Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Story about a stripper that I met when I was in college.

Let me say that I was a nerd in high school. I didn't get anywhere with the girls until I got into college. I went to California to get away from all my class mates who bragged about getting into U. Mass or Amherst or any of the small, liberal arts schools that infested the East Coast. I got into a fairly good state university known for its science and engineering departments.

My luck didn't change until junior year in college. I had been out on a few dates, and then for my birthday a few of my friends decided to go to a local strip club (the legal age for drinking was still 18 back then.) There were a fairly large number of girls working that night, some drop dead gorgeous, others who you would not think twice about except that they were half naked and dancing on stage. One of them was an average looking girl, with long brown hair to the middle of her back and an above average chest. Her stage name was Vivien and after she finished dancing and collecting her tips, she came over to our table; she and I talked for a bit but I passed on a table dance from her. My friends were still drooling over the California blonde that was on stage.

A couple of days later, I was sitting in the school coffee shop nursing a cup of coffee and trying to finish a problem set when she walked by again. At least I thought it was her; without the makeup and with the clothes she looked different. More like the girl next door that you never thought twice about. I was still staring at her trying to remember when she turned and looked at me. I smiled and she quickly blushed. She turned back to the cashier, got her coffee and left the building.

I laughed a bit at the situation and then went back to work. I didn't think I would see her again - I didn't have the money to go to strip clubs every night - and she definitely didn't hang out with my crowd. A couple of weekends later, one of my friends invited me to a party. The party was held in an apartment complex known for college students. The male/female ratio had improved because one of his neighbors was a woman who went to the local community college and had invited her friends. Every guy was trying to hit on one of those girls and they were having fun being the center of attention. Soon, a fight broke out. To this day, I'm not sure what started it but all I know I got punched in the face. I stepped out into the front yard to get some fresh air and avoid further damage when I heard the police sirens.

I started walking back to my place when I notice that other people had the same idea. A car quickly pulled up next to me. I saw my friend Rupul and an Asian girl that he had been talking to in the back seat. They yelled for me to get into the car. I jumped into the passenger seat and the car took off. I looked at the back seat and Rupul introduced me to his friend Kristi. She was a hot Vietnamese girl that he had met at the party and her friend Julie was the driver of the car. Kristi went to the local community college and she and Julie had met at work. Julie went to the same university as Rupul and me. I turned to thank Julie when I realized it was Vivien again. She didn't turn to talk to me but just driving. She asked me where I lived and I gave her directions to my place. Since the last roommate assigned by University Housing had been a drug addict, I had moved into a one bedroom apartment. Julie dropped me off and we said our goodbyes and the three of them left.

I was examining the damage to my lips when the door bell rang. I went to the door and saw Julie again. She stood there and told me that I had left my lighter in her car and she wanted to return it. She had a small disposable bic lighter in her hand. I didn't smoke so I knew she was lying.

I asked her and closed the door. When I turned around, she was standing right next to me against the wall. There was less than 6 inches between us and most of that was occupied by her chest. My head was staring to hurt and my lips were starting to swell and my usual inhibitions didn't have a chance to assert themselves so I just went ahead and gave her a kiss. She didn't mind. My lips were still bleeding from the hit. I went into the master bath to clean up when she came up behind me and put her arms around me. I looked into the mirror and realized that she was naked.

She dragged me back into the bedroom and we started a long, deep french kiss. She quickly started unbuttoning my shirt. Once my shirt was completely gone, she kissed her way down my chest. By the time she reached my navel, she was sitting on the bed and her face was parallel with my cock. She quickly had my pants and boxers on the floor and my cock in her hand. She started by licking and sucking the head and working her way down to my balls. She wasn't afraid of anything. She had my balls in her mouth as she stroked with her hands. Soon she came back up and took the entire thing in her mouth. I was in heaven. Her tongue was caressing the back of my cock as she sucked it for all it was worth. Soon I exploded into her mouth. She didn't think twice taking the entire load into her mouth.

Once she was done, she quickly scampered up the bed and spread her legs out. I got the hint and quickly dove into her. Her pussy was freshly trimmed. I began by giving her long licks up and down her pussy and on her clit. Once she was on the verge, I concentrated on her clit. She came screaming and wet on my cheeks and bed.

I went back up and started kissing her again, nibbling on her neck and ears and breast. Julie had a pair of natural 36D's that were still firm and soft. After 10 minutes my cock was hard again and she was getting wet all over again. I positioned myself on top of her and took the plunge. Her legs wrapped around me and pulled me in deeper. We kept going for a while kissing deeply between her moans and requests to "fuck me harder." When I realized I was going to cum for a second time, I tried to pull out. She stopped me and told me she was on the pill. I kept going and we both came together, our juices mixing with each other.

Afterwards, we laid there in each others arms kissing and snuggling until we fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up early. Julie was lying next to me stirring. I leaned over and gave her a quick kiss. She turned around and stuck her tongue down my throat. My erection was instantaneous. Julie got on top of me and guided my cock into her pussy. She rode me for a while as I played with her tits. Every once in a while, she would bend over and let me suck them or give me another deep kiss.

Soon her speed increased and we both came. We lay there in bed with her on top of me for a good half hour. I then got up to take a shower and clean up. My lip was still swollen but I didn't care. When I got out, she was in the kitchen. Julie was wearing one of my t-shirts. I think she tried to pick the smallest one I had because it fit her so tightly that nothing was left to the imagination and it barely came to her ass. She was drinking a cup of coffee while reading the stupid notes I had on my refrigerator.

This time, I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her while kissing her neck. She moved to the counter, put her coffee down and spread her legs. She bent over slightly as I entered her. Soon I was pounding her. She came quickly this time and when I was done, she simply turned around, got on her knees and cleaned me up with her mouth. She told me there was no need to take a shower and it tasted great with the coffee.

I was in awe and didn't know to say or do. I mumbled something and went back to my room and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and went back to the kitchen. When I got back, we settled on the couch watching some stupid show on TV. My lips were still swollen from the fight and I couldn't get much into my mouth (such as her tongue). Julie got up and went into the bathroom and got some antiseptic and some started to dab my lips with some lotion. It stung like crazy but she kept telling me that I would make me better while nibbling on my ear. Soon she had my cock hard again. Her attention went from my ear to my cock. Before I knew it, she was on her knees kissing and sucking again. I couldn't believe it. She was using her hand to give me a hand job while telling me all the nasty stuff that she wanted to do to me once I got better. Soon I came all over her face and mouth.

At that point, she looked better than any girl that I saw in the strip club. Maybe she wasn't a model material but to this day, there is still no better sight for me than a girl next door with cum dripping off her face. She had to go to work for an afternoon shift at the strip club that day. She took a shower and left, promising to return after her shift.

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