How High a Price: Contributed Conclusions
by Busterbear

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: by Busterbear - The story explores the cost of adultery. As requested, several of my readers have volunteered their vision of how this story could end.

Early took a deep breath, shuddering with sobs. He heard children laughing, the tinkle of tools in the shed next door, and the busy trees in the breeze. He screwed his face up, trying to shut out the world that paid no heed to his pain, his shaking anger.

He heard the sliding door open behind him. Susan's arms came round under his arms and she stepped in close to hug him, chin resting on his shoulder.

"Please listen," she sobbed," please listen to me!"

She hugged him even tighter. Her clenched right hand pressed into his solar plexus. It pushed against the pain in his belly. Her breasts pressed into his back, softly easing his anger. Susan's hair brushed against the back of his neck; her sobs tightened the pressure of her hand on his pain as if it was trying to reach it.

God! How he still loved this woman!

All he could think of was how she had cuckolded him. He would always be a cuckold. He felt such a fucking ass because he knew he still loved her! "Ok, now, just take it easy and listen," he thought.

Feeling him relax, just a little was enough to give her hope, enough to strengthen her resolve, enough to moan with relief. She stood her ground.

He reached for her left hand and held it. It was trembling, like his knees. Her hair tickled his neck again and then again. He pictured his wife. He didn't want to look, couldn't look at her; he wasn't sure what he would see.

"I'm going to resign, I'm not going back, as of now," Susan sobbed. "My ambition, the exhilaration at finding the way through the labyrinth of possibilities opened up to me was like a drug. I was on a high. We were working in his house. The next day, the offer of the partnership, the excitement, my involvement, my relief with the solution made me lie, made me deaf to your words on the phone, made me want physical relief. It was like a drug. It wasn't John. It wasn't you. It was me. It was me! I was overwhelmed; it was me, nobody else. I have been so selfish these last 48 hours, I lost a friend and I don't want to lose you! I have never been unfaithful to you before. I don't think I could ever do it again. It hurts too much, God, how it hurts to see you hurting so..."

Susan sobbed again. Holding on tighter; she moved her chin closer to his ear. Her breath tickled his ear; her sobs echoed in his head. He could feel the pain in her voice, the pain coming from what she had done to their love.

"I'm going to resign. I don't want that partnership to be the focus of my life. I want to bear your children, I want to be your wife, I don't want to be that cold manipulating lawyer, I hate her, I hate her for this..." She sobbed, and then wailed softly, deep in her throat. "... the horrible lies, the deceit, I was on a high, drugged! I can't trust myself with that anymore. I'm not going back, I won't go back!"

She moved, laying her cheek on his shoulder, sniffing. "I'm going to stop the pills, Early. I don't want that kind of security anymore. I want your child, your children. I want to be the mother of your children. I love you with all of my heart, only you, and will 'til the day I die."

Early had to turn his head to hear her muffled voice. His heart pounded, knowing what her job meant to her. He knew the effort she had put into qualifying, remembered all those evenings with work spread out on the bed. He understood her pride in being a good lawyer. Even more so, he knew the drug of going into battle and winning; conquering the fear, the glorious relief of succeeding, the almost uncontrollable euphoria driving the body to sex to celebrate.

Her hand was still trembling. He felt the rings. He gripped her hand, the diamond pressed into his palm.

"I'm selling the BMW" Susan was back at his ear. "I'm selling the laptop; I don't want anything to do with the lawyer. Please don't move our bed, please don't. I couldn't bear it. I'll wait for you, here, forever, I'll wait my love!"

The picture of the BMW parked at the man's house came back to him. So many questions... he wanted so many answers. Her words had touched him; no... her attitude. no... her certainty. He had to look at her. Her eyes would tell him. He had to look at her eyes.

He moved his hand on hers and pried it off with his thumb. He began to turn and Susan let him, holding tightly his thumb.

She looked him straight in the eyes, just as he was into hers. He saw the sorrow, her fear, her love for him, the flicker of hope and the resolve. He saw the way she held her head, at peace with her resolve, humble, trusting him with her love.

He folded her tight in his arms, his frustration breaking through his anger. He held her so hard she couldn't sob. Early sobbed, kissing her neck, breathing her in, he wanted to possess her, take her, and make love to her. Susan felt him hard against her stomach. With his arm now around her neck he kissed her, hard. She felt his power, sensed his desire for her and she felt a soaring hope for their love.

Suddenly the world spun around Susan and she found herself draped over his shoulder. Her face was pressed against his back, and her hands automatically clutched his shirt, pulling herself even more tightly to the warmth of his body, breathing his smell. Blood rushed to her head and his shoulder pressing hard on her stomach. One of his arms was holding her legs captive against him, his other hand explored the swell of her ass. Overwhelmed, she felt safe, her instincts knew what was happening and her heart was pounding wildly. Never, ever had she felt like this, certainly not with John!

Early was reclaiming her as his. She knew she would be unable to deny his claim. This was where she wanted to be. When he threw her on the bed, he reached for the panties bared by the wrap around skirt and, wrenching hard, they tore from her body.

Early wanted to punish her, punish her with their love. The demand she had felt for physical relief was now with him, he wanted her to know who was who, the right order of things; he was hard, very hard. The anger returned as his trousers and shorts were roughly shoved down to his knees where he kicked them off. He crawled up between her legs, legs that gladly opened wide for him Susan was crying his name, reaching for him, to hold him, to pull him into her.

Looking into her eyes now he saw her submission to their love. Best of all Early saw what their life together was going to be like. Without pause he drove himself into her, burying his rigid shaft to the hilt. Her eyes disappeared in a grimace from the sudden unexpected sensation. It was pain, for she was not completely lubricated, but it was also pleasure, unexpected and as overwhelming as the pain. Early waited until her body could adjust, feeling the satisfaction of possessing her. And he could still sense the wild man inside him, thrilling with the power of his hardness pulsating in her center. Deep inside him, the part of him that still felt the wounds she had opened, asked, "The bitch, how could she? I'll show her." But still he waited.

Susan felt him, hard, big and deep inside her. She looked at him; his remaining anger, his lust glazed eyes. Still she knew he was seeing her, feeling her, knew she was his. "Yes my love, I am yours," she thought. Instinctively her arms twined around him, pulling him further inside her and her legs wrapped around him drawing him further inside, filling her up, and surrendering to him.

As Susan moved against him, Early's fingers raked through her hair and then his hand closed on it and used it to pull himself even further into her. His hips flexed hard, fast, deep into her. Deeper inside her than ever before he fucked her, fucked this woman, this bitch that he loved. As he pounded into her Early felt his lust swell, and along with it his love/hate. Using the lust he felt the hate begin to dispel, eliminating the misery she had caused. His orgasm came thunderous and huge and he drove himself even further inside her, his spend flowing directly into her womb.

Early found himself thinking, "You are mine you bitch! You know it now, God help you if I have any reason to doubt you in the future."

Exhausted he collapsed atop her, panting into her neck. He felt her hands on his back her legs tangled with his. With her lips now just inches from his ear he could barely hear the words as Susan murmured, "I love you; I love you, I love you..." over and over again.

He knew she loved him. He knew, God help him, he loved her. She would do everything she vowed to do.

Because he knew his wife loved him...

... because she was to be the mother of his children...

Fuck the lawyer. And God help that bastard John if he tried to contact her again.

He could do this, if she could. It wouldn't be easy.

They would work it out.

The next morning they awoke tangled in one another's arms and legs. Without speaking, but with soft glances they made slow, passionate satisfying love. They knew they would fuck again, maybe often. But what they did best was love and make love.

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