Helping the Babysitter become a Model
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Coercion, Blackmail, BDSM, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, First, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jim Wilson was in love with his young babysitter when he made the mistake of sharing his passion with his friend Bob. Now forced to help him, Jim finds himself helping his friend to blackmail the beautiful young girl into a life of depravity. Watch as Bob leads Kristen and Jim on a tale of love, sex and all the other necessary evils. Even as young Kristen believes she has found true love, Bob's plan falls into place

Jim Wilson was a thirty-eight year old married man. He was the father to a now five year old boy. Jim was a computer consultant and found himself working many nights and weekends. Jim had been happily married to Brenda for 12 years. In his spare time he built custom made high end PC's and workstations. His wife Brenda was an attractive young woman at thirty-three. She had gone back to work as a flight attendant shortly after giving birth to their son.

Two years ago both of Brenda's parents had died leaving them without the best babysitters one could have asked for.

Luckily for the Wilson's there next door neighbor Mrs. Lee ran a daycare from her home and she had a daughter about their son's age. She was more than happy to take their child into her care. She watched children from 6 AM to 5 PM at a very reasonable price. When Jim and Brenda had talked to her about needing someone to watch little Tye later at night she offered her assistance. Although she said she was unable to watch any children later than 5 PM she gave them the name of a young teenager she knew from church. She assured them she was the most responsible sixteen year old she had ever met. She then told them how she had occasionally had her watch her own children for her since she was fourteen. She explained to the Wilson's how Kristin was looking for more work and might be the perfect fit.

Having gotten introduced to Kristin by Mrs. Lee they Wilson's explained what they where looking for to her. Deciding it was a perfect fit the Wilson's hired there new babysitter. Kristin would pick up Tye from Mrs. Lee at 5 and bring him over to their house where she would watch him till Mr. Wilson could make it home on the two nights a week Mrs. Wilson had to take over night flights.

After the first six month's Kristin began watching there son more during the week and even on weekends. Mr. Wilson was totally enamored by the young Kristin's beauty and personality.

Kristin was a beautiful young women with an incredibly thin waist tapered to her shapely hips and athletic legs. Her face was angelic in its features with deep blue eyes. Her body as shapely as Britney's and face as beautiful as Jennifer Love Hewitt's. In the two years she had watched the Wilson's son her chest had seen the most physical change. Although already curvy at sixteen by eighteen Kristin's breast had grown to be 34D's.

Mr. Wilson had noticed shortly after she began watching their son Kristin began showering at their home on some of the nights he made it home later than normal. On one night he had returned home while she was still in the shower. Watching her walk out of the bathroom long brown hair still wet against her back had given him an idea. That weekend while his wife was away Mr. Wilson installed two pinhole color cameras. One camera over the door the other opposite the shower head. The tiny holes used by each device to see from to small to be seen on their papered walls.

For the first two weeks his video surveillance turned up nothing but on the third week he made it a point to stay out late and he hit pay dirt. Upon reviewing that evenings recording he saw her in all her glory. He watched the screen of his computer intently as she removed her clothing casually and entered the shower.

She was as perfect and beautiful in the nude as he had dreamed she would be. Her pale skin was perfect and smooth without any detectable blemish. His eyes where locked on the screen as she entered the shower. He watched in a trance as he saw her tender pink nipples harden under the falling water of the shower. As she lathered her young body with soap he began masturbating to her image on the screen for the first of what would be many times. Over the months his collection of images of her grew and so did his interest in her.

In the months that passed he had tapped his own phone line so he could find out more about her. He would listen to the recorded phone calls to her girlfriends and her boyfriend David as well. Over the months he and his wife had increased her pay in order to keep her services, finding her help invaluable.

As the months went by Jim Wilson became more obsessed with his young babysitter Kristin at this time only seventeen. As the months wore on he began to see more of Kristin than he did his own wife. As his interaction with her grew so did his fascination.

After September 11, the airlines had hit some rough times. In order for Brenda to keep her job she had been forced onto longer flights requiring her to be gone even more often now. In his wife's absence he found himself and Kristin talking more than ever.

She was such a sweet young girl and he found himself feeling guilty about his desires for the young girl.

In January of Kristin's junior year of High School Mr. Wilson took a side job building a couple of high end video editing workstations and a server for Bob Reynolds's.

Bob was a Photographer and like Jim worked on all types of jobs. In the weeks it took for Jim Wilson to build configure and transfer the data to Bob's new machines the two had become friends.

Both men shared many of the same interest. High end computer's and electronics', fast cars, football, and beautiful women. In the time they worked together Bob had shown Jim some of his different work. Bob called himself a fashion photographer but in reality did all types of photo and film work. Although he rarely did, he had from time to time even taken a family portrait or two as he did for the Wilson's. As Jim saw more of Bob's portfolio he found his friend did everything from portraits for the rich, magazine covers and spreads for fashion rags, to photo shots for the local Sunday ad's. Being in a smaller Midwestern city Bob did a little of everything to pay the bills.

As the months past the men's friendship grew and Bob showed him even more of his work. Jim discovered Bob also shot photos for men's magazines, no not Hustler, or Maxim but real hardcore stuff. Everything from solo nudes to boy/girl, girl/girl, two on ones, gangbangs, you name it. He also shot stag party Videos, and custom made videos for private collectors and web sites.

Judging from the amount of material Jim had scene he decided most of Bob's work most be on the adult side of things. He did just enough of his other work to look respectable. Jim feeling comfortable with Bob by now brought some of his Photo's of young Kristin to Bob so his friend could enlarge them and print them up. Although the captures from his tiny pen cams where not the best Kristen's beauty could still be easily seen.

As Bob began his work on the images he grilled Jim as to who the girl pictured was. Finally Jim told him they where photo's of his babysitter. Bob then began to question him, when he found out how Jim had gotten the photos he began to give his friend a hard time. Bob then began calling Jim a voyeur and criminal, he grilled Jim for more details about the young beauty. He wanted to know more and more. Her age, religion, height, weight, had Jim ever gotten a piece, was she still a virgin? As Bob interrogated Jim for information Jim keep slipping up giving Bob more information than he meant to. Under the questioning he let it slip he had bugged his own phone lines. As Bob's interest grew Jim began to feel more uneasy talking to his friend about her. After a few hours of questioning Bob had all the answers he wanted for now and he made the prints for Jim and the two men went home.

A week had passed and Jim hadn't heard from Bob. On a Tuesday night the following week Jim pulled into his driveway late as usual. As he got out of his car Bob pulled in behind him. As Bob got out he explained to Jim his laptop had died and he had important stuff on it he needed right away.

Telling his friend he would be glad to help Jim lead him into the house. Upon entering the house the two men where greeted by the beautiful Kristin. Introducing his friend as a fashion photographer to his young sitter Jim led the trio back to his shop. As Kristen filled Jim in on his son's activities of the evening Bob listened to her intently as well. When she had finished Bob began talking to Kristin he asked her several questions about herself making polite conversation.

As the two talked while Jim worked on the laptop Bob made it a point to tell the young girl about several of the magazines he had worked for. As he sat and listened Jim thought perhaps Bob was padding his resume just a bit. As her interest grew in his work Bob retrieved a copy of his portfolio from the laptop bag that he had conveniently brought with him. The two looked thru his photos and he told her how much money the models could make before asking if she had ever thought of modeling, telling her she was perfect for the job.

Kristin blushed under Bob's compliments and insisted she had never thought about. She listened intently as he tried to dazzle her with stories of travel to exotic locations and meeting with celebrities. Jim sat listening having not heard Bob put such an extravagant spin on his job. In fact when the two had talked the only good part of the job Bob had described to him was seeing the women and occasionally finding one who would let him get to know her better in an intimate manner.

Bob then turned his efforts to trying to convince the young girl to give modeling a try. He told her she could make good money and still keep her job with the Wilson's. She thanked him for his kindness but told him it just wasn't for her before she decided she needed to get home.

When she left Bob told me the laptop hadn't worked in over a year and not to worry about it. He then talked to Jim about Kristin.

"Your telling me you don't want a piece of that ass?" he asked him while holding his chest feigning a heart attack.

"No. But she's my son's babysitter and I'm a married man." Jim told his friend tossing the broken laptop at him.

"So!" Jim shot back.

"So just forget about it. God knows I would give my left nut to get in her but I can't so forget about it." Jim said shaking his head at his friend.

"What if I could guarantee you a piece and that you wouldn't get caught. Brenda would never know. Hell Kristin doesn't even have to know. What would you say?" Bob asked in total seriousness.

Seeing Bob had some plan Jim thought he better put and end to this before it went too far. "Look Bob, I'm sure you think so but I know this girl she comes from a good religious family. Hell she won't even let her boyfriend touch her breast there is no way your going to get in her pants. Just forget about okay."

"Well look I know I am going to have me some of that. Now it would be a lot easier with your help. I mean come on it's not like you're a saint you've been making videos of her for a year. Hell between that and recording her phone calls you know how many laws you've broken, Shit. Do you know what you could get charged with? Child Porn if any of those photo's of her ever got on the net or printed, hell she's only 17 for Christ sake. Look you can help me on this and get in on the action or I'll do it on my own and you get nothing. But you better hope none of those photos make it out or your ass will be in jail buddy." Bob said as he stood looking ready to leave.

The threat although not spoken was clear to Jim. He knew Bob still had copies of the pictures he had taken of Kristin and was apparently ready to use them. Faced with the two options, helping his friend get what they both wanted or going to jail Jim had an easy decision on his hand.

"OK, what do you have in mind?" Jim said.

In the next hour our so Bob laid out at least part of his plan to Jim. Leaving out those aspects of it he thought Jim might be too soft stomached to hear. Agreeing to Bob's apparently well thought out plan Jim turned over the audio tapes he had of Kristin's phone calls to Bob and agreed to do as he said.

For the next four months Jim would leave little hints to Kristin about how Bob had been to Italy or France, Hawaii and New York. He would hint she should call him and left Bob's Number and business card on the fridge and next to the phone. In the same four month period of time Kristin and Dave had broken off there year old romance however with Bob now taking all the tapes Jim didn't know why.

Bob would stop over about every two weeks sometimes when Jim was there sometimes earlier so he could ask Kristin if he could wait inside for Jim. He always took the opportunity to ask her to model for him. Telling her she should at least give it a try.

After four months the pressure had been too much and she agreed to allow Bob to take some photos of her to make her a portfolio. Within a week of that he had lined up several "Gig's" for her. She soon found herself in the Local ad's modeling clothes or standing in front of one product or another. None of the photos where especially provocative she was always full clothed. Bob had never asked her to do anything that could be misconstrued as sexual in nature. In fact the only thing Bob had ever requested of her was that she tan. Telling her hose didn't shot well in some lights and providing her with a membership to a local club. After her first two weeks Bob had brought in a male model coincidently just the kind of guy Kristin was looking for.

In fact the young man knew all of her likes and dislikes he knew exactly what to say. Bob had coached him on what Kristin was looking for having heard hours of her talking with her friends about it. After two months of modeling for Bob she had begun dating Bill under Bob's watchful eye and expert tutelage.

In her third month of modeling for Bob, Kristin was offered her first magazine cover. She was overjoyed to hear the news. Then Bob told her what it entailed and she began to have her doubts.

One of the true crime magazines was looking for someone to model as a catholic schoolgirl who had been bound, raped and murdered in upstate New York. The money was good and Bob had shown her several of the magazines recent covers. Of the five covers he showed her all five showed women either being bound or attacked on the covers. All the women where fully clothed and none appeared obscene to the innocent youth.

With assurances from Bob and his prodding she reluctantly agreed to do the shoot. Finally convinced when he told her he would take some shots with Bill in them with her.

On the day of the shoot she wore an outfit consisting of a white sweater and red plaid skirt. Bob started taking shots of her in standard poses telling her they could add them to her portfolio. Next he had Bill come out dressed as the "killer" a pair of stockings pulled over his face. The two stood in various poses under Bob's direction. He had Bill standing over her Knife in hand, Kristin crutching in fear while he lifted the knife over her head. Then a shot of him holding the knife to her throat as she looked surprised and scared by his assault.

Next they moved on to Bill tying her up and gagging her. He bound her arms behind her then her legs, He hogtied her and then tied her in other positions she had never imagined. She would have fought or resisted anyone but Bill but had found herself getting excited under his touch. Next she was tossed on a bed where she found herself tied to the headboard then tied spread eagle to the bed. She was then taken and tied to a pulley from the ceiling and then to a pole from the ceiling finding her chest wrapped in circles of rope. Although it was all done with her clothes fully on she couldn't help but feel almost cheap when it was done but the hugs and kisses from Bill made everything better.

It was now July and only two months before her Eighteenth birthday as she prepared to go back to school for her senior year of high school things couldn't be better for the young beauty. She thought her relationship with Bill had blossomed into true love he was truly all she had looked for in a boy. She was making good money between modeling and watching the Wilson's son. Although her parents where reluctant to support her decision to do any modeling they had up to this point been happy with her jobs. That was probably because she did not mention the true crime "Gig's" to her parents.

In the two months before she turned eighteen Kristin had done five more true crime covers or so she thought each featuring her as some type of uniformed victim. In one shoot she was a Nurse in the next a uniformed police officer who is bound and raped by an inmate, in the next she portrayed an American GI who was captured by the enemy and brutalized, in yet another an airline stewardess and finally a cheerleader.

Although she never found herself taking off her clothes she never liked being tied up and apparently assaulted for the camera, she always felt dirty and cheap at the end of each session until Billy would comfort her. At Billy's insistence or so she thought the two even did a few swimwear shots. The first time she wore a one piece but after some smooth talking from Bill and Bob she agreed to a bikini. The first bikini shoot was fine, but for the second she almost refused after seeing how skimpy the second bikini was. But then after some smooth talking and a kiss Billy convinced her it would be okay. Little did she know that when she was asked to lie on her stomach on the beach towel that with the thin thong she was wearing and the bikini tied behind her back at the neck the photos looked like she was lying naked on the simulated beach.

As their relationship grew Billy seemed to know just what to say at all times always addressing her concerns before she even voiced them to him. Little did she know he was being briefed on her conversations with her girlfriends. In just four months Billy had gotten farther with Kristin than her first boyfriend had gotten in over a year.

The week after her eighteenth Birthday Kristin was at Bob's studio again this time to do another true crime cover. Bob had received a call as he had so many times since she had begun modeling for him and had to leave. The two youth now used to Bob leaving them for hours at a time when he got these calls sat back and relaxed.

Billy began some heavy kissing of her lips and petting of her chest. For this shot she was dressed as a young, very young lawyer who was attacked by one of her defendants. His hands moved inside the gray business suit she wore and soon he began unbuttoning it and the white blouse she wore underneath. Swept up in the moment she said nothing as he laid her down on the bed and continued undressing her. The two where used to the hot lamps glaring on them during their photo sessions and Kristin thought nothing of it that Bob had left them on when he left.

As Billy continued to undress her on the bed Bob had returned to the studio and from the computer in his office in the back he began taking photo's with the digital camera's he had left on their tripods. He started the digital camcorders he had set up all around the studio including hanging from the ceiling. He would have preferred to be there in person to work the cameras by hand but this would have to do, for now.

Just as Bob had instructed him Billy undressed the unsuspecting young women and positioned her on the bed just as he was told. He dropped his face between her legs and began licking her precious womanhood. Feeling a touch to her womanhood as she had never felt before she moaned in pleasure and in between her moans of ecstasy she made feeble calls for Billy to stop. As he pulled his face away from her now damp mound he knew it was safe to ask the question.

"Do you really want me to stop?" he asked her as he stroked his thumb over her clit and began sucking her nipple as he brought his head to her chest. Now feeling an urge she never had before in her life she looked at her lover. Thinking in her own mind the two where in love and he was the one for her she knew her answer.

"No this is fine." she said closing her eyes in pleasure as she let out another low moan.

With one hand rubbing her clit he used his free hand to undue his slacks and push them off his hips, never taking his mouth away from her nipple. He climbed on the bed and gently positioned himself between her legs. Moving his mouth to hers he kissed her and told her he loved her as he slowly pushed his cock into her virgin cunt. Bob had come from the office and standing in the shadows with a camcorder with a telescopic lense zoomed in as Billy broke her cherry. She whimpered as he as gently as he could tore thru her hymen. He pulled his cock totally free of her showing it covered in her blood for anyone who might be watching. He made sure he held it there for Bob to get the shots he wanted as Billy looked down at her and the blood on her thighs from his invasion. Looking at Kristin he saw she still had her eyes closed but whimpered again when he had pulled out. She said nothing for the minute or two he keep his member looming over her just deflowered womanhood.

Billy thinking Bob had gotten his shot by now and afraid his cock was softening slid back into Kristin as gently as he could. Feeling the wet warmth and tightness of her cunt he worried he wouldn't last for all of the shots Bob wanted. As he stroked in and out of her for several minutes he pushed all thoughts of what he was doing out of his mind. He was a professional and had a job to do.

Making love to her in this way for several minutes he then nudged her to move and as he rolled over onto his back he pulled her up on top of him in the middle of the king size bed. She whimpered and said "Please can't we just do it that way?" as he pushed her up in a now almost seated position over his cock.

Not responding to her request he simply began bouncing the small frame of the girl up and down on his manhood. She still hadn't opened her eyes and moaned and whimpered as he moved her up and down on him and lifted his head to suck her nipples back into his mouth.

Watching her large firm breast bounce up and down on her small frame Billy found himself about to lose control again. As Kristin neared the first orgasm of her life the realization they where having unprotected sex crossed her mind and she opened her eyes to look into his.

"I'm not on the pill." She told him. He looked at her and seeing her concern he replied "I'll pull out before. Okay?"

He watched her close her eyes again as he buried his member deep into her and felt her orgasm on his cock. He felt her whole body shake uncontrollably as she found herself in the throws of sexual bliss. He waited for the moment to pass before he pushed her over to the side and quietly moved around behind her.

He pulled her by her hips to the edge of the bed and guiding her with his hands positioned her on her hands and knees as he took his place behind her. With his cock still hard and wet he slipped into her bloody cunt from behind. She again moaned as he adjusted his rhythm and reached around and below her to grab her breast. He pulled her up to his chest as he pumped into her and then pushed her back down to ride her doggy style. He repeated the process several times before he again felt himself on the verge of climax. When he had driven her to her second orgasm and felt his own imminent he pulled out of her and quickly stepped to her face.

He slapped her once on the cheek gently, and then he stroked his cock several times before erupting on her beautiful face. Her eyes shot open the minute the first glob hit her cheek and just in time to get struck in the eye with the second. "Ouch!" She cried as her eye burnt from the liquid. "That's gross stop!" She cried as she tried to pull away from him. He held her by a handful of hair until he emptied his balls on her face. She huffed and turned her nose up as he moaned with his last spurt.

"God, why did you have to ruin it." She complained as she tried to wipe his cum from her eyes. "Shut up you little slut you know you enjoyed it to so stop complaining." He told her. "Look tell Bob I have something's I have to do and I can't wait anymore." He said as he pulled his slacks back on. She looked up in shock through his cum running down her face at the way he spoke to her.

"Look you where a great lay maybe I'll see you around Honey." He said as he grabbed his coat and left without even bothering to put on his own clothes. She watched speechlessly as he left in the costume Bob had provided.

Kristin looked up in shock, speechless she could find no words to speak as she watched him stroll out of the studio and leave her lying there naked her face covered in his sperm, blood and her own juices running down her thighs. She began crying feeling lower than she ever had she felt dirty and used she finally got up some twenty minutes later and went to the dressing room she used the shower to clean herself as she cried and wept the lose of her love and virginity.

She dressed and leaving a note for Bob she left making sure the door locked behind her. She had never seen Bob hiding in the shadows as she had lay and wept. Once she left Bob went to the back door to let Billy in. Billy grabbed his clothes while Bob got his money. His job done Bob gave him his thanks and the money and said goodbye anxious to get a look at the film and photos he had shot tonight.

For the next two days Kristin hadn't returned any of his calls so Bob went to the Wilson's where she was sitting with there child that night. He had waited to knock on the door until he was sure she had put the child to sleep. He noticed the rings under her eyes and that she had obviously been crying when she opened the door. Without waiting for an invitation he walked into house and right into the living room where he took a seat holding his laptop bag in his lap.

She followed him slowly never looking him in the eye. She was heart broken and seeing Bob had only helped her think more about Billy. She had called his number repeatedly in the last two days however she had gotten a message the number had been disconnected. She had borrowed her parent's car to go by where he said he lived however the women who answered the door said she didn't know what the girl was talking about.

Feeling Bob's eyes on her she spoke "Look I can't do it anymore. I quit OK I am not doing anymore modeling."

"Oh I'm sorry you feel that way I was so happy with the shots from your last gig I was hoping to do more like it." He said handing her a large brown envelope from his laptop bag. "I guess these will be the last shots of you I get." He said producing another Envelope for himself he pulled the photo's from his envelope "Well that's alright I'll sell these and the video and that will have to be enough." He said as he flipped to the next photo in his stack. "I'll be sure to send your folks and the rest of the family a copy when the get published." He said.

Kristin her interest peeked at his mention of a video, since she had never shot a video for him pulled the photos from the envelope. She fell off the couch and onto her knees when she saw the first photo. It was a picture of her on her hands and knees naked on the bed. Billy his cock buried in her from behind as he fucked her. Looking over her shoulder Bob spoke up.

"Yea that's a good one but this is my favorite." He said dropping a photo on top of the one in her hands.

The photo showed her face cum running down her check while Billy's cock only inches away was in the middle of another eruption. Her eyes where open in the photo and she looked sadly to be in the middle of a passionate moment. She broke down crying after seeing the photo.

"How? Why? That wasn't supposed to be photographed. You can't sell that I never agreed to that." She said sobbing.

"Oh but I can." he said dropping a photo of her signing her photo release as he always had her do before a shoot. She was wearing the gray business suit and sitting at a table signing the papers. Next he dropped a photo copy of the release to her.

"If you look you'll see in the highlighted areas you sold me the rights to sell all photos and videos taken that night no matter what the content." He said confidently "That's a standard contract in the industry and let me assure you it will hold up in any court in the country." He informed her.

Without even looking at the paper she tried pleading with him "Please, you can't my parents will kill me. If the other kids see it. My little brother. The church. No you can't I couldn't live if this ever got out." She cried in panic and fear thinking what would happen when her father saw those photos.

"Oh don't worry I'm sure this movie will take at least a week or two to make it's way onto the internet." He said as he began playing the video on his laptop. "Look at you go. Damn, people pay good money to see an innocent young girl having her cherry broken for the camera." He said holding the laptop in front of her face as the video played.

Her crying continued as she dropped the photos on the floor and buried her head in her hands. "No! No! Please what do you want? Please you can't." she cried.

He waited for several minutes while she cried and sobbed on the floor. She continually sobbed she would "do anything" but "he couldn't" he just "couldn't".

Deciding he had given her long enough he spoke at last. "If you don't want these pictures distributed across the world be at my studio Friday at 6:00 PM tell your folks you'll be watching Tye overnight Friday and Saturday for the Wilson's I know you have watched the boy over night before so I won't take no for an answer I'll have Jim cover for you with your folks. If you're not at my studio on Friday at Six I'll send this photos to your father and your church website before I sell them to some friends I have in the business." He said putting his laptop back in the bag and walking out.

He left her sitting on the floor the photo's still lying on the floor around her as she sat and cried all he could do now was wait and see if she showed up or not.

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