Party of the First Part
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Slut Wife, Swinging, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Four ordinary couples meet for an ordinary neighborhood dinner. When the hosts suggest playing some "adult" games, the party becomes anything but ordinary. Before the evening ends, every person has acted out their most pent up passions and fondest fantasies. This tale slowly unwinds as the characters together fall further and further into sexual debauchery.

Joyce Jones' face still burned as she guided her big black Lexus into the quietude of her garage. She never would have expected to be embarrassed at a wedding shower, but the one from which she had just returned was naughty by design. Showers that she had attended in the past sometimes featured wicked lingerie or naughty games, but today's event had been outright pornography. The games were appalling and the party favors were even worse.

Joyce switched off her car's engine, pressed the small button that closed her garage door, and slid her hand under the overcoat on the seat beside her. Within her closed garage, she finally felt safe enough to examine the calendar that she had won during one of the party games. A muscular, young man with the largest penis Joyce had ever seen graced the calendar's cover. Wearing only a broad smile, he leaned nonchalantly against a rustic barn door. His piercing cobalt blue eyes seemed to penetrate Joyce's very soul. Even though she knew that she was alone, her guilt caused her to take a precautionary look around before examining the calendar further.

Joyce ran one of her stylishly fake fingernails along the edge of the calendar, splitting open its protective plastic wrapper. Slowly she opened the shocking almanac to January. Involuntarily, her jaw dropped and her hands trembled at the sight of another young man, this one indolently reclining on an overstuffed coach. Joyce immediately focussed on the man's boyishly hairless body and flaccid cock that almost reached his knees. Great purple veins crisscrossed the bluish member and a large mushroom-shaped bulb adorned its tip.

Joyce stared at the photo trying in vain to detect some sort of camera trickery. In her rather sheltered personal experience she had never seen anything quite like this. She flipped back to the cover picture and once again those blue eyes looked straight into her.

Joyce had married Alan Jones, collegiate class president and campus leader, during her freshman year in college. She knew from the start that her future was bright with Alan, and, sure enough, it was. He now was one of only two orthodontists in their small city and operated a very successful practice. Throughout undergraduate and dental schools, Joyce had been the model supportive wife and partner for Alan. In return, he seemed to appreciate and adore her. Alan's only problem now was boredom. The monotony of his practice had caused him to drink and that drinking lead to more dependence on alcohol.

Joyce had been a virgin on their wedding night and, until recently, had never even thought about sex with anyone other than Alan. He always had been a considerate, caring lover and she invariably had tried to please him. Joyce instinctively knew that their sex life was rather conventional. She always had been content with an occasional orgasm for herself and she was pleased that Alan seemed to enjoy their lovemaking, although of late his drinking had interfered often with their love life.

It was not until she began to hear some of her bridge club friends gossip about their sexual exploits that she realized just how conservative her sex life had been. A few of her friends' stories had even sent sexually charged chills through Joyce as she listened. Such secret pleasures both exhilarated and troubled her.

One of her bridge-playing friends, Anne Lewis, had commented on several occasions about how much she liked men with large penises-cocks, Anne called them-including that of her husband, Bart. Joyce always had thought Anne's reports of large size and larger sensation were exaggerated, at least until now. The calendar photos were proof that such cocks indeed did exist. This new revelation created entirely new notions of fantasy and fact for Joyce, particularly her fantasies. As she thumbed through the newly acquired calendar, her imagination brimmed with racy thoughts and feelings.

Mr. October's photo elicited a particularly large sexual charge from deep within Joyce. He was a black man whose cock was darkest brown. It stood out from his body as if it was somehow cantilevered forward. It was not as lengthy as some of the others pictured, but it was massive in its thickness. Vivid images of such a man, his cock hovering between her own widespread legs, sprang into Joyce's active mind. Her pussy began to tingle at the thought.

God, that would tear me... or someone... apart, she mused. I know I couldn't get it all inside. I wonder what that would feel like.

The darkness of the cock and of the man haunted her as well. Finally the twinges of excitement that danced within Joyce's pussy could no longer be ignored. She had this maddening urge to touch herself. In a sudden moment of repentance, Joyce guiltily shoved the calendar back into the folds of her coat and hopped out of her car.

A few moments later, she lay in her Jacuzzi-styled bathtub with one of the jets focused directly on her sensitive pussy. The blast of water against her most private spot created wonderful sensations. Typically, she would only enjoy the water's touch for a few moments before contritely turning away. This time she closed her eyes and, with visions of giant cocks dancing in her head, she allowed the tongue of water to ease her up to and over the orgasmic edge.

"Honey, I'm home," shouted Jack Richmond as he strolled into his uncharacteristically empty kitchen. Sally, his wife of 10 years, normally would have been there busily preparing dinner. Jack tossed his coat at the back of the den's couch, picked up a pile of mail, and more or less fell into his favorite leather chair. He was exhausted after a long day of drilling and filing at his dentist office.

"Happy Birthday, baby!"

Startled, Jack looked toward origin of the voice. There standing in the doorway was his loving wife Sally wearing nothing but a low-slung red ribbon around her waist. A big red bow covered her abdomen with tendrils that pointed downward toward her neatly trimmed blond pubis. One of Sally's hands rested on the door facing, the other on her hip. Her heavy breasts sagged a bit under their own weight. Large, erect nipples stood at attention on the tips of each voluptuous melon.

"My god... it is my birthday. I can't believe that I forgot all about it. And, you are fucking gorgeous," said Jack.

"I'm your present. Wanna unwrap me?" purred Sally.

"Looks as if you are mostly unwrapped already," answered Jack. He drank in Sally's body from top to bottom. Unconsciously, he reached for his crotch and adjusted his hardening cock.

"That a pistol you're carrying? Or, are you just happy to see me?" said Sally in her best Mae West imitation.

"I'm happy... very happy... to see all of you!" answered Jack.

"I've decided to give you a present... something that you always seem to want... but don't get very often... something you will really like," teased Sally looking directly at Jack's bulging crotch.

"Oh, god... that would be fantastic... if, it is what I think it is," moaned Jack.

Sally moved slowly toward Jack. She didn't have the body of a teenager any longer, but she was firm and fit thanks to many hours in the gym. Sally knelt in front of Jack and began to unbuckle his belt.

"And, what do you think it is?" she teased further. She opened his fly and pulled his pants from under his hips.

"Something my wife doesn't often do," he said almost in a whisper.

"Most wives don't do this, but for the birthday boy, anything is possible," said Sally as she pulled down Jack's underwear. Suddenly, Jack's fully erect cock sprang from the confines of his briefs. "Oh my," responded Sally, "what a big boy we have here! What shall I do with this big... thing?"

Jack rested his head back on the chair and closed his eyes. Suddenly, he felt Sally's warm lips close around his aching cock.

"Oh, Jesus!" he muttered.

Sally moved her tight mouth up and down over Jack's cock. Exquisite sensations swept over him. He hoped that they would never end. Without warning, Sally began to lick the sensitive underside of his dick from bottom to top. She moved her tongue up along the shaft, licked around the tip, and back down again. Jack felt a surge of love juice building inside him.

"Oh, that feels so good, doll, soooo fucking good," gasped Jack.

Sally moved her tongue down to the bottom of his shaft and out of the blue sucked one of his balls into her mouth. Jack's eyes popped open. Sally had never done anything like that before.

"Jesus, Sally, where did you learn that?"

"You mean this?" Sally sucked his other testicle into her mouth and lolled it around with her tongue. For Jack, the feeling was excruciatingly sensuous.

"Jesus, yes... that!

"From my bridge group," Sally said nonchalantly. She closed her lips tightly again around Jack's shaft.

"Bridge? You learned about giving head... at BRIDGE!"

Sally allowed Jack's cock to pop from her tender mouth and looked up at him with puppy-dog eyes.

"It's amazing what one can learn while playing cards," she laughed. "Things like this!" Sally began to stroke Jack's cock with her hand while she flicked her tongue around the tip of his cock.

"Shit," cried Jack. "But, who? How?" His eyes rolled back in his head as the electrical sensations fired from his super stiff cock.

"Anne Lewis. She got a little tipsy on champagne last week and spilled the beans about how Bart likes his blowjobs. She says his cock is so big that she sometimes takes the easy way out and sucks him off instead of fucking him."

"Bull shit!" gasped Jack.

"No lie. That's what she said," said Sally defensively.

Jack was completely floored.

"You women sit around the bridge table calmly discussing fucking, how big your husbands' dicks are, and giving head?" said Jack in amazement.

"Well, no, not exactly. Anne just got a little loose-lipped cause she was shit-faced. I thought poor Joyce Jones was going to faint."

"Did Anne mention any other tricks?" said Jack sheepishly.

"Just one," smiled Sally. She unexpectedly snaked her hand under Jack's ass and sneaked a finger up to his ass hole.

"Oh, god!" shouted Jack.

Sally manipulated Jack's anus with one finger while she returned her other hand and her lips to his cock. She felt Jack tense his thighs beneath her. With that cue, she began to furiously stroke up and down his slender shaft while plunging her finger in and out of his spincter.

"Baby, you had better stop cause I'm gonna cum," Jack warned.

He reached for Sally's head to pull her up to his waiting lips-their usual routine at this point in love making. Instead, Sally even more vigorously attacked his cock. Jism began to build within Jack and he braced himself for a huge orgasm.

"Sally!" he shouted.

Sally held on for dear life. The spunk spurted from Jack's cock in three big bursts. Sally felt the hot spray in her mouth with each blast. She prepared herself mentally for a brief moment and then swallowed it all in one gulp. The musky, saltiness tasted much better than she had expected.

Sally removed her mouth just as Jack heaved one last spurt from the tip of his angry red cock. The cum landed squarely on Sally's cheek.

"Happy Birthday, lover," laughed Sally as she wiped away the white jism with a single finger.

"Sweet Jesus, that was good," gasped Jack. "Oh, honey, I love you. That was so fucking fine! Whatever you learn from Anne Lewis from now on is ok with me!"

Sally winked at Jack and put the finger load of cum directly into her mouth. With that, Sally stood and wiggled her ass as she walked back across the room.

Just before she reached the door, she turned and said, "I almost forgot... your brother sent you a birthday present... it is with the rest of the mail." Before Jack could respond, Sally's heart-shaped ass disappeared through the doorway.

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