Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Set in Hawaii, a married woman goes to spend time with a new lover in many of the romantic places on the island. Full of steamy sex scenes and based on a true story.

Cassie took the gym bag her husband held out for her. He didn't comment on how light it felt, indicating just how few clothes she'd brought. She'd already kissed her four year-old goodbye and now her husband embraced her.

"Have fun," he told her and she listened to his tone very carefully for any sign of hesitation. If there had been any, she would have called off the whole weekend right there on the spot. But all she felt from him was love - enough love to let her go off for the weekend with another man and not worry about whether or not she'd come home to him.

She stood on the sidewalk and watched them pull away, her daughter waving frantically from the back window. Doug's plane wasn't supposed to land for another twenty minutes so she was in no real rush. It was a leisurely stroll out to the gate and her bag wasn't heavy enough to cause any discomfort.

Their plan was simple. He was flying in to Hawaii to meet her. He already had three nights reserved downtown in a hotel right on Waikiki and he was renting a car. That's why her husband dropped her off her at the airport.

Cassie got to the gate before the main body of greeters so she was able to stand closest to the door he would come through. She put her bag on the window ledge beside her and dug out the two leis she'd brought for him.

The first was the traditional kind - gardenias and carnations, purple for a male. The second was also specifically for a man - small cowry shells strung together in a long loop. They clicked against each other as she pulled them from their bag, bringing a secret smile to her face. The sound reminded her of home. There was a set of these hanging on the back of her bedroom door that someone had given her husband.

Draping the leis carefully over her bag, she paced back and forth in front of them, her arms folded over her chest, holding herself tightly. She wouldn't admit to being nervous, but maybe she was just anxious for him to arrive.

As the crowd formed around her, the scents of the different flowered leis filled the air with sweet natural perfume. People pushed forward to try and be first at seeing their loved ones and the several native Hawaiians holding up tour group signs waited contentedly at the back of the throng.

She turned back to the window now and saw a Delta 757 taxiing up the runway in their general direction. A quick glance at the clock over the boarding gate told her the flight was right on time. How unusual.

The butterflies in her stomach, which up to now had been happy just puttering aimlessly around, went in to full combat mode - flinging themselves all around the interior of her tummy. She looked composed and confident on the outside though and that's what really mattered.

She wasn't sure why this sudden attack of nerves. They'd been talking almost daily for the past six months - not just online but mostly by phone. Purely by accident, she'd found herself falling hard for him during all the pleasant contact.

Cassie was one of the lucky ones though. She had a husband who loved her and trusted her and he let her explore this new relationship as much as she wanted or needed. Even up to this amazing culmination of letting her spend an entire weekend with him.

Before she'd made up her mind to accept the offer though, she'd done some long hard thinking. And the conclusion she'd come to, she discussed in length with her husband.

He'd told her, "You can get as involved in this as you want but you know the deeper in you go, the more pain you might be causing yourself in the long run."

That had taken a couple of days to fully seep in and it had made her wonder "Am I playing with fire?"

But fire was warm, and on cold days it felt very cheerful to stand beside and rub your hands together over it. And back in the mainland, it was January - full winter. She tried to return what she was feeling for this stranger to a nonchalant, just-good-sex kind of thing. Cassie hoped she could keep it on that level.

The plane seemed to stop right in front of her, it's nose pointing at her like an accusing finger. She watched the accordioned walkway reach slowly out and clamp itself against the fuselage. Cassie could only imagine what he was doing right now. Maybe standing and pulling something down from the overhead compartment; maybe reaching up high to help a shorter woman like herself, or maybe just standing patiently in the aisle waiting for the line of people to disembark. She wondered if he had butterflies too as she picked up the leis and faced the walkway.

Doug did indeed have his own stomach-churning winged insects. But he also had a obligingly firm bulge beneath his belt as he thought about finally touching Cassie after waiting all these months. He smoothed the wrinkles from his shirt, hoping she'd find him attractive enough.

The line finally started moving and he entered the hallway that would lead him to her. He knew she was there, he could already feel her. Carefully holding his carry-on in front of the slightly embarrassing rise behind his fly, he followed the other passengers.

He rounded one last corner and he could see into the terminal ahead. She'd told him she'd be wearing white and he'd seen a few pictures of her. He had no doubt he'd recognize her immediately.

And he did. A very petite yet intensely beautiful woman stood just outside and to the right of the door. She held two strands in her tiny hands - a garland of flowers and a string of shells. Her eyes met his and she too knew right away, causing her face to light up in a warm, welcoming smile.

She wore a white sundress with very thin straps that made her tanned skin appear even darker. He couldn't be sure what she might have on beneath it because although the fabric seemed thin, he couldn't make out any shadows through it - including the outline of her aureoles. He could see from here that her breasts were high and firm and there was an ample showing of dark smooth cleavage.

The dress was fairly short, reaching not quite to her mid-thigh and showing off firm, muscular legs. Her feet were also tiny and dark like her delicate hands. She wore white sandals and as he drew nearer, he could see the shine of some pearlescent polish on her toenails. Not gaudy but just enough sparkle to catch attention. And he saw her hair, pulled back by a simple white band. It was golden blonde, the color of new honey and although she'd told him it was long, he'd not pictured it like this. She stood sideways, her back to the huge glass wall and the brilliant afternoon sun streamed in to reflect a myriad of minuscule diamond points in the silken strands that lay against her back, over the soft curve of her ass and fell nearly as long as her dress. It was breathtaking.

He stopped before her and they both silently searched each other's eyes. Hers were the deepest blue of the ocean he'd just flown over and he felt like he might drown in their depths like a warm, engulfing sea.

"Hi," she said shyly. "Welcome to Hawaii." Cassie held the leis up and he had to duck his head so she cold put them around his neck.

"Thank you," he smiled at her. She looked up demurely at him, her eyes shaded by long lashes.

Then, unspoken, they reached out and embraced, their mouths hungrily seeking each other's. Cassie rose on her tiptoes, her head barely coming to the top of his shoulder, and she put soft bare arms around his neck. Doug crushed her body against his, heedless of the flowers pressed between them, his hands around her small waist lifting her to him. He vaguely registered that she had no panty line he could feel.

Her mouth tasted faintly of sweet mint and she readily accepted his tongue inside her, sucking eagerly but gently on it, feeling its surface with hers. Doug heard her breath quicken slightly and she gave a low moan of pleasure only he could hear. Her stomach pressed against the swelling that had grown so hard it was almost painful.

If he thought he could halfway get away with it, he would have lowered her to the floor and took care of the initial pressure right here, right now, not caring who watched. But he didn't want to spend the little time he had with her trying to get out of jail for indecent exposure.

With all the self-control and discipline he could muster, Doug let her go.

"How far's the hotel?" he whispered with a lecherous grin.

She laughed, a sweet, comforting sound he already loved from hearing it over the phone. A blush had crept up her neck and cheeks. He could see now by just looking down that she didn't have a bra on either.

"Not very far, about twenty minutes," she answered.

"Good," he exclaimed, circling an arm about her waist and turning. "We've got to hurry because it's kinda hard to walk."

Another laugh. "I know. I'm squishing with every step."

That didn't help relieve any of his tension.

While he waited in line to pick up his rental car, while he waited at the baggage claim carousel, he couldn't keep his hands off her. Fortunately, she didn't seem to mind and actually appeared to be afflicted with the same syndrome. She held his hand eagerly, she touched his arm constantly, she touched his cheek, his shoulder, his back. Before they exited the terminal, she'd already marked him with her clean fresh scent like a cat rubbing itself against its master's legs.

A small van shuttled them out to pick up the car and during the ride they had time for another lingering tongue and tonsil exploration.

The car was one of those brand new Mustang convertibles, deep red. Not your typical rental vehicle but perfect for the balmy tropical weather. While Doug loaded their bags in the little trunk, Cassie tied her long hair in a knot, forming a ponytail to keep the wind from tangling it unmercifully.

When they were seated, he turned to her and said, "You know I love you, don't you? She smiled but he could see a little hesitation behind her eyes. She still had trouble saying that back to him. He felt her affection radiating off her in waves but she seemed so afraid to say it. He again wondered about what incident might have happened to her in her past that left her unable to express such a beautiful sentiment. Her earnest smile held an unspoken apology for it.

"It's okay," he told her, patting her sun-warmed thigh. "I know what you're thinking."

"I'm glad," she admitted with visible relief, the discomfort seeming to waft away on the fresh ocean breeze.

Just then Doug realized what he'd done unconsciously - laying a hand on her thigh. And, he realized that sitting here amidst this sea of empty cars, they were basically alone.

"Can I touch you now?" he asked. "I think I'll go insane if I don't."

A naughty little smile crossed her full rosy lips and it gave him all the permission he needed.

He leaned over and started with another deep, wet kiss while his hand cupped a breast. As he continued running his tongue over her lips, his right hand behind her head, he slipped his left hand down inside the bodice of her dress. He felt her shrug one shoulder and the strap slid down her arm, giving him full access.

The skin was so soft, like a infant's, and he could see a well-defined tan line. He let his hand drop further inside, holding the breast with the small, hard nipple pressing into his palm. Then he took it firmly between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it gently, eliciting a sigh of delight from her.

Doug pulled his head back as he continued to roll the nipple and saw that Cassie's eyes were closed and her lips were parted in a small "o". She wanted his touch as much as he wanted to give it.

Checking one more time for any prying eyes, he leaned over and pushed the top of the dress down, exposing the whole full breast. It was the color of new cream, pale and luminous against the dark skin above and below it. The nipple and aureole were the same pale shade, only one pinkish degree darker than the rest of the breast. It was crinkled with her excitement and the nipple was like a tender pink pebble.

He put his lips on it, sucking it and the surrounding flesh into his mouth. Her skin tasted remotely like caramel and the nipple pressed urgently against his tongue.

While he continued the suckling, he let his hand move back to her thigh, not settling for a reassuring pat this time, but pushing up further, parting her legs and probing with a finger until he found the wetness he wanted.

It was so very wet, and hot and as smooth as the rest of her baby skin - shaved bare like she'd told him. As he started to push one finger between those puffy lips, she reached down and stopped his hand.

Doug looked up at her, questioning with his eyes.

"Not here," she breathed. "Not yet." Her face was flushed beneath her tan.

He smiled. "Alright. But I may get a speeding ticket on the way to the hotel."

"Tickets aren't very expensive here," she teased, pulling the strap of her dress back up.

Smiling, he brought the damp end of his finger up to his face and breathed in her scent. A musky, enticing aroma made the ache in the pit of his stomach all that more palpable. And when he tasted it, he knew exactly what he was going to do to her first when they reached the hotel. It was like ambrosia.

Cassie directed him out of the lot and onto the freeway in the downtown direction, then she surprised him. She slid over close, put her left arm on the back of his seat and reached boldly into his lap with her right hand. As she fumbled with the zipper on his jeans, he had to pull the car quickly back into his own lane.

"That's not fair," he only half-heartedly protested.

"Sure it is. You can still drive while I'm touching you."

He wasn't entirely sure of that but he was willing to give it his best shot.

A groan escaped his lips as she reached into the waistband of his underwear and pulled his rock-hard penis out into the sunlight and air. Her hand clasped the shaft firmly, her fingers kneading the length of it expertly.

Doug wasn't sure what people saw as he passed them on the highway, no did he care.

Cassie didn't speak, she simply stared at his profile, obviously judging her efforts by the contortions of his face.

"Get off here," she instructed a few minutes later.

He almost told her he wasn't quite ready to get off yet but then realized she meant take the next exit. With a slightly embarrassed laugh, he downshifted and moved into the deceleration lane. He found himself approaching a crowded intersection with more cars coming up behind him and he wondered if he should ask her to stop.

However, Cassie acted again before he could decide. She gave a quick glance around and lowered her head, filling her mouth with his cock. He could feel the muscles at the back of her throat contracting around the head.

"Oh Gahhhh..." he cried out in shock, his eyes nearly rolling up in his head at this unexpected wet heat. He was only just able to bring the car to a halt behind a minivan while Cassie bobbed her mouth up and down on him.

Reflexively, his eyes closed and he let his head fall back while waiting for the green light. Doug felt himself swelling up and he was just about to cum when a horn blared behind him.

As he opened his eyes, he saw that the van was most of the way down the next block and traffic was passing him on both sides - the passengers all studying him curiously. At that moment, Cassie increased her speed and pressure and no matter what he'd planned to do, he could do nothing but fill her mouth full of hot sperm. And he couldn't keep the cry of release in his lungs. The stares of the passing motorists grew more intense as he felt himself helplessly draining down her throat. Behind him, the impatient car beeped again.

When his spasms subsided, Cassie sat up, wiping her mouth delicately with her hand. She smiled at him, that same demure, innocent smile and said, "Um... the light changed."

Doug could only stare at her in wonder until an angry voice from behind started yelling at him to go. Shaking his head in disbelief, he put the car in gear and pulled forward.

"Paybacks are hell, honey," he warned, his breath still heavy. "You better watch out."

Cassie's eyes twinkled with mischief now. "I hear you," she said sweetly.

Fifteen minutes later they were parking across the street from the hotel where Doug had made reservations. It was called the Hale Koa and it was on the west end of Waikiki beach. The decor was casually elegant and the prices were very reasonable for this world-famous locale.

It took them no time at all to check in and get the room key card. Their room was on the seventh floor and had a small balcony overlooking the beach. There was one king-sized bed, covered with the obligatory flower patterned spread. As soon as the door was shut with the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside, neither of them cared a whit what the room looked like. They didn't even bother to close the thick flowery curtains.

"I want you naked in front of me right now," he told her, surprised at his own directness.

Cassie smiled. "You too."

Doug shook his head. "Eventually. But right now, I want to watch you get naked for me."

He was amused as he watched the virginal blush start up her neck again. However, she only hesitated a moment before she reached a slender hand down to slip off her sandals.

Doug sat on the end of the bed and gave her his full attention, starting at her beautiful, perfectly formed little-girl feet. His mouth watered to suck on those toes.

"It's not going to be much of a show," she said quietly. "I've only got one thing to take off."

In a voice deep with his growing lust, Doug answered, "That's my kind of show."

She stretched it out another few seconds by untying the knot in her hair and pulling out the band. With a shake of her head, it fell loose and soft, pouring over her shoulders and upper arms like molten gold.

"That's incredible," he whispered under his breath. He wanted to bury himself in it and disappear off the face of the earth, never to come out of that halo again.

Cassie eased the straps off both her shoulders and pushed the top of the dress down slowly. First deep cleavage, next full breasts with the palest of nipples. His head began to swim with anticipation.

Next her darkly tanned belly was exposed, taut and leanly muscled. She had a tiny belly button and he saw that it was pierced, something she'd not told him about before. A gold ring, the size of a pinky fingernail hung there, sparkling against the bronzed field of flesh behind it.

Finally the dress slid snugly over her hips and fell to the floor. She stood before him, completely nude and not even seeming all that self-conscious.

Doug openly stared at certain places on her body. He noticed that, despite the fact that she was over thirty, there was no sign of sag, wrinkle or gray hair anywhere on her body.

Her lower lips were plump and closed, like she'd described to him. Currently, they were shaved as smooth as a pre-adolescent girl's. Her thighs were rounded, probably more than many men appreciated, but Doug could see they were solid, completely firm with hard, trained muscle. The kind of short, well-developed legs that many high school cheerleaders have.

"That's so beautiful," he told her, moving his gaze the length of her body. "You are so beautiful."

He stood and enfolded her in his arms, her soft naked skin rubbing against the buttons of his shirt and the rough fabric of his jeans. He vaguely wished he was nude already, not wanting to stop the hug for a second.

"Lie down," he whispered into her ear and he let her break the embrace. Smiling timidly, she climbed up on the bed and slid backwards to the center.

Doug sat down on the edge momentarily and pulled of his shoes and socks. Then he stood again and unbuttoned his shirt. Cassie watched every move with her own lust growing, her eyes half-lidded and approving.

He dropped his jeans and underwear in one smooth motion and she saw he was fully erect already, ready for round number two.

"On your back," he insisted.

So with the flutter of anxiety again in her tummy, she lay back, her head nestled in a downy pillow.

Doug lay on his stomach across the bed, his legs hanging off behind him, but his face was conveniently hovering directly above her smooth and puffy lower lips.

He urged her powerful thighs apart with a gentle nudge and was content to just gaze at her for a moment. Moisture glistened there invitingly. Her scent was a gentle caress in his mind that beckoned him to explore further.

His tongue traced the inside of her left thigh, gliding up towards the center. Then he turned his head and gave a lingering kiss on the other. Sliding his arms beneath her legs, he nuzzled the wet pink lips.

The taste was faint, salty yet sweet, almost an intangible thing that had his tongue questing for more. He licked up and down the slit, parting the labia and pushing inside, through the tight ring of muscle he found there. Now he discovered the origin of the delicious fluid he seemed to thirst for and he lapped at it like he needed it to live.

Cassie's hips rocked up to meet him rhythmically and her breath was raspy. With each exhalation, her sounds of ecstasy grew louder, more urgent.

Doug continued to fuck her hard with his tongue. She reached down with both hands and touched his face as he plundered. Her knees were up, her feet flat on the bed and her hips began moving faster.

He changed tactics then, just to tease her a little. When he withdrew his tongue, he replaced it with his long middle finger, probing upwards and forwards for that little knot of nerves. His mouth now concentrated on her swollen clit, flicking it so lightly that she gave a cry of protest.

"I told you about the payback," he panted, coming up for a quick gasp of air.

"Not fair!" she whined, but the motion of her hips didn't even slow.

He put his attention back on her clit, moving his tongue faster and harder and alternating it with moments of intense sucking. He knew it immediately when he found her G-spot because the muscles in her thighs went rigid.

Her moan ranged higher in pitch now and he reached up with one arm around her hips. She grasped his hand and he could feel her strain as she reached her first climax and fell into it. Her breath stopped with the first contraction around his finger and came out in long, hoarse gasps with each following wave. Hotter and sweeter juices flowed out of her and drenched his hand and his chin.

As the muscles slowed their pulsing, her breath dropped to a normal range. He could feel her whole body go limp around him.

Doug lifted his glazed face so he could see hers. As he licked the excess from the corners of his mouth, she opened her eyes and saw him watching.

A contrived expression of petulance settled itself on her fine features. "So, I guess you got your revenge?"

He laughed and crawled up until his body covered her. "Not by a long shot, honey."

There was a fleeting glimpse of panic in her eyes but then she gave him a sultry grin. "Do your worst! I dare you!"

Though he was hard enough to slide straight into her, he didn't do that right away. Instead, he wedged it inside the warm labia and drew it slowly back and forth, directly across her clit.

She jumped from the shock of the hypersensitivity and tried to push him into another position. However, he quickly took her hands and pinned them to the bed with his own. He let his weight hold her torso still.

"Ohhhh..." She cried as he continued his slow stroke. Her thighs trembled against his. What seemed like a perfect mixture of pleasure and agony wailed from her lips and he felt her begin to orgasm again.

"Okay," she said softly when it was over. "You win."

"Just making sure," he said, bringing his face down to meet her lips for a kiss. It only took a moment to transfer the scent of her juices from his lips to hers, so every kiss after that one, he was reminded of how good she tasted.

Now that he was wet enough, he knew he wouldn't be able to hold out very long. Cassie relaxed her hips and parted her legs fully for him.

"What?" he asked. "Is there something you want?" He was supporting his weight with one arm and guiding himself towards her tight opening with the other. He paused just as it pressed against her.

"Mmm huh," she murmured, trying to maneuver him into her by grinding her hips.

"Tell me," he whispered, a deep resonant command.

"I want you inside of me," she breathed heavily with anticipation.

With one thrust, he pushed completely inside, all the way to the hilt so to speak.

She cried out again and he felt her fingertips dig into his shoulders. For a brief instant, he wondered if he'd hurt her. She was as tight as the one virgin he'd been with years ago and he felt every fold and wrinkle of the flesh that engulfed him. After her initial cry though, she whispered, "Oh, yes..."

"So, you just wanted me inside of you?" he taunted, holding absolutely still. "Nothing else?"

He nearly lost it at that moment because he felt her clutch him with the muscles down there. It was almost like a mouth sucking him and he knew he could cum this way very quickly. She squeezed him a few more times and he could imagine a hand gripping him, stroking him. A quick glance at her face made him suspect that she really wasn't aware of the effect this had on him.

"I want you to fuck me," she said unsurely, almost meekly.

That gave him the control back and he smiled. "I can't hear you, honey."

In a more determined tone, she spoke up. "I want you to fuck me, Doug. I want to feel you fucking me hard..."

Her last word tapered off into a groan as he began to pump his hips, moving in and out of her. She arched her back and brought her hips up to meet him.

"Yeah..." he breathed, "Oh yeah!" He waited so long for this moment, and fantasized about it in so many ways.

Cassie brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, rocking herself against him with his every thrust, driving him so deep inside her that he felt her cervix with every down stroke.

He tried to put off the orgasm for as long as possible but it was difficult - there was just too much desire that had built up for too many months. It was surprising to him that he was about to have his second powerful orgasm this close to the last one too. And somehow, he knew in the back of his mind this wouldn't be the last one of the evening.

"I'm about... to... cum," he gasped, and she was gasping at the same rate.

"You can cum inside of me," she told him, "It's okay."

Doug was glad to hear that because he had no desire to pull out of this velvet vice.

He kissed her again and she moaned into his mouth, gasping. The very air that she was breathing was coming from his mouth locked on hers.

His own cry echoed through the room as he felt himself swell up and explode inside her. When she knew this, she clasped him tightly to her with her legs, pushing him in so deeply that their pubic bones were grinding together.

Doug felt like he'd turned into a garden hose, spraying her insides with hot, thick semen. There was so much of it that he felt it ooze out of her around the shaft of his softening penis.

His arms had locked during the release and now they were giving out. Cassie ran her hands up around his neck and pulled him down to lie on top of her. He was afraid of mashing her so he rolled slightly to one side, his dick coming out of her with an audible pop of suction being released. It made them both laugh tiredly.

"Damn, that was great," he told her, lifting an arm so she could cuddle in to the crook of his shoulder.

"It was wonderful," she agreed, settling her head on his chest. Her hair lay out behind her in a fan.

"So now that we broke that preliminary tension, we can get down to some serious lovemaking," he said.

Cassie let out a very cute squeak of alarm.

"We can take a little break," he smiled. "But I'm not going to stop touching you."

"Like I'd want you to stop," she teased.

The rest break didn't last very long. With the nearness of her warm naked skin, he found himself getting hard again quickly. After a repeat performance, they collapsed in a heap, suddenly realizing that it was very dark in the room. They'd been so aware of nothing but pure sensations of flesh that they hadn't noticed the sun was down.

Doug checked his watch and found that it was almost 9pm. They'd been at it for almost five hours.

"I think I worked up and appetite," he said, wiping sweat from his forehead.

Through sleepy eyes, Cassie said, "I don't know which I'd like most, a nap or a cheeseburger."

He rolled up next to her and gave her and affectionate squeeze. "First the cheeseburger, then the nap."

She smiled, rubbing her cheek against his shoulder. "I'll try."

They debated briefly on whether to go our for a bite or order room service. When Doug stood up and his knees felt like wet noodles, they decided on having something brought up. In addition, he asked for a pitcher of plain ice water. They were both parched and Cassie felt like her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth. In fifteen minutes, they were replenishing their energy.

After he put the tray of empty dishes outside the room, Doug stopped in the restroom and took care of some business. When he came out, he heard Cassie's voice. Quietly, she said, "I love you too." Then the phone clicked into the cradle. He was puzzled but didn't question her about it. She didn't offer any explanation either, but he thought he could guess who it was.

Cassie had wanted to take a shower after the meal but she made the mistake of putting her head down on a pillow. Her lights were out instantly.

Doug was exhausted too - after all, he was working on a timetable of three hours later However, he only wanted to sit beside her and watch her while she slept.

Her lashes cast long shadows on her face, slack and peaceful now. Her small hands were folded beneath her cheek and she made the faintest sound, like a bunny snoring. She was curled into a fetal position and he saw chills on her skin - it was still faintly flushed from her last orgasm.

Just before he turned off the lamp, he pulled the heavy covers up over her to keep out the cold air from the air conditioner. In the dark, he curled up behind her like a spoon. Still fully asleep, she snuggled back against him. He drifted away soon afterwards to the sound of the cool air.

Cassie woke first in the morning - coming to consciousness very slowly. Bright sunlight peeked through the crack in the heavy curtain. She became aware of several things at once. Number one, the arm draped lightly over her waist did not belong to her husband; number two, that was okay; number three, she needed a shower so bad that it felt like her legs were stuck together. She didn't want Doug to wake up and see her like this.

Very carefully, she pushed the covers off herself and rolled out from under his arm. She tiptoed quietly across the room, picking up her bag as she went. She closed the bathroom door before she turned on the light.

A quick glance in the mirror made her grimace. Her hair was tied in knots from all the thrashing and sweating she'd done the night before. But she smiled to herself. It was worth it, even though it took more than fifteen minutes before she was able to pull her brush through it without snags.

The water in the shower seemed incredibly loud after the silence she'd tried to maintain, so she tried to make it a quick but thorough one. However, the warm stream beating down on her head and shoulders lulled her into a relaxed trance. She stood still, her arms down at her sides just letting it pour over her face, down her neck and spread its heat over her full breasts. The things she'd done last night with him had left her in a state of heightened sensitivity and even the feeling of the water on her skin was a sensual experience.

A soft sigh and a wistful smile distracted her enough so that she'd not heard the bathroom door open. But when the curtain rattled, she jumped in surprise. Doug was stepping into the shower behind her.

"Ah, I can't believe you'd start without me," he teased her.

"Well, you just seemed so peaceful, sleeping like that..." she said, turning to face him. Like most men, he'd gotten up with a morning stiffy. Cassie raised her eyebrows, looking pointedly at it and said, "Mmmm, is that for me?"

"For nobody else," he smiled, then he leaned down to give her a gentle good morning kiss.

"I'll wash your back if you wash mine," he offered, reaching for the soap.

"Sounds like a deal to me," she answered.

He dropped the soap into her palm and said, "You go first, 'cause I'm planning to take longer."

"Oh, yeah?" she gave a questioning look.

"Oh yeah," he confirmed, turning to offer his back.

Cassie took her own sweet time, only beginning with his back. It was wide and well-muscled and the skin was soft and smooth. She ran the bar of soap over the whole area, starting at his neck and ending at his waist. She ran her fingers along the muscle roots, not only washing but also giving a deep massage. She worked his shoulders too, and after using a little more soap, she went down his arms to his hands and fingers - her hands sliding firmly against his skin.

She moved slippery fingers over the cheeks of his butt and lightly through the crack, noticing that the morning wood seemed to fortify itself. After going down and back up each leg, she asked him to turn around.

While staring up into his eyes, she dragged the bar over his chest, the hair catching in it and causing little bubbles. She rubbed it lightly over each of his nipples until they were stiff, then she used her hands again, scrubbing, kneading, teasing.

She knelt before him, rubbing her hands together to work up a thick lather, then reached for his scrotum, gently soaping it and the area below it. Very slowly, she circled the shaft of his cock and washed it thoroughly, until she could see it producing its own moisture at the tip. Then she held it under the stream of water to rinse it off. When the soap residue was gone, she gave its head a lick to taste the precum.

"Just making sure it was all the way clean," she said with a naughty smile.

"Oh, I see," he smiled as he reached down and pulled her to her feet. "But now it's my turn."

Doug started on the back of Cassie's neck after she slung her wet hair to one side. He massaged every inch of her back, her shoulders, arms and down to her fingertips, using a touch that was a little rougher than hers. She braced herself against the wall of the shower, ducking her head away from the flow of water so she could look back and watch him.

After he rinsed her back and re-soaped his right hand, he leaned in and pressed his chest against her back. While he gently kissed her neck, the slick right hand caressed the firm round cheeks of her ass.

Cassie arched her back and tilted her head to give him better access to the tender spot beneath her jawline. She felt his fingertips probe down between her cheeks, sliding easily lower until one finger pressed against the very tight hole.

She moaned low in her throat as he pushed the finger inside, easing past the tough muscle. The shower had nothing to do with how wet she was getting now.

It puzzled her when he stopped, but he only said, "Not yet."

Taking the whole bar of soap now, he pulled her body to his and reached around her, running the hard soap down the valley between her breasts, then cupping each one and washing it with his hand. Her nipples were erect and he took time to roll each one between his fingers. Cassie could feel his hardness pressing into her ass.

He made small foamy circles on her tight dark belly, tugging teasingly on the little gold ring, feeling the chill bumps rise beneath his fingertips. And then he moved further down, using the soap to press between her labia, which were hot and puffy now.

Replacing the soap with his fingers, he washed between those lips and up inside where more hot liquid flowed. He cupped his hand to bring water to rinse it so the soap wouldn't burn the delicate tissues there.

"I rinse and rinse," he said, "But I just don't seem to be able to get all this slippery stuff outa there." Every time he touched her, she got wetter and wetter. He laughed easily, pinching her clit lightly. "I just don't understand it."

Cassie couldn't take the teasing anymore and she suddenly turned around and put both hands on his face, the soft beard tickling her palms. She pressed her lips hard against his, sucking his tongue anxiously into her mouth.

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