Angie: The Ordeal
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of Angie, a middle aged woman who discovers a secret desire for domination and sex with a stranger when she is taken against her will. This is the first chapter and her first experience.

Angie left the Mall exit and walked across the dark parking lot toward her car. She was a very attractive young looking, middle aged woman. Angie was less than average height, some might say petite, and full figured with a round feminine figure and a sexy wriggle to her walk that caught mens eyes when she passed. She had and deep brown eyes and dark hair she wore cut short with light frosted tips. She was dressed in an expensive conservative business suit over a sheer white silk blouse and was wearing dark pumps.

She was tired after a long day at work and then shopping afterwards. It was late, the stores were closing and she was carrying a bag containing a few items she picked up on her way home. As she approached her car and fumbled for her keys she did not notice the dark figure waiting between the parked cars in the next aisle. When she got to her car, a late model SUV, she placed her bag on the ground and opened the back door, then put the bag on the back seat. Just as she turned toward the front door, she suddenly felt powerful arms wrap around her from behind and quickly sweep her off her feet. Before she could cry out, a deep, hard male voice in her ear said;

"Don't make a sound, and you won't get hurt... "

Confusion and panic caused her to freeze for a moment and she felt herself being pulled into the back of her car and laid face down across the back seat. She felt her attacker kneel over her and pull her arms behind her. Frozen with terror she heard an unfamiliar raspy, clicking sound and suddenly felt cold hard steel manacles being placed on her wrists.

"Please, don't... ", she whimpered.

But at that instant everything went dark as a black cloth hood was pulled roughly down over her head. She felt her assailant shifting around on the seat and suddenly gloved hands gripped her ankles and she heard the sound of tape being ripped and could feel her legs being bound at the ankles. All this happened in the span of a few seconds and, as quickly as it started, the man left the back seat. She heard him open the door and get into the driver's seat.

The van started and Angie felt it begin to move. Suddenly, fear grips her and her she found her voice, but just as she started to scream, the stereo came on... LOUD!... Harsh, pounding music... Drowning out her cries. Unable to move, face down on the back seat, she felt completely helpless and alone, wondering where she was and not daring to think about what is going to happen.

As she laid on the seat, the music pounding in her ears... Angie's mind was racing... If he only wanted her money or her car he would have taken it at the parking lot... what did he want? A sudden realization came over her. Was he planning on raping her? The thought made her mind reel. The reality of the moment, the feeling of being held helpless by an unknown stranger at once terrified but also somehow... excited her!!!!!

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