Family CampOut
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BiSexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, InLaws, Humiliation, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - happy family camping trip turns into hot 4some incestous action

I have always enjoyed the outdoors. I went camping with my dad for the first time, that I remember, when I was about four. I was really into bugs and stuff, not to mention the wildness that came along with it. I think one reason for my almost instant love for camping and the outdoors was because my stepmother hated it and everything to do with it. She was such a sissy, and I knew my dad and I could spend time alone without her around. I quickly realized that I was a natural born camper. I loved watching the fire crackle and snap into the blackness of night. I loved sleeping under the stars and being so close to nature. The older I got the more I realized that it brought out a raw lust in me and I would enjoy camping forever.

Which brings me to the time at hand. It has been almost two years since I went camping last. Basically because I got married, started a family and have more important responsibilities now. Camping was one of those things that had to be put on the back burner. As much as I hated to do it, I had no choice. Still I longed to be able to once again enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest.

This time I was going to take my family to enjoy it with me. I couldn't wait. I secretly planned our family camping trip. I could feel my hormones rushing throughout my body as I planned and packed. I was so excited, and I knew I just had to call my sister in law and invite her and her husband as well as their kids too. We were gonna have a blast.


"Pam, it's Lisa... Hey listen, Jake and I are planning a camping trip and I would like you, Steve and the kids to come with us. What da ya say??"

" Well Lisa I'll tell ya what, I will have to talk to Steve about it, but I am sure he will say yes. I will let you know later today."

"Okay that sounds great, talk to you then."

I hung up the phone and quickly went back to my packing. I gathered clothes for all three of us as well as towels, blankets and pillows. I walked to the shed and rummaged through piles of junk to found the cooler. After bringing it inside and washing it up a bit, I sat down and made a list of things I would need to pick up from the store. I was just finishing my list when Alex, my son, woke from his nap. I changed him and made him a sandwich for the road, and we were off to the store.

We got back home about an hour later. Alex was curious about everything that was going on. Like most kids he managed to turn the half hour job, of putting stuff into the cooler, into a hour one. I had just finished loading the cooler, and started carrying things to the van when the phone rang.

"Hello..." I said.

"Lisa,... Steve said he would love to go and that we will meet at your house around 4 this afternoon."

I said that was fine and set the phone back into the cradle. My heart raced as I finished loading the van, I was so excited and I knew Jake would be thrilled that they were going.

Ever since Jake and I had gotten married the year before, we enjoyed spending time with Pam and Steve. They were both close to our age and liked doing the same sort of things. Not to mention since we all had kids it was perfect for the kids to play together. I can honestly say that Pam was more of a sister than my own sister and I treasured the times we spent together. I was happy to be part of this family and I know they liked me being in it as well.

Steve pulled their SUV into our driveway a little after 4pm, that day. My heart sank when I realized they didn't have the kids with them.

"What... No kids???" I asked, trying not to sound disappointed.

"Nope we dropped them off at Steve's mom's and she is gonna watch Alex for you guys, we can drop him off on the way"

I just stood there, my mouth open a little, not believing what I was hearing. Why would they get a sitter? Why did we need a sitter? This was a family camping trip, not an adult camping trip... Pam must have sensed my uncertainty and put her hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry Sis, it is okay. All new parents need some time away from kids. It has been so long since we got a break from ours that Steve's mom said she would keep them all."

" We are suppose to go and enjoy the weekend away from the kids" Steve mumbled from inside the vehicle.

I still was unsure of the idea but agreed to let Alex stay with Steve's mom.

Jake was just pulling into the driveway when I finished gathering Alex's stuff for him to take.

"What the hell ya doin with all that stuff honey?" He asked.

" Well, I was planning a family camping trip for us all and now it looks like it will be just us four adults this weekend. Alex is gonna go with Pam's kids to Steve's mom's place."

" Oh, okay cool." Jake said as he walked back the hallway and into the bathroom. I just kinda looked back the hall as he walked, this was not the reaction I had expected.

What the hell was going on? Why was I the only one that saw a problem with this set up? Why was I all of a sudden worried about sharing a tent with Pam and Steve? Why was my pussy so wet?...

We had decided that it would be foolish to take both vehicles, so we started cramming Pam and Steve's stuff into our van. When we were done we all stood back and overlooked the situation. We all just kinda looked at each other, trying to figure out how we were going to fit three grown adults into a space big enough for a child. It was a relief when Steve's mom pulled into the driveway. I was happy that we would not have to find room for Alex too. We kissed him goodbye and waved as they pulled away.

We all laughed at the sight, but in reality we would have to cram into our van and we may even need to share laps for the short drive to the campground. I felt myself blush, thinking of the wetness already building in my pussy. Thank God I was the driver.

After locking up our house, we were ready to try different seating arrangements. I scooted into the driver seat and softly breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well,... Guess I can sit on Steve's lap and, Jake, you can sit between the seats" Pam said.

"No Sis, that will not work, my legs are to long."

After lots of body rearranging we decided that Steve would squeeze between the seats and Pam would sit on Jakes' lap. As funny as it looked, it seemed to work very well. and even though we were all cramped, we joked and made jokes at each other.

I made sure to hit a few more bumps than normal. It was funny to watch my husbands face each time his sisters' ass came back down hard onto his crotch. I could tell he was enjoying it, maybe a little to much. I to was enjoying the bumpy roads. Each time we hit a bump Steve grabbed the seat to balance himself, causing his hand to inch farther and farther under my ass. The idea of having my brother in laws' hand so close to my wet spot made me even more horny and even more wet. I was beside myself by the time we got to the campground. I could also tell that Jake was now sporting a nice erection and that Pam was enjoying the feel of a hard cock pushing into her backside. It seemed so innocent but so bizarre and naughty at the same time.

We checked in at the campground office, then drove down into our campsite. We quickly went to work unloading things and setting up camp. Pam and I were just finishing arranging the coolers and stuff when Jake started the fire.

We each made our way to a seat, sat watching the fire and made small talk. It felt so strange not having Alex, Steve Jr., and Maria running around, fighting and yelling at each other. I could tell by Pam's expression that she too was feeling lost without the kids there. I must have been lost in my own thoughts because I never heard the others talking. It was only after Pam slapped me across the arm that I realized they were talking to me.

" Sorry guys, Guess I am in my own little world" I said

"Hey we miss the kids too but hell will freeze over before I let that ruin a weekend away." Steve said with a chuckle.

We all agreed that this was a worry- free weekend and we were all going to enjoy ourselves.

I tried to put Alex deep into the back of my mind, as I breathed the fresh mountain air. It was heavy and warm to my nostrils and I loved it. I could feel my senses perk as I moved about the campsite. I was in my own groove, I was feeling the wildness around me, I was once again so close to nature and I was sharing the experience with my loved ones. Pam too seemed to be enjoying the outdoors and the area we were in.

" Lisa, Why did you wait so long to invite us camping anyway? You know we love to go and the more the merrier." Steve asked.

"I just figured you guys went with your friends, not nagging family." I said

"Hell, you guys are closer to us than most of our friends, besides I would never pass up a chance to see you and Jake's wild outdoorsy sides."

His tone was almost sarcastic and even though I knew he was clowning around, I took it personal. It was like he was daring me to do something I hadn't in front of them before. He was daring me to get wild.

Pam and I sat down and watched the guys working away at the fire and preparing our meal. It was nice to sit back and watch someone cook for us for a change. I was loving it and Pam was too. We talked about our husbands, making crude jokes and laughing at each one. We were so much alike and yet so different.

Pam was much thinner than me, but she seemed more reserved then I was. The more we talked the more I came to realize that she and Steve needed my help. Their sexual flame had died to a flicker, Pam was desperate and she knew my intuition had picked it up. I hugged her tightly, bringing her chest crashing into my own. She breathed heavily as I held her. I had to be supportive, I needed to let her know that I understood and I needed to make her understand that I was there to help. I reluctantly loosened my grip on her. She pulled away very slowly. It was then that I noticed her nipples were hard as rocks and jutting out away from her body. My nipples too poked at my shirt, my pussy quivered.

"Christ, am I ever embarrassed, Sorry." Pam said softly.

"Hey, don't be sorry. Actually it is flattering."

She smiled and sat back down. I could tell she was even more embarrassed now and I knew if I said anything more about it that I would indeed make the situation worse. I simply told Pam I would be back and I walked over toward the men.

"Hey guys, how is supper coming?" I asked

"It is coming fine babe, and we should be eating within the next 20 minutes or so." Jake said before he leaned over, giving me a peck on the cheek.

"Good, Pam and I are starving."

Supper was ready almost 20 minutes to the tee. We all sat and ate. We talked about dish duty and sleeping arrangements.

"Well at least we will have more room to sleep than we did on the ride up here." Jake said

"Yes, we will and what a shame." Pam said.

We all just kinda looked at her, not knowing if we had heard her right or not. She just chuckled and went back to enjoying her meal. Jake and I just looked at each other then glanced into Steve's direction. He had that 'How the hell do I know' look on his face. It was all I could do to not burst into laughter.

After we all finished our meal, and Pam and I did the dishes, then we all walked up to the bathhouse. We were all going to shower and get into different clothes, more suitable for camping clothes, as I liked to call em.

My fading, ripped jeans were perfect and my baggie t shirt accented the jeans well. They were old and used but I loved that outfit more than any other I owned, it had that I'm used hard and broke in feeling.

I causally dried off and dressed, taking my good ol sweet time. Pam just kinda looked at me, her eyes running all along my plump flesh. I could feel myself blush, for I knew she was watching me dress and it was turning me on.

"Aren't you afraid someone will walk in here and see you naked?" Pam said softly

"No, why should I be?" " I have the same body parts as every other female on earth so what the hell. Besides I might get caught and that thrill turns me on."

Pam just kind hung her head. She knew I was referring to her but I was kind enough to not come right out and say it. I could see her crimson cheeks, and the dampness that fell from her eyes.

"Pam, honey what is wrong?" I asked

"I wish I was more like you. You are more daring than I will ever be and you seem to be comfortable talking about everything and anything, even sexual stuff. You are so comfortable with you and your body and not ashamed to show it off "

I pulled her near, her thin towel covered body trembled as I brushed her hair out of her eyes.

"Pam, you are beautiful, and so sensuous. If you were not my sister in law I would have..." I stopped in mid sentence.

What the hell was I doing, I almost gave myself away. I pulled away, blushing as I did so. I hoped she was to emotional to notice my slip up of words. Unfortunately I was wrong.

"You would have what??" She asked inquisitively. I could speak, hell I couldn't even move. It was like her words burned a hole right into me.

"ummmmmmm, nothing forget about it."

Pam just nodded and started to towel dry her hair. I tired not to look at her, but I couldn't help myself. Her trim, tanned body glowed. Her tits swayed as she dried her legs off. I wanted so bad to run over to her and gently suckle one of them. Her pussy was a mass of hair, I could tell she had never done anything to it. I was amazed that a woman could grow such a thick carpet of fur.

"What's the matter Sis? You seemed surprised about something." Pam's voice quickly snapped me back to reality.

"I ummmmmm, I... I just never... I never saw a cunt with that much hair before."

There I had said it, yet I was sorry that I did. I didn't want to make her feel self conscious, or odd. I wanted her to know I loved her and I was supportive.

"Well I was always taught that you didn't shave anything but your pits and legs. I have never even seen a shaved pussy till yours" Pam said in an almost defensive tone. She was becoming more bold. Perhaps she realized I too was watching her, and perhaps she was becoming aroused by me doing so. Perhaps I had just pissed her off and this was her way of getting back at me. Whatever the reason for her words, I was delighted with her new found freedom of expression, and got extremely aroused. My huge brown nipples poked out from my shirt and my pussy wetness was soaking thru my jeans.

I was so used to not wearing panties that I never packed them for this trip, god how I wished I would have.

"Lisa, Can I ask you a personal question?" Pam stammered

"Sure you can ask me anything."

I ment it to. I felt she could ask me anything but nothing prepared me for this.

"Have you ever been with a woman before?" Pam asked quietly.

"Yes I have." Her eyes widened.

"Did you like it?"

"Yes very much. I am bisexual, I have been for a few years now."

I must have shocked her cuz her mouth dropped almost to the floor. She just stood there staring as my feet. Or as least I thought she was staring at my feet.

" You seem to be really wet, was that from watching me?"

There it was, her words made my mind go crazy. I was shocked, embarrassed and flattered all in one.

"Yes, Pam I got very wet from watching you dry off."\

Again she froze, just staring not talking. It was then that I heard our husbands outside the shower room.

"Hey what the hell is taking you girls so long?" Jake yelled

"Honey, you and Steve go on back to camp we will be there in a few minutes." I said

We heard the men's voices soften as they walked away and back toward camp. Pam just stood there, her face bright red.

"Pam, don't be embarrassed, I wouldn't have told you if I didn't think I could trust you. Besides I find you attractive and I am bisexual, but that doesn't mean I am going to try and get into your pants."

Pam chuckled "What if I wanted you to?"

My heart was pounding. Was my sister in law flirting with me? My pussy screamed for attention. I stood there for a minute trying to swallow her last comment. I tried to brush it off like I didn't hear her. I put forth my best fake smile but I knew she saw right through it. My body trembled on the inside. I was fighting to not let it show on the outside too.

"Lisa, I asked you a question." Pam said in a bitchy tone.

"Sorry Pam, you just kinda caught me off guard is all"

"I figured I would, seriously I would like it if you would help me with this." She said while pointing to her pussy.

"I want my pussy to look like yours."

I was uneasy but agreed to do it for her, I also explained that she would itch like crazy when her hair grew back. She said she didn't care and lay down on the bench.

I swallowed hard as I covered her pussy with shave gel. My own pussy was on fire and I could feel my sexual urgencies build stronger and stronger the more I touched her. At this rate I would cum right there in my jeans.

As soon as the cold razor brushed against her hot flesh, she jumped.

"Pam, you are gonna have to lay still, I don't want to cut you." I said softly

She gave me a 'I'm sorry look' and relaxed her body. I went back to work on her endless bush. My hands shook as I shaved each section. I was careful not to give her razor burn and even more careful about not cutting her. I worked steadily and after what seemed to be a short time I was done. I wiped her off and examined my handy work. Her pussy glistened in the light. I wanted so badly to lick her glistening slit. To really touch her, to show her the pleasures she could feel from a woman. She lay there almost motionless, her breathing erratic and heavy.

"Lisa, thank you so very much, I feel funny but I am sure I will love it."

"Yes honey, you will love it, but not near as much as Steve will." I said with a chuckle.

She lowered her hand toward her new revitalized cunt. She rubbed it gently, inspecting her whole mound. I watched as my horny sister in law rubbed her pussy to an awesome orgasm. My own pussy flooded with wetness, from the sight before me.

I then helped her up and steadied her as she dressed. We walked back to the camp laughing and talking about what a surprise Steve was in for later.

Back at our campsite, we found the guys sitting around the fire; each nursing a cold beer and talking quietly about something.

"Damn, I thought you two got lost or something, Jake and I were gonna come back looking for ya soon." "You have been gone for an hour." Steve said. "Well we are here now and everything is cool." I said

Pam looked at me and we both bust into laughter. The guys looked at us as if we were nuts, or stoned. We just kept laughing. Jake stood and walked over toward me.

"Lisa, what the hell where you two doing all that time? "I was really worried"

"I am sorry honey and I will explain later" I whispered into his ear.

By this time Pam was already sitting on Steve's lap and running her hands along his chest.

"Fuck! I don't know what you two were doing but whatever it was, sure has this little honey all horned up." Steve said

Pam just chuckled. I looked at Jake and licked my lips. My pussy too was still on fire and the wetness in my jeans was a constant reminder that I needed real sexual release.

We all sat around the fire. Pam and I were like dogs in heat, teasing and flirting with the men. It didn't seem to matter to either of us that we were family. We were having fun being sluts for them, no matter who they were. On occasion Steve and Jake would look at each other, just to see if they were both still awake or if by some freak accident one fell asleep and was dreaming. They both watched us dance and carry on. We acted like such immature teenagers, yet we both felt great doing it.

Pam pulled me close, rubbing her hands along my ass. I heard Steve gasp in surprise. Jake was also in awe of the show before him. His sister and his wife getting nasty in front of him.

I secretly thought of a conversation we had a long time ago. It was about Pam and how Jake had always wanted to see her naked. I smiled at the memory and continued to dance and fondle Pam.

Her breath was hot against my skin. She licked her own lips then mine. The feel of her tongue running along my lips was enough to send me into an intense orgasm. I knew I was moaning and grinding into her hard, but I didn't care. I didn't give a shit who heard or saw me. I heard Jake groan as he realized I had gotten off. I knew his cock must be dying to have some of this action. I pushed Pam back and onto his lap. She moaned as her bottom hit his raging hard on. Jake moaned as if in pain.

I walked toward Steve and turned pointing my tits into his face. I could tell that his own cock had grown stiff and was waiting for action. I dropped to my knees and teased his hard on with my mouth. His body jerked as his cock exploded inside his pants.

I could tell Jake was gonna cum from his sister grinding ass. I walked toward them and kissed her hard on the lips. I don't know if it was the shock or the pleasure but she thumped hard into my husbands crotch. He jerked as he went off in his pants. Pam and I looked at each other and smiled, then walked arm and arm to the cooler. Laughing the whole way.

" We gave them a hell of a show huh," Pam said in a breathless voice.

"We sure did." I said laughing.

As we walked back, beer for all in hand, to the fire pit and our chairs, both men looked at us.

"What?????" We both said in unison.

Both men were now laughing and bitching all at the same time. Bitching cuz neither got to dip into a pussy and laughing cuz both had to go get another shower and wash off, the now drying cum. Pam and I both laughed as we watched them walk back toward the showers.

" This has been one great trip thank you." Pam said

"Honey this trip is far from over... "

I had many more plans for this weekend...

Little did I know, I was not the only one...

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