a great lover but not as good with me as you are."

"You are not just saying that so that I will not feel bad are you?"

"Of course not."

I said, "What about Leon? Was he better than me? You seemed to have a very good time with him last night."

Marsha said, "Well, I have to admit that having sex with Leon with you watching was very exciting but you are the best lover I could ever ask for."

It surprised me to find out that Marsha had been as jealous of me with Chilly as I had been about her with Leon. I said, "Remember this was your idea not mine."

Marsha said, "I am not complaining, but I want you to know that I did this for you. I knew that you would enjoy having sex with another woman and I always sensed from things you said to me during sex that you might like to watch me with another man. I won't lie and say that I did not enjoy it too, but I didn't know that I would and it isn't something we ever have to do again."

I smiled at Marsha and said, "We don't have to make any decisions about that right now. Remember, in case the mood ever does hit us again, Leon and Chilly do live in Boston.

Later that day Leon called us and asked if we had enjoyed our night with them. I didn't lie to him, I said, "I think I speak for both of us when I say that we had a truly sexually gratifying evening but we still are not sure how we feel about what we did."

Leon said, "That's not unusual. We felt the same way after our first time. Chilly and I will leave you alone. When you get back to Boston, if you ever want to try this again, just give us a call." Then he gave me his phone number, which I wrote down and put into my wallet.

Neither Marsha nor I talked about our night with Leon and Chilly for the rest of our vacation. All I can say about the rest of that vacation is that we had a very good time and we had some great sex, even without Leon and Chilly.

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